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Thursday, March 16, 2017

National socialism (AKA fascism) is a failure just like Commmunist socialism

The following is a reply to a video on Youtube that advocated Europe return to nazism and that the press should be controlled by the government. The video was not only anti-semitic it was anti--capitalist and anti-freedom. More proof that nazism and liberalism are the same which is why they fail all the time...

Der Fuhrer failed to mention that unemployment in Germany like all socialist countries is a crime. After the election and revolution of 33, Germany's unemployed were put to work in mostly shovel ready jobs creating public works projects. Those who remained unemployed were deemed either as lazy or stupid. These people who want to work but couldn't find a job that paid enough or any job at all for that matter were arrested, detained and deported to forced labor camps such as Buchenwald were they were worked to death. Others were either killed or sterilized. The elderly, the disabled, the weak and defensless were exterminated.

Stalin, Mao and others did the same thing.

Socialism in every form has failed everywhere it has been tried. All it leaves is famine, godlessness, genocide, authortarian despotism and a lack of free will, free morals and liberty. The government is never held responsible or held to any account for its flaws or shortcomings and has full control over every man woman and child to dispose of in any way they wish. Always for their benefit not the people's.

In capitalism OTOH, it is possible for anyone rich or poor to come together and start their own press. Yes it is unfortunate that the wealthy can promulgate more of their views (especially thanks to government regulations such as the FCC) and yes its sad that not neough poor and middle class involv themselves in activism and journalism but at least they could, Not so in socialism. the state controls the press, the people are forced to read and accept what the state says.

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