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Tuesday, November 8, 2016


This is a warning to all US citizens. Do not loiter in major cities after elections due to the dangers of riots by liberals and bum Democrats. The Black Lives matter Movement along with Anarchists, marxists and other liberal scum are expected to riot in the event of a Donald Trump victory. Major cities will burn to the ground especially those with high levels of crime and Democrat voters IE: New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Baltimore, Philly, Providence, Boston Et Al

In the event of (God forbid)a Hillary Clinton victory, criminal elements all over the nation will be given a leg up and a leap of faith to commit wanton crime and destruction all over the nation. The Clinton's and their supporters are all opponents of victim's rights and supporters of criminals who make up a large number of the Democratic voting base.

Expect crime to surge in the unfortunate event that Hillary is named General secretary of the USSA for at least a year.

In addition, expect Democratic operatives and hate groups such as the Black Panthers, Anti-racist action, Red Brigade and other left wing and brown nationalist groups to intimidate voters and to block access to polls. Report all incidents to the police and record them and upload them on social media.

We urge you to follow these steps to ensure a safe election day and ensure safe voting.

  • Do not wear any clothing supportiing Donald Trump in any major city or area where the Democrats make up at least 75% of the voting bloc
  • Do not place trump stickers on property in Democrat area
  • Do not loiter in areas with large minority popualations
  • do not loiter in major cities the day after elections
  • carry a gun or any weapon at all times
  • be sure to carry a camera and record police negligence, anti-social behavior
  • Also record riots and voting intimidation and fraud and flag desecration
  • Report all instances of fraud at the polls
  • Inform the police of all criminal activity by Hillary and Bernie Sanders supporters
Most of all you should get together in large groups and advocate patriotism and wave the flag proudly against immigrants and liberals.

This should not be interpreted as a call to show weakness in the face of the enemy nor give way any inch of ground to America's enemies. We should all unite and stand firm against the Left wing scum that have ruined our nation for the last 50 years. Stand firm in defense of our constitutional liberties and in the defense of America's greatness


Anonymous said...

Have to go out a get some extra popcorn.

54markl said...

Stupid Nazis. God is going to punish America for this travesty. I hope that the fruits of a Trump presidency will be Your Demise. Stupid storm troopers. Sieg Heil Trump Hitler!

mainestategop said...

AWWWW.... Poor Baby... Now you have to get job.... Does baby want his bottle?????

And since when did you stupid liberal bums believe in God? I thought you hated him.