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Monday, November 7, 2016

Massachusetts bums make more lies about Question 2 (Charter schools)

The liberal media continues to lie on behalf of lazy bum teachers in the Massachusetts schools. The schools that have let down our children for decades and have made them into brainwashed zombies, underachieving socialists and have destroyed their desire to make any accomplishment, destroyed their self esteem and have made them into automatrons who believe what the media, pop culture and government says without question

The biggest lie fed to the public is that question 2 would take money out of public schools and make them fail more. This is a lie...

FACT: The funding of schools in Massachusetts is based on pupil ratios. Schools receive funding based on the number of pupils attending. If your school gets more students, you get more money and you get even more money in your paycheck if you're a teacher.

If less students are in your school, if they're pulling out of there and going elsewhere because you can't cut the mustard then that's your damn fault. Too many schools in Massachusetts are failing, too many students getting no education, many can't even read and write!! Even if this ballot question fails to pass it wont stop parents from moving elsewhere to get their kid a better educate and avoid having them taken by the state and medicated into becoming zombies.

Prop 2 would provide and incentive for schools to perform better by doing a better job in making sure our kids are safe and are actually learning! If Prop 2 passes, public schools will be forced to reform, forced to fire bad teachers and faculty, forced to change the way they do things and actually give a darn about teaching kids! If they don't want to lose their funding, stop screwing around! DO BETTER!!!

It is highly unlikely however that it will pass. Polls show the majority of Mass residents oppose question 2. It shows how uneducated and mindless the left and its supporters are, lacking basic critical thinking skills and showing ignorance and stupidity on every level. Our Constitutional republic cannot survive if the majority of citizens lack  basic critical thinking and knowledge that the liberals in Mass as well as elsewhere certainly do not have. We no doubt have the public schools to thank...

Don't take my word for it folks! Even outside the state the teacher bums and the pinko unions have gotten help! Teacher bums as far away as DC and California have been busy and active
fighting to stop parents from choosing where to send their kids to school. The following is an email I got from a teacher in New Hampshire named Mrs Grant. Her email she use is

My name is Mrs Grant. I work for the school districts and common good of the state of New Hampshire. that is all I will tell you about myself. I have no intention of telling you which school I work at, my full name, what subject I teach ETC. since I know you'll just post it on your stupid little right wing blog and then try to smear me or some sort of character assassination like you seem to enjoy doing with a lot of people you do not agree with.

 First off, you and Donald Trump can both go to hell. Donald Trump represents everything wrong with America as do most of you republicans. The sort of rednecks, bumpkins, terrorists, Nazis, nuts, freaks and mentally ill who read your blog and vote for Trump or some other candidate who wants to run us into the ground and make us a world wide laughing stock.

That said, your support of question 2 and your constant attack on the public school system are an outrage! The reason our kids are failing is because of right wing lunatics like you preaching hatred of everything connected to government! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? Without the government we'd all be worse than they are in the third world you hate so much! The government and the taxes we pay are what make civilization possible! Its making our lives easy, more comfortable and easy to work in, we have technology and science and now were losing these things because you believe in some obsolete ideology by a bunch of dead people!

I have a student who's parents are nuts and weirdos just like you Brian. They're republicans, they're free staters I think, they can't afford to home school their kids so they send them to our school while demanding they not have to pay any taxes like the rest of us proudly do and yet support endless wars and send their kids to school. These parents like you object to teaching evolution and object to our teaching that other cultures in other countries should be viewed equally with the same respect as our own.

They also object to our teaching that homosexuals are just like everyone else but different and constantly demand that we bring back prayers and have kids read the bible in school! Hello! Anders Brevik and Timothy McVeigh were bible worshipers too! If they don't want to pay taxes, don't want to live in a civilization that expects everyone to contribute what they are able to, they should move to Mexico!

I want to also tell you that yes, I believe like my colleagues that 9/11 is mostly America's fault and that we brought it on ourselves. Yes! You can call me a communist, a traitor, whatever all you want brian. But face it its true!

America is a racist country and a big bully! We send money to third world dictatorships that murder their own people so wall street can do business there without any strings attached, we support the state of Israel, a nazi state that has murdered more innocent men women and children than Hitler and Germany did in world war 2.

Before you say that I am a Nazi and hate Jews let me tell you how I know about Israel! I have a student from Israel who is wonderful and her parents are wonderful people. they are Jewish. They left Israel because they were sick and tired of the violence committed by the Israeli government there, sick of the war crimes committed against the native Arab people there. She used to have an Arab friend she played with. A nice person a nice family, then one day her oldest brother was arrested on unproven claims that he threw rocks at an Israeli policeman there. 

 There was no proof of guilt and they put him in prison without any kind of fair hearing. In retaliation for this supposed incident, the Israeli military bulldozed their home and drove them out with nothing but the clothes on their backs! That is barbaric and criminal and yet we are forced to pay them our taxes to continue these unjust and barbaric war crimes against the innocent palestinian people!

Our support for Israel and our support for dictatorships and the war machine brought about this! It is mostly the fault of Bush, the right wing and the fascists!

The letter goes on and on blaming America for everything the terrorists have done to us. One wonders if maybe Mrs. Grant is a Muslim or is married to a Muslim immigrant? Whatever the case be proud that our taxes go to pay for these bums to teach our children to hate America, Hate Israel and love the jihadists in Isis.



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