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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

NEALFM Statement on Trump election

The New England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets on the election of Donald Trump and the take over by the GOP of the house and senate

We congratulate Donald J Trump for a successful campaign and wish him the best. We also congratulate the GOP for taking hold over the congress and senate.

This election didn't quite pan out as we had hope though. Many of us I am aware were not totally in support of Trump which given his demeanor and his past history of liberal thought including support for abortion, gun control and eminent domain is understandable, however; we all evolve over time and we all change. I for one used to be a liberal, Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage used to be liberals, we evolve! We change!

For me and Michael it was witnessing first hand the devastation that results from liberalism. Growing up I got fed up with being poor and having no work because liberals tax and tax and tax the economy while subsidizing failure, squalor and misery.

The left has no desire to do any good to anyone and these do-gooders either are stupid or they deliberately want to promote hardship and misery and are therefore traitors. The far left is in control of the worst places in America, the sewage pits and misery holes, crime strewn cities and the parts of the country. The worst school districts, the worst places to live, the most expensive, dirty dangerous cities in the country are completely dominated by the Democrats!

For this reason along with many other reasons, the election of Hillary Clinton would be even worse! Hillary Clinton if elected would have turned the entire country into bedlam! Her policies such as doubling taxes on the upper and middle classes would lead to millions of jobs being lost, add to this, ADDING TO THIS... Hillary wanted to bring in half a million immigrants from the worst places on earth! To take away what little is left!

Over half a million filthy refugees from countries that have no semblance of rights or freedom. Countries where civilization exists in name only. Dirty filthy muslims, pagans, savages and communists who believe everything they are told by someone in authority, who believe everything they hear, who are uneducated, illiterate, violent, in a sense every way like the millennials in the Bernie camp that are now rioting in California and elsewhere.

These people (to even call them people makes your tongue roll) Who come here to live off of us, force their savage barbarian customs on us and their satanic false religions on us at gunpoint, rape our women, abuse our children and change our country from a standard bearer of liberty and human rights into a third world Caliphate and would have made us into another Europe maybe even another South Africa. Another sewer of fascism and crime, of ignorance and stupidity.

Under Hillary Clinton we would witness America either become a Muslim Caliphate or a communist dictatorship. Our children would never inherit the culture we grew up with or know of the freedoms and joys we experienced. They would be forced to become Muslims and/or communists or be killed or sent to a labor camp. Our daughters would more than certainly experience violent rape at least once or twice in their miserable lives.

Under Hillary, such violent acts and subhuman barbarism would not only be tolerated but encouraged. Whites who fight back against criminals would be punished severely while their persecutors and tormentors lauded and praised as victims. Under Hillary, owning a firearm would be a crime, speaking out against criminals and undesirables such as terrorists and bums would be hate speech and a criminal offense as well.

Hillary Clinton would replace our constitutional republic with a dictatorship. I don't think there is time to go on and on about how dangerous it would've been to live under Clinton and of the dystopian society we would be facing had this vile communist harpy been elected!

For this reason if nothing else, we had to ignore the cries of the Never Trump conservatives, hold our noses and vote for Trump.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "But Brian, what if Trump does the same thing?"

He wont. Not unless he wants his constituents who make up the gun owners, patriots, veterans and brave men and women who put in in power. The ones who can unseat him with little effort. Donald Trump was elected not by a mob of trashy disgusting looters and welfare bums like in the Sanders Hillary camp but by the real Americans.

Yes... The ones who own the guns, who serve in the military, the steel workers, cattle punchers and cowboys, the Gator rustlers, mechanics, farmers, rangers, hardy tough and brave men and women who only need to remind Trump of why he was put in charge and what is expected.

To top it off, we now have a GOP dominated congress and Senate who will ensure that he obeys the will of the silent but real majority who are the real Americans. We want property rights, religious liberty, freedom of speech and freedom of the press! We want the right to defend our homes and lives and the lives of our friends and loved ones with firearms and weapons, we want a free market capitalism that gives the the right to go to work and maybe even start a business, we want the right to privacy the right to own a bank account or property. Hillary doesn't want that.

Trump I believe has changed and I believe that the election has successfully smoothed out any bumps in his worldview that might have been left over. I think I had a few that certainly got smoothed over and coming from me that says something.

So America, have no fear. Let us bury the hatchet with our brethren in the Never Trump camp and let us work together to make America Great Again! Free Again, Just again! A Nation under God, stand with Trump and give him encouragement to take a stand for righteousness and the same for our elected officials in The House, the senate, State and municipal powers. Unite as one, rebuild our homes and drive out the riff raff!

Thank you to all of you for your support including those who nagged me over Trump. Thank you all for helping to make America safe and free and preserve our heritage. May God Bless America and may America once more be a blessing to God...


Anonymous said...

Its gonna cost you right winger! We will overcome take back the nation and put you and all the right wing psychopaths on trial for war crimes!!! TRAITOR!

mainestategop said...

I'm a traitor why? because i support the countries founding values and don't want to it to become communist? That's the opposite! Its you who's the traitor and mark my words, anymore riots and Trump is gonna have the national guard come down on you like bricks. Like in the beginning of running man. Even Richard Kimbel will happily gun you down!

Anonymous said...

What can I say but I am very glad I live in the Mid-west and not in any blue states. They are melting down and blowing up! HA! HA! HA! HA!

Eat it up liberals! Excellent stew!

Anonymous said...

Nazi GOP filth! You'll pay for this! You'll answer for this to whatever gods there are! You'll pay for it! I hope the economy crashes because of Trump and you and your family end up like mine did when Bush got elected! Nazi GOP jackass!

Anonymous said...

You're the nazi, you traitor! You almost cost us our country!!! DAMN NEVER TRUMP BASTARDS!!