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Monday, November 28, 2016

Liberal media attacks Barron Trump, brands him autistic and retarded #stopthebullying

Well the left wing media is at it again my friends! This time they not only no longer bother to hide their liberal bias and un-objective reporting, the now have decided to attack Donald Trumps son Barron. During the election celebration, Barron Trump was looking dozy and tired, he is no doubt up past his bedtime as the announcement comes in that his father is now the president and no doubt feeling emotional and doing his best to hide it with the whole world watching him.

For a ten year old boy, this must be a hard moment. He's up late, tired, he's overwhelmed by cameras from every nation flashing at him and broadcasting his image to everyone in the world. Of course he's going to be awkward and dozy, of course he's gonna look strange. My six year old can dish it out but then there are times he'll doze and we gotta take him up to his room to sleep.

Well it turns out the exposure has had an unlikely and not to mention repugnant side of it. As a father watching Barron on stage, I couldn't help but feel good for him as well as sorry for him. If it were my son, I'd be laughing and say, HEY! BARRON! WAKE UP! YOU WANNA GO TO SLEEP? Heh! But not everyone was laughing with us. They were laughing at him and took the time to bully him.

On YouTube, liberals the world over ridiculed Barron and on the comments teased him and made inappropriate comments. These are the same liberals who demand tolerance and scream for equality, social justice, blah! blah! blah! They also claim to be against bullying but find nothing wrong with bullying the son of our new president.

Following this unAmerican and unChristian spectacle, liberal viewers of YouTube then began to make allegations that Barron was showing signs of autistic spectrum syndrome and Asperger's syndrome. The banner was then taken up by California's fattest and most nasty evil Communist, Jabba the Hutt OOPS! I mean, Rosie O'donnell.

O'donnell who has a daughter with autism immediately rushed on twitter to claim that Barron had autism and that one of the reason he was retarded with autism was that he was being bullied online. One of the diagnostic traits for autistic spectral disorders is "failure to socialize with peers." This according to the bible of communist psychiatry, the DSM. In other words, if kids in school bully or tease your child, he is to blame and he is a retard.

Not only this, Barron's posture and dozy expression is now being used to diagnose him as being autistic. Even though none of the people making these claims hold any degrees or licensed professionals or anything it shows how dangerous psychiatry is and how disrespectful the left has become.

Amazing! In other time and place no one would sound alarm or take notice but now on youtube its all "GASP!! He's anti Social! He's a retard! We need to get him help![lock him up and take his estate]

Since last weekend as of the time of the publishing of this article, there have been thousands of videos attacking Barron as being autistic and mentally retarded all because of this brief window into the life of a son of the future president in an election. This at a time when he's exhausted and tired, there's pressure on him yet they omit this and proceed to attack him at all angles. Condemning him.

Again, these people are not licensed so called professionals but many of these quacks have been known to use these things even during times of crisis, distress and exhaustion. The consequences are devastating....

A diagnosis of Asperger's or any autistic disorder is considered criteria for declarations of mental incompetence, instances where people have been stripped of dignity, stripped of assets, property and rights and often incarcerated in institutions. others are simply thrown out on the streets. All the while, the government is saying its helping them and that they have to be patient while they wait for them to do something about the problems.

The whole purpose I believe is an attack on Trump's prodigy. They want to end his bloodline. They want to brand Barron and perhaps his siblings as retards with Asperger's all because they don't like his father.Then they can seize his assets when he grows up and lock him up like they do to so many innocent people who live normal lives and have it all taken away all because of the word of abusive relatives and some liberal doctor!!

Not only  this they can destroy his mind and body with psychotropic meds that will leave him helpless. Drugs that can cause him to age to dust overnight, make him diabetic, impotent, brain damaged, truly disabled...

Friend, realize that there is no such thing as Asperger's syndrome. Realize that there is no such thing as autistic spectrum disorder and that psychiatry is a liberal farce. The true reason is to seize your property and slowly kill you. It is nothing but a scheme to promote eugenics and socialism.

The liberal media again shows their hatred, their wickedness, their bias, their hatred for decency. The liberals among us also show their intolerance, contempt and their fascism.

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Rosie O Fat a$$ wants attention real bad!