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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

France declares war on American free press and blogs!(Us too!)

The French government has recently demanded that the United States government and American based net providers of blogging, social media and forums such as wordpress, Twitter, Yahoo, Google and others trash the first amendment and its guarantee of free speech and Freedom of religion and adopt the same totalitarian censorship as the leftist European union.

France has made demands to the US that they censor its blogs, posts, and other social media in order to comply with its views of liberalism, multi-culturalism and tolerance. This while having no toleration whatsoever for competing views on traditional values, Christian faith, family values, American sovereignty, liberty and freedom, capitalism and personal responsibility amongst other things.

The EU courts In a case involving homeschooling declared that competing views must not be tolerated and focused on banning and cracking down on what it termed as "parallel societies." What they mean is, there is to be no toleration for any alternative views to their far left views of enforced socialism and godlessness.

Not content with merely keeping this intolerant and left wing view to themselves in Europe, The EU states, particularly France and Germany (still fascist) want The United states to impose its own views in social media.

The French government has warned that if The US does not censor its social media and adopt strict laws restricted certain forms of speech like the French have done they will be forced to take action and perhaps even completely censor all American social media content and establish a firewall just like in China.

European Hate speech laws are some of the worlds most backwards and oppressive. The laws are often selectively enforced against whites and Christians while ignoring hateful and inciting violence speech by Muslims and other immigrants.

In countries such as the UK, Muslim clerics are free to preach hatred and call for Sharia law which would ban human rights and end women's rights in particular. They are rarely prosecuted except when there is a large outcry particularly from American based social media and journalists.

Several years ago, Muslim clerics were preaching hatred in public and no effort was made by the UK to prosecute them. One cleric, Abdul Latif preached in Surrey England calling for the imposing of Sharia law and called for Christians to be stoned. Nothing was done until the 700 Club and Christian world news broadcasted interviews with Latif and other Islamist clerics and preachers. Fearing a backlash against its specially treated Muslim immigrants, the left enforced its laws and prosecuted the clerics.

Often times however, the left in Europe turns a blind eye even after exposure by American Christian press.

The hate speech laws by and by are ineffective. The squelching of any speech deemed offensive to Muslims, immigrants, homosexuals and other undesirables has not in anyway stifled the far right or any perceived lunatic fringe movement in Europe. The diminishing of white Christian culture and the flooding of Muslim immigrants in fact has tempered it and made them emboldened.

Whenever a so called :"racist" is sentenced to pay a fine or prison term, it riles the right wing and the traditionalists of Europe even more so. For the crime of speaking out against those who again and again have stated that they wish to finish the job that Sultan Sulleyman and his progeny had tried for 500 years, to make All of Europe Muslim and to bring its inhabitants under Allah through the sword or slavery and humiliation under dhimmitude, they are branded racist, stigmatize and prosecuted.

Now we are in the crosshairs. The French and the Germans, not content to force feed their liberalism and their love for evil on their own countrymen wants to do the same to us!

And they have already begun to censor websites abroad and censor us here in America!

The targets, blogs, twitter accounts and accounts on other social media outlets such as Digg, Reddit and so on that make frequent attacks on protected groups. In particular, Muslims and Homosexuals.In addition blogs that support Donald Trump.

The french  government along with French liberals have been making it their mission to troll websites and accounts on Reddit, Facebook google, and elsewhere and flag them, reporting them for abuse and for bullying.

Many of these sites attacked such as have even been mentioned by name by people such as Communist German president Angela Merkel who labeled it along with other websites as fake news. Reports indicate that Brietbart has already been blocked on Some ISPS in Europe and that there have been threats of criminal punishment against those who access the site. run by Catholic crusader and apolgist Michael Voris has also come under fire in France. TO make things worse, we at mainestategop blog have also come under fire as well because of our recent affiliations with churchmilitant and St Michael's media.

Only a few Muslim websites howver have been censored or brought down by the EU. The EU still considers peaceful white Christians, in particular males to be a greater threat than non-european Muslims endorse wife beating and who blow up stuff like last Christmas.

There can be no doubt that this whole farce is in retaliation for Trump defeating Hillary.

getting back to our troubles, it has come to my attention that ever since we began to post videos of The vortex, the Download and other conservative catholic videos from Michael Voris, Churchmilitant and St Michael's we have picked up unusual activity from France. In the span of over 2 months I got nearly a hundred thousand hits from France. 8000 just from France last month alone! France has now usurped, Hungary, Russia, the UK and Poland as my biggest foreign audience.

I assumed it was because of my videos from Michael Voris but then when I received word of France's censorship and how it was canvasing the internet I became concerned...

I spoke with a representative of Churchmilitant several weeks ago and told me that normally their audience in France is not that large but that now it has grown bigger and bigger. They also informed me that their accounts have also been flagged repeatedly.

I spoke to the French consulate in Manchester NH and put in touch with several representatives who of course shuffled my inquiry around and never got around to it. Then I received an email from a representative of the French government who told me that the French  government has named my web blog among others as a potential threat.

To be more precise my weblog, Mainetategop according to France has been labled as "disorderly" as "anti-government" as "prmoting mental illness" and as promoting violence and hatred towards Muslims and needy people receiving government assistance." I never thought of welfare bums as needy people. Just look at some of them! They're as big as a house!

More to the point, the French government seems to be content to using vigilantism to tear down content it does not like. Left wing activists, beatniks and militants, the kind of shiftless derelicts you find on any major city and which are common in Europe have begun to flag our blog.

They recently tore down Kyle Weissman's blog Events in Human History. this after penning an article that was considered inciteful towards Muslims. He had just finished his first series on the true stories of Elliot Ness and the Untouchables.

We got a ton of flags and complaints from google against me and against Kyle. His blog was taken down. No doubt its considered a warning. against me if I continue to write articles against Muslims.

The next step taken by the French is for them to take matter into their own hands and block content off entirely from viewers much like the Chinese have with their fire wall. There could also be economic sanctions as well but if Angela Merkel wants to starve her people just to stop them from reading what Muslim Clerics preach at the local mosque that's not my concern.

What does concern me is how fascistic and how backwards Europe remains after centuries of despotism under despotic lords, revolutionary committees and socialist tyrants. Even after 2 world wars, an iron curtain and violent revolutions, they still haven't learned their lesson.

France has once again gone back to its progressive days of the French Revolution, liberty equality and stupidity and to the rest of the masses the razor and Germany and Italy the days of the brown and black shirts of Hitler and Mussolini.

At best we can pray for a charismatic ruler like Franco to put an end to the shenanigans and drive out the criminals and communists but We may never see his like again.

Thankfully we have Donald Trump

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