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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What to do now that Events in Human History are banned by France?

In light of the recent shutting down of our history blog by Kyle Weissman at the hands of French leftists and their muslim Allies, we will be posting new history articles and movies on our mainestategop blog. Don't worry, France can't touch us and Trump wont allow it.

Nonetheless, it does have us on edge. We are shocked that a foreign country could make such demands and that Obama, Hillary and the Dems would allow it. France has no right to censor our blogs and the blogs of our friends. Liberals who hate our messages should just go watch PBS or surf Japanese porn if they don't like us so much.

We conservatives never censor Liberal blogs or news sites we just don't patronize them or their advertisers.

The only we have ever gone after them is in retaliation for us or our friends.

Liberal fascists want to force their likes and hates on every one of us and make us all the same. It can't be done.

Dear France and Germany liberals, If you don't like us, sit down and shut up. We don't need your shrilling and your liberal fascism in the states. We've done okay for the first 2 centuries except for when people like you came along.


Anonymous said...

How did they ban Events on current history then if they can't ban you? Is France able to demand that the US and internet companies shut down blogs? How does that work?

mainestategop said...

From what we've found out from Google, Kyle's blog was flagged by viewers in Europe too many times. Although Trump is soon to be president and wont cave in to the demands of Germany and France's Marxist government, they have gotten the left there involved in flagging American conservative blogs over and over and over again. They flagged us here too but we've been here awhile and have a large support base so if Google knows what's in their interests they wont shut us down. Anyway we've got back ups of the articles.

Its not the first time the left here or abroad has tried S**T like this on us but rest assured we are on edge that foreign governments can decide what were allowed to watch.

Anonymous said...

That is such a shame! The Frenchies don't like Free speech they should join China! Filthy leftists!

Trump2016 said...

So now a foreign power gets to decide what's in our best interests and what we can read online? France and Germany can F Themselves for all I care.

And Hillary would've supported this. Thank God Trump is president or else our first amendment rights would be on the chopping block!

Anonymous said...

This is common I am sad to say.

Liberals in Europe will often troll conservative websites and blogs like this and flag it constantly. In europe, liberalism is a religion to a lot of people there. They are dedicated to silencing any opposition. They spend a lot of time just combing the net for blogs like this and they will flag it relentlessly.

Its important to have a big fan base and a lot of support. Let Google know that if they shut down a blog for being politically correct they'll take their money elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Yeah its terrible! Liberals are the ones who scream for more tolerance for their views then demand intolerance for views that they do not agree with.

Why> because liberals views are so abhorrant and so vile and evil that no sane civilization would accept them. That is why they scream for tolerance and why they scream for everone else to be hushed. They are so evil and what they really believe in so evil. They don't want you to know what their up to.