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Thursday, January 19, 2017

oldfartrants is a left wing puppet

Happy New Year Everybody! One of my old nemesis, Oldfartrants recently did a video called No Puppet. It was one of his funniest and best. Mostly because of a prediction he made about asteroids. Oldfartrants said that the new year would be happy if an asteroid came to earth and wiped out all life all because Hillary Clinton, his favorite candidate lost to Donald J Trump.

About a shortwhile after about 3 days I guess the video was made, The scientists at Catalina Sky survey caught glimpse of a large asteroid that squeaked right by our planet nearly striking the earth.

There's no doubt that a lot of liberals like oldfartrants would love to see mankind wiped out from an asteroid. Not just because Donald Trump is going to make America great again. (OH THANK YOU PUTIN!) but because liberals consider mankind to be a burden and unworthy of existance!

Remember, these are the same unclean uncouth hairy nasty shiftless goons and twits who think that disease carrying, harvest devouring rats should have the right to live, that cows, chickens and pigs should not be eaten and instead be pampered, that bloodthirsty violent dictators like Stalin, Mao, Chavez, Castro, Pol Pot, Ortega and CeauCescu are heroes and idolize them. Even Hitler and Mussolini is beginning to be praised by liberals Europe again!

Meanwhile, babies should be killed, those who work hard should be taxed to death, unemployed white people who were replaced by mexicans and were denied promotions because of Affirmative action are all failures who suck, religion is a mental illness, if it fells good do it, that its okay for gays to rape inmates in prison and so many other things!

Of course Oldfart and liberals are pining for doomsday! That's how moody and depressed they all are!

This asteroid incident I believe is an act of God.  A wink from God and to show that divine providence more than anything had an affect on the election of Donald Trump! God in his wisdom and in his all powerful mercy decided to let the bums in the DNC voting base lull off and stay at home to smoke grass all night while invigorating and encouraging responsible, hard working law abiding americans to go to the polls and vote for Trump.

If Hillary had been elected, she and her communist allies would go to work destroying the last vestiges of all the things that made America unique and great! They would go to work destroying the last vestiges of Christianity, traditional values, national identity ETC.

She would make America a slave the United Nations and Islamic aggresors! She would destroy property rights, civil rights and human rights in the name of human rights and civil rights!

White people, Christians, the disabled, government watchdogs, preppers, gun owners, the clergy, conservative journalists and activists, business owners, anyone owning a house or even a new car would be targeted for persecution, prosecution and liquidation!

So thank you lord Jesus and Mary for saving us from Hillary Clinton with Donald Trump as you saved us all from Mohamed and the Turks with Don John of Austria and St John of Capistrano, Charles Martel, King Janos of Hungary and other brave men and soldiers of God.

Oldfartrants then goes on to try and concoct a scenario on what if Hillary was the bad guy Trump is. Or I should say what they say Trump is...

Well if anything if Hillary did only half of what they accuse Trump of, She'd probably get more support. But she has done a lot of crimes that liberals want to hide and that they are proud of. Like Vince Foster or White Water. That's just the tip of it!

Like what if they had proof that Russia meddled in the election of Hillary? What if Hillary claimed investigations were a witch hunt and called for an investigation of the press?

The same lies exaggeration and BS the depraved desperate Democrats have become. They are so desperate they are no longer hiding their bias! The press is openly liberal more than ever!

Okay Old Farty "ole" buddy! Lets ask you this!

What if Hillary was elected and we find smoking gun evidence that the elections were manipulated by Nicaragua and China? Would you want Hillary to go on trial? Would you want a new election monitored by the UN just like you demanded when Bush won by a landslide against Al Gore and you caterwauled about some butterfly ballot in one or two counties in Flordia that only a low moron wouldn't understand? Hmmm.... Don't answer that... No don't oldfart. You might be called a racist XD

What if Fox News, Brietbart, Infowars and myself came out that the Sandinistas of Nicaragua, The president of Mexico and The Chinese helped get Hillary  elected and she called for the press to be criminally investigated????? Would you condemn her as a fascist? for Censorship!? WOULD YOU NOT PRAISE FOX FOR BEING COURAGEOUS!?

And here's a few gut busters! ASK THIS! Imagine Trump Doing some of these things that hillary wanted to do only a different way!!

What if Trump decided that in order to make America more diverse and mixed Trump decided that America will adopt the same immigration policies of the Europeons and has to let in more than half a million immigrants a  year! Now imagine Oldfart nearly all those immigrants coming from Conservative Christian white countries! Mainly Russia and POLAND! AS WELL AS SOUTH AFRICAN WHITE BOERS!?

Fancy a visit from the Cossacks Oldfart? Or how about the AWB? The Russkies and Poles don't like your gay buddies and Russia is very very Christian now... Even Putin, a former KGB Colnel is a devout Christian! And I'm sure that those nice white south Africans who will be moving into your neighborhood with their guns will take kindly to any black friends you have over for jam sessions!! XD

Now imagine it becomes a hate crime to speak out against the Russian and Polish immigrants who come here who picket abortion clinics and beat up gays? Just as Hillary wants European hate speech laws to punish anyone who speaks out against Muslim immigrants who do those things! I hear LA county Jail is nice this time of year!

Imagine Trump raising the taxes of the wealthy and the middle class!? You think you'll be able to swim in your pool on your retirement pension an the money you've stored? THINK AGAIN! IMAGINE IF TRUMP PROPOSES NEGATIVE INTEREST ON BANK ACCOUNTS LIKE OBAMA AND HILLARY!? 


Hey! We gotta pay for all those programs and services for Alexander, Sasha, Ivan, Vladimir, Boris and Bronoslaus need food stamps and welfare comrade! They need food stamps! There aren't enough jobs now that taxes for everyone has been tripled and all these eastern Europeans and Boers are coming in here. Also a lot of the Boers will be needing SSI to pay for the costly gas prices to necklace your black buddies and viewers!

Oh now Imagine Trump enacting cap & Trade and tripling the gas tax!

 Do you really expect me to believe you'll not keep your mouth shut and go off on Trump if he were a liberal Democrat and did all those things!? Hillary Did! Except most of her refugees would be Muslims.

And if you say even a fraction of the things about Islam you've said about us Christian... They will cut off your head. They will find you and torture you to death.

You are living in the land where Christianity Bloomed and gave you the right to say what you say!

If you were to on al-jazeera and say that sharia law should have limits just like you do with freedom or say that Muslims shouldn't vote because they believe in God or that Mohamed was a cosmic zombie, say goodbye to your neck and head!

Don't worry, you wont have time to worry. You'd be homeless like many of my friends are because of Obama. When I first heard of you they said you were a homeless hippie in Redondo beach! Well if Hillary got in charge or if Trump were progressive you'd be before the end of this year! HA!

Well, you can't teach an old fart new tricks. I for one don't see him caring about Hillary wanting to let in all those blood thirsty refugees like Germany and the other countries have done. I have yet to see an oldfartrants video where he starts going off on Muslims the way he does us Christians. WE HAVEN'T EVEN COMMITTED BLOODY TERROR ACTS AND HE STILL KNOCKS US ABOUT!

The only thing I agree with oldfartrants on, is that stupidity and ignorance are America's biggest threat. Don't believe me? Go down to Occupy Wall street. Oh! Bring a weapon.

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