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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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Sorry! Guess there was trouble with the server! Were back! Today's article is hot off the press!An interview about me and the history of Mainestategop!

An Interview About Myself and a history of Mainestategop and NEALFM

This should've been published a long time ago. Its an interview done with me, Brian Ball by student Leslie Bristol with who did this as a Senior student last February for her school Newspaper at Kennett High School in North Conway New Hampshire. GO EAGLES!!!

Leslie did this as part of a project for Honors English and for her newspaper. I doubt that a public school even one as prestigious as Kennett will probably publish it but I last heard Leslie got an A on the project. She came across our blog while doing research for who to interview. After contacting us by email she agreed to meet with me in Dover New Hampshire over Presidents Day Vacation. She met me in The Asia Restaurant where we sat down and had an interview while enjoying tea and Egg Rolls.

I told her about myself, my family, my Blog, Mainestategop and my lobby, The New  England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets

L: What is Mainestategop and the New England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets.

B: A blog and A lobby I created. The blog Mainestategop was created by  myself back in 2008 when I was graduating from College. I started it out as  a response to negative conditions I witnessed in Maine and injustices perpetrated by Democrats in my home state of Maine. New England Alliance was started about I guess 2 years afterwards. Its essentially a lobby though its mostly an educational group designed to inform voters and teach American values and capitalism.

L: Maine, your homestate was very bad?

B:Yes. Then as now, Maine is one of the poorest states in the country. I would say its an armpit of the nation and largely so thanks to Democrats such as our former governor Jon Baldacci. Baldacci was an attorney in Bangor, my hometown, he was also a communist and a left wing activist. When he took over from leftist republican Angus King, he did far far worse than King did. Maine went from bad to worse. Taxes, regulations, fees all skyrocketed and freedom decreased which is why Maine is so poor. Even liberals now admit they were wrong and that Maine, in addition to having too much taxes, too much poverty has one of the most regressive taxes in the nation, meaning that the poor are pressed harder and squeezed harder than in almost any other state. California and Illinois are the only two states with a worse regressive tax. BUT THE DEMOCRATS ARGUE HEY! SOMEBODY HAS TO PAY FOR OUR PERKS AND FOR THE BOTTOM FEEDERS WHO CANCEL YOUR VOTE!!

L: What kind of injustices took place aside from  higher taxes?

B: The only thing worse than our government are the people who live in Maine. The Democrats want to take things away from us, they support fascist laws such as eminent domain and asset forfiture, the worst thing I witnessed was when a friend of mine had his bank account confiscated by his liberal parents because they wanted to force him on failing social programs. They said it was all his fault he couldn't find work in Maine they told him everything is fine its all your fault so they took away everything from him and he became destitute and homeless. The only good news is he was able to flee the state but he's become poor because of what they did.

L:Why is it his fault he couldn't find work? And how did they get his money?

B:  They're liberals. They also had a friend who was a psychiatrist, two in fact, one was James Grindle, a psychiatrist who works in Acadia Hospital, the other was Dr. David Bear, another shrink who also works there and also has a practice in Boston and teaches at UMASS. They diagnoised him with Asperger's syndrome which is a form of autism and retardation and used that to force him to give up all he had, go on SSI and go on failing programs. Since he receives SSI he can't work and SSI only pays a little like 500 or 600 a month. So he's destitute.

L:Wow! I thought people Asperger's syndrome were very intelligent people and that successful people like Bill Gates and Albert Einstein had it?

B: That isn't the case! Clearly they are not as evidenced by what happened to my friend and other people who were branded with this phony disorder. Liberals have tried to color it up as being nice and sweet which they always do but in reality, Asperger's syndrome means you are not intelligent, you are mentally ill, you are autistic, retarded, they say all kind of things. My Friend for instance when he asked his father and mother why he couldn't work and had to go do these things they yelled at him and told him "YOU ARE MENTALLY ILL! THAT'S WHAT ASPERGER'S SYNDROME IS!! ITS A MENTAL ILLNESS AND YOU HAVE IT SO YOU ARE MENTALLY ILL!! YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO WORK AND MAKE GOOD DECISIONS FOR YOURSELF!!"

L:Oh my! That's terrible! How did they diagnose him? Was it just because he couldn't find work?

B: That and because he was bullied as a child and even sexually abused. The parents and teachers and Dr. Bear and especially Dr. Grindle blamed him for being abused. Grindle in particular also blamed him for being verbally and mentally abused by his mom and dad. he told me how when he informed Grindle of being mentally abuse and how they yelled at him and argued with him Grindle told him that he had a mood disorder and that he started the argument. He also denied that he had been abuse and told him he was just hypersensitive. He then forcibly medicated him to punish him for being argued at by his parents. That also became the basis for diagnosis for Asperger's syndrome By the way.

L:Oh my! Did he try and sue him

B: A lawsuit is difficult in Maine. Maine's democratic government is very corrupt and the Maine residents who are liberal support this corruption.  For example they recently passed an immunity law which basically outlawed lawsuits against the government. Government employees such as politicians, police men, social workers, ETC. enjoy immunity from prosecution and law suits. Its very difficult and often times the federal government has had to intervene. Ironically the Democrats, the very people who are supposed to be on the side of the little guy are the ones who oppose reform. For me its not surprising. In my friends case there were many attempts and they were all failures.

L: But why? Didn't he go to the federal government or another state?

B: He did but what he found out was that it was legal to seize a bank account under Kelo V New London. No one wanted to hear his case, no lawyers either were willing or able to help. They also noted that it is also legal for mental health workers along with parents to seize bank accounts and property. In Maine and elsewhere, this happens all the time. Mainestategop has not only exposed injustice in Maine but around the nation.

L: Oh my! That's terrible! And the majority of people in Maine support this?

B: Correct. The majority are Democrat. Fortunately, these parasites and traitors are leaving in droves since rising poverty and less tax base for social programs to help them leech have made it less desirable. Most are leaving either for Massachusetts or for Vermont. A lot of others I hear are heading to Florida and California. A few have come here to New Hampshire.

L: But doesn't Augusta have a republican governor?

B: Yes. I don't mean to boast or hog credit but our organization was very influential in the election of Governor Lepaige, a republican. The people of Maine are fed up! Baldacci and his supporters caused so much havoc. Taxes keep going up but they always never have enough to feed the piggies sqealling at the trough and they find themselves still cutting services. All we have is austerity and exploitation. We desperately elected Lepaige. Some I guess wanted to give the tea party a try and others thought Baldacci wasn't liberal enough I guess. Unfortunately LePaige has only been able to do very very littl.e

L: So he can't do too much?

B:No... Although we have the governorship, the Democrats and the unions control the legislature. Unions and leftist radicals have filibustered and dug in their heels in any attempt to reform the government and reign in spending and corruption. The Democrats of course blame him and use him as the scapegoat for everything wrong but its really all their fault. I mean the TABOR amendment which would've saved the state failed three times and each time we got worse when Democrats promised the opposite.

L: What is TABOR?

B: The TAXPAYER BILL OF RIGHTS. If there's two things Liberal Democrats in Maine hate its Taxpayers and Rights.  TABOR would basically control and reign in spending by Maine liberals. and reduced taxes. We first tried to get it pushed through in 2006, then in 09, and again in 10, 11 and 12. Each time we try the left went nuts. Add to this, they have allies in Colorado they draw on to help. Tabor was passed in Colorado back in the 80s when the state suffered heavy poverty and it was a godsend.

L: What would TABOR do for Maine? What did it do For Colorado?

B: TABOR Would end poverty and force the bottom feeders either to work or leave. In Colorado back in the 80s, Colorado was one of the poorest states in the country. This despite having a strong energy, mining and tourism industry. Unfortunately, liberals made up of elitist snobs in Denver and Boulder along with Mexican immigrants in Pueblo, Aurora, Westminster ETC. helped enact high taxes, regs and fees that prevented these industries from developing. Environmentalism also had a negative impact. When they passed Tabor, it was  a breath of fresh air! Within years the state went from one of the poorest, to one of the richest in the country! Unfortunately new opportunities lead to newcomers who may or may not hold to those views. Democrats from California in particular flooded the state in droves and have had a negative impact. Denver for instance has one of the nations toughest gun laws and one of the highest crime rates. In Maine, I promise you, two or three years after passing TABOR, Maine will outpace most of America possibly even New Hampshire! Rhode Island and Vermont will instead be the poor ones.

L: They didn't like Tabor very much and you said that Colorado Democrats helped undermine it?

B: Yes. There were these left wing activists who showed up out of the blue, we found out that most of them weren't really Colorado residents, they were actually residents of California who had estates in Aspen and Denver. Whatever, they were anti-american leftists, they hate America and capitalism, it didn't matter where they were from they all wanted TABOR to fail. They could save their breath. Maine's bottom feeders were too numerous and too vocal. Despite obvious lies and exaggerations, the bill each time was killed by a narrow margin.

L: But republicans have grown in the state largely because of mainestategop's influence?

B: YUP! Thanks to Mainestategop and the New England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets and  I suppose thanks to the failure of communism heh! In fact probably the Democrats themselves did more to destroy their own voting base with their stupidity and failure creating desperation and despair that lead them to vote GOP. In fact Donald Trump narrowly won in Maine. Then again only because they liked Bernie Sanders more than Hillary.

L: I see that in last years ballots, Maine voters though they voted for Trump, they passed several ballots that were progressive except for firearms background checks.

B: Yes. We were very very surprised that Trump won Maine. We expected leftists in Maine to come up in support for Hillary. I mean she supports a lot of the things maine liberals do such as torture, illegal detainment, money confiscation, communist militancy and so on, yet more and more Mainers these days are more left of center. Also blue collar Democrats tend to be pro-firearms. Hillary is a vocal gun control supporter. That third line and the fact that many Mainers are Bernie supporters is what did it. It was close. Other than that, these measures passed but barely. The Blue collar left of center Democrats were what got them going. Question 6 which increased borrowing and spending however got 2/3 of the Maine vote. Its a good sign. It shows that at least Democrats in Maine are developing some kind of common sense, that government isn't the answer but the problem.

L: I notcied that they tend to be big on hunting over there in Maine.

 B: Well yes. Hunting is important in the tourism industry, the only profitable industry left and that's saying something. But blue collar liberals tend to be pro-firearm with only few restrictions. This is because in poor communities that have crime like in Portland or Machias, they don't have the privilege of affording security systems and so on so they have to depend on the police force which isn't that reliable. So they rely on each other and their guns. Crime has gone up with poverty but its not as high as Massachusetts or Connecticut and New York since criminals there know they're up against armed victims. Its a good sign but still, the firearm background requirement was rejected by a close call.

L: What are your thoughts on Maine Legalizing Marijuana?

B: Personally I'm against it. I've heard many arguments for and against it. Our organization is divided so officially we view it as a states rights issue. An Issue up to individual states. Maine is broke, they have nothing but tourism and welfare, adding marijuana will give them something to tax. Its popular there so it'll at least take the money out of the hands of the dealers and into communities but it'll just go fund politician pensions and salaries and fund welfare bums who don't want to work.  That and it will also fuel anti-social behavior by these pot heads. Then again Maine is already anti-social.

L:  Does Maine have gambling? What are you're thoughts on legalized gambling?

B: Yes, we do. We have several casinos, one in Oxford, one in Bangor, another one I think in Old Town but not very many. Its the only  thing drawing in funds for a lot of these communities. I believe that legalized gambling is a gamble. Sometimes its positive, sometimes negative, usually both. It should be up to states.

L: So how long did you live in Maine before moving to New Hampshire. Why?

B: I left a year after College. My dad and uncle have or I should say had a family business in Bangor that was no longer profitable thanks to Democrats. As college student and a part time worker I suffered under liberalism. I suffered terribly. The harder I worked, the more of what little I got went to government, I mean they take a big big chunk RIGHT OUT OF MY WEEKLY CHECK! ALL GOING TO BOTTOM FEEDERS!! The founding fathers were against that. We should not have that happen especially to those least able to pay! And all these programs that they said would take care of me, they didn't, They just made me more degraded and frustrated. The Salvation Army  and maranatha ministry saved my life. They also taught me that Tithing Christians are better than government. A year living in Maine did it for me, it'll do for anyone.

L:You were on welfare? How did that work out?

B: Terrible! I learned then and there why so many poor people flock to the GOP. I mean, welfare, its denigrating, its a waste of money and time, IT DOESN'T HELP!! Christian charities are far far superior! 

L: What kind of terrible things did you witness and go through?

B: well, you want to apply, or if you have issues or have to go to a meeting, you have to wait in line or in a waiting room for 2 hours sometimes its 2 hours in line, another 2 in the waiting room, you fill out all these quadruplicate forms, then you meet with someone who pretends to care but doesn't. They ask you questions then you go out, wait some more, meet with more people, then you go back out and they mail you an EBT card that only gives you like, $20 a month in food stamps and maybe $2 a month in cash, if you work harder and get paid more, they punish you by cutting it up, they punish you even if you rent. Sometimes, they cut you because they'd rather get a raise in their salary by us the taxpayers than help us. So no they don't care.

L: Wow. They only gave you $20 in food stamps?

B: Well yes see, I was working. Unemployed bums get $250. If your homeless with no income they give you $50 a month for doing nothing. They rarely ever require you to do any community work too.

L:  That doesn't sound like much. Why so small?

B: Because for every dollar we the taxpaying slaves give to the state, 80 cents is skimmed off and given to the government employees. As I said, They pretend not to care, they really don't care. For example in California, the government workers went ballistic over Fox News and conservative media attacks on their laziness and getting fat off the working poor. When they tried to pass legislation to curtail perks and benefits for these bum workers in Sacramento and LA city hall, they went nuts!! AND WHEN WE SHOWED HOW THEY WERE ROBBING THOSE THEY CLAIMED TO HELP THEY SHOWED AGAIN HOW UNCARING THEY WERE?

L:Wow! Are they like that in Maine?

B: Yes if not worse. You know what? The Democrats would've defeated Trump and taken back both houses if they weren't so selfish. Had they made a gesture of goodwill and agreed to have their pensions and paychecks cut so the poor in California could receive more benefits, it would've brought sympathy. They didn't. The SEIU and the other bum unions in Los Angeles and Sacramento don't care about the teeming masses of unemployed and poor they are supposed to be helping. Neither do the elected leaders. They could've done the same in Maine but no. They'd rather drive around in their Luxury cars, wake up at noon to do little and get paid vacations that last for nearly a month and live in their mansions and wake up to caviar and cigars while those they are supposed to help wake up to Roaches. get up before dawn to drive their clunkers to work at McDonalds or Walmart, get no vacation at all and have what little they earn ripped out by the IRS and go to these lazy idiot government workers. 

L: Gee. That sounds negative. No wonder a lot of poor people vote Republican


L: So tell me more about your blog, you said you started this because of what happened to your friend and because of the hard time the welfare state gave you?

B: Yes. You can learn a lot from  living in the welfare state. I learned a lot in College too. I began to take sort of courses online, I learned a lot about capitalism, free markets, American freedom and liberty and our founder's intent. I learned a lot and I wanted to form my own blog to educate other people what I learned and pass it on. At the same time I wanted to confront these liberal apologists who support these failed policies and put them in their place, especially more so when Youtube came out.

L: You started your Youtube channel at the same time?

B: Well no. I had 2 other Youtube channels. All them banned by liberals. I guess I started late in 2005, at first all it was was viewing and commenting on other videos, I didn't start any yet. At the time, YouTube was virtually dominated by liberals. They held a literal monopoly. There were probably very very very few libertarian or conservative channels and most were not vocal otherwise they'd probably be banned.

L: really? I don't really remember how Youtube was before 2009, I just have a vague remembering of it yet you were there at the start? 

B: Yes. First off, the format and the how do you say, well.. everything about how it worked was very easy, very friendly and very convenient. The channel's layout was perfect too. Then they began to gum it up and even though people complained they still did it. I mean there weren't much alternatives then. YOUTUBE had a monopoly over video sharing. In a way they still do! But what made things worse is that the overwhelming consumers and channels were leftist! The staff at Youtube were leftist too!

L:Wow! Why did they do that? I mean Why don't they make it better?

B: Well because they have a monopoly that's why! Especially back in the day before Dailymotion and Vimeo came out. Even though we have these they are sucky alternatives! Dailymotion for instance has loads of advertisements, they don't advertise on the video like Youtube does, they do it on a seperate screen run by a Java application that uses up bandwidth and slows down everything! You want to watch a movie on DM, you have to wait 10 minutes for this ad to play in the background, if you tell Explorer or Mozilla to stop the script it stops the movie as well! Vimeo does the same thing but the big problem with vimeo is it's not really popular. It has nothing.

L: Yes, I notice that, there isn't much to have on there. I also heard that they wont allow advertisements anymore?

B: Well Not quite but its difficult. They wont allow monetization on any channel that has any video that has any cursing, any violence or anything that may or even may not be copyrighted. So its kinda like SOPA and PIPA on steroids. In the end they're just beating themselves up. Hopefully someone comes along with an alternative.

L:  What alternatives would you suggest?

B: aside from starting your own video sharing service? Don't know. DailyMotion and Vimeo are basically it. Google also has I think Independent videos. There's A few others, problem is that they are shall we say controversial. They're banned on some ISP's and libraries. For example there's Newgrounds is one place, you have to learn flash to write videos on it though and because Tom Fulp the owner allows almost anything and everything including porn, they have banned NG on most libraries and servers.

L: Yeah, Newgrounds, I like it but I can't get it at my house or at school because the filters put it down as X-rated even though not everything on it is X-rated...

B: Tom Fulp, the owner says its motto is everything by everyone. That's the problem. You got too much too far so the filters pick it up as XXX and keep it out.

L: What about videos? MP4 format though?

B: Well again, not too many. The Russians have quite a few places like Biqle but again, lots of copyright and X-rated videos there despite Regulations put in by Vladimir Putin. There's a few Asian sites but you have to know Asian or another language. All in all, its either the service blocked by filters for having too many controversial vids or the site is unworkable with too many Java apps.

L: So were stuck with Youtube until someone comes up with a better alternative?

B: Yes. To do that I am told will require money and funding to pay of Motion picture groups and advertise to pay royalties in order to bypass copyright restrictions.

 L:I remember they used to have it where videos could only be 10 minutes long.

B: Yes that was a problem. They got better but they need to do more if they want to stay competitive.

L: So tell me about your activities on Youtube.

B: You should ask me about The New England Alliance for Liberty and Free markets. 

L: okay, SHOOT!

B: New England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets is my own pet project. Its a lobby. It started out as an information service if you will. Then became a lobby funded by my own business and other small businesses in New England, mostly southern New Hampshire. We also have tons of support in New York, Texas, Nebraska, Kansas and Florida.

L: Information  service?

B: Yes. Information and education service. We want to educate the American people about their great history and Heritage and of how capitalism is superior to socialistic and communistic  and other ideologies.

L: And you had this on Youtube?

B: On mainestategop and youtube. But for Youtube we had our own project. We teamed up with another patriotic group called and started something called operation Tune in. It was inspiired by Operation infinite Freep. It was originally intended to counter pacifists and so called peace protesters.  Operation Tune in or as some billed, operation infinite Freep 2 was designed to take on and break the liberal monopoly on Youtube. 

L: So you guys started this movement to take over Youtube.

B: no. See I don't want to make it sound like I and my friends are why there are more conservatives and that we were the ones who saved the day. That's not the case. And it wasn't just us! Tune In was one effort to open up the airwaves on Youtube the other part of the effort was by Freerepublic, Alex Jones Infowars, Jewish Task Force, John Ankerberg Ministries, lots of other groups and the general public!

L:So it wasn't just you.

B: No. There were lots and lots of people. We were just one regiment part of an army of patriotic Christian americans fighting back to take back America and kick the liberals over. The story is amazing.

L: Well okay tell me what you know and what involvment you had?

B: Well starting in 2009, the public were getting sick and tired liberalism on Youtube. There was a growing demand for conservative, pro-American, Pro-Christian, Pro-family values, Pro-capitalist channels. This was evidenced further by the decline of the radio station Air America or as we all called it, Air Head America. Eventually the left wing radio station went bankrupt. There was no demand for it! At the time we gradually moved in like termites coming out of the woodwork. It wasn't easy however, we had to really push hard! 

L: So you ran into a lot of challenges?

B: Yes. The liberals were not going to give up their monopoly without a fight. Before Infinite Freep 2 and Tune In started, just about every political video on Youtube was leftist. The videos used ad hoc and straw arguments that were old and worn out, they were poorly done, poorly formated, for example, guns. Look up gun control now and on youtube you'll get videos that argue completely against it. Even people who are liberal have pro-gun pro-2nd amendment videos on there. But back then most of the vids that came up were anti-gun and all for banning guns altogether. The authors were mostly European liberals and Marxist university students. One video was this marxist woman at UCLA who had this crappy cartoon about guns on campus and she was coughing in the background. Another one was just pictures of guns and of school shooter footage from Columbine and elsewhere, they had no substance, just the usually arguments, guns are bad! Guns kill people! Protect the kids! Ban guns!! Only a couple of videos that showed documented images and statistics that prove that gun control fails everywhere. The comment section was full of angry liberals saying that they were false, they were made up, "YOUR A RACIST! YOUR A REDNECK! YOU'RE THIS AND THAT! WERE GONNA GET YOU!!" Many times they were just flagged and banned all together.

L:wow! So they had negative comments and some were flagged and bannned?

B: Yes. When we first  started, when we showed how tax cuts were working, how blue states fared poorly when it came to homelessness and crime than red states they'd jump on, they'd swear and cuss at us, then they'd flag us and say we were promoting spam or hate speech. We'd then have to file an objection that we were wrongfully banned, this is not hate speech, this is not spam, this is not copyright, this is 100% our material, look, here, see, this isn't hateful. Were just trying to promote facts and information. If they have a problem with it they can make their own video refuting it!

L: Were there times where they refused to put your video back up?  

B: Yes. Youtube staff sometimes were reluctant and would keep it banned even when there was nothing wrong! Sometimes they'd find a rationale for instance, videos on illegal immigration and homosexual militants. They would find a rationale with race card playing chicanos and gays screaming homophobia but most of them they had no rationale, there was no reason to ban those videos, they just banned it because staff at Youtube decided they didn't agree with it and just kicked it aside.

L: I heard it was very easy to flag videos backthen

B: Yes. Videos could be flagged for any reason. You don't need to show proof you're doing nothing wrong . If enough people flag your video or channel, Youtube and Google will take it down, review it, and usually they will uphold the ban. Then you have to file a complaint and object to the take down, they review that and usually they decide to uphold the ban. After that all you can do is hope you have a backup copy and upload it again maybe edit it and tweak it and put up disclaimers. That usually doesn't work because then staff at Youtube or Google find it and then destroy it again for the same reason.

L: How did you put a stop to it then?

B: We would flood them with complaints of course. Often times Fox News would comment on Youtube fascism and abuse of power and they'd have to back down. The other way we did this was to target militant liberals for flagging them down in retaliation. You take down our friend's channel for promoting American traditional values, we'll flag you and ban you and share with Google and Youtube your innappropriate comments. And all they could comment with is swear words and curses and name calling. "YOU'RE RACIST! YOU'RE INSENSITIVE! YOU CAN'T GET ALONG WITH OTHER CULTURES!! YOU'RE HEARTLESS!!" That's all they can argue with because they are so uneducated and clueless. Get this, Occupy wall street, many of them didn't even know what they were doing! The same applied for these boob toob Youtube liberals.

L: Well let me ask you again, what role did you play?

B: Glad you asked. New England Alliance formed something called the Flying Battalion which years later became known as The GOP Troll squad. In 2009 with the election of Obama, more and more people became disillusioned with Democrats and more and more people lost their homes, their jobs, their dignity, their rights ETC. GOP election and voting rolls swelled with more and more poor people even the homeless! The Tea Party Movement was formed at the time and well...  we began a recruitment drive to bring people into the ranks to fight the liberals online on Youtube and elsewhere.

L: what kind of people were recruited.

B: Lots of people. Not many at first but by 2011, over 200 people, the majority of them, working poor and homeless or formerly poor and homeless as well joined the battalion. See, our articles about my friend and his problem with SSI garnered a lot of attention! We got emails from many many people who said they were forced against their will on SSI and made homeless by Democrats and the government. Some of them were just heart wrenching. we also got emails from people who were laid of from work and evicted because of Obama and Democrats. They were angry and wanted revenge. So these people, many of whom were rendered unemployable thanks to SSI, we hired them! We paid them to go online and troll the liberals, what to comment, what to do, we also paid them to flag left wing channels that attacked us or our allies.

L: You paid homeless people to comment for you?

B: Well not like that. We didn't just gave them money and turn them loose. We recruited them, educated them, then turn them loose and have them comment on certain things. Sometimes they had free will, often they had to flag certain sites, make certain comments on certain videos, sites channels ETC. We paid them to do it. Since many of them were unemployable or poor they were easy to utilize! Some homeless shelters and public housing projects had wifi hotspots and many times they would get laptops online at places that sold refurbished recycled old laptops or get them at pawnshops or maybe they had a job at Target, Burger King, Walmart or Labor Ready, they'd get the laptop, they'd go online at starbucks, library, McDs ETC. Or they could use the library computer! We didn't have many at first. We didn't start getting about 100 or 200 till around 2011. By then we'd pretty much defeated the liberals and were focused on a few groups.

L: What kind of people did you start with?

B: well there were a few. Mostly former New Englanders. Our channels had the word GOP or Patriot or libertarian at the end of them. Some of them left and I took over and made them sock accounts. One of the first was Minnesotastategop. His real name I think was Machias Houlton. He was a preacher originally from Maine, he was named after the city of Machias. He was pretty crazy. Unfortunately he garnered too much negative attention and his anti-catholicism left something to be desired. Most of my viewers are Catholic so it wasn't hard to kick him too the curbside. Then there was DenverLibertarion AKA John Hunter, there was Daniel Tucker AKA Illinoislibertarian, there was Rhode Island Patriot , NebraskaPatriot, Nhstategop, Seataclibertarian, Calstategop, who later became a liberal and traitor, ProvoGOP, Washingtonstategop, Wisconsinstategop and many others.

L:Wow! You had quite a lot of friends on your side! did all of them have GOP or whatever on the end of their tag? Why did they do that.

B: No, later on we stopped doing that but I originally had them do that to let them know that the GOP is still fighting strong and wont let America go down without a fight! We also let them know that America is strong and the majority of Americans hold some kind of conservatism.

L: What kind of views did you promote?

B: At first we brought up The fairness doctrine. There were many others but initially the fairness doctrine back then was controversial. It also was used to pry seams into Youtube! When people saw these liberals scream for fairness and openness, then start censoring our views, they really got riled up. That helped put them in their places. The other two hot topics we went after were Universal healthcare and Occupy Wallstreet. We were the first ones to note the similarities between the nazis and their anti-capitalist rhetoric and OWS. Especially after the American Nazi Party and Klansmen David Duke praised and announced support for OWS.

L:  Your blog starts out focusing on Maine issues yet you later drift into issues outside of Maine despite being called Mainestategop

B:Oh well when I first started it was mostly to attack Maine Democrats. But overtime as more people outside of Maine showed up they told me all about what went on. Furthermore as the Flying battalion grew I learned more and more about events outside the Northeastern United States. True, my original purpose was to talk about New England politics from a conservative prospective but soon after it became stuff about other places, New Hampshire for instnace.

L: And a lot of your articles are about things going on in California, Washington, I see a few things about Texas and New York and Colorado, your blog is called Mainestategop but you've covered more ground than just the state of your birth it seems.

B: Correct. Not just that but international politics. I went from attacking liberalism in New England to promoting conservatism and advocating conservative views nationwide. I've made many new friends, many new enemies but mostly friends and I've learned so much more over the years.

L: I see that your blog is read mostly on Freerepublic and a few places in France and Hungary, where else have you been read and seen in?

B: Lots of forums post my articles, but Freerepublic is the most popular place for them. I've worked with the freepers for years. They were instrumental in fighting off the left wing and against youtube and the take over. I'm also quite popular on Churchmilitant TV run by St Michael's media. Several French forums have translated my articles but we've  been censored.

L: and youtube is conservative would you say?

B: Actually its more balanced. But campared to 10 years ago it is far far far far far far more conservative and there are more religious people and more conservatives.

L:What about elsewhere? Have you tried Newgrounds or Dailymotion

B: No. There has been no demand for my videos on dailymotion and I don't feel like having to wait 10 minutes to watch my videos. I know my viewers wouldn't appreciate that too. Newgrounds, I never got the knack of Macromedia flash. I know now they got other tools available for making flash but I've never had the time to learn or the interest. Anyways Newgrounds tends to be mostly reserved for entertainment and creativity and spam than politics.

L: What kind of nemesis have you made on Youtube in this time? No doubt you have quite a few people who are on opposing sides who you've come across as of lately? I see for instance one person from California an elderly gentleman named oldfartrants I believe?

B: Oldfartrants yes. I have quite a lot of enemies online who wish I'd just go away. There have been several over the years, most were buried. They either quit or they were so offensive they packed up and left. I've taken on lots of leftists and enemies of America from muslim extremists, to nazis, communists, hippies, liberals, Euros, appeasers ETC. There are just a handful mind you just a handful who come to mind.

L:Like aside from this oldfartrants person who else?

B: Well there's this Croation Nazi for instance named Marbus. He spreads blood libel and attacks America and Israel even though he is born here. He spends most of his time attacking Jewish Task Force. There's the Geffel, this British piece of crap who lives in LA and calls anyone who isn't a socialist a traitor to America. He claims to have been a US citizen for 18 years or so. I doubt if he knew anything. Then there's Zangaro Zen, an english leftist who always trolls and argues different channels and makes up phony debate points. We banned him for being way too offensive.

L: What did he do?

B: well he constantly berated and argued with us but what sent me over the edge was when he claimed that maine's economy was fine and that unemployed people there were stupid. He also said that we should be willing to work harder and pay more taxes even for people who didn't want to work. That last one was what got us all to ban him from all our channels.

L: Tell me about your involvment with Lee Doren of Howtheworldworks?

B: He was our ally. I say was because of embarassment caused by oldfartrants. More than ever it was Lee Doren and his Channel howtheworldworks that helped us take over youtube and break the liberal monopoly over it. Unfortunately oldfartrants smear attacks made things hard for us.

L: How so?

B: Oldfartrants went on the attack against the GOP flying battalion, made up all kinds of crap that all our channels were socks when they were paid people, I mean turnofffox, another one of our opponents and a friend of oldfartrants even admitted that they were real and wrote a youtube video attacking one of them and had photos of him who was arrested in Orange County for a sex offense and for allegedly being a part of the KKK.

L: Oh my God really!

B: Yes. He lied to us. We thought he was in trouble for copyright infringement and contempt of court for arguing with the judge but my lawyer friend did research on our channel owners. During a luncheon he told me all about the guy. He name was Daniel Tucker, AKA Illinoislibertarian,turns out he was not from Illinois but from Gulfsport Mississippi, he wasn't stranded in LA, he has nowhere else to go because he's not allowed back into Mississippi. He lied.

L: That must not have made you happy.

B: Nope. I probably would've fired him after Turnoffox went on the attack but then I Decided to just let it go. By this time the people I worked with had lost interest and moved on to better things. Also I had been starting a family and had to work on my business as well. So lots of other moved on. We still trolled the leftists on the internet though. I got back into it a couple years ago after a 2 year hiatus.

L: What about the new England Alliance for liberty and Free Markets? What else do they do? You said lobbying?

B: Yes and education. We also help people who are being attacked by the government like the IRS or CPS and others. We helped to elect Trump, we helped to unseat some Democrats and get people like Lepaige in office. Its an uphill climb  however since most people in New England are very very left wing.

L: Who belongs to NEALFM? Where do you get your funding?

B: Our membership is usually made up of small business owners in the New England area, mostly in Manchester, Concord, Boston and Portsmouth. They and their associates are also members. We also have honorary members outside new England like Chaim Ben Pesach of Jewish Task Force, Lee Doren, of Howtheworldworks, also a few other people. We are funded by donors and some big lobby groups like ALEC has funded us money.

L: Some people take offense to that as campaign finance. Bribery and that corporations are using you to decieve people.

B: Not true. Its not bribery its all legal and its part of free speech. Oldfartrants i remember went after me and Lee Doren over this. the liberals take a page right out of Hitler and Goebbels. If you tell a lie long enough it becomes  true. They say that corporations control us and control washington. No, they are controlled by the voters. They never mention for instance how unions, welfare groups and others pay Democrats for instance and they've always been exempted but when Citizens united makes a film attack Hillary Clinton all hell breaks loose. Well it was their biggest mistake ever. You all get one ballot one vote. Corporations have no control. Its the American people who have control. Unfortunately there are too many people who are irresponsible and apathetic and throw away there vote. Then there are those who cancel out our informed vote for more welfare.

L: But what of misinformation and swaying opinions?

B: Its the left that does that. Look, Democrats have control over nearly all the media. The corporate networks except Fox, the news papers such as new York Times, Washington Post, NPR, PBS, All we have is talk radio and the internet. Is it any wonder liberals want to come down and take that away from us and regulate the internet to oblivion and take away our freedom of choice just to cram their failed ideology down our throats? And the fairness doctrine falsely so called and these other regs against our freedom of speech. Despite their big big unfair advantage  and our unfair disadvantage of having just talk radio, they would rather still come down on talk radio.

L: What examples do you have of liberal bias?

B; Well take the new York Times for instance. They had an article about an alleged attack in Israel by the IDF against so called innocent arab civilians, it turned out the photos they used were at a gas station in another town at another time!! Then there's the Nick Minucci incident, this poor guy got framed for defending himself from a black mugger. The Times screamed that he was a racist bigot and without even stating fact they smeared him and lied to him. His trial was tainted and he went to prison for self defense!!

L: What other accomplishments have the NEALFM made besides influencing elections?

B: Well we helped stop a mosque from being built in Manchester, we are the only state in the country without a mosque and we played a role in that. They do have one but its not sizable. We've so far been successful in stemming the tide of Jihad. Lets see... There was this homeless woman who got ran down by the police and these thugs. She was wrongfuly arrested and persecuted, we helped her out with legal problems. Although evidence was on her side they accquited the police and the bullies who had her set up but they settled behalf and she got a few hundred thousand dollars. She went back to California with her relatives. Then there's advertisements against the building of a Mosque in Manchester and posters and fliers we did about the Dangers of Islam

 L: You mentioned you did an interview with two communists who belong to a street gang in Chicago called Antifa or Anti Racist action?

B: Yes. Ever since attacks happened against our meetings at Manchester, I got pretty interested in learning about this group. They are the least known yet most dangerous. ARA/Antifa means Anti-racist action and Anti-fascist. Or Anti-fashista as it is known. These guys are left wing thugs who get their kicks attacking nazis  but they also attack conservatives and as I found out later on, veterans. They are liberal terrorists and a potential danger. I got in touch with two of them in Chicago and went to meet with them. I posted the interview which was called, Coffee with Communists, why they kill. I consider it one of my best works ever. It was done in four parts, it was all about what these scum did. My friend Kyle Weissman who is an eminent historian is doing another one with an antifa protestor in Denver who is part of Rocky Mountain Antifa.

L: When did they attack you?

B: Back during a meeting we had in 2011 or was it 12, I don't recollect but we were at a hotel conference room in Portsmouth and these psychos were outside shouting protesting attacking hotel staff and security screaming and chanting, the police came and broke it up but we were shut down. They tried this again in Manchester in 2013 and again in 14.

L: Why would they do that?

B: Because they hate what we believe in. We support America, we support freedom, Christian faith and other exceptional principals that made us the best nation there was. These leftists so called anti-fascists who really are fascist and these thugs hate those things. The branches responsible came from Boston, another in Gorham New Hampshire and another group I think either based in Manchester or in Keene. But these goons, these pinko thugs hate America and hate our guts.

L: And you mentioned a friend of yours did another interview with them?

B: Yes. We got a ton of death threats from the above mentioned over my interview in Chicago but the most I got was from another branch I had not heard of. The Rocky Mountain Antifa, these guys are from Denver Colorado and they were pretty upset. I called them out and they had a fit over it. I mean don't blame the messenger! I can't help it if your friends are evil and want to kill people. Kyle Emailed them asked what the deal was, why they objected and so on, he got three replies, one denied that they intentionally murdered veterans the other was upset that I made them look bad, the other one demanded that they post a statement that they were not against veterans, they did not believe in hurting vets they were not gangsters they were not terrorists and so on. Then Kyle Got an email from another guy who argued over my posts on Islam saying he was a Muslim he was a communist and so on, he said  Islam was better than Christianity, better than Judaism, claimed that I was lying and so on, made all kinds of statements.

L: Did you post that statement.

B: Well I told them hey! Email it over and I'll post it but I have yet to see it. 

L: How did the interview go?

B:Kyle was going to be in the area, he had some business to take care of up in Fort Collins area and would be passing through so, he decided to head over there and give it a try. He recorded it and had it transcribed but I haven't received the transcript yet. I'm looking forward to it.

L: What was it like? Did he say anything to you about it?

B: He told me it was strange. This fellow is anti-white, yet he was white, he was a Muslim, he was a communist, he was a whole boatload of contradictions. He quoted a passage of the Bible that echoed in his mind at the time: A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. This guy was totally double minded. First off the anti-white while white bit, then his Muslim faith. He says he supports Jihad, says the Muslim religion says you must support Jihad, yet he's reluctant, doesn't want to get killed. Third, he's anti-american particularly middle America but wont leave America and resides around Middle America! Then there's his communism. He said he didn't like corporate america, hates buy from corporations wont deal with corporations but owns and purchases goods by companies and corporations. He is also a part of the far left considers himself flaming liberal yet his Muslim faith conflicts with this. He supports the feminists, gun control, secularism, banning prayer in school ETC. But he's a devout Muslim and is conservative in his beliefs!!!

L: Wow! That sounds incredible! Why does he do what he does then? I mean why did  he become a Muslim?

B: I don't know. I look forward to finding out when I get the transcript.

L:What about your personal life? What do you do outside of blogging and lobbying?

B: I have a wife and 3 wonderful children. Sean is the newest addition. I also have two other sons, 7 and 3.

L:What do you and your wife do for work.

B:The wife stays at home theses days. I have a small business I work on. I don't like mentioning it though. I know if they find out what it is, they'll have my head and these people I mentioned will never leave us alone.

L: Okay but tell me about your family. are they conservative like you?

B:Not all of them. Most are, others have become more conservative thanks to Barack Obama. and the disaster he has inflicted. For the most part, my family is either at worst just left of center or right of center and moderate. I'm the least moderate of all my family I am pleased to say.

L: Any liberal relatives

B: Yes but they keep to themselves. They know I guess that they can't win a debate with me. They just worry about their own lives. But I gotta feeling they know they're wrong.

L: How popular are you overseas?

B: Like I said, the Catholics in France have been posting our articles there. They are censored because of communist hate speech laws so called they have there. But its amazing! I don't know which forums they put them on but St Michael's media run by Mike Voris has been involved, the National Front has posted our articles and we are very popular in Hungary.

L:Other than the US, France and Hungary where are you read?

The 10 other countries that we are well read are Russia, Germany, Japan, Canada, Argentina, China, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Greece and Poland. We also noted some heavy viewership in Serbia, Brazil and Australia.

Back by popular Demand: America already has universal healthcare and it has failed miserably

 Article from 2009: Well I was right! I WAS RIGHT AGAIN!! It failed! Obama is out, Trump is in!

That's right folks! The caterwauling liberals who have been whining for more of our hard earned taxpayer dollars to pay for state run health care are either too stupid to know or don't want you to know that we have in many parts of America, universal health care. Not only that, just like the ones in Canada, Britain and elsewhere, it is cumbersome, costly and a failure.

I decided to take a break from my series on Vladamir Lenin and the United States to write about this after receiving several nagging emails from those who read my articles here and on other websites. Not only that, people I know personally are curious as well. After all, Im from Maine, one of these communist sewer pits that has free health care.

As I said, America HAS Free Health care. Several states including Maine, Massachusetts, California and Iowa have free health care. In Addition, Many states have free health care for children such as Mississippi's CHIP program.

SO how does it stack up? Liberals will have us to believe that the BIG government wants whats in our best interests, that health care will work, it will be effective in cost, care and efficiency, that those big insurance companies won't work and that the public sector is the way to go. (I wish I had a dollar every time I heard that remark) Not only that, Foreign representatives from Canada and Europe have touted their own National Health care such as the NHS in Britain for example, made famous by Michael Moore.

But the sad truth is that national health care both here and abroad have failed miserably.

A good example of this can be found in Massachusetts and Maine which has Universal health care coverage, former not only has Universal Health care but mandatory health care for those who are NOT too poor to receive. In Massachusetts, the cost of health care is extraordinary in terms of taxes and wait times. The average wait time for a patient to see a doctor is 60 days as opposed to a week in private clinics. The cost of health care is 800 dollars per person. In Georgia, it is 300 dollars. Also the doctors are notorious for making mistakes and malpractice.

For those NOT so fortunate to be poor enough to receive free health care, they are required by law to have corrupt inefficient health insurance policies. Mass Citizens pay 15% more in insurance costs on average than the average American elsewhere. Many must pay up to a third of their income for insurance plans that usually fail.

The signing of mandatory insurance by the traitor Mitt Romney lead to catastrophe for Massachusetts. The state was the only state to suffer a population decline in 2006, small businesses, forced to pay for expensive insurance policies that didn't work were forced out of business causing thousands to lose their jobs and become homeless. Others saw their quality of life drop like a rock. Many couldn't afford it and left the state for greener pastures. Mostly in low tax low government states such as New Hampshire that didn't oppress its own people the way liberals do when they are in control.

The Mandate also lead to higher taxes which also proved disastrous and if that weren't bad enough, while employers, students and others left for greener pastures, welfare bums, criminals, illegal aliens, drug addicts, lazy vagrants and other excrement who did not want to work flooded the state causing even higher taxes and higher crime rates and a deterioration of the economy.

The economy in Massachusetts had been stagnant. Now under the Democrat recession started by Nancy Pelosi and Obama, Massachusetts suffers even more.

California and Maine also have health care. Medical in Cali, Maine care for Maine. Both states suffer massive budget deficits, high unemployment and economic collapse. Maine especially. Not only this, Governor Baldacci wants to force small business in Maine which makes up 60% to 80% of the economy to have mandatory health insurance. It would again plunge the state into chaos.

And what about these new health care subsidies? How are they working out you ask? Miserably.

The liberals have made up phony statistics and downplayed the effects of the NHS in Britain to tout their health care. In reality, Prescription and treatment costs have tripled. The same here in the states. While patients in republican states enjoy cheaper more efficient health care, patients in states and countries with public health care endure higher costs, higher wait times and a shortage of Doctors. Many die before seeing a doctor.

The doctors themselves suffer as well. They must cope with bureaucratic demands instead of deciding what is best for patients. There is massive paperwork and other problems.

The creator of MASH was killed by State Health care

Richard Hornberger AKA Richard Hooker was the creator of the series MASH. In addition to being there during the Korean war, he was a doctor in Waterville Maine and a local celebrity. In the early days before political correctness and other problems, Hornberger enjoyed a carefree life as a surgeon and GP. Many who knew him told wild stories of how he was just like the characters in MASH. Every Morning Hornberger would race the state troopers from his home in Rockland Maine to the hospital in Waterville. If he could make it to the operating room on time he wouldn't get a ticket. Its something that couldn't be done today.

Horberger was also a prankster and a comedian. A devout Roman Catholic, he had 3 children and adopted 7 children and was celebrity not only for his comic genius but for his medical skills as well. But the growing infringement of government coupled with the unchecked power of the insurance companies took a toll on him. In the 80s Hornberger became and alcoholic and drank heavily. Although he is said to have officially died of Leukemia in 1997, those close to him say that it was his drinking that lead to his death.

For patients the toll is obviously worse. We can see this from Canadians coming to America for better cheaper treatment to higher taxes and a battered economy. We also see it from patients dying while waiting for needed care and malpractice mistakes. Many times patients have their appointments moved or cancelled for no reason at all, other cases, there is no treatment or unnecessary treatment. One only needs to Google NHS horror stories malpractice ETC to see what we can expect.

What to do about health care

Health care needs reform make no mistake about that. But the last thing we need is government control. Government has always failed at everything it has done. Those of you who read my articles know this to be true. The last thing we need now is to worsen health care. Furthermore, the only people who will even benefit will be the lazy bums who get billions in handouts through welfare and illegal aliens.

The answer is simple: Clamp down on insurance companies that deny health care and clamp off of the private sector. Make sure that insurance companies provide the right coverage and do it right. In addition, foster competition to keep costs low.

TO be continued

In the future I will be telling more about what to expect from Universal health care. I will tell you of horror stories of our Britain's NHS including how a woman was mistaken for a dangerous mental patient and forcibly incarcerated and drugged, how a sick dying child was turned away from life saving treatment by cold doctors and euthanasia of weak sick newborns. In addition similar stories in the US like how a Massachusetts woman was prevented from leaving the state so doctors could keep taking her money and a man in LA who almost died waiting in the ER while doctors were treating illegal aliens.

Not only that you will learn the agenda behind Universal Health care that Hillary Clinton and Senator Edwards are setting up to use universal health care to establish an Orwellian dictatorship in America.

Monday, April 24, 2017

The Stock Market Explained Simply: Finance and Investing Basics - Animat...

Infowars: Alex Jones Show: MSM Anti Freedom Bias Exposed

Back by popular Demand: mourning the loss of the real yesteryear

This is a reply to an article made by a leftist named Cynthia The article blasts tradition of all kinds as racist. Here's my response...

I got done reading an article of yours in which you claim you do not mourn
the loss of America's traditional values. You then use the liberal tactic
of blasting those such as Ms Fields as racist supporters of Jim Crow and
lynching. Typical and disgusting.

You might mourn the loss of yester year but with the exception of racism, I
do as do most people I know.

50 years ago if you wanted to purchase a firearm to protect your family and
property, you could do it without a waiting period or without being denied.
Criminals back then knew the dangers of facing armed homeowners.

I mourn that loss.

Today, law abiding citizens are considered criminals. We can't buy weapons
but criminals will still have access to guns. Rape, theft, burglary and
murder are skyrocketing as a result. The life of a rapist or a thief is
easier than ever before thanks to people like you.

50 years ago, we had prayer in school and in the home. Most Americans took
seriously God's commandment of thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not kill
and thou shalt not bear false witness. Atheists and those with no moral
absolutes were very minor and kept their evil beliefs hidden. In our
schools the worst things that happened was talking back running in the
halls, ETC. There was a time you could leave your door unlocked and let
your children play alone.

I mourn the loss of that America.

Today it is a crime to mention God or prayer in any school. Atheism is
crammed down the throats of our kids.. When they graduate if they don't
drop out first, they will go around believing, "Hey! No God, No Heaven No
hell, I can do anything if I just get away with it! I'm not accountable!"
Our politicians, judges and legislators make an oath to uphold the
constitution but since they don't acknowledge God, they can just go ahead
and do what they like. Our schools are now war zones. Children can be
expelled simply for the mention of God or for carrying a cell phone. If a
student is picked on or dresses differently, he is profiled even expelled.

Long ago we didn't need welfare. There were more jobs available, employers
didn't have to worry about a lot of the communist policies of government
dictating how to run a business, even the poor managed. Our poor are fat.
Remember the King of the Road? Two hours pushing broom buys a flop house
room? You do that for two hours these days you couldn't even buy a box!
Businesses especially smaller ones are taxed to pay for lazy drug addicts
in housing projects, trailer parks and other places who don't want to work.
We all pay for it. Higher taxes means business must cut back wages and
jobs. I

In Maine where I live we have the third highest tax burden in America and
the largest government. As a result we are the fourth poorest state in the
nation ahead of only Michigan Louisiana and West Virginia and right behind
Rhode Island, Alaska, Mississippi (Yup! That's right!) Tennessee and
Kentucky and California. BTW, The states that made the top ten were almost
all red conservative American states. Virginia ranking Numero Uno, Texas
also ranked high I believe, those low tax small government states you
people all decry. Your own Georgia is among the top ten. That will change
quickly if Obama and his supporters have anything to say about it.

In Maine, we have few jobs, only lazy bums who don't want to do work.
Everything is expensive. A friend of mine in Texas who is a blue collar
worker from Maine now makes far more than he did in Maine. In Maine the
government takes 1/3 of your paycheck to support those who will not work.
In Texas he keeps his money. Laundry costs only a buck fifty to do. In
Maine, six dollars. That is because we are more concerned about
conservation and with fish than the working poor. Just like other liberal
utopias. Food costs more, gas costs more, rent costs more, we have some of
the highest property taxes in the Northeast, ironically the highest rents.
That's because what you liberals don't get is that when you raise taxes,
the rich just force the cost onto us.

Whether Obama wins or loses, the America in which Fields grew up —
preserved as perfect in the amber of her memory — is passing away. The
monochromatic America of Christian prayers before football games and New
Testament scriptures read in fifth-grade classrooms; the America of
constitutional liberties, the America of safety. and safe classrooms; the
America of men who were honorable and American women who were abstinent and
pure, the America of George Washington, John Addams and Thomas Jefferson—
that America recedes before a new tide.

You may not mourn its passing...

But I do and I'm not alone.

She responded in kind as follows:

Long ago we didn't need welfare? Clearly, your parents told you NOTHING
about the Great Depression

To which I responded:

No we did not! Welfare is nothing more than a hand out taken from hard working Americans to subsidize the lazy. The taxes and fees used to collect for it are one of the reason our jobs are going overseas and why more people were out of work, that and because of immigration. Like I said, King of the Road... 2 hours pushing broom for a flop house room. I used to live in one and I had to work two jobs for 55+ hours a week to pay for it along with other comforts because of politicians with your mindset. No one should get a hand out unless they are crippled, retarded or out of their mind. 10 years before the depresion we had a boom. Obviously no need for hand outs then.

I still got a few more responses after this just struggling to defend welfare. After looking through my blog and going over the articles I wrote it is clear, welfare is more of a burden.

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Dear Donald Trump...

Anti-racist marxist steet thugs:Don't date white it aint alright

Continuing from our previous story below about the shooting in Fresno and about anti-white bias in the media. I want to bring this up some more about the actions of Antifa/ARA especially their recent antics in Seattle Washington.

Its an incident that should be making headlines, a racist attack on white people. A gang of marxist terrorist hoodlums putting up flyers warning white people not to propagate their race. The language of the posters clearly threatening, telling whites not to date white not to propagate, had this been any other group the media would be doing headstands.

Unfortunately the media is largely liberal and like all liberals, white people, white Christians especially are a threat to humanity. It also teaches that Whites are the only people in the world who are capable of aggression and violence.and that everything wrong with the world is because of white people.

Gee... Who'd have thought.

So no surprise, this vicious evil hate crime has been buried. No word, no mention. Except for alt-right websites and a few other places.

Emerald city ANTIFA(which stands for anti-fascism yeah right)is part of Anti-Racist Action, a movement of communist radicals who target mainly the Nazis but have also begun targeting conservatives especially veterans and Trump supporters. They have also claimed responsibility for murdering veterans and Trump supporters and for starting riots.

ARA/Antifa are worse than thugs, they are a Marxist street gang and a terrorist group. They are also anti-white. This kind of crap that went on in UWashington is disgusting and hardly legal. Had this been done against any other group the media would be having a fit and there would be marches and even riots in every major city in the country. Instead the media in the weeks before the shooting in Fresno spent its time attacking white people in light of Donald Trump's election.

You may recall last year I did an interview with two of them in a Chicago Mall. Coffee With Communists: Who they are and Why They Kill received thousands of hits, it was read by David Horowitz, Joseph Farah and a few others, Horowitz Emailed me a month later congratulating me and chiding me for being crazy and foolish for risking my life. One of the boys was an admirer of Stalin and a criminal, the other openly gay and hostile to the rich. Both hated the USA both hated whites and Both wanted Alex Jones killed. The Chicago Police Department also chided me as being crazy, citing that I could've been killed at any time by these dangerous thugs.

Now, Emerald city Antifa ARA are denying it thanks to exposure on Alt-right media. According to their facebook website, ARA/Antifa denies handing out the posters claiming that it is a conspiracy to smear them. On their website they said you can date whoever  you want.

But the truth is that Anti Racist Action is very very hostile towards white people in general. When I sat down and interviewed two of them in Chicago, they made it clear  that they are not only anti-american and anti-capitalist, they are anti-white and will do anything they can to wipe out and exterminate white people and stop white people from breeding.

That's not all, Kyle Weissman, eminent historian and contributor to Mainestategop and the New England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets did an interview with one of these antifa racist hoodlums in Denver Colorado Rocky Mountain Antifa. This after I received numerous threats over my interviews  exposing antifa ARA for the hypocrites and monsters that they are. The threats came from Three particular chapters of ARA/Antiifa, one was in Boston, another in Manchester and another in Berlin New Hampshire. These same hoodlums attacked our meeting in Southern New Hempshire at a hotel conference room years back and caused it to be shut down along with other attacks in Portsmouth when we had meetings there

Many threats I got came from Rocky mountain Antifa. They were also the only ones willing to talk. Kyle Weissman met with one of their members who was very very interesting. The man let it be known in the interview that white people had to die yet himself was white. He stated that whites must become extinct either through murders and terrorism or race mixing. This man again was white but like the rest of ARA/Antifa which is also mostly made up of whites, they detested themselves.

He was also a communist and he was a Muslim.

We'll share you this amazing story later on. Kyle did the interview with him in Downtown Denver at a small restaurant about a week ago. Stay tuned will tell you more about it.

But back on track, this is just disturbing and the only thing more disturbing is the fact that not one media outlet is covering this story. The liberal media I swear would be doing cartwheels and backflips had this been an incident telling hispanics or blacks or even gays not to marry or propogate. Imagine posters saying "WERE WARNING YOU! GAY MARRIAGE  IS EVIL AND DONT DATE!!"

Guarantee you, the media would have a field day and the posters would be wall paper on all the networks.

But posters threatening whites they've been warned not to breed or date? They wont touch it.

Even Fox News wont touch it. Just ask poor Bill O'reilly. No pun intended.

But all is fair against white people. Kill white people and the media will leave you alone. Tell whites to stop breeding and no one will say your bad or evil or racist because only whites can be racist in liberal land.

Anti-racist Action antifa are guilty of promoting the exact same fascism and ideology that they claim to want to fiight. They are not anti-fascist, they are anti-American and anti-humanity. meanwhile, real fascists and Neo-Nazis get their kicks and are aided and comforted by this hypocrisy and these evil doers.

Media ducks and hide's from racist shooter's Islamic faith tries to hide story

Try as they might, this time the left wing media failed to bury the story of a black criminal murdering white people because they are white. The shooting in Fresno California by terrorist Kori Ali Muhammad was one of the worst in the state's history and so violent and bloody that there was no way to bury it.

Often the media will bury a story about a minority attacking white people such as the case with the Knoxville Massacre. Often covering up the criminal's race and beliefs. This time they just couldn't do it and they failed bury the fact  he was a Muslim, a Follower of "The Religion of Peace"TM and a terrorist.

In fact the media when seeing they could not hide the race and the racist motive behind this tragic killing instead vamped up efforts to hide the beliefs of the shooter. Originally when the story broke it was believed to be a terrorist attack with the shooter yelling "Allahu Akbar!" Well they really over stepped it with that. When word came that the perp was an "oppressed muslim minority," They tried to hide and delete the allegations. MSM and CNN both tried to delete it from their website.

Not only that, the MSM has tried to hide the fact that he is a terrorist, that this is not a terrorist attack. They failed to do so.

The Shooter Kori Ali Muhammad was a racist and career criminal. He bragged on social media and told police when apprehended that his goal was to kill white people. He was also wanted at the time for murdering a white security guard. With police closing in, Ali went off and tried to kill as many whites as he could before he was caught by police.

Clearly this was an act of terror. Terrorism is described as intentional attacks on the civilian population for the purpose of promoting ideology. This is what Kori did. He believed as a Muslim and as a Black supremacist that whites and infidels had to die. The senseless murders were all racially and religiously motivated. This, was a terrorist attack no matter what the media establishment says.

And while the media has failed to bury this and downplay what happened, they were successful in other areas. Such as the murder of a Cleaveland man murdered because of his race. Jamie Urton begged for his life before his killer a black man motivated by racial hatred killed him off. The media buried it and didn't report it. Only alt-right websites and sadly white supremacist websites reported this terrible and senseless killing.

In addition there were other shootings and crimes  this year that the media will not and dare not mention or remind us of. After all, only white people and Christians are capable of such senseless hate.

But no matter what they do, they fail every time. And its this same liberal media and same liberal ideology that enables and encourages senseless violence like the shootings in Fresno.

Recently in South Africa, the ANC has called for white people to be bewitched, Kennesaw state University held a workshop about white privilege that was controversial to say the least. They placed white students in a seperate room.

One of the biggest racial incidents targeting white people that has not made headlines involves threats by a gang of vicious communists and anti-white thugs called Emerald City Antifa. Emcity ANTIFA(which stands for anti-fascism yeah right)is part of Anti-Racist Action, a movement of communist radicals who target mainly the Nazis but have also begun targeting conservatives especially veterans and Trump supporters.

The group has gone around Seattle and other cities, particularly Seattle handing out posters that warn people not to date white and propogate the white race. The language of these posters are violent and threatening to whites everywhere. The media however wont report it. EmCity ARA/Antifa denies they gave them out and call it a hoax to troll them. But in truth many of them hold anti-white views.

This group is particularly anti-white. The majority of them reside in Canada and the upper Mid-west particularly Minnesota, Illinois and Indiana. They are also popular and numerous in the left coast especially in Seattle and the Bay Area. They are also found in other major cities.

You may recall last year I did an interview with two of them in a Chicago Mall. Coffee With Communists: Who they are and Why They Kill received thousands of hits, it was read by David Horowitz, Joseph Farah and a few others, Horowitz Emailed me a month later congratulating me and chiding me for being crazy and foolish for risking my life. The Chicago Police Department also chided me as being crazy, citing that I could've been killed at any time by these dangerous thugs.

ARA/Antifa are worse than thugs, they are a Marxist street gang and a terrorist group. They are also anti-white. This kind of crap that went on in UWashington is disgusting and hardly legal. Had this been done against any other group the media would be having a fit and there would be marches and even riots in every major city in the country. Instead the media in the weeks before the shooting in Fresno spent its time attacking white people in light of Donald Trump's election.

Kori Muhammed's politics were largely shaped and defined by leftism and the liberal main stream media. It was thanks in part to this destabilizing ideology against whites that racism continues to bloom and that hate remains alive in America. And as it turns out Kori was also involved with ANTIFA/ARA and even sympathized with them. Thank these radical thugs for why it happened.

Friday, April 21, 2017

L'Amérique est confrontée à la France catholique en son temps de trouble islamique

To the Catholic people of France, you are not forgotten, America stands with you in your struggle against Islamic immigration and godless liberalism. Remember your Catholic faith France, Remember your roots. 

You are the France of Clovis, Joan of Arc, Charlamange, Charles Martel, Louis IX, Balian of Ibelin, the eldest daughter of mother church.

You are not a caliphate, you are not a communist country. You are not the France of Muhammed, of Saladin, of Lenin or Marx. You are Christendom's first and finest, the Pillar of Western Christian values.

Remember again, return to your roots. For the Catholic faith, France is upright as God wants it, Again lets sing the Catholic glory of France and God. 

Rappelez-vous votre foi catholique Frace, vous êtes la fille aînée de l'église, le pilier de la chrétienté. Retournez à vos racines. Pour la foi catholique, la France est droite comme Dieu le veut, Encore une fois, chanterons la gloire catholique de la France et de Dieu.


JTF This Week: Trump's base turns on him; tens of thousands view new JTF...

Back by popular demand: Freedom leads to prosperity, control leads to poverty

The following was published back in 2009. It also had some accompanying videos which sadly do not exist. Possibly because the channels associated were terminated by liberal fascists.


There is a reason why America and the Roman Empire became the greatest superpowers of their times and why its people became wealthy... Freedom. The American people, much like those of Early Rome had the freedom to innovate, go about their business and earn an honest living with extremely little government intervention. In Early days we did not have to worry about Communist government controls or regulations telling us how to run our lives. Because we had a freedom to run our businesses and our lives the way WE felt was best, our economy flourished.

The people had a right to free speech, freedom to publish, freedom to assemble or protest. They could speak their minds and spread new ideas which not only promoted and protected freedom, but also lead to more profitable business ventures. Many of the worlds greatest inventions came from America, they came about because the men and women who invented them had the freedom to do so and to share their ideas.

Not only do we have a freedom to innovate and use our talents in the way we see fit without infringing the rights of others, we also enjoy the freedom to worship God in the way we see fit and we have not sacrificed our pillars of morality and religion to enjoy a rising standard of living. It is in fact because of those two pillars that we do enjoy them.

The Roman Empire too enjoyed these same freedoms and helped it to become the great empire it was. But Rome much like what is happening now before our eyes faced the loss of this freedom and went from freedom and autonomy, to dependence and bondage.

Rome like all other great nations went through a cycle that the writer Alexander Tyler discussed in Cycle of Democracy and which was brought up again by Edward Gibbon in the rise and fall of Rome:

"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising them the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over a louse fiscal responsibility, always followed by a dictatorship. The average of the world's great civilizations before they decline has been 200 years. These nations have progressed in this sequence:"

From bondage to spiritual faith;

from spiritual faith to great courage;

from courage to liberty;

from liberty to abundance;

from abundance to selfishness;

from selfishness to complacency;

from complacency to apathy;

from apathy to dependency;

from dependency back again to bondage.

As Rome grew the people became complacent and selfish. They began to infringe on each other's liberty and in addition to threats from invading nations and from civil war, Rome declined from a Republic to an imperial monarchy ruled by the Caesars. These men were Mainly ruthless and greedy and ruled with despotic power. Soon the people began to depend more on government to rule their lives and in turn they depended on other nations surrounding them for protection.

It was a recipe for disaster.

As Rome depended on surrounding barbarian tribes for protection, it all fell back on and their former subjects rose up and turned on them. It lead to the loss of culture and knowledge and to the Dark Ages and delayed the advancement of the industrial revolution for over a thousand years.

America is racing down that same path that Rome did. Rome lasted about a thousand years but in the two centuries since America's founding, we have already begun to cut our own throats. America started with Bondage under European imperial Power and religious persecution. Among their ranks were men fleeing to find freedom to worship God according to their own conscience. America was under the influence of the Scotch covenant reformists and the great awakening. The spiritual faith of America gave her great courage and initiative to form revolution against her Imperial masters.

The result of their new liberty lead obviously to great prosperity. The people were moral, religious, adventurous and brilliant. This combination with the liberty they experienced lead to the 13 colonies becoming a great nation. But unfortunately their new abundance made them selfish. They became xenophobic and covetous. They became fearful of outside influence which in turn buffeted their freedom. Racial minorities especially freed slaves and indigenous people were the biggest victims along with new arrivals from other nations.

America expanded into Mexico, the Pacific coast and into parts of Canada. It then expanded to Hawaii, the Philippines, several Pacific islands and into the Caribbean. America betrayed the warnings of her founders not to be entangled in international intrigue or alliances. Soon America went to Europe, became involved in other alliances in the name of security.

Also in the name of national security, our freedoms became eroded and our taxes increased dramatically. It all came to a head during and after the second world war. The cold war lead to national fears of communist infiltrators and how we could have our prosperity and freedoms destroyed. Yet they already were being undermined by our own government.

This intervention and meddling into individual liberty went beyond our shores into Asia, Africa and Latin America. In order to prevent the totalitarian system of Marxism from spreading world wide, we demolished developing democratic nations and replaced them with our own totalitarian governments. This in turn lead to world wide resentment against America and in the nations that suffered under the clash between American interests and soviet aggression, there was civil unrest and carnage.

America was founded under the principles of individual liberty and autonomy and of Representative government yet we denied that to other nations. Meanwhile, our own government was at work denying those freedoms to ourselves yet we did not notice it.

Despite the best efforts to destroy Marxist influence, Marxism already came to America and exploded on stage during the nineteen sixties and came to greater fruition in the following decades. The soviet Union did collapse but the damage was done.

Today America is under greater control of the heavy foot of government than ever before. Government now controls more of how we are to live. We now have government ruling our very lives and lively hoods. We can't start a business without approval from the government. Even if we do get it off the ground, it is burdened down by heavy regulations and taxes. This means loss of tax revenue and loss of employment. The economy and the flow of jobs is in the hands of a privileged few now thanks to government.

Government tell us how to believe, how to think, where to go, we can't home school our children or take them to a church run school, we have to take them to schools that are inadequate and where they are brainwashed and conditioned into believing humanism and socialism. Religious observance and freedom of information are also suppressed.

We WILL see even more of this with the new Democrat government and more into being coerced into dependency with it. From dependency we will no doubt slip back into bondage far worse than what we have experienced under Britain. This time we face submission and oppression under a brutal and merciless socialist regime.

Operation Pay Bork a success!!!

The New England Alliance for liberty and free markets today announces Operation Pay Bork is a success! Justice Neil Gorsuch started work recently, replacing Antonin Scalia.

While we have heard reports that Gorsuch is not as conservative as the Late Antonin Scalia and possibly may be pro-choice, we find that he is conservative and in fact holds both pro-life views.

The effort to block left wing justices and bring up conservatives was made thanks to a vigilant public and strong public will. The majority have spoken, they have affirmed that we are all sick and tired of leftist justices legislating from the bench and undermining the US Constitution by interpreting foreign treaties and foreign laws not applicable to the bill of rights.

Operation PayBork made it known to senators and reps that America has zero tolerance for leftist justices and zero tolerance for bench legislation and will unelect any senator who does not pledge under Paybork to Bork any nominee who is liberal and support conservative justices.

Pay Bork was named in honor of Robert Bork, the justice nominee who was the victim of smearing and slander by the left back in the 80s when he was nominated under Reagan. The term Borking Justices became synonymous with what happened. Under Bush Jr. Liberals stepped up the Borking process knocking down Bush nominees. It was not until the GOP took back the senate that Bush elected Roberts and Alito.

NEALFM Thanks the public for its participation. With the exception of Democrats, All GOP senators even those who are leftist such as Susan Collins and Orin Hatch agreed to take the pledge. For this we again thank the American public and our supporters.

May God bless America and President Trump, may America be a blessing to God.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Conservatives Are Winning The Culture War

Today is 4/20 2017: Lets talk about Weed In New England

Today is April 20th 2017, its 4/20. As in 4:20. Weed, Cush, pot, Marijuana hemp, Canibis, whatever you want to call it. I didn't want to write an article today since I personally am against recreational marijuana usage though I believe it should be up to states on whether or not to allow it. Today I thought, why not talk about it since its now legal in most of New England? Soon to be legal everywhere in New England I am also certain...

Three states have legalized marijuna for recreational useage: Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont. Well its not quite that legal in Vermont but they are turning a blind eye and no doubt by the end of this year it will be legal.

Connecticut and Rhode Island Vie for recreational pot use so they can cash in on the green, Marijuana usage has spilled over into the states and many residents particularly Rhode Islanders are getting high as a kite. Police have caught dozens of people using weed in those states and can't cope with the increase.

New York also wants to legalize pot but they have resisted in the past and will continue to do so for awhile. Still its likely that next year or after they will have pot legalized but the NYPD, the Archdiocese of New York along with the Boston Archdiocese will be fighting it off for awhile.

Only one place in New England is putting up resistance. New Hampshire. The free staters have teamed up with Cardinal Sean O'malley and the Archdiocese of Boston against pot legalization throughout New England. Cardinal O'Malley and the Catholic church are perhaps the only strong force putting up a fight against pot legalization.

O'Malley fears that it will hurt poor neighborhoods and promote the opioid epidemic. He stated in a Boston Globe Interview, "To me, this is greed trumping common sense and also undermining the common good,” he said in an interview after the meeting. “It will change the culture of this state if this legislation is passed."

Well I doubt if its changing culture. In fact culture is the problem. Last year, O'malley set up a interfaith taskforce tasked with fighting legalized weed and email over 40,000 parents of Catholic school children. The church defeated it in 2012 but not last year.

And it seems that his eminence has every reason to be fearful....

Ever since marijuana has been legalized, it has lead to higher crime and social problems in Boston. Which I gotta say is almost not surprising especially if you've been to south side of town where the f-word, n-word and other words are used often in conversation.

Boston and many of its coastal towns tourist towns from Gloucester to Chatham has also seen an uptick in tweekers and freaks along with hippie bums who now have a new place to crash other than Venice or Santa Monica.

The two biggest pot hot spots where the drug is consumed and where pot related offenses has spiked are Salem, Lynn, Lawrence and Plymouth. New Bedford and Springfield have also seen a surge in Pot related offenses. Salem and Lynn are the biggest pot consumers outside of Boston.

Meanwhile In Maine, the way communism should be, Pot usage has surged in Bangor, Portland and Augusta and the police have had their hands full. Washington county Maine also experiences heavy pot usages but Crystal Meth and other drugs tend to remain the drug of choice in that region. Bangor, the place I was born is the capitol of Weed in that state. Last time I was there, you could see the results. Transients, bums and pot heads all over the place especially at the bus depot. Red eyed, lazy and anti-social.

Of course this was always the case, very little has changed other than making pot legal.

So there you have it. New England Leftists finally get what they always wanted for the last 30 or 40 years, pot legalization! Now New England has even more in  common in California and Seattle than ever. The only difference is that we aren't inundated with Mexicans and we speak mostly French and swahili than Spanish.