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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A black conservative testifies of SSI scaming and welfare

I was born second eldest to a single welfare mom in Compton. She had her first child when she was 14. She did no work at all and had about 6 of us from 3 different men. I never met my real dad. She got all these freebies by doing no work and having us. She also had us believe that we were crazy and learning disabled so we could get SSI. She took me and my siblings to the doctors to look at us and gave us each labels. I had ADHD because I was bad at school, I had a brother who had Bipolar and ADHD, another brother with schizophrenia because he told the doc God spoke to him and the rest of us either had ADHD, PTSD or some other issue. We all got SSI and mom got tons of money from it. It was a get rich quick scheme off the back of the taxpayers. Mama used all our money to buy luxuries and drugs. She never could handle the money right. She got paid 4 figures totalling over three k a month and blew most of it on stuff. Luxury booze, drugs, and everything.

I think it was when she and her boyfriend went to prison for 3 years that everything changed. I went to foster care and it saved me from a nightmare. I was on the verge of dropping out of high school when God took me out and put me in a group home run by a man of God. He homeschooled me with his kids and showed me that I didn't have a learning disability but was not taught right. Having to go to a run down messed up school with bad teachers that didn't care and living in a bad home is what my problem was.

In one year, that home school family did for me what nearly a decade of public school couldn't do. I graduated from High school in 1996 with honors and after 5 years at UCLA became a Lawyer. I work and live in San Fernando. 3 of us got off of SSI but my 3 other brothers are still on it. One is homeless, the other is on parole the other still lives in South central off the government doing low wage work. The bad upbringing we had didn't come off them. SSI and welfare are harmful. Its a scam only the government sector benefits. No one else.

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