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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Jewish and Catholic conservative on the Real O'neals

According to the Catholic league, The Tv Show Real O'neals is crashing.  Praise be to God!

If you want to learn more about it click here for moreinfo 

And now some other observation on this washout of a TV show.

Peter O'shea:

No one watches s*** shows like the O'neals anymore because of the internet. Look, we got amateur producers and cartoonists on Hulu, Newgrounds, YT, Dailymotion ETC who are making higher quality shows that people want to watch. I prefer fantasy and family entertainment. has a lot of good stuff you wont find on TV including some family friendly worth while entertainment. (NOTE: We have a rule, My children cannot access the site without supervision and unless I watch it first because of the filters and because there's too much x-rated referenced material on there.)
The internet gives consumers a choice for what kind of shows they want to watch or they can make their own shows. The corporate networks which pander to low-iq unsophisticated low lives like the schmucks that supported Obama and watch football, Real O'neals and other trite cannot compete so they lobby to regulate the internet and take away our freedom of choice.
The ultimate goal of the corporate networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, ETC) and their owners (Disney, Fox, Westinghouse, GE, Warner Bros. ETC.) is to take away our right to choose and make the internet like TV was back in the 20th century: Limited choices for what to watch on a fixed schedule, TV content that the producers and network owners choose not us, Programs that are more designed to indoctrinate into materialistic secular humanism and the myth that all cultures and religions are morally pure and equal and that people in general are all good and the false paradigms of liberalism, egalitarianism, materialism and socialism.
In short, the producers and Network execs want to indoctrinate us to become hippie socialist atheists more than entertain. That and distract us.
The ultimate goal of SOPA PIPA and CISPA was to do just that. The american people said no but in the end they will try again and will succeed in making some kind of regulation. Either that or the corporations will monopolize the ISPS and block out content we want but wont let us have.
The Real O'neals will get cancelled eventually. I'm looking forward to corn beef and hash this and green beer knowing that Dan Savage and his supporters will lose out again. Then again the networks execes will probably get riled and fight back against the American consumer and their freedom to choose.

Reuben Ben Abraham:The reason that shows like the O'neals are allowed on the networks is because they go unchallenged by the public. The show's advertisers fund the networks and the shows. They target shows with high viewer potential. The O'neals initially had potential in their pilot episode since it was controversial and there was curiosity about the show's content. Now they can expect a gradual decline in viewership especially as people condemn the show and boycott it. Whether or not this show lasts more than one or two seasons is more up to the public and the advertisers than the networks.
It is the advertisers that are key to these shows. Declining viewership equals less advertisement and that means the networks cannot offer a profitable deal on advertisement spaces. At best you'll only get a small amount of money from mostly small commercials that will offer to pay less from smaller business that caters to the remaining audience.
Targeting the advertisers for boycott also makes this effective.
In the 50s this is how the only 3 channels we had were able to stay up. If the public saw a show or episode of a show that they didn't like they would phone the networks and tell them feedback. They wont watch their networks anymore if they continue to put out entertainment that's boring and bland or if the show is immoral and suggestive. Knowing that this will lead to a loss of profit, the networks cancel the show or remove the episode.
Two good examples: One was the untouchables staring Robert Stack as Elliot Ness. People objected terribly to the level of violence on some of the episodes but what really set people off was the portrayal of Italian Immigrants who made up many of the gangs in Chicago. Capone was Italian and so was Frank Nitti his successor. The show was boycotted by groups made up of Italian-Americans. The Longshoreman association, the Brooklyn Waterfront and celebrities like Frank Sinatra (who ironically was rumored to have mob connections and played as mobsters in film and TV) and even the son of Al Capone boycotted the network and the companies that advertised them.
In no time the shows producers changed their tune. No more fictional Italian gangsters more emphasis on Italian-American role in law enforcement such as Ricco Rossi, Elliot's right hand and more positive portrayals of Italians. After this, it was just Frank Nitti who acted as the few Italian antagonists. The show began to go after Gangsters who were either, German, Irish or whatever else. Mostly Germans who probably had more to do with bootlegging and illegal sales of alcohol in prohibition than the Italians did.
The next good example was See it now with Edward R. Murrow. When Murrow went after McCarthy, his real problem was not McCarthy himself but the viewers and advertisers who were anti-communist and pro-McCarthy. The show was advertised by Alcoa which worked with the government in the military-industrial complex and sold farm equipment and building material. These farmers were mostly staunch anti-communists who were slighted by Murrow's opposition to McCarthy. They dropped advertisements and they switched to Kent cigarettes. Unfortunately Murrow overcame and McCarthy was removed from power.
We can do the same thing with the O'neals. Boycott the program and if that doesn't work boycott the advertisers. I don't think it'll take too much effort. This is a show that is going in decline and most of the reviews i've read are not favorable.

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