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Friday, January 27, 2017

Seattle Homeless crisis: Share Wheel homeless mafia continues to waste more money

Starting of the new year with the continuing drama going on in Seattle Washington involving a far left clique of homeless Marxists called SHARE/WHEEL. For those who don't remember or haven't been following, Seattle Washington has one of the highest concentrations of homeless in the country. Only Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco have more homeless.

In Seattle they have an organization that provides homeless shelters and participates in left wing protests called SHARE. Its also called WHEEL. SHARE is for men, Wheel for Women. The purpose is to organize Seattle's homeless into a left wing terror group that helps promote socialism.

They are everything that you hate about Seattle all rolled into one.

In a previous article we noted that in order to reopen their shelters they had to abide by a certain set of rules such as making sure the money was spent right and that the people in the system were in the process of getting their own homes.

To be blunt, they want the homeless to transition from homelessness to housing not remain homeless which is what these people have been allowing to happen!!!

They need case management they need to be sober and if things don't work out for them in Seattle, provide them greyhound tickets to get out!!

Well that's not what's been happening...

I have shall we say, an operative who stays there and who keeps track of what's happening... He tells me all about what happens there in SHARE and all the crazyness going on.

It turns out SHARE has reneged on their responsibilities... Their most recent achievement... Firing one of the staff for enforcing important security rules at one of their filthy tent cities. More on that later.

So again it turns out The squeaky wheels have gotten the grease but the wheels wont fidget or budge an inch. So much for personal responsibility.

The city of Seattle and King County have treated the scenario as a mere formality. They argue that they have no where else to go so they must accept things the way they are...

The way things are in Share... Paid for by your taxes...


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