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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

An open letter to Liberal Cartoonist Mark Fiore

an open letter to Mark Fiore Regarding anti-Trump cartoons

So this is to be what to expect from now til 2024 when Trump finishes his last term in office? You liberals aren't even as uppity when W was president! Oh well! I'll bring the popcorn and enjoy myself! I'm gonna enjoy watching your silly cartoons even more now that Trump is in the white house and all us "deplorables" are in our baskets all warm and snug! LOL! The only thing I'll miss besides looking at all the starving beggars and homeless on the streets who lost their jobs thanks to Obamacare is all those taco trucks. We don't have very many taco joints up where I'm at.
You should thank God Trump is president and that you live in a nation that still has freedom of speech and freedom of the press. If Hilary were elected or if you were born in another country you could be thrown into a labor camp just for being suspected of telling a joke about whoever is in charge even if you supported him/her. The reason you have this website, you have these nice things is because of the capitalist system and the Judeo Christian ethics and traditions of our founding fathers gave us that have been more or less preserved for the last 250 years. Other Countries don't have it as good as we do.
Well chin up there Marky! Do enjoy writing your cartoons and keep up the good work! I'll have a blast these next 8 years watching you blast Trump for making this country great again!
BTW, is it true that Mr Dan is based on me? LOL

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