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Friday, December 9, 2016

In Capitalism, even failures, rejects, and underachievers can succeed!

One of the reasons why free market capitalism is superior to socialistic government's such as those practiced in the USSR, China and Hitler's Germany is that even those who are not geniuses, who are underachievers have the ability to achieve success and prosper greatly! As long as the government stands out of the way, even a poor, uneducated, immature lad on the cusp of adulthood can manage success and achieve great things!

Many of our greatest achievers in business, science, art, technology, cinema, music, religion, humanitarianism, medicine, even politics have been the sort of people we've been conditioned by government run education, government regulated media and government subsidized pop culture to view as undesirables, have nots and underachieving worthless failures unworthy of any mercy or any help at all!!

These are the kinds of people we've been taught should be locked up in prison or institutions or who should live in public housing working at WalMart or McDonalds!! Some of them have...

Ray Kroc, founder of McDonalds was a high school drop out who lied about his age to fight in the First World War and upon returning became a successful salesman for the McDonald's brothers franchising their business in southern California! This could not be done in today's government and today's economy that has eschewed free markets! It became the launch pad for the most succesful fast food business in the world!

James Cash Penney was a failed businessman who time and time again failed at every creative enterprise he started. In the 19th century under so called "Victorian principals" such a person was looked down upon and stigmatized but Penney did all he could, tried again and again and succeeded in creating one of the world's largest department store chains, JCPenney.

Even the founder of one of the most successful Department store chains, Rowland Hussey Macy faced failure time and time again. Today they would remain failures because of the credit system and information sharing by our government and they would be stigmatized by their peers and society so they couldn't start over. But back then when our nation was young and free of socialism it was possible.

Lets also not forget the one the stumped them all, Sam Walton... High school dropout, underachiever, failure, founder of the most successful of all department stores, Wal-Mart!

Bill gates and Steve Jobs of Apple and Microsoft fame are also underachievers! Gates had a criminal history and Jobs was viewed by those in authority as slackers. Today in our liberal country which seeks to emulate the Chinese and other socialist countries they could never have made it. That's exactly the way it should be to those who do not want upstart young competitors and who want America to remain vassals to Red China.

Capitalism allows for the lowest common denominator to rise above his or her station and perform great things as business enterprinuers and innovators. America to this day has the highest level of patents for new inventions and new businesses while China cannot even keep up.

As mentioned in an earlier referenced article, China despite what the traitors, liberals, cronies and others say is not a standard we should be following. In fact China is a standard we should be using to avoid and NOT FOLLOW!

China's education system and economy is based on a one chance, one hit system that considers failure to be so abhorant that once you've failed at one thing you've failed at everything. Once a failure, always a failure. You've lost face you are doomed to be a failure forever. Suicides in Asia are the highest in the world

The education system in China is strict, rigged, oppressive and unforgiving. Only 30% of primary education grads have the ability to enter high school. Testing to enter High school and university are based on one hit one shot high stakes no failure testing. Fail one test and you will never be able to get the education certificate you need to enter jobs with high wages.

Do we really want to adopt that mindset in our nation? Founded by the prince of peace who says we should forgive so we too should be forgiven? Do we want to subjugate our children to an education system run by bureucrats who don't really give a crap about our children and beat them up only to fail them forever and ever if they get one thing wrong?!

Unfortunately, a growing number of Americans, especially those in the government and in our business class think so. Either they are woefully ignorant about how the world works or they are traitors who want to sabotage our economy and our nation. The vast majority of these Chinaphiles are made up of the later. People who covet our property and our children and who want to stop competitors from rising up from the lower classes as they and their fathers have. They want to pull up the economy ladder and keep the poor enslaved and down. This is how socialism works.

The very fact that capitalism allows infinite chances for success vs China's one hit one miss system is proof that a free market capitalism free of government meddling and a free society that allows privacy, maximum liberty and freedom is far, far superior to China's communist system. And for that matter every other communist system or socialist system that does or ever has existed...


Anonymous said...

I like this. Very true! It could also be argued that it is a synergy between the capitalism and the very people that live in it that make for the better system. In a capitalist society it is the people themselves that do a much better job of product, company, idea success rather than any of the same sanctioned and blessed by a government. This article is an example of how more is actually learned from our "mistakes" than our successes!

Anonymous said...

Very Good! Now... All we need to do is get rid of the government. I can't get a good job just because I was arrested when I was 16 for being disorderly and Massachusetts wont seal my records! That's not fair! I paid my debts and I shouldn't be barred from a job because of mistakes in my youth!

Anonymous said...

In today's economy with today's government, people like Bill gates, Steve Jobs, ETC. could never make it. Impossible. If you have so much as a misdemeanor or have even spoken to a psychiatrist even once in your life, no one will ever hire you for a good job, no one will ever loan you money to start a company, it doesn't matter how honest, well behaved and intelligent you are. They will turn you away. If Bill Gates had been around today, he would be at best manager of a McDonalds restaurant somewhere or working as a techie for Best Buy.

Our economy is now at a point where the job market is cut throat. Employers like me just can't afford any longer to take risks. I am only allowed to hire the cleanest and the best. If they so much as have been arrested even with no convictions I can't hire them. Yeah. Even no convictions becauses the head honcho says to me "Oh! Well they must've done something wrong if they got arrested. They must've worked the system!" REALLY?!

They must have experience, they must have a car, they must have a good resume, we wont take them if they've worked at McDonalds, Best Buy, Walmart, Target unless there's no one else who has had any job that wasn't entry level. and there hasn't been that since Obama became president. May he burn in hell.

We all make mistakes, nobody's perfect, we all need experience, we gotta start somewhere. I worked at McDonalds and Rite-aid from when I was 17 to 25 before I got to trade my blue collar for a white collar. Yesterday, I had to tell this young man who was 24 who was a university Grad, Sorry but we don't have any openings anymore they were filled. He seemed like a nice man, no record, no psychiatric history, clean, tidy, professional, the reason my boss wouldn't take him is because he took the train and the bus to get to the job site. He doesn't have a car. So what? A lot of people do! I HAVE! I used to have to get up early, take the train from Upstate NY to Manhattan then take a subway to get to work, What's the deal?

Not only that, he was turned down because he didn't have enough experience. We had 200 resumes only 3 worth pursuing. These were men who had experience, owned a vehicle, had so much money they could last on it for 5 years or something and were aged between 30-35 yrs of age. These other people we turned away were just like this man, probably living at home with a parent or relative, living in a homeless shelter or motel, very little or no resources, living on food stamps, no experience, too young.

Most of all, they were too young, too inexperienced. My boss only wants the best. He can't afford to hire them like he used to, he can't afford to take a chance. They might miss the train or bus, they might not fit in , they might not be what they're looking for, can't afford to take a chance.

The guy in charge is alright, he's nice, just like the one who he replaced, he has his reasons but in this economy now that we'er socialist we just can't take that chance. Its a shame.