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Monday, February 27, 2017

Response to Autistic society of Pittsburgh's support for communism

Regarding your belief that guardianship is good for those who have "asperger's syndrome" REALLY? Plenary Guardianship for Aspies!? Even other autism lobbies have opposed the idea!
People like you are why we have so much human misery in America! This is not what our founding fathers intended and I don't care if think they are rednecks who are dead! Their thinking is way ahead!

That we should deprive young men and women of their decision making capability just because of the word of some quack or because of some quirk they have is cruel and inhumane. Even international bodies have said so!

These people you talk about who have these "problems" are usually having them as the result of A. A lack of discipline B. A lack of socialization, C. ABUSE D. Over stimulation E. Social injustice F. Persecution G. poverty

A combination of those mentioned or other things.

There is no such thing as Asperger's. It was coined by Hans Asperger's who was a nazi war criminal who participated in the extermination of Serbs and Jews. In his medical practice he targeted young children who had unusual behavior yet were gifted. In America we would've stated that these kids were just rambunctious, its just growing up they're developing don't worry.

And of course these kids who you would deprive by the time they went into the world outgrew it. At the very worst, maybe they'd be eccentric but so what? A lot of great people are eccentric! God made us all different and unique but you would want to punish people for God's creation! Just because you can't accept someone of equal worth who is a little different!

And the worst part of all! I think the worst of it is that you diagnose because they were picked on in school!!! WTF!?!?!? Have you been to a public school lately like the ones in Pittsburgh and Philly? Are you telling me that white kids and hispanics in violent schools with majority black populations who are beat up and raped or vice versa, black kids bused to privleged but violent white schools who are lynched and taunted and harassed are now retards with Asperger's?

Are you telling me that the kid who got shot in the school restroom in North Philly by another youngster who was a gangbanger is now an asperger's retard?

Well I mean its in your stupid DSM isn't it? Failure to socialize with Peers? You mean to tell me that students who go to school with drugs and guns and belong to street gangs or hate groups who target other students are now peers?! Students who steal lunch money, who beat up and threaten students are now peers and their victims autistic idiots?

So if my kid goes to a public school, gets beaten up by these "peers" and has trouble socializing for some reason or another now he has autism!?! Now you want to take away his freedom to be a normal adult and have a guardian put over him!?! To be banned from working, moving to nicer town, banned from enjoying equal rights and living the American dream????

And before you go downplaying I want you to know that I have worked for a human rights firm in Boston and we have found incidents of this happening all over America, innocent people ready to go into the world and make there marks, branded as retards with Aspergers, mentally ill Asperger idiots, autistics and just plain nuts and then robbed of their dignity and their wealth all because they were picked on or didn't have enough interests or whatever.

Often times the victims political views and religious beliefs are enough to form a diagnosis of Asperger's or some other "disability" to turn them into poor dishelved walking cancers. that's what happened to a friend of mine... All because he was bullied as a child and was a Christian, they decided they new better. They took away his bank account, forced him on SSI, He went from having six digits in the bank to nothing. All SSI pays him is 680 a month. That is nowhere near enough to live on anywhere! And to top it off, he can't work anymore because he's not allowed. Also he's physically disabled from being over medicated by quacks thanks to commies like you!

I worked with Liberty Task Force in Boston. We got tons of case files of incidents of innocent young men and women, their lives destroyed all thanks to you! Through the years I've met others! I've chronicled it on my blog including one incident where a boy from Rhode Island was isolated verbally abused and blamed on for being picked on.

Today he lives in Utah, is gainfully employed, married and is a father. He takes care of himself, cooks his own food, drives a car, goes to church ETC. All those things a retard with Asperger's couldn't do! All those things the doctors and autism advocates like you say he couldn't do!!! One of the doctors who said he'd never work was an IVY league University professor AND HE WAS WRONG! So THERE! THERES NO SUCH THING AS ASPERGER'S SYNDROME!

Sadly, most of the people I've met don't have a second chance or even a first chance or any chance! I got an email from a man who was diagnosed with this phony baloney disorder and one thing lead to another. He lost his home, his job was on the streets of New York and spend almost a year in Solitary confinement in Rikers Island because he was persecuted by the police for being homeless.

He's still homeless. His guardian and the payee, and the city and state of NY don't care about him. No government worker ever cared about anyone!

I love how in the end of your article you chime on telling them oh, we dont' mean to hurt your feelings. Oh! regardless of perceived ability level, and regardless of worries of offending the adult child. Temporary hurt feelings or misunderstandings can ease! Your an intelligent person we know you mean well! ITS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!!

That's how it always starts.

If they're so intelligent and nice, why do they need to go to a shrink? And for that matter why do they need guardianships? Guardianships were originally intended for people who were clearly stupid or insane or for elderly people who were deteriorating. It wasn't intended for that!

And no! People with disabilities do not get treated mercifully by police or judges that never has happened! Ever hear of Kelly Thomas!?

People who are disabled are more likely to get higher sentences than those who arent. Juries are more likely to condemn them even if they're really innocent and furthermore they are more likely to fall prey to crooked police and judges. And if they're victims, no sympathy is ever ever given!

Guardianship in truth has never benefited anyone but the third part who now has control over this innocent person and his estate. Its all a scam to rob people.

The state of Pennsylvania remains to this day a corrupt sewer of crime and injustice. When I drove into Pittsburgh Last year to visit relatives the first thing my family and I saw was a tent city under the freeway and naked man showering himself! Pittsburgh is overwhelmingly Democrat and hold to your views that government knows best and that those in authority are always right.

Guardian, Asset seizure, it doesn't work. Its mean, its cruel, it doesn't help.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Denial isn't a river for liberals, its more of an oceanic world.

The left and its allies the main stream corporate media have denied till their throats were hoarse that Europe in particular countries like Sweden have a growing crime problem thanks to Muslim immigrants. Despite years and years of no-go zones, riots, demonstrations, chants of allah-akhbar in the streets of Malmo and Stockholm, speeches by clerics and refugees advocating violence and abuse towards women and non-muslims ad nauseum, the far left wont own up.

In Europe the problem is much worse... Leftist governments have banned news outlets from reporting rapes and murders, police are forbidden from mentioning ethnicity and religious orientation on reports, criticism of Islam or mentioning its darker aspects are criminalized as "hate speech," and when someone has the guts to call out the Muslim refugees for their violent BS, they respond back with their violent BS.

So when President Donald Trump decided to stand up and call out The Muslims of Sweden and other places for their atrocities and point out how dangerous Europe has become thanks to the influx of Muslims from Africa and the Middle east, it came as no surprise to us that the liberals would scream bloody mayhem. Despite being fact checked, despite showing the statistics that show that Europe is a dangerous hell hole thanks to Islam.

And the Muslims? They objected to President Trump's remarks of that Islam is violent by being violent, launching riots all throughout Sweden and other countries in Europe.

As usual, the leftist media wont report it and wont tell us who's causing it. If they are telling us about it, they say its somehow Trump's fault that Muslims are being violent because he said in Florida that Islam is well... violent.

All the leftists and their bloodthirsty muslim allies have done is convince us once more how great it is that Donald Trump is our president. America made the right choice.

Lemon gets fact checked on crime spike in Sweden

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Trump's first 100 days, THE NEXT STEP (by Brian Ball, Kyle Weissman and Reverend Katz)

8 Years of Democrat Domination by the Obama administration and a congress and senate that is for the most part inept and has done nothing at all to undo the damage has left America in a lull and in a stagnant economy.

True Unemployment rests at between 20% and 30% at the highest! Many others are underemployed working at McDonalds and Shovel ready jobs scratching and surviving despite years of hard work and education. Equal opportunity to apply skills is just as important and when a large majority of our skilled labor force is either out of work or working for less, its a disaster. So many young men who study hard and work hard are put in the back burner. Its a recipe for disaster.

Young men and women are also angry and frustrated. Many have lost faith in capitalism and are seeking their answers in the wrong places. Communism and occupy wall street attracts wayward dissolute youth with promises of free handouts and a chance to loaf off while others begin to turn to Nazi national socialism and its views that an ultra powerful government to weed out what they consider undesirables is the answer! And you can also find these same goose stepping clowns at the Occupy wall street rally.

With that in mind, America at the end of 8 years of tyranny under the pro-communist, pro-Muslim Obama administration is looking a lot like the Weimar Republic. A mess and capitalism is failing rapidly. But just weeks ago, America may have gotten a chance at a comeback. The election of Donald Trump and liberals who squeal for the destruction of the last free country in the planet are besides themselves with angst! So now that we have elected Donald J Trump, Its time for him to roll up his sleeves and DRAIN THE SWAMP IN WASHINGTON!!!

 The first place to start, is the Bolshevik news media and the Public service sector!

First, abolish the FCC and give the little guy a chance to broadcast on radio and TV. By making the Radio and the TV more like the internet, youtube, and Hulu and giving the consumer free choice as well as a chance to produce by broadcasting what they like! Make it easier for the little guy to start his own news network or TV company! Broadcasting is a right not a privilege that should be open only to the very very wealthy!

By doing this, MSN, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and all the rest of the big big media will have to compete with new fresh ideas and a media that is more balanced and under control by the American majority! No more will they be able to getaway with their left wing slant!

No more attacks on president Trump and his family while kowtowing to Obama Hillary and the Democrats, no more hyping fake hate crimes against "protected" minorities while covering up those against whites, no more praising crooked leaders of the past like Both Roosevelts, Stalin, Pol Pot, Chavez, Allende, Obama, The Clintons, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmah Carter while smearing great men like Ronald Reagan.

The media will also have to compete. Did I mention that? Competition? The thing that these media moguls fear the most and that the FCC and liberal government has kept down will force them to scramble not only to balance out the news they broadcast if any but to provide entertaining shows that conform to family values!!

With all new TV and Radio networks most of which will offer family alternatives that exalt family, maternity, spiritual faith that do not have violence sex and evil and best of all, it'll be all over the place not because of censorship but because of public demand!

New Networks can draw new ideas and screenplays from a pool of artists and creative producers from the internet from places like Newgrounds, Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Kongregate and elsewhere! They'll still always be controversial cartoons and movies some of which will be controversial shows from Newgrounds that no doubt get their own contracts. But not to worry, with TV and Radio contoured to a free market, consumers, the majority of whom are pro-American, Pro-Christian, Pro-family and will produce similar such entertainment enjoyable for all!!!

Next, set up a fact checking committee completely run by civilians that document media reports and also document biased reporting IE: Hate crimes committed against minorities vs straight white males.

Next, step, abolish Public service unions and shut down their PACS. The SEIU and others are outta here! Public servants will not be permitted to form unions and strike against the taxpayers especially if its to avoid accountability!

Holding our government accountable and putting a bit in the mouth of the government by banning unions in the public sector would prevent corruption, make the workers be thankful for the generous salary they got by now and stop them from blocking justice and accountability when they screw up.

The other thing to do involves immigration, Trump should uphold the ban of immigrants from terrorist countries in the Mid-east and not only that place a moratorium for a year or so so we can fix the melting pot and bring down unemployment while bringing up wages.

Most important, Trump should ban illegal immigrants and throw them back where they came from! Illegal aliens spread disease and crime and steal jobs from citizen and legal immigrant alike! The best way to keep illegals out is to punish sanctuary cities like he's going to do and most important punish employers who hire them. That alone will send a message that illegals aren't welcome and they'll go to Europe instead.

Misinformation and media control and over-regulation by our big fat failing government is one of the biggest threats we have. Trump has stated he wants to target the left wing press and the cronies in Washington, the first step in draining the swamp is to target the media.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Quiet Weekend. TGIS

Thank God its Saturday... This weekend it'll be YT videos. We got some new articles around Tuesday and well be talking about the Upcoming convention in New Hampshire of the New England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets. We have several guest articles coming up including an awesome article on how Trump should spend his first 100 days draining the Swamp in Washington! STAY TUNED!!

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