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Monday, November 14, 2016

Seattle's Homeless Crisis: Bum business as usuall Oh! Black lives matter!

A few days ago I wrote of Seattle caving in to the demands of The leftist bums at Share and their boss scott Morrow. Well they got what they wanted... Our money. Yes folks they get federal funding as well as state funding so those of us outside Washington also gotta pay up jack!

Already we see how that money is being paid for, discrimination against the disabled, filthy nasty tent cities full of rapists, criminals and insane being used by mental health, Bureau of Prisons and others as dumping grounds for disabled, elderly and parlolees including sex offenders as well as funding riots in the middle of what were once peaceful quiet communities!!!

The people of Seattle are already reaping the whirlwind folks! YES! Not only that, the indoor shelters have become pivots of barbarism and uncivilized behavior. Case in point, Bethany Lutheran shelter.

Located in the quiet neighborhood of Green Lake in Northern Seattle of I-5 in a serene middle class neighborhood, Bethany Lutheran since 2010 has been a men's shelter and booze establishment for the cities homeless as part of the SHARE Wheel scheme.

After reopening its indoor shelters 2 weeks ago, Share bums have already started reverting to their usual behaviors of wanton destruction and anti-social disorder. One of these disorders took place last Tuesday on the first of the month, the day the bums get their SSI checks for doing nothing but starting trouble.

Not only does it involve the usual cast of bums, it also involves the communist Women in black movement and the black lives matter movement and one of its members who happens to be Bethany Lutheran's EC or elected Coordinator, the man the bums at the shelter elect to run the place! yeah! Black Lives DO MATTER!

Here's what happened. The Bethany Lutheran church at Green lake half the people involved were extremely drunk and extremely violent. The shelter has 20 guests and is run by an elected Coordinator called an EC and his assistant an AC or Assitant coordinator. More than half the shelter at the time of the incident were black and unfortunately most of them white and black, drunk and on the verge of violence...

All it took was one spark to set the whole thing off. This happened in the form of a racist hick who showed up to Bethany Lutheran Drunk and telling racist jokes about Obama and Hillary Clinton. The AC who along with the EC being drunk took the a chair in the kitchen area and smashed it against the head of the hick. Afterwards another member yelled "hey Bro! Don't do that! We'll get in trouble!" The AC assumed he called him boy in stead of Bro and grabbed a laptop computer that was being used by another guest and used to smash his face in. The lap top owner in turn attacked the AC.

Soon the entire shelter escalated into a drunken bar brawl. The kitchen suffered extensive damage as did the dorm area. The ones not involved fled the shelter into the street. One of the brawlers pulled the fire alarm which set off the sprinklers and summoned fire and police at the area.

When the sprinklers were set off many of the criminals fled but Police arrested several people including the AC and EC. Bethany Shelter were closed and remained closed for almost two weeks until just before Veterans day. Two days after it was closed then there were protests in the Green lake area involving women in black and Black lives matter who allege that the incident was started by white supremacists. All false.

The protests which lasted two days involved blocking Ravena Blvd and Woodland and Latona and also protests across from the church. There was also an incident where a black man smashed the windshield of a police car while intoxicated. The man was arrested but police did not arrest the people who blocked the roads. The road blocks were removed by force however. The situation died down and Scott Morrow assured SHARE and WIB that Bethany would reopen under new staff and guests after a meeting with church staff.

Allegations of racism are false. In truth there were only 5 white people there, 12 blacks and three hispanics. Although the AC EC and two others were permanently barred from Share, none were charged. According to the former AC, the incident was started by the whites who were supporting Trump. In addition to the above mentioned protest there were several days Where anti-trump demonstrators from BLM and WIB showed up and called for Trump's impeachment. These protests were peaceful and according to SPD without incident

It turns out that this is nothing new at all folks. Such incidents like brawls, arson, rape and wanton violence and mayhem are very very very common in Share. And thanks to the Seattle city council caving in and thanks to the left they will continue to use local and federal taxes to live off us being drunk and violent...

Hope yer happy Seattle! Your taxes at hard work! Remember! Black lives matter or else!!!!

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