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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

SSI took away my rights and made me too poor to survive

The following is an email from Mark Nugent of Sacramento california who at the age of 16 was forced into the mental health system against his will, branded mentally ill, stripped of his trust fund by his liberal parents and forced on SSI.

The SSI program was originally intended for those liberals branded too old or too stupid to work. It pays very little, about $695 a month and to receive it one must not hold assets or property worth more than $2000. 

People with disabilities who receive SSI [Supplemental Security Income] payments continue to be the nation’s poorest citizens. The average annual income of a single individual receiving SSI payments was $7,436 far below the federal poverty level. SSI recipient's income is sixty percent less than the federal poverty level SOMETIMES EVEN LESS!!! Since the first Priced Out study was published in 1998, the value of SSI payments compared to median income has declined precipitously – from 24.4% of median income in 1998 to 18.7% in 2010 while national average rents have risen over 50% during the same time period. 

SSI recipients are usually forced on the program against their will by mean liberal relatives and government workers in order to control and manipulate them and steal their assets. Government workers often exploit SSI recipients and subjugate them to humiliation, unnecesary auditing, forced treatment, captivity in group homes or institutions and are often homeless.

The vast majority of SSI recipients are homeless due to low incomes as well as abusive payees. The Representative Payee program manages the majority of SSI funds for victims. The payees are often mean, rude and abusive and steal from the recipients or "beneficiary" as they are labeled. The government often permits this and does nothing about it since they are all lazy bums anyway.

In 2010, as a national average, a person receiving SSI needed to pay 172% of their monthly income to rent a modest one-bedroom unit. In the 12 years since the first Priced Out was published, the amount of monthly SSI income needed to rent a modest one-bedroom unit has increased an astonishing 62 percent. People with disabilities were also priced out of smaller studio/efficiency units, which averaged 99% of monthly SSI. In the end of 2016, those numbers haven't improved.

So it goes with Mark Nugent who wrote to us in response to our many articles cataloging the abuse and failure of our government and the true evil nature of the SSI program and social security, perhaps the only other program other than Obamacare that has failed more than any other grandiose welfare program that Democrats have hashed out since the dictatorship of FDR.

Dear Brian

My name is Mark Nugent, I am 27 years old and live in Portland Oregon. I am originally from The Sacramento area, I used to live in Tulare where I grew up. I was born in Tulare and moved to Sacromento When I was 15. I used to be well liked and have lots of friends in Tulare but when we got to Sacro, that changed. I was picked on a lot. My parents and teachers forced me to go to a psychiatrist.

They told me that I had Asperger's syndrome and that I had Bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed solely because I was picked on because of tbe fights I got into. The psychiatrist and my parents blamed me exclusively for all the problems that happened. My doctor was Dr. Guohua Xia. They made no mention of the problems being recent and that I made many accomplishments and had many friends in Tulare. Dr Xia just told me, "Oh, well do you have friends now? No? Then you obviously are the problem!"

Guohua Xia always had negative things to say to me. When I got picked on, he told me that it was my fault for not socializing and for having anti-social behavior. He never said what that behavior was or why it was my fault he just said it was and he said it was also my fault that the meds he forced me to take made me sleepy and prevented me from studying and getting good grades.

Before being medicated, I got good grades. I was an A, B student then I started getting Ds and Cs. I was forced to take it by the teachers and parents.

I was on six different types of medication of Bipolar and autism. Disorders I really don't have. I was on Seroquel, Zyprexa, Depakote and a few other drugs I don't remember.

Also, my parents always took Xia's side against me. They argued that professionals who are licensed do not make mistakes and know better than minors who are totally nuts. When I brought up that Xia was educated in a medical school in Communist China they laughed at me,.

I was told by Dr. Xia that was unable to work and that I probably wouldn't make it in the real world. He recommended that I be forced on SSI and be placed either in a residential care facility or a boarding care home. I freaked out when I heard it. My parents were delighted with the idea.

I was not allowed to work at a job at summer time or anytime. My parents told me I couldn't handle it "because the doctor said so..." I was devastated. I was also told i couldn't work because they wanted me to be on SSI instead and everyone on SSI can't work.

When I turned 17 I ran away from home and hitchhiked to Denver Colorado. I didn't get very far however. I didn't know my social security number and no one in my family wanted to help me. I was told that I had to go back to California. I spent 6 months in Denver. Nobody could help me since I did not have my social and any money. When it got cold I was compelled to return. By this time I was 18 and was of legal age so they couldn't do to much damage to me then. But that doesn't mean they didn't...

When I got back I was forced back on SSI, I was forced back to Brainefit to see Dr Xia who proceeded to make up the worst imaginable lies about me such as that my being homeless in Denver was not because of abuse but because "I was mentally incompetint and unable to care for myself" and put down that I needed a guardian. He also chided me for my personal beliefs.

Well, I learned my SSA number and before they could file guardianship I ran away again this time to Portland Oregon where Ive been since. I went there because SSI was supplemented and to get away from my dad. also mental health services aren't as powerful as they are in California.

That and the fact that I had no education and a psyche record that would keep me from getting a job. I had learned when I was in Denver that the government shares info and private stuff about people with corporations and that just by seeing a doctor and being on SSI was enough to get me away from any decent job!

To top it off, the meds damaged my liver and my brain. I now suffer from ADD as a result from the different meds. I also have diabetes, poor eyesight from the Zyprexa and premature hairloss and balding. I tried to sue the drug companies but I only got a little bit of money. I was homeless for 3 years in the streets of Portland and Eugene before I got housing. I got my GED and I was able to get a part time job at Safeway but it was seasonal. I can only get seasonal employment and temp jobs like Labor ready or grocery and retail. People are reluctant to hire me since I am on SSI.


 Before moving to this once great nation built on the foundations of capitalism and Judeo Christian faith, Dr. Guohua Xia was born and raised in China and was an active member of the Communist youth league. According to the FBI, Guohua Xia received the Medal of Lenin at the age of 14 for ratting on dissident relatives involved in illegal "subversive activity." Xia was rewarded with a scholarship to Peking University. He chose to study for a career in psychiatry in The Beijing School of medicine located at PU.

FBI files show His post graduate studies and work included working at the notorious labor camps including the notorious Shayang Re-education Through Labor camp in Hubei Providence. Xia's early duties included data collection and interviewing victims and aiding in their "rehabilitation." Among his many victims included participants of the Tianamen square riots.

Guohua Xia desired to live in the united states not to enjoy our freedoms and our prosperity but to destroy it. Under ideological exclusion provision to prevent communists from entering America to promote subversive activity, Xia was originally not permitted to enter. However, thanks to Former President and pervert Bill Clinton the law was weakened to allow Chinese subversives like Xia to enter and create havoc. This at the behest of his Chinese associates.

By the way, had Hillary Clinton been elected even more of these subversives would've been allowed to immigrate along with scores of thousands of Jihadist Muslims.

Guohua Xia studied at  University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Marriage therapy and counseling. He then helped found Brainefit, a psychiatric Clinic located outside Sacramento which in addition to proscribing toxic drugs and forcing people on SSI, specialize in magnetic therapy and accupuncture.

FBI data on Dr Guohua Xia is limited due to the Clinton Administration's interference which terminated monitoring of possible subversives from China and other countries. There are now thousands of communist subversives from Asia and former Soviet Bloc countries residing and working amongst us, many of them creating hapless victims like Mark Nugent. This the result of Bill Clinton's legacy.


Anonymous said...

The ideological exclusion is still in force in America. The purpose is just to keep the American people from hearing ideas from foreigners that the corporate teabag big wigs that run our government and the fascists that aid and vote for them. Its a violation of free speech and freedom of the press. No, Bill Clinton did not weaken them. And we still have the no fly list which stops other people from coming in.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous Ideological exclusion is put in place to stop leftists like this dirty red chinaman from coming in and changing our free nation into a communist slave pit. Ungrateful little twits like you who want to hear of the glorious virtues of slavery, conformity, immorality and control can fly off to Beijing or Tehran and stay there while we bask in freedom and morality.

Anonymous said...

And to think our betters want us to be more like the Red Chinks. Dr Xia should be deported as a seditionist and Brainefit should be closed down and demolished. We don't want no reds from here or abroad telling us what's in our best interests!

Anonymous said...

THERE'S no such thing as Asperger's. They're just taking your money. Get these reds outta here!

Anonymous said...

SSI doesn't pay enough so why go through with this stupid program????? WHY DO WE HAVE IT??!?!?!