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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dear Donald Trump: Bring back HUAC!

Donald Trump has made some head ways in politics with his ascension to the presidency. Before he even took the oath and took office, he outlined some of his new policies... the media went bezerk.

PBS, NPR, And communism are out the door! Their radio and TV affiliates are to be sold off.

The National endowment for the arts, which subsidizes pornography and tacky art that no one wants is also out and outta here!

its beginning to look like a conservative presidency in the Trump administration and hope is on the horizon!

There are lots of things that Trump must do to make America great again and draining the swamp wont happen overnight. NO SIR! But there are things that he can start with, small starting steps that in no time will have grand implications in restoring America's greatness.

One in particular to insure that we don't repeat the disasters of the mid twentieth century and keep our government in line and in check. I'm talking about bringing back HUAC! The house unamerican activities committee!

 In the 1950s, America was under the threat of soviet backed communism and treason. Communist party members were everywhere, in our businesses, our military, our government as well as Hollywood!

But Liberals back then, (as now) poo pooed McCarthy and the House Unamerican Activities committee and with help from the news media and with help from the communists launched a smear campaign against McCarthy, HUAC and against anti-communists.

These liberals were known as Useful idiots, a term coined by Lenin 50 years previous to describe those who denied the threat of communism and helped them whether they knew what they were doing or not!

There were also liberals known as Fellow travelers. They weren't communists but sympathized with them and their leader Joe Stalin. The term revolved around leftists such as George Bernard Shaw who toured Russia with Stalin in the early 30s. Shaw also did the same for Hitler. He supported both the communists and the nazis. He also supported Eugenics, mass murder and genocide and was a hard core anti-christian bigot and anti-semite!

Today's liberals have much in common with Shaw and other such liberals who supported Stalin and Hitler and all that they did.

So no surprise they'd be against HUAC.

The arguments against HUAC and McCarthy are typical. They falsely claim that HUAC was a witch hunt that smeared innocent people who did nothing wrong and who only went against the grain of the establishment.

The truth has now come out. Just about every single man and woman brought up to HUAC to testify was or still was a filthy low down Red who either held membership in the communist party or supported communist activities and backed them!

We now know, the Hollywood 10 were all at one time card carrying commies who secretly loathed America and who supported Stalin and his mass murdering policies!

We now know that our government, our businesses, the military and even the FBI had commies and their supporters in their ranks! They were loyal to Stalin and Russia and hated America. In the event of war, they would have gone to work destroying and undermining the war effort for America by bombing factories, fomenting labor strikes and sabotaging the military.

In addition, they worked in Hollywood and the media to bombard the public with messages and ideology in favor of a communist country against our basic freedoms and against capitalism.

But unfortunately we didn't get the message and McCarthy was censured while HUAC was marginalized. Flash forward 50 years later and we see the damage...

Thanks to the left's attack on HUAC, we lost the war in Vietnam, Hollywood promotes filth by the bushel, homosexuality and now incest and beastiality are acceptable. Our government is run by commies and leftists who tax us to death and live like a king. The police are infested with communists who use their position to hurt americans rather than protect them and incite race riots and they run our schools. Rather than educate, they indoctrinate and turn our kids into low lives and criminals as well as welfare bums.

One of the first things Trump must do to make America great again is to bring back HUAC and use it to root out communists and those with a communist mindset from our institutions, our governments, Hollywood, the military and elsewhere.

The first thing HUAC can do is go after government. Government employees, overpaid and lazy will be the first to go. They will be grilled on their service and dedication (that shouldn't take too long.) and their views and upon detection of leftist thought against capitalism, hard work and accountability be shown the door!

The police should also be checked. Police such as those in Los Angeles and New York who oppose constitutional liberty and checks and the right to own guns as well as property rights are not trust worthy. Police officers who support confiscating guns from law abiding citizens, stealing assets and oppose accountable government checked by the bill of rights are outta here!

This will have an added benefit of keeping out those who would at a dime kill a minority suspect and prevent those in the hood from finding an excuse to riot loot and pillage.

Next go after the military. No more liberal officers using stupid rules of engagement that serve no benefit except to give an unfair advantage to the enemy. No more backstabbing leftists who brand their own country war criminals while apologizing for blood thirsty muslim savages. Out with the left and in with real leadership!

Public school teachers should also be next. Those who used their taxpayer funded position to incite hatred towards Trump, influence elections, teach children to hate america and elevate other cultures will be canned and hopefully deported! They can always teach anti-americanism 101 in schools in Iran or Pakistan! Just don't forget to bring the burka!

Next up, an attack on Hollywood and the left that for 60 years have peddled smut, communism, anti-Americanism, Islamism, lies and left wing thought. Like back in the day, Hollywood actors and screenwriters will have to put up or shut up and lose their jobs.

Communist pinko George Clooney, Muslim wannabe Liam Neeson, America hater Susan Seranwrap, self hating Jews Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford and all the rest are outta here! They'll have to peddle their liberalism and their hogwash in other countries just like blacklisted screenwriters and actors did back in the day.

And before its all over, we'll get a better idea of who's a real American and who's a low down red.

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