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Monday, November 21, 2016

Obamacare Fail: Rabies shots cost 4k each So much for socialist medicine

So it turns out this whole schtick about free socialized medicine is a farce! Under Barack Hussein Obama, our outgoing tyrannical despot, Rabies shots cost about 4k each. You  need at least 5. More than anyone can afford! The rabbies shots in Obamacare are not protected and aren't intended to be.

This I learned from one of my colleagues in Manchester who was bitten by a bat who might have been rabid. The cost of the rabies shots totaled around ten thousand dollars!! That was half her life savings! Great job Democrats and Obama!

As it turns out, Democrats and liberals really don't care about the sick in America. All this talk about free healthcare for sick people is nothing but a farce to make America a communist dictatorship. It never ever really has worked.

Consider the many scores of thousands of Americans who are insured under Obama yet still owe thousands in medical bills and debts that now mar their credit reports.

Consider also the thousands who die here and in Europe because of Universal healthcare and the rationing that comes with it. Elderly and disabled who are left to die because they'd rather spend their resources on muslim refugee terrorists and lazy bums who vote liberal again and again.

Consider the millions of unborn babies murdered because they would or might be born with disabilities!! Nazi Germany anyone?!

Consider the millions of Americans who lost their jobs because they're employers could not afford to stay in business while paying for their employee's insurance. Consider also the millions of Americans who are homeless thanks to Obamacare. WELL AT LEAST THEY'RE INSURED

8 years of Obama, 8 years of ruination. America is now becoming more of a communist bloc than a free society.

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