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Monday, March 6, 2017

ESCAPE FROM PITTSBURGH: The testimony of an escapee of Socialism

In response to this weeks article on The Pittsburgh Autism Society's advocation of guardianship, abuse and socialism, we received several emails, all of which were positive concerning the use of guardianship, abuse that results everytime from it and well as other issues in Pittsburgh and the state of Pennsylvania.

What we learned was obvious, Pennsylvania, like Most of the Northeast is corrupt, Democrat run and evil. Jobs are scarce, crime is rampant yet the far left is in denial of this and blames everything on the victims of their socialist policies.

My name is Lynda. I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome after I was laid off from my job and unemployed for almost a year. Its hard to find work in the Pittsburgh area because of high unemployment! All the jobs are being sent overseas but my parents blame me for it! They had be put on guardianship after the doctor said I was to blame for my unemployment. HE EVEN SAID IT WAS MY FAULT I WAS LAID OFF!! JEEZ! HOW IS THAT? I MEAN BUSINESS IS BAD, THE EMPLOYER HAD TO CUT BACK! IT WAS 5 OF US LAID OFF NONE OF THE OTHER FOUR WERE LABELED! My mom says the reason I can't find work is because I'm as dumb as a rock and have the social skills of a rock. Well, now I'm not allowed to leave Pittsburgh, I;m forced to live in a group home and I'm not allowed to go outside without supervision. I only was able to get this out by sneaking out of the group home to go to the library. They'll probably catch me and put me in an institution for telling on them. I hate it here! Pittsburgh is a dump! No jobs, no housing, there's nothing to do! I want to move out someplace better but they wont let me!

Pittsburgh is a deindustrialized city that suffers from high poverty rats, high crime and homelessness as a result of unemployment, government corruption, Democrat tyranny and so on. Liberals in Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh do not see this and consider Pittsburgh to be a fine place to find work and live in. As for those who cannot find work and a place to live, they brand them incompetents, losers and bums. Many of them are also diagnosed as being retarded or mentally ill, mostly as having Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism and mental illness.

The Pittsburgh Autism society considers those who are unemployed as idiots and as such in need of guardianship which deprives them of liberty and freedom as well as making sure that they never ever get a job or a place of their own.

Many of our emails came from not only former residents of the poverty pit of Pittsburgh but from victims of the Autism advocates and their demand for an end to freedom. The email we present comes from on person who nearly had his life destroyed by people and was forced to run away while a minor to escape Pittsburgh and to escape guardianship.

Here sharing his testimony, is Victor Pietri, who now lives in Las Vegas.

My name is Victor Pietri, I'm 31 years old and live in Las Vegas Nevada. I used to live in Pittsburgh. I was born and raised in Binghampton NY but we moved out to the Pits when I was 12. 

I had trouble adjusting and didn't make very many friends but I managed. I guess the other reason they thought I was retarded with Asperger's syndrome was because as my shrink said I had restricted interests. I don't agree. I mean I like doing a lot of things like Tennis, golf, Video games, D&D, going to church, culinary arts, suring the web, reading books, travel, geography, ETC. But the shrink thought that wasn't enough and my parents just agreed with them without even a peep! WTF? 

I used to do allot of things before my parents started buying into this crap. It began when I was 15. They took me to a doctor because my teacher thought it would help me socialize better, the quack I don't remember his name but he said nothing good about me. Said I was screwed up in the head.

The reason behind this was just for two reasons: One, not enough friends, two, restricted interests. Well that and maybe I was a bit awkward growing up but so are a lot of kids! Every kid is different! But the doctor wanted to craft it into a mental disorder. Asperger's syndrome they called it. I mean it sounds like A** Burger and its worse than that. It means your head is screwed up and your not gonna be anything. That's exactly what pop told me after the visit.

The worst part of it was the meds they gave me. I don't remember what it was but all those pills made me worse. I wasn't crazy and screwed up before but I was after. I went from getting Bs and Cs to Ds and Fs, I went from good to bad, I was really clumsy, couldn't pay attention, when I told the doctor he didn't really care.  He just gave me more pills to pop. Made me sluggish sometimes agitated sometime.

The worst came when they brought up guardianship at a doctors meeting that having a legal guardian would be good for me if something happened to my parents or if something happened to me. Like what? having my rights taken away from me and made a slave of the state or abusive relatives?

They weren't very kind about it neither. This happened just after I turned 16. I decided enough is enough and ran away. I lied about my age and was able to get a greyhound ticket that'd get me as far as Denver. Then I hitchhiked from Denver to Wyoming and rode the rails in to Sacramento. I lived there for awhile  as  a runaway then Los Angeles. When I turned 18, I got my GED and did some odd jobs here and there. I later moved to Las Vegas where I live right now.

My parents tried to get the guardianship over me but failed to do so when they found out that I had a GED, was working and living on my own. They were pissed. They told me that I wasn't allowed back up there anymore until I agreed to at least go back into treatment. They weren't nice so I know I made the right choice of running away.

This whole guardian schtick is nothing but pure communism. Pure BS too. I mean I read the article case for guardianship and it was just top to bottom B*** S**T! I mean P-U!

I mean look at these people they describe, some nut chasing kids on a bike, touching a policeman's gun! I WOULD NEVER DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT! My neighbor has a dog that barks all the time I don't go shouting at it!

And what the hell is an autism thought loop!? I don't threaten people! So I must not have Asperger's then!! If this is what dolts on ASperger's are like then count me out!

Also the other one, most people I know on SSI live on less than a dollar a day! So much for that!

You may need a whole pound of prevention to avoid these actual scenarios! REALLY!?

And look at what it says at the bottom how they rationalize...

Everyone needs help sometimes. You are an intelligent person and you have always been really smart about coming to me to ask about things like doctor’s visits and job applications. Let’s make sure that no matter where you live or what you do, that I can always help you with things like that. 

First of all, they aren't considered intelligent if they need a guardian. And second of all, they can't live where they want or do what they want once you have guardianship. And its not about help its about harm.

My parents never brought it up that way. They all told me that I was stupid, I was an idiot and that they didn't want me to live outside of Pennsylvania or Pittsburgh. There wasn't anything nice about it at all. they just told me that I was too stupid to take care of myself just because some quack said so.

There really isn't any such thing as Asperger's. These people are either undisciplined, hyper, spoiled or are loose. That and a lot of them are shy and are reclusive. Its all because of bad parenting. Don't blame me for why my parents suck. I didn't do anything wrong, I was always responsible, didn't make excuses or nothing. I am now independent and free.


Autism Awareness Oregon said...

The writer of this blog, this guy and his parents do not have any understanding of what guardianship is and what it's purpose is. The purpose of the guardianship is to protect the person from legal implications and complications that may arise. People with Asperger's are intelligent and very bright but they have emotional and behavioral problems sometimes.

Everyone with Asperger's is different. Some are well behaved and just awkward, some however are in need of structures for their protection and to ensure they are independent and employed at a job.

Some who have it tend to have serious behavior problems, they are hypersensitive to noise, criticism, certain other things and the like. Many of them have almost no social skills or awareness of certain customs or cues and will often go off and do something wrong.

In the case of the person taking the policeman's gun, they don't know that its wrong and that the Police will react as a lethal threat. Others who have Asperger's syndrome will behave in a fashion that is inappropriate or rude because they are not getting their way or certain things they hope to happen aren't happening. They often act disorderly. Its not uncommon for many with Asperger's to be arrested or cited for disorderly conduct or for resisting arrest or for thretening someone.

The benefit of guardianship is for the family to be able to help them better if something like this were to occur. Not only that, being a ward identifies to judges, police and others that this person is disabled and not right in mind and body. They become more sympathetic to them and charges are usually thrown out or instead of jail they are put in psychiatric wards. In court cases the worst that can happen is a warning or community service or mandatory appointed therapy.

Its not about controlling them like slaves. Yes there are implications and restrictions, they can't do certain things like normal adults but its better sometimes to be safe than sorry. Guardianship for Asperger patients is recommended if they're young. Have them protected for a few years so they can catch up with their peers and be able to live on their own.

mainestategop said...

Just BS. There is no such thing as Asperger's. Anyone who tries to take a gun from a cop because its nice and shiny either was raised by retarded liberals for parents or has some other issue.

And guardianship is a disaster that has no benefit for anyone but the guardian. Once someone identified as disabled/psychotic enters the "justice" system, whatever sympathy there was for the suspect ends. Doesn't matter if he did it or not or what evidence there is or lacking. The jurors are gonna want to shed blood.

Disabled are more likely to be heavily sentenced, more likely to be convicted and more likely to be raped in county jail or prison. Guardianship only ensures that the problems stick and remain. It ensures that the victim WILL SUFFER.

And since he's ward of some stuck up leftist parent or the state (no difference really) He can't get a lawyer, he can't have any control of his situation. He or she is toast!


Just go along and keep saying to yourself there's nothing wrong though. Government is always right. That's what you libs have told us for centuries...

Anonymous said...

Asperger's syndrome IS A REAL MENTAL DISORDER! Its been noted by the UN World Health Organization, the American psychiatric association and other psychiatry boards around the world. Even before being officially recognized in I think the 80s it was well known. I was diagnosed with Asperger's when I was 14. This was back in 1975. It wasn't official, it was brought up by my doctors. It wasn't until 20 years later that I got an official diagnosis. No I wasn't made a slave, no I didn't lose anything, now I have a family and am gainfully employed. Its not bad news.

Sometimes people need guardianship for a lot of reasons. Asperger's syndrome sufferers sometimes have different problems and often when not treated and sourced early on it causes mental illness to accompany it. Sometimes people with Asperger's have trouble taking care of themselves and have behavioral and social problems that keep them from socializing and functioning normally. Sometimes they need involuntary commitment or guardianship to straighten things out.

I don't know what this guys situation is but its possible that while his parents went too hard on him he still has problems.

Jeff Gilman said...

I'm starting to wonder about you Brian... Have you ever had this happen to you? Are you in denial of a condition you have? Were you diagnosed with Asperger's and forced into guardianship?

You sound like it. Your blog doesn't have too much to do with Maine and actual communism and has more to do with attacking mental health professionals and diagnosis.

I've also gotten complaints that you've been giving away greyhound tickets to mental patients to run away from safe stable environments where they could receive treatment!! One of my other patients from Boston who also denied having Asperger's just like roger vanished off the face of the earth and his parents told me his computer has your blog bookmarked.

You also say that there is no such thing as mental illness.

This is exactly the type of rhetoric I see on libertarian and anti-psychiatry blogs all by people like you and Roger who have mental problems and deny it till their red in the face!!!

And why are they all having Asperger's? Why not schizophrenia or Bipolar?!

There's something up with you Brian, either your making this up or your against people trying to get help. there isn't anything wrong with help!

mainestategop said...

A friend of mine suffered because he was diagnosed with Asperger's. He was doing just fine, breathing normally, working, ETC. Then disaster strikes! His parents drag him against his will to Acadia hospital and have him branded retarded with Asperger's. They forced him on SSI, took his bank account and job away to do it because, "its good for you" Now he's homeles and poor.

Thanks a lot Democrats and Big government! There is no such thing as a mental illness. Its an invention to abuse the innocent and rationalize a totalitarian state. Its also character assasination!

You are the one in denial!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the author of this blog and the man in this story are a bit crazy. The blogger is more crazy! How do we go from Asperger's syndrome to communism? Its not communism to have a guardianship over someone who's unable to look after themselves!

That said I don't think guardianship is always necessary. I think involuntary commitment or power of attorney is better than that. usually its not necssary.

Anonymous said...

This whole blog has little to do with Maine and has everything to do with attacking government services that are essential. its about helping people in need deny responsibility and go against what's in their best interests and go in the interests of the 1% and the corporations.

I think this guy even admitted to being involved with lobby's such as Freedom works and so on. He also works with this other right wing fascist Lee Doren AKA HOWTHEWORLDWORKS who has a fascist you tube channel.

Its possible this person is mentally ill and in denial of it. He denies it and uses this blog as a tool for denial. Either that or he's trying to get tax cuts and destroy social welfare in the process.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous I think its possible He is mentally ill but in all likelyhood is a propagandist working for corporations in order to promote the stigma of mental illness. He wants to make it look like its not okay to want help especially from the government and taxpayer funded programs and to make people scared of trying to get into mental health and get treatment.

Its one part scare tactic, one part stigmatization and the other part slander. These parents if they do exist are not liberal. They are the opposite. A liberal parent would not do terrible things like this to their adult son or daughter if they had a mental illness or autism. These people are jerks.

In the other posts he has, there's this boy from Wisconsin, Herbert Bowler who couldn't find work and his parents and relatives antagonized him constantly even in the comments section. There's a word for that. Verbal abuse.

And the worst one I saw was with Roger Bauer. His parents and his brother made fun of him just because he was a Mormon and couldn't find work. His therapist Dr Jeff Gilman also partnered with them! He isn't even a real therapist! He should be fired! He sides with the abusive parents against him, he blames him for his unemployment and he became so distraught and so filled with despair he ran away twice!


He also has a brother who is some stuck up affluent Ass hole who also chides him and even blames him for being bullied!!! EXCUSE ME!?? HOW IS IT HIS FAULT THEY CHOOSE TO BULLY HIM!!!??

These parents are worse! They are giving these corporate facist GOPers ammunition to attack concerned Democratic liberal citizens who want the best for everyone and want the nation to do good! And for the parents to resort to taking away someones liberty and freedom just because they are in that situation is heartless and mean!

Anonymous said...

Dr Gilman, do you agree that guardianship is right for people with Autism. Most autism advocates and groups seem to be all for it but I'm not sure.

Anonymous said...

Its propaganda. Oldfartrants exposed his lying right wing ass years ago. And a lot of these channels he has are really sock accounts he made up and that he paid homeless people to post on youtube. HE PAYS HOMELESS PEOPLE TO TROLL AGAINST THEIR OWN BEST INTERESTS!! HE'S A RIGHT WING FASCIST WORKING FOR CORPORATIONS!!

Dr Gilman said...

Not always. It depends on the person were talking about here. Sometimes a guardianship is necessary but I recommend limited guardianship. Plenary guardianship is not appropriate.

The purpose of a plenary guardian is for someone with a nasty condition that leads to irreversable deterioration such as Senile dementia. Its hard to get and its also hard to remove.

For people with uphill struggles rather than downward sloping like Asperger's patients limited guardianship is more appropriate. It limits what you can control but there is a time limit so your not forced to go back to court again and again.

With some patients with Asperger's I've worked with, limited guardianship is effective. It forces them into treatment they need, controls their condition and enables them to get help. They get caught up and by the time the guardianship expires they are ready to be on their own. If not, the parents and the doctors can talk to a judge and see of more time is needed but Usually not always. And if it is its just another year or two.

One alternative to guardianship is power of attorney. That way these scenarios described in the article by Pittsburgh Autism are fixed up good. Power of attorney lets you manage legal concerns. If your adult child is in trouble you'll be able to visit and it also alerts the judge and law enforcement that they are dealing with someone with a disability. They'll go easier and they'll be more protective.

One other benefit of these things when it comes to criminal justice is usually when dealing with people they know have a problem its easy to find alternatives to jail such as placement in a psychiatric ward at a nearby hospital.

Involuntary commitment is another good alternatiive if you can't get guardianship. That's what my parents did to me and some of my patients. Whether or not they think they have a problem they gotta go to treatment and enroll and they can't stray far neither.

Another thing you can do is rewards and incentives to make sure they are under control. That also worked for me and other pateitns.

mainestategop said...

How about no guardianship!?

Anonymous said...

For that matter how about no psychiatry? We got to get rid of this communist clap trap. there is no such thing as a mental illness. its about controlling people that;s all. Look, everyone has flaws. Some people panic too much, some people drink too much coffee, some people eat too much, we all have flaws but liberals, fascists and communists they all want to use that to say, Oh! you're too stupid to decide what's best for you so we'll decide for you? IN OTHER WORDS: What's in their interests not yours.

This is why socialism fails and why psychiatry is a failure. This guy Victor, he's living on his own in Las Vegas, working ETC but they all say he is a retard just because he can't find work in Pittsburgh or because his parents are A-holes!

Jeff Gilman said...

Nope! You need it! Society needs it like as not! I didn't like it either when my parents took over my life for me and made me go into treatment and told me I had a problem. But It helped me to see that there was something wrong with me and that it was up to me to be a responsible adult and take responsibility for my problems!

The purpose of Guardianship is to help those who can't help themselves. Its the state's job to help people who are mentally impaired and who's judgement and decision making capacity are impaired by mental illness and disability.

I know you say its communism and socialism and nazism and this and that but its a fact

The problem with anti-psychiatrists is that they give themselves away. Just about every one I have encountered in the anti-psychiatry movement is mentally ill. they resent having the government in their lives, they resent being labeled and so on but that's normal to have hurt feeling to feel resentment and anger but they need help and wont admit it.

They just make excuses like religion, libertarianism, intellectualism philosophy and so on they want to cover it up. Its intellectual smoke screen to hide from their illness and hide from treatment.

We all need help sometimes and we all need to accept certain labels even if we disagree with it but the government wants to help, its good for us! The government is we the people and we want all people to have safety and restraint from evil and harm.

Anonymous said...

Escape from Pittsburgh!

I know things are bad here but they aren't that bad!!! WOW!

Anonymous said...

WTF is going on here? Why you all hating on the city of my birth? What's this I hear about Pittsburgh taking away people's rights?!

Anonymous said...

Hitler wanted to help people too! look what good that did!

mainestategop said...

No Jeff we don't neither did you. Your problem is your parents were hostile and abusive.

These people are branded mentally ill all because they have traits and distinctions that make them unpopular. If its not because of their beliefs its because they didn't fit in.

Your parents had no right and no authority to butt in and run you to the ground and in circles like they did.

You did not benefit.Your banned from working now, your banned from living a normal life. All you do is sit in oblivion working for the very people who put you down and kept you down to keep other people down.

What's even sick is now your being used as a tool to also knock people down.

As far as I know, your worse off than ever.

mainestategop said...

Guardianship is about ruining innocent people and setting the up for failure.

Jeff gilman said...

No, Guardianship is about protecting those who can't fend for themselves and care for themselves in a complex giant and sometimes cruel world.

You have people who are mentally and or physically incapacitated who can't take care of themselves and need constant protection in order to maintain some kind of quality of life.

You also have people who are now adults but not fully developed due to mental illness or some birth defect like Autism and Aspergers.

The purpose of the guardian is to care for them and legally protect them. People with certain disorders like Asperger's are very very vulnerable. By having them placed on guardianship, not only are they set up to be made well and remain stable, they are given legal protection.

A ward who winds up involved in the criminal justice system in some way either because they did something wrong or were in the wrong place the wrong or who is a victim of a crime benefits from this. It brings to the attention of all concerned parties, the police, judges, District attornies, lawyers, jurors, ETC. that this is an adult with special needs and is beneficial in the outcomes of these cases.

For example, one of my former patients who has Asperger's syndrome and many other problems and who was in my Asperger's circle was in a car accident. He was shouting loud at the police officer and behaving in a weird and uncouth fashion. I should point out he could at times seem psychotic. He was even worse than Roger was. He was not on his meds BTW.

Police arrested him and took him to lock up for distrubing the peace and disorderly conduct. As an adult, normally he was denied outside contact with everyone including relatives and they would only know the situation unless they were told. Well when they got there they found out he was under guardianship and phoned his mother, myself and a social worker. We were able to visit him in lock up and explain his case to the police. They agreed to let him out and go to the hospital. At arrangment he was granted preliminary bail and at trial the judge dismissed the case. It became a formality.

In other situations, he would've been seen as just mean and maybe a little crazy and inappropriate and would've gotten into trouble. Add to this criminal records added.

As a victim of the crime, the ward is given extra consideration. Often times police are apathetic when it comes to people who are considered low born and poor like the homeless. They don't investigate cases thuroughly. Well, by alerting that their wards that they are under guardianship that isn't they case, there is more rigorous prosecution for hate crimes and so on as well.

The government has a responsibility to take care of all of us. Some people need it more than others. There's nothing wrong with asking for help. Libertarian conservatives either are way too paranoid or want to deprive people of help. Its unacceptable.

mainestategop said...

Couldn't be more wrong! If anything, it makes them more of a target.

Once the judge jury ETC. get wind that the defendent is disabled or mentally ill, whatever sympathy there was for him/her despite remaining innocent until proven guilty is gone...

Doesn't matter what the evidence is... The jurors are gonna want to taste blood.

I mean just look at the widespread abuse of disabled inmates in prisons!! This is proof that our government is evil and it also proves that this whole disability Schtick is a sham to ruin innocent lives!

What if Roger Bauer got into trouble? You think they're gonna have mercy on him? HELL NO! They'll rape him even if he bleeds and the guards will just let it happen. they'll also beat the daylights out of him!

We got a couple of jails up in Maine where I am from that had that problem. One, Cumberland county jail in Portland, a dangerous jail full of rape and violence, a friend of mine who used to work there told me they had lockdowns at least twice a day especially on the weekend. They sense even the smallest hint of weakness in you there, you're dead.

The other jail is in Lewiston, I forget the name of the county but they have rapes and they've recently hired Somali Muslim jihadis who tolerate rape and even abuse the victim. There was this one man who was raped there, the guard mocked him afterwards. If was brought to trial but the judge dismissed it.

This is what you get for trusting liberals and for allowing government rule.

Jeff gilman said...

Well its funny you bring that up Brian. The reason you have abuse in jails is not because of government but a lack of it. In the EU for instance, this isn't allowed. Even Russia tends to be regimented and strict with its prisons granted there are instances about prison abuse by guards.

But its because of government monitoring and independent monitoring by a vigilant public that this doesnt' happen in more progressive parts of the world.

The states that are republican and have small government are the ones with this problem!

As for judges and jurors targeting people with disabilities, they have to be scrutinized they can appeal and if its found that their disability was the reason why they were convicted they can throw it out.

Also I can tell you from experience most judges and jurors will not go after a disabled person for a non-violent offense. The worst that happens is they are blue papered or put in involuntary treatment.

Also, not everyplace is as bad as those jails. Most of the bad places of course are in government places.

The reason we have freedom is because of big government.

mainestategop said...

The reason we HAD freedom is because we didn't have a big evil government out to rob us and tear us limb from limb. I have known so many people who got screwed by the government. I hate government even more because of filth like you Gilman. What you did to Roger is evil and mean and you know it! AND YOU KNOW DEEP DOWN INSIDE THAT YOU DON'T HAVE ASPERGER'S AND THAT YOU SHOULD BE FREE AND EQUAL AND NOT WORKING FOR THE MAN!!

Anonymous said...

Jeff Gilman is a jerk! He's not a real doctor, he's a quack, a phony and a useful idiot. I was in his circle before. He's a jerk and he's a red.

The state has no business telling us how to run our lives for us! Everytime the government is in control, the government always fails.

Guardianship is just an attempt to steal your money and waste your time.

Jeff gilman said...

Usually when a patient calls me a jerk he or she is disgusted by pointing out said patient's mental deficiency. A deficiency which has already been diagnosed by a professional of high regard I might add!

I don't quite remember who you are assuming you were in my circle but its perfectly normal for those diagnosed to be in denial and to react negatively.

You don't want to face your problem and make sacrifices that may have to be made to deal with your condition so you play persecution card and claim that wer all out to get you or that I'm a jerk.

Well sorry but you have a problem. You need treatment.

mainestategop said...

Or because they're about to have everything taken away from them all because of the word of a quack.

Jeff gilman said...

They have to accept they need help and make those sacrifices.

mainestategop said...

Yeah right, lose your home, lose your job, your assets live in a shelter full of indignant psychos and you think they should just accept that?

Maybe you are crazy? All based on a word of a doctor you'd force people to give everything up?

Jeff gilman said...

No one is going to make you give everything up Brian! These stories you keep sharing about innocent people having all they have taken from them is scary and yet the reason isn't because of SSI or government its because they're families aren't being supportive, they feel trapped and frustrated and rather than talk it over they run away and end up in a poverty situation. Then you have people who slip through massive cracks in our system that your friends in the GOP are making worse.

What i tell my clients iis to put the money in a trust fund or hold on to it. Make sure that you don't owe the IRS or anyone else anything so the money doesn't get taken away with your own. Also i tell them to be supportive.

Anonymous said...

I read the testimony and the article by the Pittsburgh Communism awareness and its just ridiculous! I mean, if your adult son has a guardian, then that's telling the police and the judge that he' They and the jury aren't going to want to be on their side anymore. They will want his/her blood no matter what the evidence says...

I used to live in Redding California and I now live in Franconia New Hampshire. In both cities, they are some big time nazis and racists. If you are disabled, you are not welcomed in those communities. They are also have a strong Klan presence.

You go in front of a judge and jury in places like that and they find out you're a ward and have been diagnosed, they'll hate your guts and want you dead!

And what the hell is an autism thought loop!? He's in state prison for threats and his having autism wasn't enough? What makes you think guardianship will make it go away? IT WONT!! Pittsburgh Communism society doesn't have a clue! The problem is they wont teach their kid to behave right!

Anonymous said...

Oh and before I go, I just love the comment they make at the end to the relative who's "feelings are hurt" "OH! You're an intelligent creative person but we need to take care of you!!"

WTF?! If he needs a guardian he's stupid! He's not intelligent! Its an insult to intelligence and dignity!

guardianship has never been about protection, its always been about abuse and exploitation! That's what always happens whenever you have government injected into anything!

mainestategop said...

Oh they did. They gave up everything. AGAINST THEIR WILL...

And BTW... those incidents took place in states with very heavy taxation and very very heavy spending. Not only can they not get a job because of that, the programs were full of money and yet still didn't work. You even said so yourself everything is fine in Rhode Island Red!!!!

There is no magic money machine, there is no infinite pool of salary or funds. By taxing everyone to death you kill jobs and productivity and cause poverty to go up!


Anonymous said...

Liberals are such liars! Texas is the armpit of the nation but Pittsburgh and Providence are great!

Jeff Gilman should go to work for CNN.

Anonymous said...

Its exaggeration. Guardians aren't needed for things like this. They're just gaming the system and gaming innocent people. Its just like in Tezas when they kept putting metal crowns on children's teeth, they did it just to get money from Public insurance and taxpayers and from private healthcare as well!

Anonymous said...

I see Pennsylvania is still a thriving communist bloc.

Jeff Gilman said...

Look, what happened with some of these people was wrong. In these cases, the parents rather than keeping the money in their own accounts or in Trustee accounts just blew it away. They could use that money for treatment or for other things.

But yes they have to make these sacrifices whether or not they think the need it. I dont' agree with the SSI cap but its necessary to live and in some cases you need to be on it to get programs.

No one is forcing anyone to give every single thing up. Like this woman in the wheelchair, her parents sound like they are unconcerned and this other boy who went to New York, well he's in a group home so he's alright.

Anonymous said...

They aren't alright and until the government is given the heave ho, they never ever will be alright ever again...

Anonymous said...

Give the governent the heave ho and you'll be worse off. In fact private power will have more and more power to exploit and even kill the innocent.

Lezlie L said...

Autism is real. The blog and this article proves it.

I found this blog while looking up info about Autistic Spectrum disorders and Asperger's syndrome which my son has. This guy Brian Ball AKA Mainestategop is upset because of what happened to a friend of his and some other people who allegedly were abused.

This whole blog is reactionary against government especially social services and mental health services.

I think the real reason he's doing this is Either A. He also has a disorder and is using this as a way to enforce denial and because he's paranoid about government out to get him or B. he's a corporate crony who wants to pay less taxes and have the government spend less and rationalize it.

Personally I think its both. One symptom of Asperger's syndrome is that they tend to be credulous. My son for instance believes a lot of what these nuts who spread fake news says and even after showing him sound proof he accuses us of liberal bias! I mean we had all this proof and he's stubborn as a mule!! This guy also sounds a lot like that! He believes everything that comes from Infowars and fox news!

On and on, article after article attacking the government and attacking mental health and saying that there is no such thing as Asperger's syndrome

Well guess what there is such a thing as asperger's and this blog proves it!

And its not the fault of government, its the fault of the idiots in charge, mainly republicans!! All those tax cuts and deregulating have made it harder to preserve freedom and promote a check against private power that sucks the life out of the country!!

Lezlie L said...

@Jeff Gilman

We're from Denver Colorado and our 16 year old son has Asperger's would you recommend a guardianship for our son? Our psychiatrist suggested its possible he might benefit if we got it for him. Would you recommend plenary or limited. Or should we just get power of attorney.

Jeff said...

I'm sorry but I don't know enough about your son to make a solid opinion. But I will tell you that Plenary guardianship isn't necessary.

Limited guardianship or power of Attorney is a better choice for people with Autisticspectrum/aspergers and that is because it removes a lot of red tape.

Power of Attorney would be better for your son. It will help if he gets into legal trouble or has other issues.

In severe cases, if your son has serious behavioral and violent episodes or if he is unable to take care of himself or manage money or other things like that, then limited guardianship might be a good bet.

I don't know since I have no knowledge of your son's behavior. If you would share them with me I could try and help.

Mindy from Maine said...

I disagree. Sometimes with certain individuals Plenary Guardianship is better. My son has Asperger's and he also has accompanying mental illness. We applied for plenary guardianship at the behest of his doctor. We decided he would probably never be independent at least not till way way later in life.

He has Asperger's very badly. He also has bad behavioral problems. He's been expelled from school twice, Alternative schools have had no effect and He was in the hospital twice. he also ran away 3 times. Our doctors said he would probably never be independent and never be able to work. He's unemployable now because of his criminal record and his bad behavior.

He is very anti-social and has very very poor social skills. Whenever we bring him out in public ever since he was small he was strange. He would do strange and stupid things. It took only 5 minutes for the stares to start. We would be embarassed.

He's had to stay at Dorthie Dix Hospital in bangor and he's currently staying in a group home near Waterboro. He's also had to stay at some institutional housing in Rockland and in Massachusetts.

We had trouble getting plenary guardianship since DHHS insisted on limited guardianship BUT THAT'S NOT ENOUGH.

Thank God he got in trouble in Portland. He went to the Maine Mall and started harassing people and attacking bystanders while half naked after we refused to let him have a driver's license. We didn't trust him and he failed all his drivers ed tests anyway. He went nuts finally they got hi, and took him to jail, then Spring Harbor hospital. Due to the seriousness of the crime, the judge finally agreed.

Its unlikely he'll ever be a normal adult despite all we've done.

Not everyone with Asperger's can be a normal adult. Many will never be fully indepednent and will need help for life. Our son just wasn't wired correctly.

Plenary guardianship is better. It may be hard to get out of it if they improve but sometimes they just can't get better.

Its sad.

Jeff Gilman said...

Well, it looks like your son has a lot of serious mental problems accompanying Asperger's syndrome to require that then.

I was refering to Asperger's in General. Most people in that condition aren't like your son. But in the rare instance when he's got these things that compels him to run half naked through a mall attacking people yes. This is severe.

Plenary guardianship isn't required for Asperger's. Its not worth the mess and the red tape. But if he's got some real serious wacky issues like you mentioned, yes. Then its different. In that case yeah, hes a loon.

But limited guardian ship for the average boy or girl with it is more suitable. Better still, power of attorney is the best option.

Its not uncommon for people with Asperger's to have accompanying mental health issues like your son. But even more rare if its severe and leads to violent behavior like your son.

For the most part, mental problems include Anxiety, worry, depression, ADHD, nervous ticks and so on. This is usually what they have.

The problem with plenary guardianship, too much interference from the state, its hard to remove when they get better, there's so much red tape. A limited guardianship is best.

For the most part, people with asperger's are intelligent responsible individuals who need a few structures. Power of Attorney is a better bet.

Again it depends on the person. Talk to the doctors and the psychiatrists and be sure the patient is in treatment doing well and learning and behaving well.

Lezlie L said...

yeah it looks like this other person has mental problems. Our son isn't like that but has problems.

He has no friends, he pushes people out of his life and spends all the time in front of XBOX the computer ETC. He will never socialize unless its by computer XBOX or At the D&D game at the game shop downtown. He rarely socializes with anyone. Unless they are computer geeks who are cored and wired like him or D&D fans like him or play Pathfinder, he pushes them out of his life.

Also, he eats with poor manners. He eats fast, he doesn't chew his food, he more like drinks his food. He also uses his fingers sometimes instead of his fork and belches a lot sometimes without saying excuse me.

He also often times waits till the last minute to use the bathroom, my husband and I often find skid marks on his undies, very big very dense moist and nasty ones like he holds on, holds, holds then goes to explode.

Also he has to be reminded to bathe and take showers and change his clothes.

He also cuts corners at school to have more time to tune out and drop out on his game counsol. He's really intelligent and has lots of potential but he only seems to do minimum work.

Also he bites his nails to the nub, picks his nose sometimes eats the boogers, same with his ears, pick skin, pick his feet and fidgets. He also does a lot of gross things I can't name and has several behavioral issues.

Were very concerned about how he'll turn out as an adult. His psychiatrist says she's not certain but suggested a guardian as a possibility. She just threw it out there. We don't know if we want to take such a big step. He is willing to participate in social programs for him and behavioral programs and takes meds and sees the doctor willingly. We don't force him to go to his doctors appointments, we just remind him and he goes willingly. He doesn't need to be forced.

So should we get the ball rolling or should we just use power of attorney?

Anonymous said...

Communism pure and simple. I'm staying clear from Pittsburgh.

And look at what the communist website in question says to address those hurt feelings.

ou are an intelligent person and you have always been really smart about coming to me to ask about things like doctor’s visits and job applications. Let’s make sure that no matter where you live or what you do, that I can always help you with things like that. And for the times when I am not available, we can make a contract with Aunt Jen to take over for me. We want to make sure that nobody else can lead you into making a mistake in those areas. Nobody else loves you as much as we do!”

NO STUPID!!! If he/she needs guardianship its means theyre stupid!!

They tried that with me BTW when I was living in California. My parents weren't like that. They told me I was stupid, I was irresponsible, I was mentally ill, I was this I was that, WE DON'T TRUST YOU TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND WE NEED TO MAKE SURE YOUR SAFE!!

On and on, they said terrible things to me.

I never did anything wrong. I have no record, I wasn't disobedient, never cussed out talked back, I did everything right but I was picked on in school and the parents took me to a shrink who said that just because I was picked on, I was a retard with aspergers.

They obsessed over it, believed everything the damn shrink said. Before my parents could act, I ran like the wind. I almost died and was nearly raped but I ran away, went to another state, told them my parents were dead I didn't care what happened to me. I went to Kansas, was in foster care and a group home, when I turned 18 I clawed my way back up. When my parents found me, I was working and being independent, had my own place in Kansas, they were angry at me for running I told them...

"Look, I have no disability, I don't have Asperger's, there's no such thing! You just made that up because 1, the doctor wants a kick back from the state and big Pharma, 2, you are failures as parents, you're not loving, you blame me for why you failed. I would rather die 1000 times then live with a lie and be branded a retard and forced to have a guardian potentially for life! That's not what I am! I don't roll with that! You just couldn't accept me for who i was. Should've left me be!"

They weren't happy. They told me that they were sorry they loved me but that I wasn't allowed back at there place anymore. OK! Aint nothing wrong with that!!!

So don't listen to this crap. Jeff Gilman and these autism people are commies who want to enslave you. Jeff, you don't have Autism. Your just a shill and your brainwashed. SNATCH BACK YOUR BRAIN AND HOLD ONTO IT!!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Look at what else they say!!

You may need a whole pound of prevention to avoid these actual scenarios! Many families living with autism or Asperger Syndrome need to get limited or full (plenary) guardianship, regardless of perceived ability level, and regardless of worries of offending the adult child. Temporary hurt feelings or misunderstandings can ease, while permanent legal, physical, or financial trouble often cannot.

WHAT CRAP!! Just because the parents are worry worts the innocent victim looses his or her rights for good perhaps!!

Even that other communist Gilman admits Plenary guardianship goes to far. So do other autism communist websites. Even limited guardianship!

And now here is the alarms!!

If guardianship is NOT obtained:

and the adult-aged child moves into a facility that assumes guardianship of residents upon placement (public or private large residential facility, supervised apartment, shared living or assisted living facility), that organization or service provider can get full guardianship, and primary control of every aspect of your son’s or daughter’s life;


your son or daughter can fall easy prey to new “friends” who offer housing, food, cigarettes, parties, sex, and freedom from parental authority…and blah blah blah, This has led to illness, injury, unimaginable deprivation, even death;



your son or daughter, encountering any trouble with the law, will still be given only one phone call;
a judge, seeing that the person has no guardian, must assume competency and that the person has complete understanding of right from wrong;
a judge will be much less likely to “go easy” on a person who is competent, as opposed to a person whom another judge, via the guardianship process, has declared incompetent (or partially incompetent). Disabled people without guardians get regular prison sentences every day. There is no manifestation of disability hearing. Once convicted, they are a criminal. Period.


Guardianship provides true monitoring,


Any person with a guardian maintains many rights,

No they do not!!

Anonymous said...

The purpose of guardianship is to bypass important protections and rights the victims have and use that opportunity to exploit and shame them! Its about removing basic rights and using that to get at the poor victim and the victim's property!!!

Once guardianship is imposed you lose your rights. Especially if its plenary!

Jeff Gilman said...

The purpose of guardianship is protection.

You don't have the right to go around depriving yourself of basic needs like food clothing and shelter, you do not have the right to be a hopeless homeless derelict, shiftless, aimless and dissolute.

In many states they have laws against youths in such a situation. the state intervenes. There is also a law called blue paper which they can force someone in an unhealthy situation like many of these people are in into 72 hold and evaluation.

For many, they need involuntary commitment. They need treatment. They have mental conditions that

Jeff Gilman said...

That warrant neccessary treatment. Since many do not have the idea that they are sick. That means they need treatment. They need help.

They can't see they are sick, they cannot care for themselves provide for themselves, they need it.

I've dealt with this peopel before. they are not well, they are very ill.

Anonymous said...

uh huh... YOu don't agree that your sick so you can't see that your sick.

If you say "I'm not sick" When there is no evidence you are not sick, that is evidence you are not sick because a professional quack with a certificate waving in his hand sez you are sick.


Anonymous said...

Yeah so everyone with Asperger's yells at dogs and chases people on bikes?

And they like shiny guns? WTF?

Sounds like this guy in the scenario had a real serious problem. It wasn't Aspergers.

I got labled with that too and I never did anything like that. And WTF? What is an Autism thought loop!?? What is that!? I know better than to do that either even on a bad day!!

Jeff Gilman said...

No, not everyone with Asperger's is like that. Some of them are however. Some of them also have thought loops where they do things like make threats that get them into trouble.

I doubt the college student in real life would've gone to state prison, unless this is in say, Georgia or Alabama. In all likelyhood he'd be on probation or commitment.

Some of them however need guardianship. Sometimes a plenary one.

Jeff Gilman said...

Autism thought loop? Well how to describe that one. Basically people with autistic disorders like Asperger's tend to have thought patterns that spin around and around in their mind over and over again. This could be a distressing scenario a flashback of sorts, it could be a problem or over worrying.

The mind of an autistic dwells on it. It repeats over and over in their mind disaster disaster. They can't move on from it. They dwell on it over and over again.

I would say that Asperger's sufferers have symptoms very similar to flashbacks and PTSD. The thought loops are hard to get control of. They are difficult.

People with Aspergers tend to dwell on situations that haunt them.

Jeff Gilman said...

Its not over protection its hardly even. Many of these people need loads and loads of help. They can't take care of themselves at all. They are in despair. THEY NEED HELP. Guardianship often becomes necessary.

mainestategop said...

Yeah stripping someone of their rights and their human dignity is not really overkill. Right..

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that'll teach them! Oh boy.

Anonymous said...

@Jeff Gilman

Our son has Asperger's syndrome and he has symptoms of post traumatic stress from being bullied at school. We were told this was really autism thought looping and that they tend to dwell too much on traumatic events in childhood.

Anonymous said...

@jeff Gilman

Um.. Yes one other thing, we found out about this while looking up autism and thought loops, we had a similar problem going with our son as with Roger. He Ran away from home because he lost his job at Jiffy lube. He didn't want to go on SSI because he was afraid everyone would say he was stupid. We found out last week he was homeless in San Francisco California. Were' making arrangements to send him home and were hopeful we can coax him to come back. We live in Indiana. Unfortunately we don't have very many programs for people with PDD ASD And Autism. We aren't sure if we should have him move to another state when he gets back. He's not doing well where he is now.

We also want to know what to do about autism though loops and if the flash backs he has are actually that and not PTSD?

Jeff Gilman said...

People with Asperger's tend to have repetitive thought patterns. They will dwell on a certain incident frequently and hold on to it more and more. It happened to me too. Asperger's patients tend to be fixated on certain topics especially if its distressing. Mom for instance would respond in a hostile tone and My mind would analyze the tone before the words. I don't know if mom is angry if I did something wrong or something bad was going to happen. My mind got fixated and spent more time dwelling on it, taking notes again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again.

What happened was that in such distressing situations, my mind over and over would repeat itself taking notes and compiling and piling up nothing but negative thoughts negative thinking and worry worry worry worry worry worry.

Its the way ASD patients are wired. Their brains are stuck in a loop taking notes again and again.

That's what happened to your son. The bullying made him repeat itself over and over again.

This is what convinced me I had Aspeger's BTW. I thought and many other experts thought it was PTSD flashbacks.

No it wasn't it was repitative autistic thinking.

I find this with a lot of people. They have thought loops. Its not a flash back, its a loop. The Brain of someone with Asperger's and autistic problems does this. Its how their heads are wired.

In addition there is fogging, muddled thinking and so on. Their minds are wired differently. The repetitive thinking and views can pile up an promote mental health problems and crisis if not dealt with.

As for your son, I don't know. California has some goood programs especially if he's homeless but Minnesota, Wisconsin and Ohio are good places for helping people with Asperger's. Indiana, Illinois, Um... Not so much.

You should talk to your son, his case worker and others and come to an agreement on what is best for him. He needs assistance and programs and California might do better. But If possible now's a good time to go to Minnesota. Its warmer there, they are generous with SSI and have great housing programs.

Anonymous said...

Listen to what these A-hole liberals say about guardianships

We all need help sometimes. You are an intelligent person and you have always been really smart about coming to me to ask about things like doctor’s visits and job applications. Let’s make sure that no matter where you live or what you do, that I can always help you with things like that. And for the times when I am not available, we can make a contract with Aunt Jen to take over for me. We want to make sure that nobody else can lead you into making a mistake in those areas. Nobody else loves you as much as we do!”

If you did love him/her you wouldn't be doing that, imposing a F***king guardian.

My parents didn't even say that to me when I was 17 and they wanted to do that to me.

Instead they were all: Were doing this for your own F***king good! You are an idiot and you are not responsible!! YOU HAVE NO SOCIAL SKILLSS! G** D***t!! You can't be an adult because we say so and because your physician said you couldn't! YOU ARE MENTALLY ILL! YOU ARE AN IDIOT!! YOU HAVE ASPERGER'S YOU HAVE THIS!! YOU HAVE THAT!!! YOU'RE STUPID!!! Were going to make sure you don't get yourself into trouble and that you don't do something stupid to hurt yourself or someone else! You need to be on medicatin for your problems you fruit loop! NUT!! You can't do it and never will! ITS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!! SHUT UP!! I'LL BEAT YOU I SWEAR!!

That's guardianship in a nut shell That's what they really say

mainestategop said...

Im sorry. Did you make it out? I can help you if you need to.

Anonymous said...

Liberals can sugarcoat and sweetcoat all they want to. They can't. If you have Asperger's it means your retarded. What they're really saying is, its all your fault they screwed you up.

Anonymous said...

California is not a good place for Asperger's syndrome. Schools and programs there often allow bullying and do more to make things worse. Our son was bullied and the teachers often would stir them up and intentionally make them more emotional for fun. We had to take him out and homeschool him. When Social services came and demanded we put him back we told them to fire the teachers who were helping the bullies and put an end to bullying or no. They refused. They were unsympathetic. We couldn't move out but we lawyered up and later we put him in a Parochial school.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. California is nice. There are some parts of California that aren't good at all but for the most part, A lot of places like in the more developed areas on the coast and Sacro valley are better than inland.

New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Parts of New York and parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota I'm told are also good at taking care of people with autism Spectrum disorders.

Anonymous said...

California actually does have some good places and programs for Asperger's syndrome. They're not as good at taking care of them as New Jersey and Massachusetts are but they are nice.

Anonymous said...

The author is a bit reactionary when it comes to government. That's the impression I got when I first looked over his blog. A lot of paranoia too.

Some people need a guardian. There are people who cannot function without help and the other purpose is to protect them from legal harm and harm from bad people who will take advantage of them.

Conservatives are frightening in this aspect. But while they think that its better to have no government and unlimited freedom, what are you going to do when the private powers come in to take advantage.

Consider the following scenarios.

Scenario 1: Your adult daughter with Asperger's who is about 19 begins to hang out with a man who seems nice. The She moves in with him and cohabitates. They move to another state Then she is dumped off and gotten rid of. She is also pregnant and stuck. She has nothing she has been used up. She has no guardian so you cannot stop this from happening and bring her back easily.

Scenario 2: Your son with Asperger's has Grandiose plans to move to another state to work at a job that he is not qualified for. He is under the allusion he is qualified but isn't. He goes to another state all the way across America and is homeless. You cannot bring him back because you have no money and there is no guardian. Neither is there no guardian there either and no one is willing to help foot the bill. YOur son is stuck in this place for a long time in a state of homelessness because of this.

Scenario 3: Same thing but worse. YOur son or daughter is on the other side of the country say you live in Maine and he or she is in California. Or it could be vice versa. Anyway, he or she is destitute and deteriorates mentally and the state he or she is in imposes a legal guardian. The guardian will not let you speak to your adult child or communicate or help in anyway, the guardian is not able to help and is unscrupulous. You are not the guardian so your son or daughter is trapped for however long the probate court mandates the guardianship

Scenario 4: your son who is very bipolar and possibly schizophrenic has become involved with a fringe group that is anti-social and advocates violence and terrorism. This could be neo-nazis, communists, Isalmofascists whatever. The group is arrested en masse and deatained. Because you are not a guardian you cannot see him or communicate with him. The authorities are not aware of his mental state. While detained he has a manic episode and goes off about certain delusionary and persecutory episodes that are interpreted instead as hostile intent. He now faces federal prison time and endless indefinite incarceration because he has no guardian and has no advocate. The feds are unaware of his state of mind.

Anonymous said...

Or worse Scenario 5: This happened to a client I worked with in East Texas by the way: Your son who has Asperger's in a big way and is introverted accidently brushes up against a woman at a shopping mall. It is accidental but interpreted as sexual harassment. Mall security detains him and calls the police and while he is detained he has a meltdown and goes through an autism thought loop that causes him to behave in a disturbed and discombobulated manner. The mall cops and police view this has hostile aggression and taze and arrest him. In addition to charges of disorderly conduct and sexual harassment they also add charges of assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. Since he has no guardian they are unaware of his condition and you are forbidden to see him.

He is kept in county lockup until he is indited. He was arrested on Thursday, due to a backlog of hearings he cannot be indited till Monday. While in jail he has a meltdown, becomes the target of bullying and harassment by other inmates and by jail officials who do nothing except lock him in solitary confinement. You are not permitted to see him or speak to him since your not his guardian.

At his inditement hearing the judge does not drop the outlandish charges or give him preliminary bail, they instead set his bail to $50,000 and his trial is set in 2 weeks. He has a meltdown during the hearing and he is maced and dragged out. He is now charged with contempt of court.

He spends 2 weeks in solitary confinement where he deteriorates from the isolation. 3 days before his trial he has a meltdown and a fit and despite threats by correctional guards he is violently beaten and tazed. He spends the day in the infirmary with a bag on his head restrained in a chair. His has no guardian to help prpare defense and he will not be sent to the hospital.

At trial he has several lapses where he cries and has a meltdown, the judge does not go easy and believes he is acting up. His defending attorney is from legal aid and is only a recent law school graduate. He has little knowledge of mental health laws or disability law. The prosecution's case is considered rock solid while all you have for defense is a plea by you the parent for clemency.

He has no guardian and so no one can defend him and no one wants to. The jury takes just over an hour to declare him guilty the judge sentences your son to 5 to 10 years in prison for resisting arrest, assaulting an officer, sexual harassment, gross indecency, contempt of court ETC. He will go straight to a dangerous state corrections facility. No guardain. No repreive

While at the prison your son is taken advantage of his social naivete by another inmate who makes him his punk. That's a sex slave in prison BTW. He is forced to be his slave and is sold to other inmates. He is beaten up and abused also by prison guards who are supposed to protect him. One year later, he is found dead in another inmates cell in a pool of his own blood. Mutilated, battered and raped. Corrections officers make no effort to find the killers responsible. He is buried in an unmarked grave. As one of the guards puts it, he's a piece of S**t. He has no guardian, no one on his team. He dies alone and abused.

This btw happened to one of my clients. She tried to get laws passed in Texas to stop this from ever happening again and to stop people with Autism form being abused. Governor Rick Perry, CHRISTIAN, CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN. Just like the asshole who runs this blog Turned the other way and even tore up other laws to stop inmate abuse and other injustices. That's a republican. That's Christian love for you.

Anonymous said...

This is ludicrous. Guardianship would never prevent these scenarios and in fact would open up to a whole host of terrrible scenarios.

The purpose of guardianship is not to protect anyone but the interests of the state. The guardian will only be interested in getting his assets and any asset coowned including yours such as your home.

The other purpose is to bypass necesarry protections in the US constitition and undermine property rights. Its about theft, exploitation and abuse.

In fact one inmate on LOCK UP RAW who has Asperger's syndrome and a guardian Thomas Wade Boggs was sentenced to 5 to 10 years for an outburst involving attempted rape after he had after he got fired from Walmart. He ended up in one of Iowa's worst prisons where he was raped and abused and locked up in solitary confinement.I heard he got out and is now a registered sex offender in Grand Junction Colorado

OH! OH! In fact this may interest you, the judge who handled his case, the judge said that prison was the best place for him to get help so because he had a guardian, because he had a diagnosis, he got sentenced to 5 years of anal rape.


Anonymous said...

Also, as far as scenarios go lets talk about that.

SCENARIO 1# This is a true story that happened to me BTW
You have been informed by your mother who is your legal guardain that you are stupid with Asperger's. REASON: You were bullied in school and it was all your fault. Your doctor says you failed to socilize with your peers Ergo, you are a retard.

Your mother tells you that if you ever so much as try to have an intimate relation with a woman, she will castrate you.

Your doctor who is a Chinaman and a communist also tries to proscribe you risperdal a drug given to victims of diagnosis of asperger like I was and you are told that the low libido is good since you will spread your asperger retard problems to your offsrping.

You resist the risperdal and are threatened with incarceration. Despite weight gains hallucinations, man boobage (risperdal causes gynocomastia or swolen male breast sizes) the doctor still forces you tot take it until a lawyer intervenes with the threat of malpractie. You are still drugged up however on other drugs like seroquel which make you have manic episodes and have breakdowns.


Your mother tells you that you are a stupid idiot and to stop changing your meds or she will beat you and get other men to beat you..

You are lonely, love sick, you want sex and you want an intimate emotional relationship. Romantic movies fill you with envy for those who never have it as bad you have and make you sad and overcome with emotion.

The situation doesn't end until you get out of guardianship only after fighting tooth and nail with help from a malpractice attorney and Fox news and the threat of exposure. But Not without losing your home. Your mother kicks you out and tells you never to come back. You are homeless for 2 years before getting a job and your own place. You see a psychiatrist again who just bats away the trauma and blames you for your situation.



Your guardian forbids you to look for work because your a retard with asperger's. Your mother the guardian says your a weirdo and stupid and that its all your fault you were bullied. As punishment for being the victim you are made a ward. You have asperger's its all your fault. You are not allowed to look for work and you are not allowed to go outside.

You are isolated and forced to rely on Voc Rehab. The case worker at voc rehab tells you that they will find a job for you. A year passes then another. No job. You are lonely, isolated, Voc rehab doesn't give a shit. Neither does your guardian mother.


Its not until it ends that you can look for one but you have no job experience so its more difficult.

IT took me 2 years to find a job.

Anonymous said...



You are assigned a guardian because the state for whatever reason decides you are too stupid to look after yourself.

Up until recently you have your own house and a modest savings account

The guardian forces you into an assisted living center then spends your money on his own interests. Everything you own is put into a dumpster


Its not until the money runs out that your let go and dumped on the streets with nothing but a measly pension from social security that pays only $500. Not enough to live on.

All because you had a guardian


Your parents want to take away your inheritence and the money you worked hard to save and earn. They claim you have Asperger's syndrome REASON: You were bulled and sexually assaulted in high school.

The doctor is a friend of the father. He also is a POS and a jerk.

Based on conjecture and hear say, based on mere words and speculation no evidence, despite being intelligent, despite having a good reputation and job, you are declared retarded with Asperger's and stripped of your assets. You are then forced on SSI. You only get $450 a month and are kicked on the streets.

You must stay at a shelter run by A-hole fanatics who make you listen to degrading sermons everyday to eat or get a bed. You are denied freedom and liberty all because of the word of A-hole parents.