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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Some words by Politisink on the not so secret history of Freerepublic

If your like me, your happy that Jim Robinson got the server back up and running. The undead thread is still celebrating the new year, the inauguration, along with Ireland's recent legalization of Homemade moonshine.

But poltisink recently did an article called The not so secret history of FR which you can also view

Here is some interesting excerpts mainly JimRob's purges of trolls.
Here are all of the known purges grouped together for easy access!
  • a purge in early 1999 now preposterously called the “Night Of The Long Knives.” – Libertarians and paleocons got wacked off of FR.
  • The next purge took out many George W. Bush supporters during JimRob’s CIA drug running conspiracy phase – Sweetness & LightI was told to leave and to take my “blood-sucking party” [meaning the GOP] with me.
  • 2000 Election purgeBut in the eleventh hour before the 2000 elections Robinson suddenly experienced another epiphany. He announced his undying commitment to electing George W. Bush. And anyone who spoke out against Bush now faced banishment. Robinson then went on to ban quite a few former comrades who had not gotten the memo and who had blithely continued to oppose Bush’s candidacy. And, apart from some of the obsessive compulsive Crevo/Evo crowd and some of the more inflammatory participants in the Terry Schiavo debates, there haven’t been any large scale purges to speak of — until now. And once again, his latest volta-face seems to have come out of nowhere. (he is talking about the 2007 Giuliani purges at the end there)
  • 2002 infighting – purges happened in 2002 over something. So, yeah, read a thread about it.
  • 2005 Immigration Purge – There was a huge mess and banning sin 2005 involving fights over immigration. Read info form both sides here and here.
  • 2007 Giuliani purge – in 2007, supporters of Rudy Giuliani for president were eliminated due to Giuliani being a RINO, aka not a crazy anti-abortionist.
  • 2010 Anti-Palin purge – Those who did not kneel before the altar of Sarah Palin were quickly dealt with, even if you’ve been posting at FR for 13 years and have helped in innumerable events. Sorry, suckers.
Famous Posters:
Major Stefan F. Cook (roaddog727) – Cook was a Birther solider who refused to be deployed to Iraq because he claimed that Barack Obama wasn’t a US citizen and thus not the legitimate president. Hello national news story! Well, Major Cook then got fired from his civilian contracting job because he lost his security clearance over this mess. Then his lawsuit for proof of Obama’s citizenship was tossed. His eventual attempt to sue his way back to his job also got tossed.
Jerome Corsi (jrlc) – Swift Boat Vet and co-author of the book Unfit for Command, later became a huge proponent of the North American Union conspiracy theory, then became a gigantic Birther to the point where he was arrested in Kenya. On FR he described “Muslims and Catholics as pedophiles and Pope John Paul II as senile.” Info here and here.
White House correspondent Jeff Gannon (Jeff Gannon)
Talon editor in chief Bobby Eberle (Bobby Eberle)
Relevant info from Media Matters (a great article about what Talon News was, btw, before the other part of the scandal broke)
Eberle and Gannon both post on the right-wing online forum Free Republic, and Gannon has also hosted a radio show on Radio Free Republic. Eberle’s and Gannon’s posts on Free Republic suggest that the two have more in common with partisan political activists than with journalists; in some, Eberle and Gannon seem to be trying to organize political events:
Eberle: “We’re also planning to do more activities with FR [Free Republic] as time goes along. I’m really looking forward to working with all of you!”
Gannon (referring to a Bush press conference): “It was very difficult to keep from jumping up and cheering.”
Gannon: “Can we get a freep [an action by Free Republic members] going at Kerry HQ? How bout some people throwing their DNC ‘medals’? Jane’s Fonda Kerry. John Fonda Kerry”
Gannon (in response to a post suggesting it appeared McClellan “appreciated” a Gannon question “from the smirk he was trying to hold back”): “It’s hard to say with Scott but he usually knows what he’s going to get from me.”
Lucianne Goldberg worked with FR a lot in the early years and it is possible she had an account, though I am not certain.
Patrick Hynes, hired by McCain who posted on as Kerry Crusher. Media Matters article
BobJ – Bob Johnson was one of the old guard at FR, and was invovled in all sorts of FR programs from 1997 on. Via his own bio, he joined Free Republic shortly after it’s debut [1997], my registration is #39. Helped organize the first FR Chapter in Los Angeles and the first three large FReeper rallies in DC; the March for Justice, Judgement Day Rally and House Managers Rally. Organized and supervised the Forum Advisory Board until it was destroyed by the FOC in 2002. Set up and is the Executive Producer of Radio FreeRepublic. Incorporated the Free Republic Network in 2002 and presently I sit on it’s Board of Directors. He also helped pay off debt incurred from the March for Justice event until he was paid back months later. But all that wasn’t enough to protect him from the purge of Sarah Palin deniers. BobJ would continue to return/be banned off an on several times through 2010 but is currently banned. One of the posts causing his banning.
Harry W. MacDougald (Buckhead) – The Freeper who set off Rathergate wasn’t your average guy in the basement. Buckhead was Harry W. MacDougald, an Atlanta attorney who had helped draft the 1998 petition to the Arkansas Supreme Court for the disbarment of President Bill Clinton and was employed by conservative groups such as the Federalist Society and the Southeastern Legal Foundation (where he served on the legal-advisory board.)
Robert Stacy McCain – used the handle BurkeCalhounDabney
McCain asserted that the civil rights movement inspired “black criminality” by encouraging people to get arrested at demonstrations. “I am disturbed … by [Jesse] Jackson’s idea that ‘breaking white folks’ rules’ was somehow inherently just,” McCain wrote. “If rules were to be broken merely because they were the work of white folks, then hasn’t Jackson gone a long way toward explaining the explosion of black criminality that began in the 1960s?”
Signiorile, who was alerted by a reader to McCain’s postings, told the Intelligence Report he was “amazed” by what he found. In one posting, McCain suggested that Harvard University President Lawrence Summers be “persecuted and run out of town” for supporting gay rights.
In another, McCain gave his take on interracial relationships: “[T]he media now force interracial images into the public mind and a number of perfectly rational people react to these images with an altogether natural revulsion,” McCain wrote. “The white person who does not mind transacting business with a black bank clerk may yet be averse to accepting the clerk as his sister-in-law, and THIS IS NOT RACISM, no matter what Madison Avenue, Hollywood and Washington tell us.”
Shortly after Signiorile’s story appeared, and McCain’s extremist views began to circulate around journalistic and political circles, every posting by BurkeCalhounDabney was deleted from
Connie Hair
Connie Hair, a former Paramount Studios secretary and bit-role actress (“Death Wish 5”) who found her political legs online at Free Republic.
Hair was soon anointed Freep’s director of media relations and event planning. Her critics say she encouraged Robinson’s desire to turn Free Republic from a mere Web site into a political organization.
“She turned it into a power position,” said Giles. Expanding from Free Republic, Hair became a paid consultant to conservative Republican presidential candidate Alan Keyes as well as Larry Klayman, the Washington activist whose Judicial Watch has peppered the White House and its supporters with lawsuits.
Rosana Pulido (chicagolady ) – (repeated from above) Rosanna Pulido was the Republican candidate in a special election for who ran for Rahm Emanuel’s old Congressional seat (IL-5) in April. The terrible secret of Pulido was that she posted as chicagolady on the FR forums. Actually, it wasn’t much of a secret as she was openly admiting it. What was going on is no one seemed to bother to do any research as to what she said on FR. Then, finally, the goons at SomethingAwful (including yours truly) did some detective work and found all sorts of fun racist comments! Darn those muslims and illegal immigrants for making her hate them! Blogs went up, we reported about it, and finally, Chicago area newspapers picked up the story (and even mentioned us!) and the news went national. Now, Pulido was probably going to lose regardless, but we like to think we ensured her defeat. She briefly returned in 2010 but was quickly defeated.
Tony Snow (Tony Snow)- the former journalist and Bush White House Press Secretary posted on FR, archived here. All of his posts were deleted when he was hired by the White House. Tony Snow has since passed on.
Kristinn Taylor coordinates and serves as a press contact for the pro-war lobby group Gathering of Eagles and is leading the delegation of Gold Star Family members for Move America Forward. He also goes on TV to defnd FR from time to time, including when FR was posting lots of racist stuff about Malia Obama. He lied and said it was just a few bad apples who were new and they were banned. It wasn’t just a few, it was lots of posters, many old posters, and many are still around.
Jack Thompson (Jackpeace) crazy video game lawyer Jack Thompson was considered too crazy for FR. Chew on that for a bit. Got banned away in 2000.

For those of you who object, allow me to juxtapose what the rule is...

Its Jim Rob's house

Its Jim Rob's rules...

If you don't like it, go make your own forum.

 With that, you gotta hand it to FR for aiding to keep us safe from Islam and from the far left. FR is also useful for references to articles or research and education.

 Just don't go pissing on Trumpster or root for the left and you wont go wrong. Believe that!

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Black Stork (1915)Liberal movie supporting eugenics and nazism

Seattle Homeless crisis: Share Wheel homeless mafia continues to waste more money

Starting of the new year with the continuing drama going on in Seattle Washington involving a far left clique of homeless Marxists called SHARE/WHEEL. For those who don't remember or haven't been following, Seattle Washington has one of the highest concentrations of homeless in the country. Only Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco have more homeless.

In Seattle they have an organization that provides homeless shelters and participates in left wing protests called SHARE. Its also called WHEEL. SHARE is for men, Wheel for Women. The purpose is to organize Seattle's homeless into a left wing terror group that helps promote socialism.

They are everything that you hate about Seattle all rolled into one.

In a previous article we noted that in order to reopen their shelters they had to abide by a certain set of rules such as making sure the money was spent right and that the people in the system were in the process of getting their own homes.

To be blunt, they want the homeless to transition from homelessness to housing not remain homeless which is what these people have been allowing to happen!!!

They need case management they need to be sober and if things don't work out for them in Seattle, provide them greyhound tickets to get out!!

Well that's not what's been happening...

I have shall we say, an operative who stays there and who keeps track of what's happening... He tells me all about what happens there in SHARE and all the crazyness going on.

It turns out SHARE has reneged on their responsibilities... Their most recent achievement... Firing one of the staff for enforcing important security rules at one of their filthy tent cities. More on that later.

So again it turns out The squeaky wheels have gotten the grease but the wheels wont fidget or budge an inch. So much for personal responsibility.

The city of Seattle and King County have treated the scenario as a mere formality. They argue that they have no where else to go so they must accept things the way they are...

The way things are in Share... Paid for by your taxes...


Abortion Supporters Chant 'Hail Satan' While Pro Life Activists Sing 'Am...

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The eugenic murder of Baby John Bollinger

In 2005, Terri Schiavo, a severely brain damaged woman was put to death for being what liberals considered a burden on the rest of society. Schiavo had become disabled, from severe cardiac arrhythmia and arrest resulting from Anorexia and Bulimia in 1990.

Terri Schiavo was comatose and was in a minimum conscience state. Her prognosis was poor.

Terri's husband Michael had decided that Schiavo had suffered long enough in her condition and wanted to end her life. As ad litem guardian, Michael Schiavo her husband wanted her feeding tube removed so that her life would end. Whether or not it was an act of concern or a result of socialist hatred for the disabled that all liberals possess.

Obamacare has turned away elderly, disabled and homeless people with life threatening illness and injuries, many left to die...

In 2005, Michael got his wish with the help of sympathetic doctors and liberals who referred to Terri as "a potted plant," "a vegetable," "having no cogeniscence" and "a burden on society." Schiavo's feeding tube was removed and slowly and painfully she died of starvation. Her remains were immediately cremated.

The incident provoked outrage from conservatives and the pro-life movement chief among them, Rick Santorum, President George W Bush, Mel Martinez and Pope Saint John Paul II. It should be noted that Schiavo died only days before the holy pontiff who before dying himself expressed remorse upon hearing of her death.

Liberals however ecstatically applauded her sudden death. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks claimed that the GOP had poor judgement and that the case showed supposed hypocrisy and stupidity of republicans who he said "want you to die if you have a tumor in your brain."

Liberals claim to stand up for the little guy and those who are least among us and look after our best interests, but in truth they are using the little guys and the least among us as a stepping ladder to stand over and rule over humanity in what they consider their own interests.

NEWSFLASH CENK AND TURKEY'S: Obamacare has turned away elderly, disabled and homeless people with life threatening illness and injuries, many left to die... what makes you think your any better?!

Michael Mayo, a communist, dining critic and regular columnist at the Ft Lauderdale Sun Sentinel and referred to Schiavo as an unworthy life and a beast of burden on America's medical resources. He goes on to demand universal healthcare while coming close to advocating mandatory euthanasia people like Terri to keep costs down.

New York times columnist, gun control advocate, race baiter and communist Bob Herbert on commenting on the issue stated that no one really has the right to live and chided GOP critics of Schiavo's murder.

There can be no doubt that liberalism and nazism are one by just glancing at the comments at Huffington post and other liberal blogs when dealing on the subject of eugenics, euthanasia and Terri Schiavo. Liberals claim to stand up for the little guy and those who are least among us and look after our best interests, but in truth they are using the little guys and the least among us as a stepping ladder to stand over and rule over humanity in what they consider their own interests.

It was not first nor last time that liberals murdered a human being for being weak and defenseless.

Adolf Hitler, himself a supporter of eugenics and Nazi doctors would ascribe to many of these terms such as life without life to justify the murder of disabled children and adults as well as the elderly.

Over a hundred years ago in Chicago Illinois, now as then a capitol of crime, corruption and liberal fascism, a baby boy born with a closed intestine and one ear missing was put to death by the state of Illinois and by liberals because there was a risk that he would grow up to be a mental defective and a criminal all because of a couple of correctable physical defects. These are in fact problems that in no way would affect his development otherwise.

But liberals and the state of Illinois worked hand in glove to stop the baby known as John Bollinger from proving them otherwise.

John Bollinger was born in 1915 to healthy parents. His birth however was complicated. He was born with a closed intestine and a missing right ear. It was believed that his left ear might not be developed and that he would be deaf.

Dr. Harry J Haiselden who was John's doctor and a supporter of Eugenics refused to perform life saving operations for John Bollinger even to correct his defective ear. His argument was that it was more humane to let the child die rather than to let it live. He argued that John Bollinger, if he were allowed to live would grow up to be a malcontent, a criminal and a burden on society and live what he termed, a life without life.

Adolf Hitler, himself a supporter of eugenics and Nazi doctors would ascribe to many of these terms such as life without life to justify the murder of disabled children and adults as well as the elderly.

Eventually the child died. Its not known what would've become of John Bollinger, according to witnesses and doctors today, John's disabilities were hardly noticeable. At the very least he would be deaf in one ear. At worst he would've been deaf. Yet even in the early 20th century at a time before the disabled were fully integrated and before the passage of landmark laws such as the American's with Disabilities act, people who were deaf made many strides and accomplishments.

But with help from yesterdays media, just as biased and corrupt as today's, they made the death of Bollinger look positive. the Chicago Tribune for instance gave false reports that Bollinger was deformed with his cheek connected to his shoulder, both ears missing, a crooked spine and misshapen face. Those few who opposed the murder of Bollinger were portrayed as fanatics and old fashioned.

I guess Devo was right... Some things never change. They're on the take and don't give breaks and they really have kept it that way...

Very few stood up to this injustice. The Catholic church was the most outspoken. Other vocal critics included GK Chesterton, The reverend William Jennings Bryan and Suffragette Jane Addams who reffered to Dr Haiselden as a monster who should face the death penalty.

However most doctors in Illinois were sympathetic to Haiselden and in a peer review case of the incident he was cleared of all charges.

Most people were either silent or supportive of the decision.

Among the supporters of Bollinger's murder was Clarence Darrow, an attorney for the ACLU and a proponent of evolution and eugenics and who would go on to face off against Bryan in the notorious Scopes monkey farce and ironic of all, Helen Keller. Keller who was deaf and blind for nearly her whole life as a result from Scarlet Fever. She believed it was humane.

The incident was celebrated in a silent film called "The Black Stork" AKA "Are You Fit To Marry?" A film filled with attack after attack on the disabled, the poor and the disadvantaged. A film which advocated the killing of those with disabilities and who might be suspected as such.

The film was shown in theaters throughout the early century up to 1947 after world war 2 when Americans saw in the holocaust and WW2 the full results of Dr Haiselden and Clarence Darrow's philosophy on life.

Today in America we are close again to repeating the mistakes that were made in the last century. In Europe, weak and sick babies are often left to die. Many of them it turns out are not really disabled and in addition Australia as well as Europe has begun to make eugenics legal and have forced sterilizations of innocent people who either do not fit in or who are different.

Liberals haven't changed a bit since Germany 1932. They never will. The election of Donald Trump we pray will at least put an end to this vicious cycle of death and the death worship cult that is socialism and liberalism, the twin social ills that are the real menace and the real problem America faces as well as the culture of death it has created in America, not those who are unfortunate or disabled.

A free and virtuous society, which America aspires to be,
must reject practices
that devalue and violate human life at any
stage from conception until natural
death. In defending the right to life, in
law and through a vibrant
culture of life,
America can show the world the path to
a truly humane future in which man
remains the master, not the product, of his technology. 

Friday, January 20, 2017


Today will live on as the greatest day of America's short history. Today, January 20th 2017 Donald J Trump will be sworn in as our commander and chief and will take the steps neccesary to make America a Great nation once again by draining the corrupt liberal swamp in Washington DC!

Already, the liberal media has been floundering and going nuts because of the coming end of their reign of terror. The BBC for instance in an artilce had an image of the capitol under  an austere looking environment of dark clouds that resembled a scene from a totalitarian country. Never mind that the Beeb and the rest of the left wing media have advocated totalitarian policies like eminent domain and gun confiscation and support leftists despots like the Clintons, Fidel Castro, Khadafi and Arafat.

They have other resons to worry as I might mention tomorrow or next week. Trump released his budget plan .... HEE! HEE!

Among the usual cutting of fat and tallow from the federal government especially the state department, the justice department and so on, there are two points that the media has been bawling about that I am very happy to announce!!!

First, PBS and NPR will be privatized. No more taxpayer funded liberal excrement, no more tacky radio dramas and poems, no more boring documentary forums that attack America and capitalism and whine about cuts to stupid programs that never got anything done anyway.

They'll be no more Bill Moyers advocating that the first amendment be regulated all while enjoying the same protection with our taxes, no more documentaries that make other cultures look superior to us, no more attacks on Christianity, no more apologizing for the Muslims and Palestinians and their suicide bombing, no more attacks on Israel and no more blaming America for 9/11 and saying that we deserved it.

You want to go blame us for 9/11? You want to say things like, "AMERICA IS A RACIST COUNTRY THAT ISN'T FAAAAIIIIIRRRR AND DOESN'T SHAAAARRREE!! WHAAAAAA!!!" Use your own damn money if you want that! I know you get SSI, GR, GSX, SSDI, SNAP BENEFITS and all these other perks for not doing any work! So use that if you want to spend your life whining about America!

Moving on I saved the best for last.... The National endowment for the humanities will be destroyed, WIPED OUT! FIRED! NO MORE TAXPAYER FUNDED PORNOGRAPHY AND BLASPHEMY MISTER!!

The NEA for decades has used our money to promote so called art. Whether were talking about shapeless sculptures and meaningless poems or perhaps useless, borning, nasty art that no one like such as 40 year old virgins with puppets or blasphemous art such a photograph of a crucifix in a jar of urine or of people in costumes that are made to look like female genitals.

The NEA, for over half a century has wasted our money on stupid, lame, absurd, tasteless and even outright offensive and pornographic art works and poetry. 

The government is not supposed to fund culture and art. I have heard it argued that because of the decline of western civilization and the decline of western values and culture in the face of multi-culturalism that perhaps some program could fund western culture and tastes and imbue them in children but as I have said and as Kyle Weissman pointed out, such a program would no doubt have an opposite effect.

No, its not the government's job. We the westerners, the American people will use our money to fund what we call culture.

Perhaps there is no better reason not to fund art with taxes than the poem by Aram Saroyan entitled light. The poem goes like this


 There, that's the poem. That is what your taxes pay for. They will never fund a poem that glorifies America or the Christian faith, they will however fund smut and blasphemy and stupid absurd poems like the one above.

The government has proven time and time again to be ineffective, unproductive, lackadaisical, corrupt, greedy, manipulative and exploitive. Only social parasites and criminals benefit from its wicked doings. Now that Trump is in control, the left will have to stop promoting smut and tasteless garbage and get a job.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

oldfartrants is a left wing puppet

Happy New Year Everybody! One of my old nemesis, Oldfartrants recently did a video called No Puppet. It was one of his funniest and best. Mostly because of a prediction he made about asteroids. Oldfartrants said that the new year would be happy if an asteroid came to earth and wiped out all life all because Hillary Clinton, his favorite candidate lost to Donald J Trump.

About a shortwhile after about 3 days I guess the video was made, The scientists at Catalina Sky survey caught glimpse of a large asteroid that squeaked right by our planet nearly striking the earth.

There's no doubt that a lot of liberals like oldfartrants would love to see mankind wiped out from an asteroid. Not just because Donald Trump is going to make America great again. (OH THANK YOU PUTIN!) but because liberals consider mankind to be a burden and unworthy of existance!

Remember, these are the same unclean uncouth hairy nasty shiftless goons and twits who think that disease carrying, harvest devouring rats should have the right to live, that cows, chickens and pigs should not be eaten and instead be pampered, that bloodthirsty violent dictators like Stalin, Mao, Chavez, Castro, Pol Pot, Ortega and CeauCescu are heroes and idolize them. Even Hitler and Mussolini is beginning to be praised by liberals Europe again!

Meanwhile, babies should be killed, those who work hard should be taxed to death, unemployed white people who were replaced by mexicans and were denied promotions because of Affirmative action are all failures who suck, religion is a mental illness, if it fells good do it, that its okay for gays to rape inmates in prison and so many other things!

Of course Oldfart and liberals are pining for doomsday! That's how moody and depressed they all are!

This asteroid incident I believe is an act of God.  A wink from God and to show that divine providence more than anything had an affect on the election of Donald Trump! God in his wisdom and in his all powerful mercy decided to let the bums in the DNC voting base lull off and stay at home to smoke grass all night while invigorating and encouraging responsible, hard working law abiding americans to go to the polls and vote for Trump.

If Hillary had been elected, she and her communist allies would go to work destroying the last vestiges of all the things that made America unique and great! They would go to work destroying the last vestiges of Christianity, traditional values, national identity ETC.

She would make America a slave the United Nations and Islamic aggresors! She would destroy property rights, civil rights and human rights in the name of human rights and civil rights!

White people, Christians, the disabled, government watchdogs, preppers, gun owners, the clergy, conservative journalists and activists, business owners, anyone owning a house or even a new car would be targeted for persecution, prosecution and liquidation!

So thank you lord Jesus and Mary for saving us from Hillary Clinton with Donald Trump as you saved us all from Mohamed and the Turks with Don John of Austria and St John of Capistrano, Charles Martel, King Janos of Hungary and other brave men and soldiers of God.

Oldfartrants then goes on to try and concoct a scenario on what if Hillary was the bad guy Trump is. Or I should say what they say Trump is...

Well if anything if Hillary did only half of what they accuse Trump of, She'd probably get more support. But she has done a lot of crimes that liberals want to hide and that they are proud of. Like Vince Foster or White Water. That's just the tip of it!

Like what if they had proof that Russia meddled in the election of Hillary? What if Hillary claimed investigations were a witch hunt and called for an investigation of the press?

The same lies exaggeration and BS the depraved desperate Democrats have become. They are so desperate they are no longer hiding their bias! The press is openly liberal more than ever!

Okay Old Farty "ole" buddy! Lets ask you this!

What if Hillary was elected and we find smoking gun evidence that the elections were manipulated by Nicaragua and China? Would you want Hillary to go on trial? Would you want a new election monitored by the UN just like you demanded when Bush won by a landslide against Al Gore and you caterwauled about some butterfly ballot in one or two counties in Flordia that only a low moron wouldn't understand? Hmmm.... Don't answer that... No don't oldfart. You might be called a racist XD

What if Fox News, Brietbart, Infowars and myself came out that the Sandinistas of Nicaragua, The president of Mexico and The Chinese helped get Hillary  elected and she called for the press to be criminally investigated????? Would you condemn her as a fascist? for Censorship!? WOULD YOU NOT PRAISE FOX FOR BEING COURAGEOUS!?

And here's a few gut busters! ASK THIS! Imagine Trump Doing some of these things that hillary wanted to do only a different way!!

What if Trump decided that in order to make America more diverse and mixed Trump decided that America will adopt the same immigration policies of the Europeons and has to let in more than half a million immigrants a  year! Now imagine Oldfart nearly all those immigrants coming from Conservative Christian white countries! Mainly Russia and POLAND! AS WELL AS SOUTH AFRICAN WHITE BOERS!?

Fancy a visit from the Cossacks Oldfart? Or how about the AWB? The Russkies and Poles don't like your gay buddies and Russia is very very Christian now... Even Putin, a former KGB Colnel is a devout Christian! And I'm sure that those nice white south Africans who will be moving into your neighborhood with their guns will take kindly to any black friends you have over for jam sessions!! XD

Now imagine it becomes a hate crime to speak out against the Russian and Polish immigrants who come here who picket abortion clinics and beat up gays? Just as Hillary wants European hate speech laws to punish anyone who speaks out against Muslim immigrants who do those things! I hear LA county Jail is nice this time of year!

Imagine Trump raising the taxes of the wealthy and the middle class!? You think you'll be able to swim in your pool on your retirement pension an the money you've stored? THINK AGAIN! IMAGINE IF TRUMP PROPOSES NEGATIVE INTEREST ON BANK ACCOUNTS LIKE OBAMA AND HILLARY!? 


Hey! We gotta pay for all those programs and services for Alexander, Sasha, Ivan, Vladimir, Boris and Bronoslaus need food stamps and welfare comrade! They need food stamps! There aren't enough jobs now that taxes for everyone has been tripled and all these eastern Europeans and Boers are coming in here. Also a lot of the Boers will be needing SSI to pay for the costly gas prices to necklace your black buddies and viewers!

Oh now Imagine Trump enacting cap & Trade and tripling the gas tax!

 Do you really expect me to believe you'll not keep your mouth shut and go off on Trump if he were a liberal Democrat and did all those things!? Hillary Did! Except most of her refugees would be Muslims.

And if you say even a fraction of the things about Islam you've said about us Christian... They will cut off your head. They will find you and torture you to death.

You are living in the land where Christianity Bloomed and gave you the right to say what you say!

If you were to on al-jazeera and say that sharia law should have limits just like you do with freedom or say that Muslims shouldn't vote because they believe in God or that Mohamed was a cosmic zombie, say goodbye to your neck and head!

Don't worry, you wont have time to worry. You'd be homeless like many of my friends are because of Obama. When I first heard of you they said you were a homeless hippie in Redondo beach! Well if Hillary got in charge or if Trump were progressive you'd be before the end of this year! HA!

Well, you can't teach an old fart new tricks. I for one don't see him caring about Hillary wanting to let in all those blood thirsty refugees like Germany and the other countries have done. I have yet to see an oldfartrants video where he starts going off on Muslims the way he does us Christians. WE HAVEN'T EVEN COMMITTED BLOODY TERROR ACTS AND HE STILL KNOCKS US ABOUT!

The only thing I agree with oldfartrants on, is that stupidity and ignorance are America's biggest threat. Don't believe me? Go down to Occupy Wall street. Oh! Bring a weapon.

M2TW: Great Siege of Malta 1565, Turkish Assault on Senglea Walls 1/3

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

An open letter to Liberal Cartoonist Mark Fiore

an open letter to Mark Fiore Regarding anti-Trump cartoons

So this is to be what to expect from now til 2024 when Trump finishes his last term in office? You liberals aren't even as uppity when W was president! Oh well! I'll bring the popcorn and enjoy myself! I'm gonna enjoy watching your silly cartoons even more now that Trump is in the white house and all us "deplorables" are in our baskets all warm and snug! LOL! The only thing I'll miss besides looking at all the starving beggars and homeless on the streets who lost their jobs thanks to Obamacare is all those taco trucks. We don't have very many taco joints up where I'm at.
You should thank God Trump is president and that you live in a nation that still has freedom of speech and freedom of the press. If Hilary were elected or if you were born in another country you could be thrown into a labor camp just for being suspected of telling a joke about whoever is in charge even if you supported him/her. The reason you have this website, you have these nice things is because of the capitalist system and the Judeo Christian ethics and traditions of our founding fathers gave us that have been more or less preserved for the last 250 years. Other Countries don't have it as good as we do.
Well chin up there Marky! Do enjoy writing your cartoons and keep up the good work! I'll have a blast these next 8 years watching you blast Trump for making this country great again!
BTW, is it true that Mr Dan is based on me? LOL

Monday, January 2, 2017

HAPPY 2017!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Lets Pray that things go well in 2017! That the rights of the poor and the innocent are restored, that freedom reigns supreme, that Donald Trump makes America great again and that America is a free nation once more and free of liberals and Muslims!