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Saturday, March 18, 2017

communism was never about equality

In every debate on why communism or any other brand of socialism is soooooo much better than capitalism, the argument is the same. EQUALITY! ITS ABOUT EQUALITY!!!

Well, they got it summed up, they're equal alright...


All equal!

Except for the privileged in the politburo the old white men who survive the purge to live off the workers.

In every revolution that has ever existed whether it was communist, capitalist EVEN FASCIST, the biggest outcry was the cry of some form of egalitarian reform.

But actions speak louder than words...

In the end of the revolution whatever principals it is founded on, nearly all of them including all socialist revolutions collapse into barbaric and totalitarian regimes that thrive on death, stupidity, ignorance and a willingness of the public to ignore atrocities committed by the state.

In the case of socialism, the people are always worse off than under the former regimes. In France, they murdered brave king Louis, in Germany, they exiled the Kaiser, In Russia, Tsar Nicholas and his entire family were brutally executed and then left to rot in the Siberian wilderness. In Italy, the King and Pope were allowed to co-exist but only under the tender mercies of their leader. Vietnam its exile or death.

They always claim that the former leaders had it coming that they were evil and that they starved the people. Then years later, the survivors in secret weep with sad remembrance of when the stores were full, the streets were clean, the festivals, the cheer, the beauty of back then. Now they are racked with hunger and fear the day that the secret policemen, death squads or the army will come for them next...

The old reich and its leaders has passed on to oblivion, a new reich, or people's government rules, 1000 years of prosperity await.... The King is dead... LONG LIVE THE LEADER!!

Yes, they always preached equality. Even Hitler preached it, as long as it was talking about pure Aryan Germans being equal to one another. In chapter 12 of Mein Kempf  Hitler says the following:

The National Socialist State recognizes no ‘classes’. But, under the political aspect, it recognizes only citizens with absolutely equal rights and equal obligations corresponding thereto. 

In 1938, David Lloyd George, former prime minister of England and liberal politician visited Adolf Hitler at his vacation home the Burghoff. According to his secretary who was present with George during the meeting, he commented as follows: 

You are the greatest living German! You have restored Germany's honor and gained for her, equal rights!

This statement was made as Hitler's socialist juggernaut persecuted Jews, gypsies and others and set the foundations for the holocaust. This statement was made as Germany had murdered countless hundreds of thousands of disabled and elderly in hospitals under T4. As Germany and her allies Italy and Japan were readying to subjugate Europe and as the church faced increasing restriction and persecution.

Hitler had gained for Germany... Equal rights?

Vladimir Lenin made a similar asinine comment about equality during the Bolshevik uprising in Russia. On the plight of women, he stated that under communism, even a cooking maid would have the opportunity to become a president. In its 83 years of pale, austere and violent existence, not one woman or black ever held a position of major power in the Politburo in the USSR. This same premise existed under Mao's China. There have never been female rulers. Only during the olden days of those country's rule of monarchy did a woman ever have throne to rule from.

Only America ever had a successful revolution. Because our foundations were in faith in God and in freedom as well as a more realistic view of equality rather than a radical view of it. We recognize people of all races creeds etc as being of equal worth and value.

But we realize we do not all have equal talents... Some of us are better at somethings than others and others are better than us at other things. But we have the freedom to apply those talents we re best at.

In a constitutional republic like the one we have or I should say used to have, one need not be a round peg to fit in a perfectly circular holes. We got holes of all shapes and sizes for all pegs and pieces of all kinds.

In socialism it isn't so. Its about making everyone at the bottom equally poor while the few know it all elitists high top the hierarchy benefit.

I like how Margaret Thatcher put it when a liberal MP tried to attack her over the wage gap that I might opine existed long before she took power! Here it is:

What the honorable member is saying is that he would rather that the poor were poorer, provided that the rich were less rich. So long as the Gap is smaller, the poor should be poorer... that's not how you create wealth in a Democracy!
Governments need to keep their focus on pushing up the bottom and middle rather than dragging down the top: investing in (and removing barriers to) education, abolishing rules that prevent the able from getting ahead and refocusing government spending on those that need it most.

People on all levels of income are better off than they were in 1979. The honorable Gentleman is saying that he would rather that the poor were poorer, provided that the rich were less rich. That way one will never create the wealth for better social services, as we have. What a policy!
 Indeed this is what has always happened. Even Ronald Reagan faced similar criticism. But both Reagan and Thatcher came to power during times of economic austerity and decline in their countries. They promoted policies which liberals and popular theories detested in order to end inflation and bring down unemployment.

Despite liberal bias and despite allegations, when both these leaders finished their terms in power, the economy was far better than when they first came on the scene. But liberals continue to blame Reagan and Thatcher for the failures of their leftist predecesors. For example, leftist economist Robert Reich blames Reagan for why wages have been flat. In truth this problem goes back to 1964 24 years BEFORE REAGAN TOOK CHARGE! This was when Ted Kennedy and the left began open immigration, a disaster.

Meanwhile they neglect that inflation ended and Median incomes were higher than ever! More on this another time.

But it must be emphasized, beware of allegations of equality especially from socialists. You can trust some capitalists or any other alternative that doesn't smack of socialism but never trust a socialist.

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