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Friday, March 17, 2017

SSI program shows that socialism is a failure and liberals don't care.

Social Security... The SSI program. Liberals hail it as the toast of socialism. Liberals promulgate SSI as proof that government cares. The social secuirty program cares, the program is there to help those who cannot help themselves and that welfare state is superior to Christian charity.

According to New York Times columnist and leftist Charles Blow, "Social security is the gift of Washington to the American people. It is what makes America a higher standard in freedom and prosperity."

Just like everything printed by the Bolshevik News media including the Times and its left wing mouth pieces, nothing could be further from the truth...

The SSI program is nothing but pure communism. Worse than Obamacare.

The SSI program was originally intended for those liberals branded too old or too stupid to work. It pays very little, just to show how much liberals really care about the weakest among us... about $450 to $650 a month. Not enough to pay bills, not enough to live!

To make things worse, to receive it one must not hold assets or property worth more than $2000! Government workers and abusive liberal relatives often use SSI's mandated cap to justify abuse and seizure of assets. Its perfectly legal form of communist money laundering and larceny. The victims are often left destitute on the streets or in institutions. 

 SSI also further degrades human beings by denying them the right to work at a job, the right to own property and assets, the right to exist and the right to live. It also deprives them of their dignity and freedom.

For the last decade, we have received countless emails from innocent people who have had their money stolen from them by liberals and liberal relatives all "for the greater good." Innocent people who's lives suddenly changed for the worst thanks to the word of doctors and abusive parents...

My name is Aileen Johnson, I am 34 years old and am currently homeless on SSI in Providence Rhode Island. I am paraplegic after a drunk driving accident when I was 30. I sued and won a settlement for my injuries but my family took it away from me to force me on failing SSI programs. The court ruled in their favor and they even had a doctor say I was crazy to help discredit me and make it easy to steal from me! I was devastated and heartbroken that my family would do this to me. I can't receive any gifts for Christmas because not only do my family hate me because I am disabled and homeless but SSI would count against it. My payee only gives me $20 a week in allowence and even if I were my own payee, I'd still not have enough to live on. I've been waiting for years for housing and all they do is put immigrants and minorities in there instead. I'm hungry, lonely and desperate, I was raped at one time and another time robbed. I also was arrested for sleeping on public property so now in addition to being crippled and disowned by relatives I now have an arrest record.

The Democratic party has always been on the side of racism, inequality and social injustice. What makes it even worse is now they not only deny their history of supporting slavery, Jim crow, segregation, apartheid, corruption and other social ills, they claim to be on the winning side!

So its no surprising that not one Democrat either Rosie O'Donnell or Bernie Sanders or any New York slimes columnist has stood up to point out the injustice inherent in Social security and the evil SSI program. They could've used it to even try and find some way to bash republicans and conservatives! I don't know how, I mean I don't see why anyone should be denied the right to receive gifts and receive money from work!

The fact that SSI discourages work and wont even let you work is the antithesis of what the republican party and conservatives stand for!

No, the Grand Old Party should not embrace this kind Marxism at all the way the Democrats have. The Democratic party is the party of heartlessness and abuse. Not the Republicans despite all the allegations by liberal, corporate news media.

The left On the other hand, flaunts their cowardly support for SSI and the ruination its created...

My name is Caroline H I am currently residing in an adult care home in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I am not allowed to leave the home without supervision and I am restricted and I receive SSI. I have lived here since I was 18, I am now 23. My parents forced into SSI and forced into this stupid place because they accused me of being mentally ill and said that I would be better off here than working and living a normal life. I don't know what they were thinking but they are liberal and they were very strict and unloving. They told me that it was very hard living on your own in the world today and didn't want to me to go through what they went through. Well, I don't know how bad it could be but I'm worse off now than I would've been. I'm forced to take drugs, I'm restricted, I have very little ouside contact and I'm clinically depressed from being here. The only reason I'm able to get this email out is because one of the chaperones who accompanies me to the liberty is sympathetic. they would not let me contact you if they knew what was going on. I don't want to be here I want to live.

It cannot be emphasized ever more so as I have done on my blog many many times... The truth that it is far more profitable for the government to keep people poor and unemployed than to enable them to climb up the ladder. Sure the SSI victim could become a taxpayer but as Voltaire once said, the comfort of the ruling classes depend on the abundance of the poor. Hence, the liberal elite need destitute struggling welfare recipients to insure its grip on the nation and the nation's wallet!

What do liberals say about it? Absolutely nothing. They are silent and silence is acceptance and consent! And they would no doubt say that silence is golden.

Why accept such lies that SSI and social security are good for Americans? To control them of course... Make the state and its rulers Godlike and they can getaway with anything and everything and tell any lie no matter how obvious and absurd and it will always be true. This must be so to secure credibility for the state and deny credibility to its prey.

Teach a man that his government is always right and that professionals are unlikely to be wrong, teach a man that his betters, his rulers and those in authority have infallibility and he will believe anything and everything no matter how ridiculous no matter how offensive. He will jump off any cliff because a doctor or a civil servant says its for his own good.

Don't take my word for it, just ask some liberals themselves... A year ago we did an article on Roger Bauer, a young intelligent  man who is now married, working and living on his own and has a family. But According to abusive relatives and government Roger is too stupid to do those things he does now and should be on SSI where rather than being productive and employed he suffered misery and abuse. Even his relatives shamelessly supported the abuse!

What is sadder still is that conservative activists have focused all their energy on Obamacare and have ignored SSI and the evils that it has perpetrated for 40 years longer than Obamacare has been around! its a missed opportunity to prove that socialism is evil and a failure everywhere its been tried and a missed opportunity to save innocent lives that have been lost as a result of SSI.

My name is Stewart Zuckerberg, I am 20 years old and reside in a group home outside Pomana California where I have lived miserably for over a year. I was born and raised in California and I was branded as being retarded with Asperger's syndrome and later labeled with having a borderline mood disorder. I was picked on a lot at school and my parents blamed me for it. They also confiscated my nest egg and money I earned doing chores because they said I had to have no money to qualify for SSI even though its just under $2000! They took everything!

I ended up with nothing and I found out that I would only get $550 a month! WHAT!? I CAN'T LIVE OFF THAT!! I told my mom and dad but they told me it was for my own good and that some doctor said i couldn't work therefore I couldn't work.

I ran away. I tried to make it to New Hampshire where I would go to work at a job but I got stuck in New York city. It was awful! I had to stay in a homeless shelter for many months run by nasty people who treated me like crap and some of the people who stayed there were also scary! I almost made it out and I was just three days away from a bus ticket out but I was later discovered by my parents who put out a missing APB on me and the NYPD arrested me and took me to Bellevue hospital. I was then forced on an emergency guardianship under New York's mental hygiene law and taken in chains back to California. My parents wanted to put me in a group home but they couldn't find one forme so I wound up homeless again this time in the LA area.

I stayed at winter shelters in LA, one in West LA armory, the other at a catholic church in Glendora and Glenkirk Presbyterian church. The Catholic one was nice but some of the people who ran it including the bus driver were jerks.

My parents wanted to put me in the Roseville home in Roseville California, a group home with a history of abuse. I resisted and while I wasn't put there I was still put in a home. I am currently staying at a group home near Pomona. It is terrible. The people who live there don't really care about us, I haven't been abused yet but I'm worried about it. 

Were not allowed to go outside anytime we want to, we have to go out always being accompanied by a chaperone, I'm drugged up all the time, I can't walk or move like I used to, I'm obese and diabetic, I have to go to a clinic every week to speak to a guy and tell him what happened to me and this guy doesn't really care he just proscribes another bottle of pills to make me sick, my parents don't care either. They call me names, they are mean to me and say that I am on SSI because some doctor said I was stupid and couldn't work.

The meds have made me obese and I am showing signs of Type 2 Diabetes. I also have trouble with getting an erection and am afraid I could become impotent. My parents dont' care about the side effects and have threatened harm if I don't take them regularly. I also live in poverty.

The home I live in is a dump. The people who live there and run the place are also bad. I have no money to spend, at night some of the inmates of the group home play loud music and I am unable to fall asleep. There are ants and cockroaches everywhere, I have no rights, no self esteem, no money, no hope. I don't know what to do anymore

I'm miserable, I don't know what to do.  There are so many things I've always wanted to do that I will never ever get to do now that I'm on SSI. Among them, getting married and starting a family, enjoying a cold beer with my friends (I can't have alcohol while on my meds and no one wants to be friends with an SSI recipient.)I wont ever be able to hold down a job and worst of all never enjoy dignity. I miss playing video games, I miss having real friends, I miss having money...

I wish SSI never  existed. I wish I could be independent and live a normal life. I only wish...


Jeff Gilman said...

Well it isn't fair that SSI has a cap and doesn't pay a whole lot but its better than nothing. You might want to thank Brian and his GOP buddies for all those things.

Anonymous said...

For a liberal, the only reason a government program fails is because the republicans wouldn’t give it enough money. “Other people’s money” will fix anything. No matter how many times they get more money and keep seeing failure, the answer is still “more money”.

They have similar patterns in other areas.

The only reason we don’t know that Trump conspired with the Russians is that we haven’t investigated enough. And if more investigations are done and no evidence is found, Trump should still be impeached because it’s true and we just need more investigations.

When the seas don’t rise, and temperatures don’t go up, and ice doesn’t melt as much as “science” predicted, we just need to wait longer. It can’t be that predictions are wrong, just that we haven’t waited long enough.

A liberal’s feelings cannot be wrong. So when something looks like failure, there must be another explanation.

amandaxann said...

I cannot work due to mental and a few minor physical issues. I am VERY grateful for SSI. However, yes it is very little. I know people on welfare having kids get more than us disabled. The amount should be enough for us to live on.

However, almost all the examples you gave are from people uneducated. They give you a 9 month work period. They take half of your pay when you work, which yes is absolutely ridiculous and beats the purpose but they do let you have some.

For those who say their family is stealing their money, apply to be your own payee.

It does not matter what youre family or doctors say. If you dont want to be on SSI then you dont have to be. If youre able go out and live a normal life. No one is forcing you.

As for being homeless, yes thats a reality since they give so little money. BUT you can apply for public housing or section 8. It will take anywhere from 6 months to 3 years but then you get an apartment and pay 30% of your income.

To the guy only getting $550 a month, its because someone else pays for your food and shelter. I live with my parents and since I cant pay "my fair share" they only give me $500 a month. UHM hello, even the maximum $735 is less than "my fair share"!! So its not possible to pay.

Its absolutely ridiculous that we can only save $2,000. And only own certain things. Its ridiculous how many limitations there are and how we get punished for being unable to work.

At the same time Im grateful for it because if it werent for the program I would not be here right now.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing to be grateful for. Its difficult to become your own payee because the parents and the state often lie to judges so they can remain payee. The judge usually will take their word against yours since they're in authority and your just a poor worthless SOB living in a cardboard box.

The whole purpose of the program is to deliberately create poverty and unemployment. Just like with Illegal immigration.

Jack L. said...

This article is very very suspicious. Either its made up to attack SSI or these people are on SSI for reasons not mentioned. Perhaps the author or the "victim" is hiding something!

Its not that easy to get on SSI. My nephew is on it and despite multiple doctors and evals and despite being found mentally incompetent by the state of Florida they wouldn't let him have it till we brought it to court.

It looks like SSi is not at fault but either the parents or the so called victim. Perhaps both. For instance, the woman in Rhode Island in the wheel chair, her parents should love her. They can still give her money for Christmas but they need to not let SSA know they did. They also need to love her and accept her for who she is and give her back the money,

This other girl, she might have been put in a special home because she really is nuts. Maybe they went too far but its possible she's in denial and covering it up so she can get out and try to be normal.

Then this Zuckerberg character. How did he get stuck in New York city and why was he traveling to New Hampshire? What is over there? It sounds like he had some grandoise scheme cooked up that didn't go all well. He winds up homeless twice! Granted his parents should do a better job of being respectful and taking care of him but he was homeless twice. Most likely through his own fault. So its possible he is incompetent and not able to make good decisions or judgement. I mean why was he going to New Hampshire?

Anonymous said...

I agree. Stewart messed up somewhere. He must've done something wrong to become homeless and then put in a group home.

Stewart sounds like the kind of person who needs to be on SSI. Otherwise how would he have qualified?

Stewart Zuckerberg said...

What the hell?!?!

How is it my fault that my own family robbed me and defamed me!? How is it my fault that they lied to the judge to get rid of my rights!?

I went to New Hampshire to get a job! I went to New Hampshire because there were friends there who would help me. Unfortunately I had my ticket stolen from me at Port Authority!! That's not my fault. The police there were very unconcerned and lackadaisical. They essentially wanted me to be homeless in NYC so the city could pocket more money since they get paid more for the more homeless and dependents they have.

I was in New York saving money for a ticket and a place to stay. I worked at Labor ready and a couple other places. 3 days away from leaving but then my parents found me, lied to the police and the doctors and this judge in California who then used laws in New York to take away my freedom and my rights. When I got back they used the guardianship to plunder my bank account and take away the money I earned. They then dumped me on the streets then in a group home!


Jack L. said...

Look, your story doesn't check out. first, its almost next to impossible to get on SSI. You have to be messed up to get it. That you got it tells me you have a problem. Second, instead of accepting help offered you runn away all the way across the continent. Third, why New Hampshire? Why can't you get a job in California? Your home state has the third best economy in the nation, in fact it has one of the strongest in the world! Also What's in New Hampshire? Finally why did you lose your ticket in New York?!

It looks as though you have bad judgement and that your not very bright. If you can't cut it in California, you'll never make it in New Hampshire so why not stay there?

Stewart Zuckerberg said...

I told you! My parents lied to the doctors and the social security people!! They pulled a few strings to get me on

2 had to run because they were hurting me and stealing from me!

3 New Hampshire has a better economy, I have allies there and its easier to get a job and a place there than in California.

4 California's job market is a mess! They only hire illegals and I have no friends here to help me. I have no hope and I am hated here. I need to move.

I have excellent judgement. Your the ones with bad judgement! You are the ones who aren't bright! You can't expect me to do well and beliving under the conditions I am under! I would be better off in New Hampshire!

Jack L. said...

Is that all they did? Pull a few strings?????????????????

I doubt it. You'd have to be seen by many different profesionals over several years have been to clinics, and seen all these specialists. They'd have to do more than pull strings.

2 You probably ran because you didn't want to be responsible for your illness and ineptitude.

3 New Hampshire does not have that good of an economy. Its not bad but its nowhere near as good as California's. That doesn't answer anything. If your moving to New Hampshire just because of some rumor or word of someone that things are better and you'll get a job, you must be mentally ill and incompetent.

4. Why are you hated there? What did you do to make yourself hated in the community to have to move all the way east coast? I mean California is a very very tolerant state you must've done something really really bad to get into trouble.

And no the job market isnt a mess. You can't get a job cause you have no social skills and probbaly a dozen other reasons. I'm willing to bet you have a criminal history and have left a path of death and destruction behind you

Also, for New York to just at a whim award guardianship, no no it doesn't work that way. The mental health laws in New York like any other state require that the person in question be known to be mentally deficient in caring for himself and require guardianship for such a thing.

They had to get records, reliable witness testimony, they had to get several doctors and a judge all in good standing to approve this.

And it looks as though even if you made it to New Hampshire, they'd still corner you and send you back.

Stewart Zuckerberg said...

Well they did! No physical proof whatsoever. They based it all on their word alone.

I don't know where your from but California is just like the USSR. There was no proof that I was too stupid to work and be independent. (EVEN THOUGH I WAS WORKING) They may have even bribed people too!

Look, I went to work in NYC! I had jobs there, the only problem I had was being homeless. 3 days later, I'd have money to not only get a bus ticket but stay in a place for more than a month. Worst case scenario, I'd be homeless for just a month then I'd get my place. I don't know how long exactly but I would've done some good.

Just because someone claims to be a professional does not mean they are always right or honest. Neither are government employees or elected servants.

2 I left because there was too much verbal abuse and hostility I couldn't live there!

3 New Hampshire has loads of jobs and I had friends there! I don't base my assertions on rumors. I'm not that kind of person. Your the one who believes everything a quack says no matter what the facts say!

4. I was picked on and bullied constnatly, even my own parents encouraged it. I am hated there and I am uncomfortable there.

5 The job market is a mess, you can only get a job if you work under the table like the illegals and homeless do,

6 I did not commit any crime in California

7 New York does all kinds of stupid things. When they did this to me, they again based all the assumptions on word of mouth. It was arbitrary it was unncesesary they had no proof!

8. There was no reliable testimony, just lies

9 In New Hampshire, unfair and abusive guardianships aren't that easy to be made!

You attack me without knowing anything about me! all you make are false assertions!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Hey commrade? How do you know Stu is a retard and that these guys aren't lying? Do you know him personally? Did you ever read his evals? No? Then shut up! Move to China or Burma if you think government is always right.

Jack L. said...

I am a conservative. I am as much against communism as any true blue patriot. I am certainly no liberal. I live in Fernandina Beach Florida outside Jacksonville. We are very right wing there I am making merely making observations. Also, I have a nephew who lives in Ft Lauderdale who receives SSI for Bipolar disorder and also has Asperger's syndrome. And I have worked with homeless people in the past for my church.

I know all about the homeless and about Asperger's. Stu comes across to me as being a weirdo and having it. In addition he shows poor judgement, poor decision making capacity, can't work, the state finds him incompetent. He would not be getting SSI and would not be on guardianship had that not been the case. Its harder than you think. I know from experience.

Jack L. said...

@ Stu Zuckerberg

They would not have based in just on their word. They need evaluations, tests, life history and so on.

While I agree California is liberal and can do crazy things, I doubt that its anything like the USSR. I have heard similar things about Miami, Boca Raton and so on.

So what was this job you had in NYC? I thought you said you couldn't get one?

2 That might just be in your head exaggerating. A symptom of Asperger's. I doubt if it was that bad. You just look for excuses.

3 Well I've done research and while New Hampshire's business climate is better than most of newengland, to say that its a better place to get a job than California is ridiculous. Also I don't believe everything people say including you. I find it hard to believe that professionals in new York and California would be out to get you.

4. What does that have to do with you being on SSI and being homeless?

5 Then don't work under the table then. If you can't get paid at minimum wage and have to go under the table for way less, something's wrong with you then! The illegals aren't supposed to be here and the homeless are screwed up and unable to do any gainful employment due to criminal records or mental health problems. In short you and these people are unemployable.

6 Good. So why are you on SSI and can't work in Cali?

7 Well, granted you've got a lot of corruption up there, I can't really see how they would just base it on assumption

8 That's what you say. I doubt all of them were lies or exaggerations

9. Well I wouldn't know

You're right I don't know you and I am free to make assumptions with the info I have and my sister's experiences with her son.

Stewart Zuckerberg said...

Okay, first, the so called evaluations were just interviews. According to my doctor, the assertion that I had this and that and needed a guardian was because of interviews with my parents and with another doctor. They claimed that I was incompetent just because of a bunch of lies mom, dad and a few others said. They just wanted to take my money, keep it and keep me from getting a job. There was no reason. The only real test i ever got was an IQ test. I tested above average. I shouldn't be going through this.

I was able to get work and a little bit of cash assistance andFood stamps in NYC. I worked mostly at Labor ready I also worked for this deli owner in Brooklyn who hires the homeless sometimes.

2 Its not, You weren't even there! There was physical and verbal abuse

3It is better and I have friends there. And you do believe everything you hear. Just because someone works for the government or says is professional that doens't mean they're always accurate or honest!

4 The bullying was intensive. Worse than normal school bullying. They also made up lies about me on the internet and spread all over the community! A lot of people in my neighborhood hate me and believe all the bad stuff the bullies from school made up. even the ones not true... That will keep me from working and being comfortable. Its gotten worse btw now that I'm in a group home for retards. I should be someplace else!

5 As I said, there aren't many jobs and employers aren't willing. Also I have little experience which is a problem. I'm too young! Also as I said, I have a bad reputation thats tarnished thanks to bullies.

6 I'm on SSI because my parents don't want me to live a normal life. They're abusive

7 New York and California are super corrupt!! They are merciless!!

8 You doubt because you believe everything you hear from people in authority and can't be respectful.


I'm not your sister's son! You don't make negative assumptions against innocent people who have a hard time. It makes me doubt your conservative and probably are a communist.

Jack L. said...

Well son, You may not be the same but there's quite a bit of problems.

You tried to get out, you failed. Lets get that out of the way. You failed not once but twice.

First, you lose your ticket or get stolen in New York so your now stuck in a homeless situation. Did you even bring any money with you? If not what were you going to do when you got to New Hampshire?

You then wind up homeless again in Los Angeles before being placed in a group home.

Also, this has nothing to do with SSI. How does that come into play? It sounds more like your relatives and some government agencies have more to do with it. Where does SSI factor in?

And how are your relatives bad people? They got you out of a homeless situation in New York and put you in a nice safe home in California where you were kept safe and where you can be taken care of and hopefully learn to someday manage your life.

And I mean... Your getting Free money! I know SSI normally doesn't pay enough but California is very very generous! Your getting something at least!! WHY IS THAT BAD!?

And what were you going to do in New Hampshire for work? Do you want to be homeless in New Hampshire!? WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOUR PLANS?!

I mean, this sounds crazy. I know your having it tough where you are but why do you now have to go all the way to New Hampshire!?

And labor ready isn't even a real job. Neither is doing chores for some deli owner. That's ridiculous. If you don't need SSI if you can take care of yourself you don't need that crap!

If you have a guardian and get SSI, then that tells me that there' something wrong with you. The big problem isn't the family, isn't the government or the economy its you.

And why is an employer going to believe what some brat in high school says about you!? Why?! What kind of employer believes what some teenager says about you and uses that as the basis why you should be hired or fired!?

Employers aren't interested! They're interested in whether or not you'll be able to work! If your a criminal and if you can be trusted or relied upon. They're not gonna care if your in a shelter in New York or were bullied!!

I know I don't have proof, I know you don't like what I'm saying. But that's what I say. its my views. Sorry but I've seen people just like you. I'm not impressed.

Stewart Zuckerberg said...

I tried but it was not my fault! I was robbed. Someone stole my ticket at Port Authority. The police couldn't find it and they weren't willing to reimburse so I got stuck there. Then 3 days before I was ready to leave, mom and dad have me detained and shipped back west!!

That's not my fault!

I saved money from labor ready, enough to be taken care of for a month till I got my job!

Then when I got back to California mom and dad took it away with my other money! :..<

I was forced back against my will

And yes Labor ready is a job!

Also SSI has to do with it because they were obsessed with it. They took my things from me! Mom and Dad were greedy!

They lied! They just wanted to seize my money and control me! How dare you defend them and stand for them!

Your not conservative your a socialist!

Jeff Gilman said...

I see were still at it.

Stew obviously has these issues. You don't just get SSI that easily! When my parents made me go on it they had to go through tons of hoops, never mind my butting and resisting all the time. We had to go to several doctors, go to all these specialists and 2 or 3 analysts as well as wait a year before I got it.

The basis for the diagnosis and my getting SSI came from many reliable eye witnesses and in addition, school transcripts and interviews I did with the doctors. One doctor said he could tell just by sitting with me for just 30minutes that I probably have it.

It may also be that he exaggerates problems at home. People with Asperger's are highly sensetive and react panicky to situations. He also may be finding excuses for why he ran away and doesn't want to be in California. Why? I can't guess. Its a good state. Not perfect but they can help him.

And why he doesn't just take off to New Hampshire instead of staying in New York to work forlabor ready? Any money he saves will no doubt be gon and he'lll be homeless there.

Labor ready, McDonalds Walmart, thats all he'll be working at. He'll be homeless a long long time.

mainestategop said...

How would you know?

For working poor whites, California is hell on earth. I know because I know many from there.

There is no work for whites even whites with degrees. They prefer immigrants instead of americans. They work for less.

Also, its next 2 impossible to start a business in California unless your already successful. Taxes, regs, fees ETC. are too high and recently Jerry Brown, the bolshevik governor announced they're gonna raise it again since despite paying one of the highest tax burdens in the country.

For working poor whites and small business owners its an unbearable burden.

But Democrats like Jeff and Jack don't care. They blame the victim for socialism's failure.

Rhode Island also has a massive burden and is also poor. That's why poor people like Roger can't make it.

The only way to live in California is either to be an immigrant, a welfare bum or to be a bear flag billionair liberal. like Brown and company.

Califormia and RI also have a high level of memtally ill and criminals. Rhode Island has it worse! It was rated the most people with mental illness because despite all the welfare and taxes, they're still shirt tail poor!!

Socialism has failed. It failed everywhere. That's why you blame Stewart for why he's unemployed and why you blame Roger.

Jack L. said...

It seems were a bit emotional about this.

First to Stu, How was it stolen? Were you mugged in the station? Did it fall out of your pocket perhaps? Maybe you left it on the bus when you got there?

You need to be responsible for your possessions. It happened to me before when I traveled to visit family up in the north. I left my ticket on the bus that got there to Atlanta and I didn't have it to go to Florida. So I had to buy another one.

Don't expect them to feel sorry for you. They're not responsible for lost or stolen merchandise. You are. So yes Stu, Its Your fault you were homeless in NYC. You would've probably been homeless in New Hampshire anyway but its your fault.

And you say 3 days before you were ready to go to NH where you would've no doubt been in another homeless situation, you say you got arrested by NYPD and then just dragged back to California? How did that happen? What was going on? Was there a hearing? Did they just take you to the airport and chuck you on a cargo plane or something and send you back?


This all sounds suspicious. Its sounds like you made some very poor decisions. I realize you had problems in Cali but going from the boiling kettle in the fire and getting burnt to a crisp isn't my idea of a sound plan.

And no labor ready is not a job, I am not a communist I am a conservative but go ahead and blubber about it.


Anonymous said...

This sounds like crap. You'll note it says he has Asperger's syndrome and Borderline Personality disorder. That tells it all. People with Asperger's and/or borderline personality are social pariahs!! They can't get along with anyone, they can't socialize! They can't take criticism!!! They have no hard skin they're soft as cookie dough!

Stu probably ran away because he was tired of being criticized, blamed everyone but himself, ran away like a spoiled kid in need of a whipping and got himself homeless.

California has the best economy in the country!! If I were still as poor as I was as a kid, I'd love to runaway over there. I'd get a job in a week!!

This kid, this dumb, autistic crybaby! Who's also mentally ill, a weak pushover who can't take a negative comment from a professional or a parent ran away and got himself stuck in the big apple! His parents got him a guardian so he would be protected and SSI so he'd have some money and got him a place to live but he blubbers on and on and wont appreciate the help he's receiving!!

He says its SSI's fault because the fact he receives it proves he's retarded and mentally ill. His parents took him out of a homeless crisis in New York and brought him back to a nice place run by nice people and now he wants to have a fit!!

And to the person who runs this blog and his retarded viewers, I am not a liberal, I am not a socialist. I used to be one I am right of center. I live in North Dakota! voted straight GOP all my life except when I was a young idiot in University!

This dumb kid needs to grow up and be responsible!!! When he learns to stop blaming other's for why he fails, accept that he is different, then he can be an adult.

mainestategop said...

Puhlease! You two are so red you crap Red turds with hammers and sickles!

And you know what? He was on the verge of SH anyway so what if was homeless in NH! He would've recovered. I live in New Hampshire and despite the hammering we've taken by Democrats we've done better than every other state in the region!!! Why then are so many people including Democrat bums moving up here?

Why don't we stop blaming Stu for his unfortunate mishaps he did not create and lets blame the government for once. They were in control of him. Its they're fault. Them and the damn parents!!

Stewart Zuckerberg said...

Been socialist much? Why is it always my fault!? You don't know anything about me!! You don't know what happened, what I've gone through!! Those damn doctors didn't know either! They met me for only 10 minutes, a 10 minute window into an entire life and it was during a time of crisis!!

There wasn't any evidence, just my parent's word against mine! I suffered, they profited!

I know I was responsible for the ticket, I know but that shouldn't mean I should be punished for life. YOU EVEN ADMIT TO LOSING A TICKET!! They should've made an effort to find out what happened and who took it! They didn't mostly because they wanted me to be homeless in NYC so they can profit from taxes and fill their quotas and get more money. New York workers gets paid big bucks the more suffering and down and out there are. That's why socialism fails!

Just because of some mishap like this does not mean I am irresponsible or a stupid Asperger retard who should be banned from enjoying a normal life.

I did work, save money, I was on my way out when disaster struck.

I had plans, there were friends in New Hampshire who would give me a job and a place to live. Worst case scenerio had things not fallen into place, I'd be in the homeless shelter in Manchester for a few weeks then back on my feet.

New Hampshire has a far superior economy so I can bounce up in no time. But places like California I can't do that. There's this big fat stupid government that weighs me down. And there are people who have been homeless since the 80s waiting for housing. I told my parents I don't want to wait for years and years for a place to live. I can get one fast if you let me.

Mom and dad said they didn't care if I was without a job or a place of my own for 50 years, I still had to enroll. They didn't care. Neither does California.

I had to run away even if I went into a homeless situation, If I stayed in California I would be homeless and destitute anyway and its worse to be homeless there than NH since crime, corruption and poverty are so high!

I am thinking ahead, long term, doing research making comparisons. That's good judgement, that's a good decisions! Jack, anonymous and my parents re the ones who can't make good decisions! They want to shame me by labeling ,me with a syndrome I don't have, deprive me of dignity and respect all because they failed and the Democrats failed and all you want to do is beat me up.

None of you know what its like to be in my shoes. No one here understands. You're insulated, your better off, you don't know how hard it is.

All you want to do is brand me a retard, a crybaby, an asperger failure or this or that, meanwhile I don't have a job, I'm not productive, morale is gone, self-esteem is gone, depression is way up anxiety way up, problems bigger and not better, the Democrats living high and dry off your taxes.

In short, the problem has not gone away by name calling and abuse. It has been made worse.

I'd rather be homeless in a place like New Hampshire where they have respect, jobs and justice instead of a socialist dystopia like California where I have to wait 30 years for section 8 (and they might lose the form and have to start again!!!!) be subject to crime, poverty and misery and be abused constantly!!

I did not make poor decisions, my parents did and the government did. SSI was the fuse, liberalism the light socialism the bomb!!!

Stewart Zuckerberg said...


NO!! But what does it matter!? better to be homeless there than in California or New York! Better to be in a place where I can jump back up instead of being weighed down forever by socialism and failing government!!

If I had been homeless in New Hampshire, it would be temporary. Well, I'm homeless in California now. Jobless, homeless, forced to live in a bad place full of worthless dregs and abuusive caretakers.

If I had been allowed to go to New Hampshire, I would've made it.

I was climbing out of the fire, I was thrown back.
The NYPD arrested me, took me to Bellevue, I was there for 2 days before a doctor came in and told me that my parents had gotten a guardianship over me because they claimed I couldn't take care of myself. There was no hearing, It was all there word against mine. They went to a judge I later found out who awarded temporary guardianship over me. There's another hearing in April, I hope I can get out. I hope I can get my money back and blow this crap state.

They just took there word against mine. I think they may have even bribed them.

Stewart Zuckerberg said...

And to anonymous, I don't have thin skin. But they are my parents and in control over me and that makes their words more painful. Add to this, the loss of freedom, assets and dignity.

California does not have the best economy! You're insulated you don't know what its like to be a working class white in that state!! AS far as I'm concerned if they mexicans want it back let them! Better off without all those liberals and that garbage! I don't want anything to do with it.

I receive SSI because my parents lied to the doctors and the doctors get paid more for proscribing pilss. They get kickbacks from pharma and from others. Its a racket!! That's all they wanted.

I ran because I was tired of being unemployed and bashed by my family! It hurt too much. These weren't winos, these are my parents. It hurts when they do that. It wasn't criticism, it was abuse. Unacceptable.

Everything else is ad hominim. I don't care if you think I'm a retard with Aspergers. You've never met me. You don't know me and my situation!

Screw you and Jerry Brown! Your words can't bring me down. You're not in control of me!! I will leave! I will get a job! I will be independent! I will succeed!

Jack L. said...

I have to go out. I'll get back to you.

Jack L. said...

Okay... Where to begin.

No I haven't been socialist much but if want to call it that go ahead.

And no I don't know everything that happened but I know the doctors did more than just look into a mere 10minute window and no, they didn't just conclude that based on one interview lasting 10 minutes. They had to meet with you over a wider period, they would've had to have interviews, transcripts from school, other places and so on. They didn't just jump to conclusions.

Just because of some mishap like this does not mean I am irresponsible or a stupid Asperger retard who should be banned from enjoying a normal life.

I agree but why didn't you have money to replace it? If none then what would you have done when you got into New Hampshire? I did lose my ticket but I got it replaced easily since I had money and family to help worst case.

You OTOH are all the way on the other side of the country.

Okay you said you have a friend to help out? Who? And do you really think you'd do better if you were homeless in New Hampshire? I find that unlikely.

You would more likely be unemployed in New Hampshire and homeless for a very long long time.

New Hampshire has a far superior economy so I can bounce up in no time. But places like California I can't do that. There's this big fat stupid government that weighs me down. And there are people who have been homeless since the 80s waiting for housing. I told my parents I don't want to wait for years and years for a place to live. I can get one fast if you let me. Mom and dad said they didn't care if I was without a job or a place of my own for 50 years, I still had to enroll. They didn't care. Neither does California.

I doubt you would bounce up that fast given that New Hampshire doesn't have social programs

California does have problems but assuming you were that able, I doubt you'd have to wait 50 years or more for a house or a job.

These people on skid row who were homeless since the 80s are mainly society dregs with huge criminal records and many of them are homeless there by choice. Also, many of them have mental problems or a bad demeanor.

If you have to wait a year or more for housing fine. Suck it in and wait. Your parents might have been a bit uncouth in saying that but its likely because of your condition that your wont be able to be independent and employed.

Jack L. said...

I am thinking ahead, long term, doing research making comparisons. That's good judgement, that's a good decisions!

Nope! Not if your going from one bad situation to another.

Your long term thinking is to leave a situation that's not really as bad as it seems and to go to a place even worse. You even state you were willing to put yourself in a homeless situation just to get away from a situation that wasn't as bad as it seems. You make excuses for yourself for why you made yourself homeless.

The problem is you have think skin, your hypersensetive, you perceive things incorrectly so you leave an irritating situation that you had safety and care and support and intended on going someplace where you didn't have that!! At the same time rendering yourself homeless!!!!

Jack, anonymous and my parents re the ones who can't make good decisions!

Uh huh... Read above again... You are the one who can't do it right. You even admit it.

They want to shame me by labeling ,me with a syndrome I don't have, deprive me of dignity and respect all because they failed and the Democrats failed blah blah blah

Everyone but you failed. Okay, if you say so.

And you deprived yourself of dignity by running away from a stable home and going into homelessness.

and all you want to do is beat me up.

No one is beating you up. You are beating yourself up by not letting these people try and help you. You had to go an run away just because you don't want to hear the truth that you have a problem and need to get treatment for it.

If I had been homeless in New Hampshire, it would be temporary. Well, I'm homeless in California now. Jobless, homeless, forced to live in a bad place full of worthless dregs and abuusive caretakers. If I had been allowed to go to New Hampshire, I would've made it.

You would never have been homeless at all had you not run! Well now you have a safe place to stay. I doubt the caretakers at the group home abuse you, You probably just say that because your not happy there and want to run away again. WELL TOO BAD!! SUCK IT UP!!SUCK IT HARD!! LIFE ISN'T FAIR!! GET USED TO ITT!!!!

Jack L. said...

I was climbing out of the fire, I was thrown back. The NYPD arrested me, took me to Bellevue, I was there for 2 days before a doctor came in and told me that my parents had gotten a guardianship over me because they claimed I couldn't take care of myself. There was no hearing, It was all there word against mine.

They wouldn't have gotten guardianship without you unless they had some pretty compelling evidence. New York simply doesn't do that at a whim. They also need documents, transcripts, multiple professional opinions and so on,.

They went to a judge I later found out who awarded temporary guardianship over me.

SO THERE WAS A HEARING!! Was this hearing in California or New York?

There's another hearing in April, I hope I can get out. I hope I can get my money back and blow this crap state.

Well good luck. Just remember, if they say no, they probably had good reason.

They just took there word against mine. I think they may have even bribed them.

Excuses excuses. They don't take words against yours, they had evidence from reliable witnesses and other evidence.

You know, I doubt your telling the whole truth. There's more to this. You must've really done something stupid to warrant a guardianship. Something criminal and perhaps you have been in some other things.

California does not have the best economy! You're insulated you don't know what its like to be a working class white in that state!! AS far as I'm concerned if they mexicans want it back let them! Better off without all those liberals and that garbage! I don't want anything to do with it.

WRONG!! I do know. I used to be poor. I'm not rich now and I am not insulated but I put my best foot forward and I didn't make excuses. I didn't let other people like mom and dad tear me down, I just kept walking and moving and striving and took advantage of any help I got.

I receive SSI because my parents lied to the doctors and the doctors get paid more for proscribing pilss. They get kickbacks from pharma and from others. Its a racket!! That's all they wanted.

You receive SSI because you are unable to be independent and take care of yourself and find a job and hold on to it. They don't need SSI for kickbacks! What the hell? They want kickbacks from big pharma, they don't need SSI. SSI is way difficult to get on. You have to be real screwed up to get it.

I ran because I was tired of being unemployed and bashed by my family! It hurt too much. These weren't winos, these are my parents. It hurts when they do that. It wasn't criticism, it was abuse. Unacceptable.

I doubt it was abuse. They may have been hard on you but I doubt it. My nephew had hurt feelings too over some of the things his parents said. We told him its for his own good. They weren't abusive. They just told him you know what? You're screwed up, you have a problem, you need to take responsibility for it. Too bad. Yes there were tears, there were hurt feelings, but sometime to get better we need to be hurt first.

Jack L. said...

Look, I know its hard, I know you don't like it, I know you don't want to live in California, I know you want an out, but you have to go through it. Get used to it. SUCK IT UP! Your not normal you need treatment!!

After reading this whole thing and listen to him blubber, I conclude that he is irresponsible and in need of treatment.

He runs away from an irritating situation only to end up homeless in New York then dragged back after a hearing in either California or New York.

His abiding aim is to go to a state with no programs or safety nets, a state where likely he would be homeless.

The fact that he is willing to be homeless just to leave a place that was at least stable shows me he is irresponsible and has poor judgement.

mainestategop said...

Yeah I'm sorry but your no conservative. You're definitely a socialist.

I have been in touch with Stewart. We would've helped him here in NH. He would've been better off. Worse case he'd be homeless just for a few weeks. We have lots of people like Stewart Moving up here and rebuilding their lives in a place of freedom and capitalism. California, Maine, Massachusetts ET AL have none of that. All they have is failing safety nets and illegal alien filth.

mainestategop said...

And that you would say that Its better to be hurt to be made better? WHAT?!?! Why does he need to be hurt for? If he's better tere is no reason!! WHY HURT HIM WHEN NOT INJURED!? This is the kind of thinking Communists in China and Blue states have! AND ITS TERRIBLE!! INNOCENT LIVES DESTROYED OR KILLED BECAUSE OF YOUR THINKING!!


Jeff Gilman said...

if I may, I believe Jack is right. I've dealt with people just like Stewart Zuckerberg. I also have Asperger's Its likely that he's sensitive to criticism. People with Asperger's are very very sensitive to criticism. Its likely he wont take responsibility for his problems by hiding behind excuses and allegations of abuse.

Its likely he left a safe decent home and went to live in a homeless situation instead of being responsible for his condition.

Whenever they allege abuse, that they are mean, what it is that they don't like hearing that they have a disorder, that they have a problem and that they need help. They especially don't like hearing that they need to give up resources and certain habits and privileges so they can receive help so their minds invent a scenario of abuse and injustice.

This scenario often creates a situation where they perceive a crisis. Rather than talking to them, talking about problems, negotiating the parents fail to see the warnings. The person with the disability wont talk neither then run away from home and get into a bad situation,

Often times the person has few resources anyway and its a lose lose situation. In Stewart's situation he would likely face homelessness for a very very long time.

new Hampshire does have social programs just not very many of them. The ones they have aren't efficient.

NH is a libertarian conservative state, the only one in New England. The people there are mean and the people in the programs who run them have a negative mindset of the people they are helping.

it would be worse for Stuwart there than in California where he has family and a very good set of safety nets.

Also, New York doesn't just impose guardianships. The Mental Hygene law he mentions only requires guardianships in serious situations where they patient is in a very very bad mental state and unable to manage his/her estate. Stewart obviously doesn't have an estate worth anything and doesn't have any kind of resource so the only reason they imposed guardianship was because it was found that he was mentally incapacitated.

BTW, they would not form that conclusion just on one person's word or one interview. There had to have been compelling reasons why. Stewart is hiding something else that they found that precludes why he is in the situation he's in.

Stewart Zuckerberg said...


You say I'm credulous?! You're just believing everything everyone else says without knowing a thing about me!!!


LISTEN TO MEE!!! My Parents verbally and physically abused me!!!! THEY ABUSED ME!!!

They also lied to the doctors in New York about removing me from a homeless situation!!! They put me into another homeless situation where I was worse off!!!!!!!


Verbal abuse and Physical abuse is unacceptable no matter what!! I had every right to run away from that situation!!

If I had stayed, I would've ended up homeless anyway but at least in New Hampshire There jobs and housing. And I was working and being productive and safer in New York!

Homelessness is preferable to a hostile and fascist situation like I was in in California!!! You don't know that! You just want to make trouble for me!!

Doctors, Judges, parents, civil servants, ETC. They are not always right!! It doesn't matter how smart they are, how professional they are of if they are elected, they are flesh and blood human beings just as capable of error, dishonesty, bias, partiality, corruption ETC.

Look up National Association for Guardian abuse!! Look at all the example of innocent people exploited and abused!! Most of them aren't even disabled!! Most were given that label just so they could take their estate and abuse them!!!

The government isn't always right, neither are doctors or judges!! They concluded against me based on other people's lies and exaggerations over my word.

Im just a young adult starting out for the first time. I'm not one of these burnouts on skid row who are beyond mental. Why aren't they being targeted? Why are they using taxes and resources on an innocent boy who only wants an out and to give himself a chance?

Stewart Zuckerberg said...

@Jeff Gilman I know about what you did to Roger Bauer. You're sick!! You think abusing him and having a psychotic screaming mother is okay!! YOu don't care!! I am under a real situation, I was in a snake pit. Had I made it to new Hampshire I'd have made it!! You OTOH want to destroy me!! You claim roger couldn't work, that he was this he was that! Well he made it! He's working has an apartment, a wife and family! I can get those too! Why don't you accept that your wrong and that the system is wrong and that government workers and doctors can be wrong? So what if Gabor Keitner teaches at Brown University? So what?! HE'S STILL WRONG!! IVY LEAGUE CREDENTIALS DO NOT EQUAL HONESTY AND INFALLIBILITY!!!

YOu certainly aren't infallible. YOu let your own parents treat you like garbage, deny that they did and then help the same corrupt and evil system that broke your dreams break other people's dreams!! How come you never went to UMass? How come you have to work as peer-to-peer counselor instead of a real job??????

Jack L. said...

Stu, Let me explain some things to you...

First, just because things aren't going your way in California doesn't mean the state is the worst place in the world to live in. At least you could've moved to Oregon or Washington instead of travel all across america.

second, I never said that people in medical professions or government were infallible, but when I read of something about an Ivy league professional and a boy who's homeless and has been diagnosed with a problem like Asperger's I find it unlikely that the doctor completely messed up.

At best, your parents and doctors did not understand what was going through your mind and the worries and stress you were under and failed to address them. But It sure doesn't sound like a scam to me!

Sounds more like you wont admit you have a problem so you claim the doctors persecute you and abuse you. Same with the parents who are concerned about you.

If your parents did use abusive language and hit you, then that was wrong but how cross country travel to a state with no social programs that are reliable is supposed to quell that problem, don't ask me how! I don't know!

You lost your ticket, I didn't say you were bad and it was all your fault but you are responsible for it, and New York isn't obliged to replace it for free. You had no money to replace it. That tells me you messed up!

And BTW, what would you have done in New Hampshire if you were homeless? Would you seriously have been able to get out of that situation? I doubt it.

Your whole escape plan consisted of running away to a homeless situation in a state with no reliable safety net and in a state that didn't have jobs.

I took a look myself, did the research, this New Hampshire aint a land of milk and honey. Its not as bad as most places but its not as good as you and mainestategop portray it.

You ran away from one bad situation to a worse one.

Jack L. said...

The doctors would not have just based their assertions on your word or the word of parents. They need more than that. They needed interviews going back to early adolecennse at least. They would've needed reliable testimony and for the judge in Either Cali or NYC to grant emergency guardianship would've required a whole lot of evidence.

Again, I don't believe that judges and government are always right, I don't believe doctors are perfect too. There are people all like that who are ass holes, who are evil, who are mean, but that sure as hell don't mean your shit don't stink young man.

And California has a way way way better economy than New Hampshire.

Why couldn't you get a job in California? Why? I don't know could things really be as bad as they were at home??

Anonymous said...

@Jackass L

California is that bad! YOu have to be either a welfare bum, an illegal or a liberal shill to make it in that state. Either that or a rich celeb!

And so what if was homeless? Homelessness is better than being abused and enslaved by the state!!

when I read of something about an Ivy league professional and a boy who's homeless and has been diagnosed with a problem like Asperger's I find it unlikely that the doctor completely messed up.

OH?? What about the case of Roger Bauer? Dr Keitner, an Ivy league prof. and shrink said he would never be independent and work.


But a commiem like you would rather believe a communist immigrant like Gabor or a shrink like Jeff Gilman. Why? Just because they went to an IVY U. or have a piece of paper by the govern,ent. Yeah, if I kiss the Dems A** and go to Brown or Yale Then I'd be craping rainbows and everything I say will be true!!

Jay Gonzales said...

Yeah this guy sounds like he's mental. The reason he has this happen isn't so they could stop him from being independent and working like he claims... (WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT!?) Its because he CAN'T BE INDEPENDENT AND CAN'T WORK

This kid is blubbering that everyone else is wrong and he's always right. Well listen Stu, Professionals and civil servants have training. They are hardly that likely to be wrong. At best, just off a bit.

The problem is you don't have respect for people in authority. Your parents were at worse hyper critical for your many faults but they were helping you out by getting you a guardian and having you go on SSI.

You ran away to go to New Hampshire!? WTF!! I've been there. Its hell! They would not help you, they'd probably dump your corpse in a dumpster and set it on fire. You sound like that Kind of idiot.

Doctors, Judges, parents, civil servants, ETC. They are not always right!! It doesn't matter how smart they are, how professional they are of if they are elected, they are flesh and blood human beings just as capable of error, dishonesty, bias, partiality, corruption ETC.

Idiot.... No one said they were always right but they rarely F Up and when they do, the show it and at worst usually they were only off by a little. Roger Bauer wasn't too stupid to be independent and work, they said that in his state he would unable to hold on to it. He could snap and lose it all. He needs to go back into treatment.

These "professionals" you rail against had to go through training intense training. To get to the level they were at. They had to pass all these exams and have tests done to test their judgement.

In other words these people are not as likely to mess up as anyone else does. So when we read that an Ivy league prof. like Keitner says Roger is incompetent and that you are incompetent we know its true.

They would not have done those things to you without first doing all these tests. They didn't just base it on the word of just your parents and a 10 minute interview. Bullshit! There were many many resources and they decided that you needed a guardian.

Also, that you would run away to New Hampshire of all places also tells me they are correct. New Hampshire, they hate the homeless and down and out there. A friend of mine from there was homeless there. They don't care about you there! They're selfish bastards and no they don't have jobs.

Anonymous said...

Jay Gonzales, Didn't I see you on Youtube claiming that people who were victims of police brutality were disrespectful to authority and thugs who got what they deserve? EVEN THOUGH VIDEO CONFIRMED THEY WERE INNOCENT AND THE POLICE WERE THUGS!??

You sound like the same person and I believe he had the same name...

So if you really believe that pros and government employees are so holy and infallible why don't you F*ck off and go live in China or Laos?

There's nothing wrong with Stu Zuckerberg other than he's restricted and abused. If he were left alone, he'd have made it. But you believe an admitted and avowed communist like Gabor Keitner or an abuser like the Zuckerberg parents or the Bauers no matter what the facts say.

America doesn't need your kind here. Get lost!

mainestategop said...

Yeah I've seen people like him on YT. New York Ass hole, communist all of them.

They worship city hall, they worship the government. How would he know they did more than just speak to Stu and take his word against his.

Jack L said...

Let me try this again Stu. I see were still at it. Doctors, do not just go around making things up out of thin air even if they just wanted kickbacks and bribes. to declare you incompetent, they must have the following

FIRST: Patient must be seeing at least 2 or 3 professionally licensed psychiatrists, psycho analysts ETC. who will give the same opinion that the patient is Incompetent

SECOND: These pros have to be licensed and in good standing with the government and medical boards

THIRD: There must be eye witness testimony from reliable people such as family members teacehrs and law enforcement officials who are in good standing. Parents with a history of abuse or possibly abusive.

FOURTH: There must be things like police records, school transcripts, medical records, and similar documents

FIFTH: Doctors must agree that the patient is mentally incompetent. Based on the following critera

1 They form the conclusion because the patient 1. is unable to percieve the negative consequences of his/her actions

2 Patient is a danger to herself or others in current state. This can mean that they are prone to violent outbursts against innocent bystanders and relatives or are not able to care for themselves or protect themselves because of their condition

3 The patient's mental state is in such a pooor condition that he/she cannot provide food, hygene, shelter protection ETC.

4 The patients mental state prevents him.her from telling reality from fantasy and has delusions

furthermore for guardianship or involuntary commitment there must be a hearing with several doctors and a judge

These are just some of the criterea neccesary to declare Stu that you need a guardian. Even with these its still hard. A lot of people who need guardians re let off the hook. This is usually because the state doesn't have enough money or the family doesn't have resources or because the government is apathetic.

As far as I'm concerned Stu, your lying and hiding facts.

Jack L. said...

Stu, you are hiding something. And For the love of me I don't understand why you would run away from home to be homeless in new Hampshire? Why would you go all the way out to the east coast with no money or resources just to get any shovel ready job you could get in California if you only had social skills.

IF you can't get a job in California which DOES HAVE A BETTER ECONOMY then you wont in New Hampshire.

I think you're hiding something. You haven't told the full story.

And why were you homeless twice? Your parents just dumped you on the streets when you got back? No. They didn't there's more going on.

Jeff Gilman said...

Stu, you have some problems. As Jack was saying, you would need more than just the word of your parents and one doctor to have guardianship done. And no I never abused Roger. Roger's parents may have been a bit hard but Roger's condition warrented help.

My parents simply got me help. They intervened and made sure that I took responsibility for my condition. You and Roger both need to do the same.

Stewart Zuckerberg said...

Good news and Bad News. good news is I'm off of Guardianship. We had a hearing last Friday and I can be my own guardian again.

The bad news is my parents wont give me back my money that I earned working in new York, and my nest egg. They insist I keep living in the group home and keep living in No jobs no hope california. They wont let me go to Maine.

Also My parents are still my Payee. I'm getting a new one this week but Im not hopeful that the new Payee will be willing to buy me a greyhound ticket or train ticket out of this dump but If he/she gives me an allowance maybe I can save money to buy a ticket.

Brian, can you please help me? I'll pay you back I promise!!!

Stewart Zuckerberg said...

Excuse me, I said I want to go to New Hampshire not maine. I want to go to either Portsmouth or Concord. I don't want to live here in California. I remember what you told me about Maine. I agree its nasty. Its probably in everyway like California only smaller, poorer, meaner and cold.

mainestategop said...

Sure I'll help ya out buddy! I can probably have you get a job in the Concord Manchester area. I'll arrange for you to get a ticket later on this week. Congratulations BTW getting off guardianship.

Maine is very much like California, the people in Maine are meaner though, we don't have a whole lot of Mexicans but quite a lot of frogs from Quebec, many here illegally, we also have Somali refugees who don't work and sponge off the taxpayers, we also are dirt poor, more than any other state except Mississippi, Louisiana and just behind Alabama and Tennessee.

We are number 2 in welfare dependency after Cali and just before Massachusetts and Vermont, Maine also has a large population of Mentally ill we are #5 in mental illness, Rhode Island tops number one followed by Massachusetts, Arkansas, California and I think were tied with either Jersey or Michigan.

Yeah. Its that bad. YOu think you have it bad over there in the left coast, come down to the other left coast.

But Yeah, I'll get you outta here! Congratulations! Pleaseemail me some court docs BTW and let me speak to your lawyer to get other details. I might want to write about it if you want and I need to make sure there are no legal snafus that might follow you.

This week, I'll get you either a bus ticket or a train ticket. Maybe I'll get you a train ticket. You'll have to go as far as Boston then take an Amtrak Bus to Concord. But it'll all work out!

Stay in touch! Were getting you out!

BTW, Group home staff aren't gonna try and trip you up are they?

Stewart Zuckerberg said...

The Group home staff I don't know. They are mostly ass holes though. I told them I wanted to leave California when I get off my guardianship. All but one insist that I not leave and that I'm better off stuck here in this nasty state.

My Attorney tells me that they might interfere due to the rules of the place. I had to sign a contract well my parents signed it for me since they were my guardians, I had to obey all these rules and be at a certain time. they might interfere So I am worried.

Right now my concern is getting my money back. if you could call them, force them to give me back at least half the money back, I'll be grateful! I can get out and be free at last!!!

mainestategop said...

That might take time getting your money back. Weather's getting warm. You should come up here. Did you talk to your attorneys about that BTW? If they can't help you in Cali you may as well come up to New Hampshire!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jack! Your friend here beat the rap! He's not to blame after all! Left wing troll. Your not conservative! You're a liar and a phony!

Anonymous said...

Where are you Jackass? Cat got your tongue?

See? The communnists have retreated again with their tail between their legs! Score another wing for capitalism and liberty over marxian socialism.

Brian, I hope you can help Stu get out of Cali. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. that place is crap!

Jack said...

Yeah I'm right here. I don't care if you think I'm a marxist. Call me whatever you want but freedom must have reasonable limits. People with disabilities must also have their freedoms and liberties limited for their own protection. Many of these people are also dangerous and violent.

The purpose of guardianship and SSI is to help these people who cannot take care of themselves.

Its not communist or fascist to have limitations set against the disabled.

As for Stu, congratulations but I still say its your own damn fault you got homeless twice. There's info your not telling me. I know it. You ended up homeless twice in one year. That tells me incompetence played a role.

You receive SSI because you have a problem. While your problem does not warrant guardianship, it does warrant SSI pension. You have a problem, you cannot take care of yourself.

I think you should also reconsider moving to New Hampshire. The weather may be nice now but what if you end up homeless again? Think about it. You might want to go somewhere where you can enroll in programs or something.

Otherwise, good luck.

Anonymous said...

Jack is a conservative. A right wing conservative. Real conservatives do believe like Jack does, that the disabled should have limitations put against them. That is how Hitler and the nazis thought BTW and yes they were conservatives too.

SSI is degrading. It doesn't pay enough. There shouldn't be a cap and there shouldn't be penalties.

Stewart Zuckerberg said...

Hey Brian! I'm in Manchester! The plane arrived this morning! Well I couldn't get all my money back from mom and dad. They were jerks. I only got $1000 dollars out of $6000. My nest egg is still in their possession. They were very reluctant to let me leave.

Thank you for helping me! I hope I can get back the rest of the money!

mainestategop said...

@Stu You're welcome! Welcome back to the Northeast!!

@Jack L Take a hike Nazi! There is no info because you know its no one's fault for homelessness! besides, he's better off homeless someplace like new Hampshire rather than being abused and mistreated.

Jack said...

Yeah whatever. I pray that you're friend doesn't suffer when he runs out of his money. The homeless are all vermin who need to be snuffed. Stu should not be allowed to travel just to be homeless I don't care. he needs to honor his parents regardless. You sir. Are not a conservative. You're about as conservative as Trump and that retard Alex Jones. Goodbye.

Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAND The picture is now clear. Get lost idiot! You're not welcome!!

Anonymous said...

Jack sounds pretty conservative to me. Normally its conservatives who want to run down the disabled and treat them like scum and deprive them of rights.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Stu! Welcome back to the United States of America!!

Jack L said...

How's New Hampshire Stu. Homeless for the third time? Its your fault you know. You made yourself that way. Don't go expecting handouts for your irresponsible behavior. I know for a fact that in NH they don't like people like you.

Learn some responsibility and straighten out.

mainestategop said...

We can take care of Stu better than you can Karl Marx.

Now go back to listening to NPR and go back to trolling and pretending to be a conservative in your public library masturbation lab I mean computer lab.

Jack L said...

Oh hardy har har...

I got nothing else to say to any of you except good luck.

Anonymous said...

Okay. Don't.

Anonymous said...

I wonder If Jack i a relative?

Anonymous said...

Brian should be a talk show host like Steve Wilkos!

Anonymous said...

Its possible. But he is a conservative. Conservatives, most of them anyway tend to side with parents. After all, God's word says to honor your mother and father no matter what. Its possible they're after more of his money.

Anonymous said...

No, it didn't. Honoring your parents doesn't mean they can abuse you. It doesn't work that way.

Anonymous said...

Stu, they didn't lie. Your parents either got their information mixed up or had been misinformed about some things. But the facts were presented either by a woman named Darlene or Cynthia that you were in trouble over there in New York. We have sworn affidavits. I doubt that policewoman who saved your hide lied on a report under oath and put her career at risk for no reason.

Also, we contacted several places in New York that knew about you and that you applied for work at or worked at, they said you were a terrible worker and that even in the interviews there was something off about you. The only reason you got hired is because they were short on workers and because Summer was very busy.

Now, this grocery store, the other store you worked at, they told us all about you. And you did mention working at Whole foods to your psychiatrist and to us and your parents. YOu said it was a big accomplishment. NO IT ISN'T! Its a menial job! For someone of your integrety yes it is an accomplishment but not a big one!

And in reality for you it was no accomplihsment. You sucked at it. Big time. They said that you were worse than even disabled people who work there.