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Sunday, April 30, 2017

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

10 Best things about Trump

John Hawkins of recently wrote a fantastic article about Trump's First 100 days that is excellent and refreshing at the same time. Click here to read it but here are some highlights I think you should hear about.

1) Judge Gorsuch:

2) Hillary Not Being President:

3) A Drop-Off In Illegal Immigration:

4) Approving The Keystone And Dakota Access Pipelines:

5) Deft Foreign Policy Moves:

6) Trump Signing An Executive Order Withdrawing From the Transpacific Partnership Trade Deal:

7) Trump Signing An Executive Order Directing The Justice Department To Cut Funding To Sanctuary Cities:

8) Trump’s Pro-Life Surge:

9) Imposing A Five Year Ban On Lobbying The Government By Former White House Officials And A Lifetime Ban On Lobbying For Foreign Governments By Former White House Officials: 

10) An Economic Confidence Boost:

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Movie review by libertarian conservative of Chi-raq by Spike lee W/Responses

After being bombarded over and over again with the same old trailer from Spike Lee for his film Chi-Raq in the movies and on the internet I decided to do a movie review of sorts. But this isn't like any other movie review and not because the movie hasn't even been release yet. Its unmasking and exposing the movie's communist and hip-hop foundations. Its urban street thug culture. But most of all it is red herring. It is about changing society and blaming gun owners particularly whites for the failure of Obama the democrats and their socialistic policies like affirmative action & gun control. All of which have failed. And just like in these totalitarian cesspits like Germany, Russia, Vietnam, N. Korea and of course Chicago AKA Chiraq, they are finding scapegoats. The prefered scape goat is the NRA, gun owners and white folks.

The movie is really not original, it is based on an ancient Greek play called Lysistrata who organized a sex boycott against their husbands if they didn't stop fighting and killing each other. This time instead of Greek's and Trojan's its Chicago Street gangs. South side street gangs. And throughout the movie is a message that guns are to blame for gangs and violence in Chicago. Not urban culture, YO! Not welfare, not men having bastard kids with women who they leave behind and who the ho's can't take care of because they dropped out of high school to raise other bastards from other men they've whored with. Not because skyrocketing taxes government regulations and an unbelievably corrupt government on local and state levels, the most corrupt in the country after DC I might and its certainly not because of a violent urban entertainment culture seething with fornication, murder blood and mayhem. Its all the fault of white people and their guns.

This has to mark a low point in Spike Lee's creative mind. And I mean low. The premise that women who organize and sex boycott can somehow make this kind of change. It's ridiculous and its unrealistic. As One man even put it, "what else about them do they love?" Of all the classic story foundations Spike Lee could have laid it upon like Shakespeare or Chaucer for instance he had to go to Lysistrata. In Real life these gang bang hoodlums would have just found some other shawty to pop. YO!

Oh and let's not forget. You ban guns in Chicago they'll find other ways to kill like knives explosives ETC. But they'll always be guns.

The only other movie that reeked was The Confederate States of America, a historically inaccurate and unhistorical portrayal of an alternate universe where the south won the civil war. It was like The eternal Jew but directed against southern people and their culture, wrongfully portraying all southerners as racist slave owners when in fact many in the south including General Robert E Lee opposed slavery. Even claiming that the South would conquer the entire north and force slavery on them when in truth they merely wanted to be independent and retain states rights. Even those who opposed slavery would prefer finding an alternative. In fact the south never had the resources to conquer the Union and the north was as much ant-slave as they were pro and it would not have lasted.

Growing up as a youth I remember Spike Lee's earlier movies including those that deal with growing up in the hood like Do the Right thing, Clockers and Crookland which show the consequences of living a fast life. As the good book says in Romans 6:23 the wages of sin is Death. There was once a time in this country when people knew this and the life of a criminal was a last resort for people who had no virtue. There was no excuses. You had a bad day pick your self up clean up, get a job, make an honest living stay in school get educated go to college join the military don't think fast money selling drugs or killing people will help you.

By long before these movies came out virtue was gone. The nineteen sixties washed away Christianity, family and personal responsibility.

The Communist Madelyn Murray O'hair had outlawed prayer in our public school system. The ten Commandments and Bible would soon follow. Abstinence and faithfulness were replaced by the sexual revolution and falsely so called free love. And as for responsibility, then California Governor Ronald Reagan put it your parents take care of you before you're 18 the government takes care of you at 60 you only got 42 lousy years to look after yourself. But that would also change with the LBJ administration's so called Great society AKA Grate society which discouraged people to work and look after themselves and go on food stamps. Today there are hundreds of lousy stinking programs that ensure you don't work but are taken care of.

The government funds you a few hundred dollars of Government assistance or SSI or both you sleep and eat in a rescue mission or in a housing project and you spend the free time you have either hanging out at the library surfing porn and hentai or sleeping in a doorway drinking liquour and listening to rap noise.

The movie isn't about love or romance or respecting one another or anything like that. Its about blaming guns, blaming the NRA and blaming white people who own guns for causing this mess. The message that we should all be unarmed sheep at the mercy of the state as the solution is presented time and time again including a scene where they seize a pile of guns. A scene reminiscent of gun buy back programs and scenes of totalitarian gun seizures in other countries. Just give up your guns your rights and liberty and worship Obama and the state will take care of you and you'll be fine is the message made.

And it would do no justice to shed light on the culture and politics of Chicago and the state of Illinois. Both the city and the state are the most corrupt and wicked in the nation. Despite being majority republican with the Dems mainly in the Chicago Lincoln and Peoria area, the Democrats control the state. The results are catastrophic to say the least...

Illinois and its city of Chicago have been rated time and time again the most corrupt state and city in the nation. The District of Columbia is its only rival. The state is one of the worst states for civil liberties and human rights. The Chicago Police department practices torture regularly and video taping police is discouraged. The cook county AG is Anita Alvarez a liberal Democrat. Not only has she called for banning the second amendment she wants to ban the first and fifth amendment as well supporting officers using torture and intimidation to extract false confessions and even attempting to have a man sentenced to 75 years in prison for video taping police officers practicing illegal acts and violating their oath of office. More of CPD later

The state is one of the worst for disability rights. Last in the nation for integrating the disabled. When disability rights groups attempted to shut down a notoriously abusive and filthy Care home lockup for adults the unions and the Democrats sided with the institution. It took disability advocates performing civil disobedience and being arrested to break it up. Even the SEIU one of the most violent corrupt unions in the country objected to the institution. Although this was largely because they were opposed to the unions that supported the hospital and because their employees were mostly into community care.

Illinois is also among the worst for guardian abuse with Madison County Illinois leading the fray. Veterans and politicals are considered primary targets of guardians and payees who abuse with not one ounce of accountability.

In addition taxes and government planning of the economy is the most notorious. Business is discouraged time and time again in Illinois with taxes and the minimum wage going up and up

Those are the foundations of Chicago's problem's not to mention other cities and towns in America. But Chiraq, Killidelphia, the city of fallen angels, crooklyn, Dieami, ATL, Killwaukee Killiapolis ETC according to Spike Lee and the producers of this latest hollywood woe are not to blame. Instead its all the fault of the NRA, the constitution and white people. Black lives matter, no one elses.

The only other thing of note to review is the reaction of Democrats, particularly those in Chiraq. The city mayor Rahm Emmanuel (D) at the behest of his communist bloc threatened to withhold tax credits from the movie. The reason, because Chicago residents were offended by the title Chi-raq. YES FOLKS! Chicago's Democrats don't care about the massive loss of life and freedom from crime in the south side, they're just pissed that some black guy is writing a movie with the title Chi-raq! Well too bad Liberals! You're government failed! So has socialism! AGAIN!

Democrats have been furious over the content as well primarily scenes of emergency rooms in Chicago of shooting victims. This shows yet again the lack of responsibility Democrats have and shows how irresponsible government it. Chiraq offends Chicago residents only because it exposes that they have failed primarily in trusting the government. This is one mess Rahm Emmanuel and Chicago's stupid liberal elite cannot hide. The blood is already blown the lid off another failure of Democrats and secular liberal society.

I think I wish to mention one final problem: The Chicago Police department. The CPD from the beginning have been opposed to personal liberties like owning firearms not because of public safety but because the CPD are themselves like many other police departments as much scum and criminals as the people we expect them to rustle and toss in the slammer. While innocent children are killed in the crossfire of gang warfare, while murder, rape, robbery and vandalism creep across cook county landscape, CPD uses its resources (paid for by we the Sheep) to victimize people who are innocent until proven guilty otherwise over trivial offenses and uses torture to make false confessions for crimes they either are too stupid to solve or too lazy to want to solve.

CPD has been found time and time again in violation of the constitution and human rights. And many of them are even in league with the gangs taken bribes and helping them avoid arrest just like in the days of Al Capone. CPD are at heart cowards, imbeciles and a shining example of why not to trust government. They are too scared, too stupid or too complacent to care about the poor in South Side and will do nothing to break up the gangs and restore order to the housing projects of South side which are nothing but armed camps.

There are only two reasons to be disappointed in the film. Because it shows how terrible Chicago has become thanks to its apathy and acceptance of corruption and crime and the other because the movie advocates the same old solutions that have failed like gun control and blaming whitey.

Again this really isn't a movie review. Were not looking at the plot but were looking at the foundations of the plot, a futile worldview of secular materialism, societal collectivization and a denial of the problems behind the problems. By Society and government. The problem is a lack of responsibility, morality and godliness.

So what is the solution? Easy, first, stay in school, get a job, work dilligently, go to college, learn a trade marry have children. Second, don't live in areas of the country run by Democrats they hate honesty and they hate work. Thirdly, respect yourself, respect, authority, respect each other. Lastly but not least. Don't have sex out of wedlock and don't have illegitimate children you can't raise. Get married first.

Then again for those who grow up in a single parent home without a male role model, forced to go to a school run by the government that doesn't care that teaches nothing and live in a city or society that disdains working and disdains America the solutions are hard to achieve. Its what the Democrats want. Its what the people who support the message behind Chi-raq want to perpetuate.

Political solution's to Chiraq are also hard to come by. First, privatize the government. Fire it. It does not good and never will. Privatize the police and have the Department of Justice launch an investigation into false crimes and confessions by the Communist CPD with help from private investigators and journalists from all around the world.

Third, end gun control and bring back the death penalty especially for corrupt politicians and cops. Let every honest man in Chicago (the few there are) Carry a gun. When Criminals know that law abiding men and women are armed they will back down and crime will eventually go down especially when faced with old sparky. As for South side, its unlikely that the people can do it themselves since they don't have the experience so it will be up to the national guard. Using Iraq war vets scour the South side of hoods and round up the gang's leaders and the cities worst gang members and politicians and have them publicly and brutally put them to death and leave their carcasses up for all to see.

If there is anything that can be taken away from this movie that is positive then perhaps Spike Lee can be credited again. The wages of sin is Death. If you choose to kill someone to make money, you will either go to prison or you will be killed either by another gang or by the state. If you choose to not get an education study hard and hit the books and find some other way chances are you will find yourself poor with no prospects. If you choose to not get a job and expect a handout from the government then what happens in the movie to some of the people will probably happen to you... Prison, or death.


Once Again this probably shouldn't be considered a review of the movie but of the foundations of a movie designed to hide social and economic problems created by the Democrats and to blame this all on people of another race and people who want to be safe.


Last week as you know I did a movie review on Chi-raq by Spike Lee. It really in truth was not a movie review it was really a political review of the movie's underlying themes. The theme that Chicago's crime problem is not really the fault of urban hip-hop culture and gun control or that you have men having sex with random women including having unwanted children who grow up without male role models and become criminals or the lack of morality. Neither any mention of black nationalism or welfare and laziness.

Instead the movie blames Chicago's crime problems on guns and white people mainly southern whites. One of my employees went to see it with his son mainly because his son was doing a school report on Lysistrada which the movie is loosely based on and also to show his son what happens to people who don't finish school and expect the government to take care of them. A commentator who is a black conservative made a similar comment on the article that he showed his children what happens when they embrace the liberal worldview.

What was most interesting is the emails and comments I received. I couldn't publish all of them because they were filled with racial slurs and swearing. Also many of them didn't get that i was only doing a political review not a real movie review. I didn't see the movie and it hadn't come out yet but looking at the trailer and reading summaries of the movie you could already get a sense of what it was about and what agenda it was pushing.

And now that people I know have seen it and reported it to me I can see that not only was I pretty accurate, I missed a few details. Many thanks BTW to people for sharing the message.

I have no intention of seeing this trite. I will not spend any of my money to promote Spike Lee's communist agendas and I would rather save my money on the star wars film instead.

An excellent movie review of Chi-raq can be found on which you can read clicking here and I loved it. The content of the movie is laid out and I want to paste it here so have a look...

Very strong Romantic, politically correct, pro gun control, Anti-Southern, anti-police, and even anti-white worldview overall with some solid, overt Christian and moral pro-faith elements/arguments (including a positive clergyman figure plays a large role in his community, extensive funeral scene takes place in a church, two scenes include gospel songs, multiple references to God and Jesus, Satan is referenced, prayer is mentioned in multiple scenes, a woman prominently wears a cross necklace, Heaven is mentioned, and there’s a plea to confess one’s sins and surrender to authorities), but some very strong pagan, immoral behavior includes some Christian, biblical morals/values are ignored in favor of immorality, a couple scenes contain brief homosexual innuendo including a woman calls herself a “dyke,” the Black Lives Matter movement takes a prominent role and certain groups of the population (whites, southerners, conservatives, politicians) are stereotyped as being politically incorrect or racist in multiple scenes, law enforcement and government are accused of exercising a “legal form of lynching” in their treatment of black people, government is demonized as not caring about “thugs,” a black conservative is accused of being a “Ben Carson sellout”, Americans who are pro-gun are demonized as warmongers, southerners are accused of having “evil in their blood,” the Red White and Blue insurance company is accused of greedily taking advantage of the high death rate on the south side of Chicago, final scene promotes gun confiscation/surrender to the government, several scenes involve anti-police rhetoric, private corporations sign a treaty with the “hood” to “guarantee” jobs to unemployed people regardless of merit in an effort to stop gun violence; at least 120 obscenities and profanities, multiple slang terms used on numerous occasions for male and female genitalia, multiple offensive slang terms used for women on numerous occasions, a slang term is used for a woman’s breasts, the term “pissing” is used; two rap songs include descriptions of shootings and death, gunshots are used as sound effects in multiple scenes and rap songs, one scene has a man shooting guns at the camera, multiple people are shot at a rap concert, the aftermath of a drive-by shooting is depicted, a dead girl is shown covered by a blood-stained sheet, a house is set on fire followed by an exchange of gunfire between gang leaders, a mother cleans a pool of her daughter’s blood off the street, two men are slapped in the face, gunshots are heard outside a home, several scenes depict gunfights; very strong sexual content includes several scenes depicting graphic fornication, multiple scenes describe or use innuendo to describe a male’s aroused state, sex sound effects are used in several scenes, a man gropes a woman’s breast, one scene takes place in a strip club where strippers are not present but discussed, a mob of women wear chastity belts, women graphically discuss refusing men sex in multiple scenes, a boy walks on his mother having sexual relations, one scene involves voyeurism as hundreds of people watch a couple fornicate, the entire plot revolves around sex, and almost every scene discusses or depicts it in some way, a woman seducing a man gets him to strip to his underwear and imitate sexual acts, sexual immorality between unmarried couples is widely promoted and accepted within the community, men whose girlfriends or wives refuse them sex have no problem turning to another woman to satisfy their desires; nude couples engaged in sex but with their lower genitalia hidden by camera angles in a couple of scenes, upper male nudity in several scenes wearing underwear only, rear male nudity in several scenes; alcohol use; multiple scenes depict cigarette smoking and drug use, multiple scenes mention illegal drug sales; and, men talk about women as their inferiors and having their place as sexual pleasers, men allow their ego to fuel violence, people in the community refuse to come forward as witnesses to murders, and there’s a false, idealistic, somewhat superficial view of love as the only real security and answer to violence.

 I really loved that part where Spike lee calls black people who don't want to give up their rights and their guns to the government as Ben Carson sellouts. It makes me regret that our first black president was not Alan keyes or Herman Cain. It would've made these black leftists heads explode.

But Ted Baehr goes on and just exposes even more the hatred of whites and the leftist propaganda including marxism and the black lives movement that attacks America and attacks constitutional freedom that is keeping blacks from being in a worse condition like slavery.

CHI-RAQ the movie is way too long and there are too many scenes that act purely as vehicles for characters to spout off soliloquies full of leftist political propaganda – something for which the movie’s swarm of A-list stars gladly lend their talents. The story also lacks cohesion and skips around from one event to the next without much exposition in between these events. 

Perhaps even worse, the radical, hateful, anti-cop Black Lives Matter agenda permeates this movie, calling out the militarization of police forces and the mistreatment of blacks in low-income communities. Even so, at least the movie recognizes the problem of black-on-black violence is recognized and dealt with, instead of Spike Lee trying to blame it all on other segments of the society.

However, Lee’s movie has no shortage of racism against whites, particularly southern whites, who were stereotypically demonized as confederate flag, gun-loving, racist warmongers. There is also a very strong gun control agenda at play, with the blame being laid on the guns themselves rather than the evil criminals the guns. 

of course the fact that our police force is communist and militarized is a problematic factor. Police brutality towards blacks gives black criminals like those in this trite film an excuse to go on rampages and murder innocent people like with the killing of two innocent policemen in the wake of Eric Garner's death.

And what left wing anti-american film based in Chicago Would be incomplete without Father Mike Pfleger, Catholic priest and communist who works with Jeremiah Wright and runs St Sabina church in Chicago which is also in the movie! Father Pfleger despite his heretical communism is not excommunicated by the church. He has called for violence against 2nd amendment supporters and against gun dealers merely for practicing the 2nd and 1st amendment enshrined in the bill of rights. The same bill I might add that abolished slavery.

Father Pfleger in fact wrote the sermon used during the funeral of an 11 year old girl named Patti who was killed in the crossfire of a gang shooting. here it is....

I am going to speak about a life today. An important life in our community. A life that ends life. The life of a gun.

This handgun was born in a factory in Springfield, Massachusetts in April of this year.

This gun began its professional career when it was purchased by “Big Tony” from Chicago at a Indiana Gun Show using a fake Indiana ID.

A Chicago gang bought the gun and many firearms for "Big Money" for their work in the underground economy.

The underground economy exists because banks and lending institutions rarely loan money to poor people. When asked to loan money to the poor they say, "No! No! No! No! No! Sorry but no loan."

Thus, drugs are the currency of the underground economy. Individual sales are strictly cash and carry, requiring guns for protection and retaliation. The gun found purpose. Drug houses with animated money signs popping up around them. Drug houses are banks. Why do you rob drug houses? Because that's where the loot is.

Suburban and wealthy customers, the children of the lenders and bank officials purchase narcotics.

They are not subject to police scrutiny like poor people are because these people are not “thugs.” They instead need rehab.

However, their children admire the thug outlaw culture but do so from the safety of their suburban neighborhoods. No, this gun wouldn’t get caught dead there!

No, this gun found work at the only place hiring in the hood!

This gun is the principal player in a reality TV urban murder show, which can be seen at 5 and 10 PM every night, Eyewitness 7 News.

That’s when this gun met our child Patty. No, things don't look good. Our Patty is gone. Politicians are in the pocket of the NRA. The economy has abandoned the poor. Gang members are more concerned with ego, street cred and greed than human life. A code of silence keeps us paralyzed. Violence reigns. No, things don't look good. Patty's become part of America's wardrobe where it's easier to get a gun than a computer. Sirens and gunshots are our soundtrack.

Yellow police tape, teddy bears, and balloons are the National Memorial of our neighborhoods. But this is not new. It hasn't looked good for a long time. It didn't look good in a Birmingham church when four little girls were blown to death. It didn't look good when Medgar was dying in his driveway. It didn't look good when Malcolm was shot down onstage. It didn't look good when Martin Luther King stood on the balcony outside Room 306 and at 6:03 was taken from us. No, it doesn't look good, not when Patty was lost on a busy street, with folks going to work and school, with cars passing by. How is it possible that no witnesses have come forward? What makes you a target is not the shooter, but rather the community that surrenders to fear and becomes silent!  

It doesn't look good when we here at St. Sabina must put out a $5,000 bounty for information leading to the arrest of Patty's murderer or any murderer! And those that shoot our children down go back home and watch SportsCenter then eat a Whopper and fries and act like nuthin' happened—no it DOESN’T LOOK GOOD! With things looking like they do, looking so bad—seems like our enemies are just too strong, the obstacles just too large, looks like the Pharaohs will keep us in Bondage Forever!

But Brothers and Sisters, I've come here to tell ya'll today that early one mornin', 2000 years ago, Jesus got up from the grave and shouted to you and me and all humanity, IT AIN'T WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! I've come here to tell the devil and all his two legged helpers—it ain’t what it looks like! We will not allow this self-inflicted genocide to continue. You cannot murder our children! Patty will have justice! I know it looks bad, but it ain't over, Jesus rose up from the grave and because he did. Hope wins! Justice wins! Peace wins! Goodness wins! Righteousness wins! Love wins! Love wins! Love wins!

Actually father, slavery wins. I guess you don't recall that guns were banned in Ireland when the English occupied it and murdered Catholics or in the Soviet Union were preists like you including leftists were shot by Stalin. Note that he wants to "take out" those who practice the 2nd amendment. 

The bolded comment above was by a commentator that showed it to me. Thank you BTW. whoever gave it to me. The sermon sets the tone for the movie. The IRA banking is at fault, money lenders and capitalists are at fault and most of all its all the fault of the NRA, not thugs, not hip-hop urban culture. Never the fault of the lack of morals.

Also note the sermon contained information about the gun. The gun used in the murder was illegal just like every gun in Chicago that was used in a gang shooting in real life and in the movie! The gun was illegally purchased at an Indiana gun show using a fake Indiana State ID! It was then sold by some Italian Mobster to the gangs for drugs and money. This is typical in real life Chicago.

As for the underground economy, No Father Pfleger it doesn't exist because money lenders don't want to risk their money on uneducated liberals in the hood, nor because of racism. Underground economy like the one you described exist because a demand for certain goods the government has deemed illegal exists. Socialism will not make it go away.

The bottom line is that even in One of Spike Lee's anti-american marxist flicks, gun control fails. This gun was illegally purchased. Big Tony violated umteen gun laws state local and federal to get the gun used. It didn't stop the murder. But Father Pfleger and the moronic marxists that produced this stupid movie wont get it! They still blame guns they still blame the NRA!

What's interesting also is that St Sabina puts out a $5000 reward for information leading to the murderer's arrest. This is commonplace because the police in Chicago are cowardly and lazy and don't care what happens to black victims. its commonplace in the majority of cities regardless of size. Policemen would rather get paid our taxes then seize our guns, harass us, torture us, hassle us, violate the constititon then go eat Dunkin Donuts like nothing happened!

The fact that the police are largely to blame is probably the only accurate thing said in the movie. One other thing of note is the stop snitching phenomena that is being permeated in black neighborhoods and pop culture. Its not just that they are afraid of retaliation for informing on the killers of children its because its unpopular. Popular culture says shut up be quiet and let the criminals run free.

As for the remarks about economics the reason these people cannot get loans for business is because of the high risk involved. First of all people in South Chicago are largely uneducated and know nothing about running a business. Second of all because South Chicago is dangerous the business will more than likely go under or be wiped out by the gangs.

These money lenders and bankers cannot simply make bad loans and not expect repayment. It doesn't work that way. In fact the reason we had the great recession was because of these kinds of loans. Under the CRA, the community reinvestment act passed by President Clinton in 1996, bankers were forced to give loans out to these urban street dwellers who were mostly uneducated and immoral. Food stamps and welfare were used as a surety these people spent their loans wasted them on homes and business they didn't know how to maintain and they lost out on these toxic loan that couldn't be repaid.

If you are an educated man or woman and live in South Chicago and want to start a business here's some advice for you from another businessman.

first, get out of Chicago in fact get out of Illinois! You can't make it when the state soaks you and squeezes you! Go to Iowa or Nebraksa or Kansas. Or better yet Oklahoma or Texas

second make sure you have a good education! go to college or trade school!

third don't go to neighborhoods full of crime

I'm just scratching the surface but you get the idea. MOVE! Let Chicago wallow in welfare and crime. Let the moral and decent live elsewhere.


And now here are some responses. About 2/3 of them are negative which shows how good I did. Nothing but the usual liberal banter. I am this, I am that, racist sexist wha! Wha! The rest were friendly criticisms and positive. I could not post all the comments because they were filled with foul language. Here are two bad email.

Here's our first one.

White man you F**king stupid! You sit in your mansion in New Hampshire eating cavyar while N****ers like me have to work 9 to 5 and eat fak food at a mission! You aint ever lived in the hood! You don't know what its like! I went to bad school I didn't have a choice! I couldn't  lern anything from these here devils! You devils all privilaged sending you kids to private school you get to do what you want while I gotta work and I gotta watch out for getting shot in the hed or having polise harass and frisk me! You insulatid you safe you dont know what it be like! You ever come down to North Philly i blow you up white boy stay in your mansion in your posh rich gated community!

Here's the second one
You are so stupid! You don't do a movie review unless the movie comes out first! i work as a case manager for people in Chicago who are poor! These people don't choose to become criminals they have to! Its the only way they can survive and we got too many of these problems! You are so F**king ignorant and how dare you call people like me lazy and traitors when you're the ones making this problem happen by supporting guns. We need to murder all you racists and gun owners and give your money to the poor! F***king rich a** punk! Were trying to help them and all you do is do this S**t blaming the victims and blaming the community and blaming Spike Lee. Spike lee is right! Its all because of white southerners and gun owners and the NRA!

 WHA! WHA! WHA! No mention of abuse by government, high taxes and regulations not a mention of corruption in Illinois and Chicago. All it is is blame the white man, blame the rich blame the NRA and blame the gun owners. The second one is your typical government emplioyee, lazy entitled communist and bloodthirsty. If ever there was a reason to eliminate unions this is it.

All in all the movie not worth seeing, it is way too long. Also, a ton of A-list stars appear to throw their weight behind the movie’s politically correct agenda mocking Southerners, attacking the NRA and supporting gun control, among other things. To top it off it is also abhorrently full of graphic lewd content, violence and foul language. If you want to see a movie this month, see Star Wars.

BACK BY POPUALR DEMAND: GOP = the party of civil rights. Democrats = the party of white supremacy

I was recently emailed an article by Frank Ross called 15 questions for Democrats. It demonstrates some of the lies being told that republicans are racist. Reality check. Its the opposite. Liberals are racist

Which is the Real 'Racist' Party: Fifteen Questions for Democrats
Big Journalism
Posted by Frank Ross Feb 8th 2010

Once upon a time former Governor, Presidential candidate, and Chairman of the Democrat National Committee called the GOP the "White Party." CNN commentator Lou Dobbs took Dean to task for his language.

So was Dr. Dean, and those among the Left who share his understanding of history, accurate? Is the GOP the party of white people? Let's test the good doctor's diagnosis.

QUESTION: During whose administration did the signature of an African-American first appear on U.S. currency? During that of a Republican or a Democrat President?

ANSWER: In 1881, Republican President James A. Garfield appointed Blanche Bruce as Register of the Treasurer, making him the first African-American whose signature appeared on U.S. paper currency. In 1880, at the Republican National Convention in Chicago, when he received 8 votes for nomination as the party's vice presidential candidate, Bruce became the first African-American to win any votes at a major party's nominating convention.

QUESTION: Was the first African-American diplomat appointed by a Republican or a Democrat President?

ANSWER: In 1869, Republican President U.S. Grant appointed Ebenezer D. Bassett (1833--1908) as the first African- American ambassador representing the United States. He was Ambassador to Haiti.

QUESTION: Was the first African-American popularly elected U.S. Senator a Republican or a Democrat?

ANSWER: In 1966, Edward Brooke was the first African-American elected by popular vote to the U.S. Senate. He was a Republican Senator from Massachusetts.

QUESTION: During the late 1950's, William Monroe "Willie" Rainach, Sr., a Louisiana state legislator, led the "Massive Resistance" to desegregation in his state. Was Willie a Republican, or a Democrat?

ANSWER: "Willie" Rainach was a Democrat.

QUESTION: In 1957, nine African-American students attempted to enroll in Little Rock's Central High School. When they were barred entry by Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus, the President of the United States ordered federal troops to the school to assure their access to an education. Was Faubus a Republican, or a Democrat? Was that President a Republican or a Democrat?

ANSWER: Orval Faubus was a Democrat. President Dwight D. Eisenhower was a Republican.

QUESTION: In September 1962, U.S. Air Force veteran James H. Meredith enrolled as the first African-American student at the University of Mississippi. Governor Ross Barnett strongly opposed his entry into the school. Was Barnett a Democrat or a Republican?

ANSWER: Ross Barnett was a Democrat.

QUESTION: In 1965, the nation's eyes were focused on the Selma Voting Rights Movement and three Selma-to-Montgomery marches. Marchers were opposed by the White Citizens' Council and the Ku Klux Klan. On "Bloody Sunday," March 7, 1965, about 600 civil rights marchers left Selma and walked east. At the Edmund Pettus Bridge they were confronted and attacked by state troopers and sheriff's deputies. During this time, Theophilus Eugene "Bull" Connor, Alabama Public Safety Commissioner, became infamous for his brutal tactics against Civil Rights activists. Was "Bull" a Republican or a Democrat?

ANSWER: "Bull" Connor was a Democrat.

QUESTION: A sitting U.S. Senator once held the position of Exalted Cyclops in the Klu Klux Klan. Although he never served in the Armed Forces, he once wrote, "I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side." Of which party is he a member, Republican or Democrat?

ANSWER: Robert Byrd, Democrat Senator from West Virginia, is the longest serving Senator in U.S. history. Once upon a time he wore the white sheet and hood, but has since repented.

QUESTION: In the U.S. Senate's passage of the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964, which political party had the highest percentage of its Senators vote for the Act? Republicans or Democrats?

ANSWER: 82% of the Republican Senators voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964, while 69% of the Democrat Senators voted "Yes."

QUESTION: Was the first female African-American Cabinet member appointed by a Republican or a Democrat President? (Trick question.)

ANSWER: Patricia Roberts Harris, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and then Secretary of Education, was appointed to Democrat President Carter's Cabinet.

QUESTION: When you compare the makeup of the Cabinet members who served under Democrat President Jimmy Carter with the Cabinet members appointed by Republican President George W. Bush, which President appointed the highest percentage of African-Americans to his Cabinet?

ANSWER: Just 1 of the 21 persons Carter chose for his Cabinet, Patricia Harris, was an African-American, or 4.7% of his appointees. Of the 33 persons appointed by Bush to his Cabinet, 4 were African-Americans, or 12.1% (the same percentage reflected in our population). Bush's cabinet also included several other persons of color.

QUESTION: Was the first African-American popularly elected Governor a Republican or a Democrat?

ANSWER: Democrat Lawrence Douglas Wilder was the first African-American popularly elected as governor of a U.S. state. Wilder served as the 66th Governor of Virginia from 1990 to 1994. (Fair is fair.)

QUESTION: When was the race barrier broken with regard to the position of Secretary of State of the United States? Under a Republican or Democratic administration?

ANSWER: During the Republican administration of George W. Bush, Colin Powell became the first African-American Secretary of State. He was followed by Dr. Condoleezza Rice, also appointed by Bush, who was the first female African-American Secretary of State.

QUESTION: When was the race barrier broken with regard to the position of Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Armed Forces? During a Republican or Democrat President's administration?

ANSWER: Republican President George H. W. Bush appointed General Colin Powell as Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1991. Earlier, Republican President Ronald Reagan appointed Powell as his National Security Advisor.

QUESTION: When the first African-American member of the U.S. Armed Forces engaged in action for which he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, was the President at the time a Democrat or a Republican?

ANSWER: Sergeant William Harvey Carney (1840-1908) of the 54th Massachusetts Colored Infantry received the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Civil War Battle of Fort Wagner on July 18, 1863. The action of the 54th that day was depicted in the movie "Glory." The citation for his medal read:

"When the color sergeant was shot down, this soldier grasped the flag, led the way to the parapet, and planted the colors thereon. When the troops fell back he brought off the flag, under a fierce fire in which he was twice severely wounded."

The President was a Republican named Abraham Lincoln. Let's hope Dr. Dean was a better physician than he is an historian. As well as those who think like him.

"I'll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years."
-President Lydon Baines Johnson, Democrat

"These negroes, they're getting pretty uppity these days and that's a problem for us since they've got something now they've never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness."
-President Jimmy Carter (1977-1981), Democrat

"I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side ... Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds."
-Senator Robert Byrd, Democrat

"I think one man is just as good as another so long as he's not a nigger or a Chinaman."
-President Harry Truman, Democrat

If you want You can read it here for yourself And lets not forget about several other beloved Democrats, Al Gore SR, who was also pro segregation, Strom Thurmond, who was Democrat at the time but upon having his eyes opened switched over and even admited that these southern democrats were hard core socialists. Then there FDR, the most beloved liberal president of all time and who interned the japanese and supported lynchings.

Aren't liberals tolerant and wonderful? THe mosquitos seem to think so...

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Alex Jones Responds To Chobani Lawsuit

Popular Atheist BANNED From YouTube

The myth and true story of Marie Harel, Brie and Camembert Cheese

Historian Kyle Weissman writes an article in response to Google's recent doodle commemorating the 256th birthday of Marie Harel, the greatest producer of Brie Cheese in France and the inventor of camembert Cheese. Or was she? The story or Brie Cheese and its close relative camembert is as old as France herself. From the battlefields of Lombardy, the court of Charlamange and Henry IV, to the French revolution and the Vendee Uprising. 

The story of Cheese in France is an amazing one. In fact throughout the medieval world, Cheese was as important as was bread. Bread was an important matter of politics and religion. It was a matter of political stability as well as religion. Bread was used in the manufacture and distribution of the holy eucharist, which in the hands of a priest, monk or bishop became the body and flesh of God, the lord Jesus Christ.

Bread like cheese was important for politics. The feudal lords were known as hlaflords, lord of the loaves. The peasants looked to their lords for military protection in exchange for service and bondage to their estates.It was a staple of medieval diet. If a lord failed to feed his subjects, instability was the end result. Sadly, due to wars and unpredictable weather patterns as well as corruption in court, outbreaks of famine were commonplace.

The story of cheese is also like bread an important matter for religion as well as politics. Originally, it was the monasteries of Europe who manufactured the cheeses. They were the main source of income from feudal lords and merchants who sold and produced the wheels of cheese that would feed the peasants who worked the land, that entertained the lord's dinner guests and that funded the church's mission in Europe.

The cheese wheels manufactured in the monasteries of Europe and sold to merchants and lords were the wheels that drove and funded the early church and funded its conversion and enlightening of Europe , the wheels that greased the war machine that beat back the Islamic Moors from France and Spain and funded the crusades in the holy land.

There many Cheese stories and how Cheese shaped politics in the middle ages to be told to be sure. Such as how Cheshire cheese the favorite of Henry VIII made at a monastery lead to motivating its destruction and looting by cromwell to seize the recipe while in turn, funding the smuggling of catholic priests into Tutor England under bloody Bess. Or how Napoleon Bonaparte became a patron of Roqefort Cheese which saved it from being banned from courts in Europe and how Byzantine merchants sold cheese wheels to the Turkish Sultan as ransom in a temporary peace.

Today however we  focus more on the history of camembert cheese and Brie from which it is derived. Brie was declared by the holy Roman Emperors and their feudal assembly known as the Diet, the king of cheeses many times. Enjoyed by peasant and Emperor alike,Brie is one of the worlds most oldest and beloved of cheeses, a must for every wine snob and good on its own. Some people have been known to use it as a spread, others  eat it as it is rhind and all.

One of the greatest promoters was Emperor Charlamange, first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, grandfather of France. The story is a  favorite of mine as related by his biographer Eginhard and by food historian Maguelonne Toussaint Samat who writes in his work, HISTORY OF FOOD as follows:

After the fall of the Roman Empire ... the monks of the Benedictine and Cistercian monasteries, thanks to whom the population did not starve to death entirely during the Dark Ages, were the pioneers of the new cheese-making industry of medieval times. If the chronicles of Eginhard, Charlemagne's biographer, are to be believed, it was in one of these monasteries -- probably the abbey of Vabres near Roquefort -- that the Emperor, another lover of cheese, was given a sheep's milk cheese veined with mould. Much to his surprise, he liked it. He made the prior promise to send two crates of this cheese a year to Aix-la Chapelle, thus nearly ruining the poor community. Charlemagne was equally enthusiastic about the cheese of Reuil in Brie. A man of discernment, he pronounced it 'one of the most marvelous of foods', and requisitioned two crates of this cheese as well, to round off his dinners at Aix.

According to legends as told by Emperor Charlamange's biographer Charlamange was a patron of cheeses particularly Brie and Roquefort. Charlamange traveled throughout the empire to ensure that the area was secure from barbarians and moors and to ensure that his lords  were efficient and trustworthy. Unfortunately he loved it so much he failed to pan in davance. At the Reuil in Brie as in Roquefort, he ordered too much cheese and when a famine hit the area as it did often during his time, the people had nothing to eat but a bag of gold. Most of the peasants and monks starved.

It was of course mostly a legend. We cannot confirm that this true. The Monks of Saint Gall and Eginhard are the only sources for this tale which may have been exaggerated.

With the patronage of rulers and bishops, the sale and manufacture of cheese spread throughout the empire and Christendom. King Henry IV of England also fell under its spell while campaigning in France. The Queen, Joan Of Naverre ordered that it be served at all banquets.

But it was not until around the close of the 18th century and during the middle of the 19th century that the consumption of Brie became popular worldwide rather than within the banquet halls and courts of Europe. It is here we learn the story of Madame Marie Harel.

The manufacture of Brie and other cheeses was done less monastic orders and more often at the time in Chateaus owned by the aristocracy and the bourgeois class, the merchants, tradesmen and Patrons of the cities and Boroughs of Paris and other metropolitan districts. And many had their own distinctive traits with their cheeses such as that of Le Manor Du Beaumoncel in Camembert in the Normandy region of France which had a distinct earthy flavor.

It was here On April 28th 1761, that Marie Harel, the woman credited with the  invention of Camembert Brie cheese was born. Though this is not really true.

Camembert Cheese had already been known in French circles. The French writer Thomas Corneille wrote of Camembert on his travels Normandy in 1708 fifty three years before Marie was born. Marie did however work at the manor her whole life manufacturing many kinds of Brie in particular Camembert.

The legend of Marie Harel came about from her grandson Cyrille Paynel who in 1840s before Marie's death opened a cheese factory that manufactured camembert. The family held a monopoly over its manufacture until around 1870.  To advertise Cyrille spread the legend of his Grandmother who along with a fugitive of the French Revolution invented this robust and pleasing cheese known as Camembert.

The legend goes  that sometime during the beginning of the French revolution, The Abbot Charles-Jean Bonvoust of brie where Brie was made was in hiding from Robbspierre and the Commitee of Public safety which had made a law that required all priests and bishops to swear an oath on the new constitution. The constitution made church and state separate, confiscated and nationalized church property and made it punishable by death for priests to refuse to swear obedience to the new constitution.

Pope Pius VI forbade all priests to take the oath under pain of excommunication and that those who had must renounce it. Which most did many at the cost of their own lives. Despite guarantees of religious freedom in the French constitution, religion, particularly the catholic faith was a capitol offense. Abbot Bonvoust was one who reneged on the oath and hid in the manor from the wrath of the Committee of Public safety.

At the manor, Abbot Bonvoust shared his knowledge of making cheese Marie and the staff  in the dairy. They had a special friendship and together invented Camembert cheese. Marie and the people of Camambert hid the Abbot until in 1801 when Napoleon Bonaparte became emperor of France and signed a concordat with the Papal states, ending for the time being the persecution of clergy.

According to Cyrille, the recipe had been passed down to him from Grandmere' to make this great cheese known as Camembert. False...

Its not the first time that culinary history had been perverted by up and coming entrepreneurs. This was  especially rampant the early 20th century. The manufacturers of Prince pasta and Chef Boyardee for instance  made the false claim that Marco Polo introduced pasta from Asia to Italy. In truth Pasta had been around since ancient antiquity pre-dating the Roman Empire.

Ragu, Kraft and others once claimed that Tomatoes were  largely thought to be poisonous. In the late 1700s, Tomatoes were  said to poison the aristocracy. In Britain and America they were avoided but then in the 1800s Founding Father Thomas Jefferson proved to everyone that this was not so and in public ate an entire bucket of Tomatoes in public. He became famous throughout the world.

This is false. The urban legend spread because nobility tended to eat off lead pewter dishes. The acidic quality of tomatoes caused the lead to be absorbed into the tomato leading to high deaths of lead poisoning among the nobility. Not just that but many things such as their clothes, perfume, wall paper the furniture, their chinaware all had unhealthy levels of toxic chemicals such as lead.

There is no record that Thomas Jefferson or anyone did such a thing. At any rate Tomatoes in the Georgian period were ornamental decorations rather than food. It was only in Italy and France that they were consumed. and they still were even during the hysteria craze of poisonous tomatoes.

Finally there was the story of Pizza. It made its debut in America with the arrival of Italian immigrants in the 19th century. By 1900 its popularity grew incredibly. Pizza manufacturers and restaurants all came up with creative stories about where it came from to entice credulous American audiences.

For instance, the pie was invented in Naples by Rafaelle Esposito on 11 June 1889, to honour the Queen consort of Italy, Margherita of Savoy. Hence the origin of the Margherita. This is unsubstantiated. Others claim that Marco Polo introduced pizza  along with pasta  from China. that Pizza was originally a scalion cake.

This is not so. The earliest references  to Pizza were made as early as the 10th century AD. It is also noted  that the Romans enjoyed similar meals and that the Pizza Pie was enjoyed probably as early  as Rome's height.

One more before I finish. Dannon Yogurt's ridiculous commericals about Soviet Georgia AKA old people in Russia which claims that the majority of people in Georgia live over 100 years old. They attribute this to eating large amounts of yogurt. It shows an 89 year old man who liked Dannon so much, he had two cups. That pleased his mother, an elderly woman probably over 100 who pats his head.

This is an exaggeration. Yes, some Caucasian countries like Georgia have a lot of people who live long but it is a combination of genetics and a robust active farming life. These are agrarian countries that do not consume manufactured garbage like we do and where exercise like farming is routine. Healthcare? Mostly traditional medicines.

The average life expectancy is 75. By the way, Armenia  has begun to surpass Georgia in life  expectancy and elderly age.

Unfortunately, then as now, America and Europe will believe anything and everything they hear. As the old  saying goes, if you tell a lie long enough, it becomes true. America's failing education and our lack of love of history and learning make urban legends like these more truth than myth.

Of course, no one would be fascinated in the story of some French factory owner who decided to take credit for a tradition in his hometown. A lovely story of friendship, exile and fugitives is more romantic and more appeasing.

Nonetheless, myth and fantasy are more profitable and entertaining than truth as we've seen with Google's newest doodle and as we've seen in Whole Foods and local delis lately.

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Anarcho-Communist Blames Antifa Girl Punch Reaction on Sexism!

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Healthcare epic fail in Maine and California

Government healthcare fails again in Maine and California

An update on the health care debacle in America. As I mentioned before, America already does have universal health care in states such as Massachusetts, California and Maine and that just like its overseas counterparts, was a failure.

Another example of this failure was brought to my attention recently.

A friend of mine from Portland Maine told me of how a homeless man with Maine care was denied payment of medical bills. Turns out this was because the bills were made very early on. Matter of fact he did not know he had those bills until recently. They were supposed to have already been paid for by Signa health insurance. (Note to readers, don't get signa unless you want to pay more for getting screwed.) His credit report however told a different story.

Well, he's in a homeless situation now and qualifies for all these useless programs that liberals say is good for America. Apparently I was right all along as Maine care wont do a thing about it.

He has attempted to get a lawyer involved but can only get help from Pine Tree legal aid. they are booked solid and even they might not be able to help. Neither will the MCLU or Cumberland legal aid.

Reminiscent of an older article I did on how Liberals oppose legal aid. In red states such as Texas, Nebraska and elsewhere legal aid is more efficient and helpful. Even the poor get equal justice. Not so in Democrat Fiefdoms such as Maine: the way Communism should be. Again, I was right.

In light of this it would probably not be wise to screw the American taxpayers with Obamacare. It wont even pay most bills and wont even provide proper treatment. We must reform health care the right way. Punish companies that renege on paying bills offering more choices for consumers so insurance companies compete and lower prices and most of all, support private charities run by our churches, synagogues and mosques to pay medical bills to the very poor.

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ANTIFA Speaks To Infowars

Antifa Violence Exposed | Jack Posobiec and Stefan Molyneux

Antifa's Battle Plans

VIDEO: Antifa Millennial Throws Punch, Gets Instant Karma


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4chan is Hunting Antifa

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ANTIFA VS America Compilation

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The Young Turks misrepresent Antifa Girl and Battle of Berkeley

What Really Happened In Berkeley?

Let's Play - Berkeley: Total War - PC

Sanctuary Cities Protecting Gangs In Defiance Of Trump

NY Times Promotes Fascism

Blog is back up!

Sorry! Guess there was trouble with the server! Were back! Today's article is hot off the press!An interview about me and the history of Mainestategop!

Back by popular Demand: America already has universal healthcare and it has failed miserably

 Article from 2009: Well I was right! I WAS RIGHT AGAIN!! It failed! Obama is out, Trump is in!

That's right folks! The caterwauling liberals who have been whining for more of our hard earned taxpayer dollars to pay for state run health care are either too stupid to know or don't want you to know that we have in many parts of America, universal health care. Not only that, just like the ones in Canada, Britain and elsewhere, it is cumbersome, costly and a failure.

I decided to take a break from my series on Vladamir Lenin and the United States to write about this after receiving several nagging emails from those who read my articles here and on other websites. Not only that, people I know personally are curious as well. After all, Im from Maine, one of these communist sewer pits that has free health care.

As I said, America HAS Free Health care. Several states including Maine, Massachusetts, California and Iowa have free health care. In Addition, Many states have free health care for children such as Mississippi's CHIP program.

SO how does it stack up? Liberals will have us to believe that the BIG government wants whats in our best interests, that health care will work, it will be effective in cost, care and efficiency, that those big insurance companies won't work and that the public sector is the way to go. (I wish I had a dollar every time I heard that remark) Not only that, Foreign representatives from Canada and Europe have touted their own National Health care such as the NHS in Britain for example, made famous by Michael Moore.

But the sad truth is that national health care both here and abroad have failed miserably.

A good example of this can be found in Massachusetts and Maine which has Universal health care coverage, former not only has Universal Health care but mandatory health care for those who are NOT too poor to receive. In Massachusetts, the cost of health care is extraordinary in terms of taxes and wait times. The average wait time for a patient to see a doctor is 60 days as opposed to a week in private clinics. The cost of health care is 800 dollars per person. In Georgia, it is 300 dollars. Also the doctors are notorious for making mistakes and malpractice.

For those NOT so fortunate to be poor enough to receive free health care, they are required by law to have corrupt inefficient health insurance policies. Mass Citizens pay 15% more in insurance costs on average than the average American elsewhere. Many must pay up to a third of their income for insurance plans that usually fail.

The signing of mandatory insurance by the traitor Mitt Romney lead to catastrophe for Massachusetts. The state was the only state to suffer a population decline in 2006, small businesses, forced to pay for expensive insurance policies that didn't work were forced out of business causing thousands to lose their jobs and become homeless. Others saw their quality of life drop like a rock. Many couldn't afford it and left the state for greener pastures. Mostly in low tax low government states such as New Hampshire that didn't oppress its own people the way liberals do when they are in control.

The Mandate also lead to higher taxes which also proved disastrous and if that weren't bad enough, while employers, students and others left for greener pastures, welfare bums, criminals, illegal aliens, drug addicts, lazy vagrants and other excrement who did not want to work flooded the state causing even higher taxes and higher crime rates and a deterioration of the economy.

The economy in Massachusetts had been stagnant. Now under the Democrat recession started by Nancy Pelosi and Obama, Massachusetts suffers even more.

California and Maine also have health care. Medical in Cali, Maine care for Maine. Both states suffer massive budget deficits, high unemployment and economic collapse. Maine especially. Not only this, Governor Baldacci wants to force small business in Maine which makes up 60% to 80% of the economy to have mandatory health insurance. It would again plunge the state into chaos.

And what about these new health care subsidies? How are they working out you ask? Miserably.

The liberals have made up phony statistics and downplayed the effects of the NHS in Britain to tout their health care. In reality, Prescription and treatment costs have tripled. The same here in the states. While patients in republican states enjoy cheaper more efficient health care, patients in states and countries with public health care endure higher costs, higher wait times and a shortage of Doctors. Many die before seeing a doctor.

The doctors themselves suffer as well. They must cope with bureaucratic demands instead of deciding what is best for patients. There is massive paperwork and other problems.

The creator of MASH was killed by State Health care

Richard Hornberger AKA Richard Hooker was the creator of the series MASH. In addition to being there during the Korean war, he was a doctor in Waterville Maine and a local celebrity. In the early days before political correctness and other problems, Hornberger enjoyed a carefree life as a surgeon and GP. Many who knew him told wild stories of how he was just like the characters in MASH. Every Morning Hornberger would race the state troopers from his home in Rockland Maine to the hospital in Waterville. If he could make it to the operating room on time he wouldn't get a ticket. Its something that couldn't be done today.

Horberger was also a prankster and a comedian. A devout Roman Catholic, he had 3 children and adopted 7 children and was celebrity not only for his comic genius but for his medical skills as well. But the growing infringement of government coupled with the unchecked power of the insurance companies took a toll on him. In the 80s Hornberger became and alcoholic and drank heavily. Although he is said to have officially died of Leukemia in 1997, those close to him say that it was his drinking that lead to his death.

For patients the toll is obviously worse. We can see this from Canadians coming to America for better cheaper treatment to higher taxes and a battered economy. We also see it from patients dying while waiting for needed care and malpractice mistakes. Many times patients have their appointments moved or cancelled for no reason at all, other cases, there is no treatment or unnecessary treatment. One only needs to Google NHS horror stories malpractice ETC to see what we can expect.

What to do about health care

Health care needs reform make no mistake about that. But the last thing we need is government control. Government has always failed at everything it has done. Those of you who read my articles know this to be true. The last thing we need now is to worsen health care. Furthermore, the only people who will even benefit will be the lazy bums who get billions in handouts through welfare and illegal aliens.

The answer is simple: Clamp down on insurance companies that deny health care and clamp off of the private sector. Make sure that insurance companies provide the right coverage and do it right. In addition, foster competition to keep costs low.

TO be continued

In the future I will be telling more about what to expect from Universal health care. I will tell you of horror stories of our Britain's NHS including how a woman was mistaken for a dangerous mental patient and forcibly incarcerated and drugged, how a sick dying child was turned away from life saving treatment by cold doctors and euthanasia of weak sick newborns. In addition similar stories in the US like how a Massachusetts woman was prevented from leaving the state so doctors could keep taking her money and a man in LA who almost died waiting in the ER while doctors were treating illegal aliens.

Not only that you will learn the agenda behind Universal Health care that Hillary Clinton and Senator Edwards are setting up to use universal health care to establish an Orwellian dictatorship in America.

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The Stock Market Explained Simply: Finance and Investing Basics - Animat...

Infowars: Alex Jones Show: MSM Anti Freedom Bias Exposed

Back by popular Demand: mourning the loss of the real yesteryear

This is a reply to an article made by a leftist named Cynthia The article blasts tradition of all kinds as racist. Here's my response...

I got done reading an article of yours in which you claim you do not mourn
the loss of America's traditional values. You then use the liberal tactic
of blasting those such as Ms Fields as racist supporters of Jim Crow and
lynching. Typical and disgusting.

You might mourn the loss of yester year but with the exception of racism, I
do as do most people I know.

50 years ago if you wanted to purchase a firearm to protect your family and
property, you could do it without a waiting period or without being denied.
Criminals back then knew the dangers of facing armed homeowners.

I mourn that loss.

Today, law abiding citizens are considered criminals. We can't buy weapons
but criminals will still have access to guns. Rape, theft, burglary and
murder are skyrocketing as a result. The life of a rapist or a thief is
easier than ever before thanks to people like you.

50 years ago, we had prayer in school and in the home. Most Americans took
seriously God's commandment of thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not kill
and thou shalt not bear false witness. Atheists and those with no moral
absolutes were very minor and kept their evil beliefs hidden. In our
schools the worst things that happened was talking back running in the
halls, ETC. There was a time you could leave your door unlocked and let
your children play alone.

I mourn the loss of that America.

Today it is a crime to mention God or prayer in any school. Atheism is
crammed down the throats of our kids.. When they graduate if they don't
drop out first, they will go around believing, "Hey! No God, No Heaven No
hell, I can do anything if I just get away with it! I'm not accountable!"
Our politicians, judges and legislators make an oath to uphold the
constitution but since they don't acknowledge God, they can just go ahead
and do what they like. Our schools are now war zones. Children can be
expelled simply for the mention of God or for carrying a cell phone. If a
student is picked on or dresses differently, he is profiled even expelled.

Long ago we didn't need welfare. There were more jobs available, employers
didn't have to worry about a lot of the communist policies of government
dictating how to run a business, even the poor managed. Our poor are fat.
Remember the King of the Road? Two hours pushing broom buys a flop house
room? You do that for two hours these days you couldn't even buy a box!
Businesses especially smaller ones are taxed to pay for lazy drug addicts
in housing projects, trailer parks and other places who don't want to work.
We all pay for it. Higher taxes means business must cut back wages and
jobs. I

In Maine where I live we have the third highest tax burden in America and
the largest government. As a result we are the fourth poorest state in the
nation ahead of only Michigan Louisiana and West Virginia and right behind
Rhode Island, Alaska, Mississippi (Yup! That's right!) Tennessee and
Kentucky and California. BTW, The states that made the top ten were almost
all red conservative American states. Virginia ranking Numero Uno, Texas
also ranked high I believe, those low tax small government states you
people all decry. Your own Georgia is among the top ten. That will change
quickly if Obama and his supporters have anything to say about it.

In Maine, we have few jobs, only lazy bums who don't want to do work.
Everything is expensive. A friend of mine in Texas who is a blue collar
worker from Maine now makes far more than he did in Maine. In Maine the
government takes 1/3 of your paycheck to support those who will not work.
In Texas he keeps his money. Laundry costs only a buck fifty to do. In
Maine, six dollars. That is because we are more concerned about
conservation and with fish than the working poor. Just like other liberal
utopias. Food costs more, gas costs more, rent costs more, we have some of
the highest property taxes in the Northeast, ironically the highest rents.
That's because what you liberals don't get is that when you raise taxes,
the rich just force the cost onto us.

Whether Obama wins or loses, the America in which Fields grew up —
preserved as perfect in the amber of her memory — is passing away. The
monochromatic America of Christian prayers before football games and New
Testament scriptures read in fifth-grade classrooms; the America of
constitutional liberties, the America of safety. and safe classrooms; the
America of men who were honorable and American women who were abstinent and
pure, the America of George Washington, John Addams and Thomas Jefferson—
that America recedes before a new tide.

You may not mourn its passing...

But I do and I'm not alone.

She responded in kind as follows:

Long ago we didn't need welfare? Clearly, your parents told you NOTHING
about the Great Depression

To which I responded:

No we did not! Welfare is nothing more than a hand out taken from hard working Americans to subsidize the lazy. The taxes and fees used to collect for it are one of the reason our jobs are going overseas and why more people were out of work, that and because of immigration. Like I said, King of the Road... 2 hours pushing broom for a flop house room. I used to live in one and I had to work two jobs for 55+ hours a week to pay for it along with other comforts because of politicians with your mindset. No one should get a hand out unless they are crippled, retarded or out of their mind. 10 years before the depresion we had a boom. Obviously no need for hand outs then.

I still got a few more responses after this just struggling to defend welfare. After looking through my blog and going over the articles I wrote it is clear, welfare is more of a burden.

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Dear Donald Trump...

Anti-racist marxist steet thugs:Don't date white it aint alright

Continuing from our previous story below about the shooting in Fresno and about anti-white bias in the media. I want to bring this up some more about the actions of Antifa/ARA especially their recent antics in Seattle Washington.

Its an incident that should be making headlines, a racist attack on white people. A gang of marxist terrorist hoodlums putting up flyers warning white people not to propagate their race. The language of the posters clearly threatening, telling whites not to date white not to propagate, had this been any other group the media would be doing headstands.

Unfortunately the media is largely liberal and like all liberals, white people, white Christians especially are a threat to humanity. It also teaches that Whites are the only people in the world who are capable of aggression and violence.and that everything wrong with the world is because of white people.

Gee... Who'd have thought.

So no surprise, this vicious evil hate crime has been buried. No word, no mention. Except for alt-right websites and a few other places.

Emerald city ANTIFA(which stands for anti-fascism yeah right)is part of Anti-Racist Action, a movement of communist radicals who target mainly the Nazis but have also begun targeting conservatives especially veterans and Trump supporters. They have also claimed responsibility for murdering veterans and Trump supporters and for starting riots.

ARA/Antifa are worse than thugs, they are a Marxist street gang and a terrorist group. They are also anti-white. This kind of crap that went on in UWashington is disgusting and hardly legal. Had this been done against any other group the media would be having a fit and there would be marches and even riots in every major city in the country. Instead the media in the weeks before the shooting in Fresno spent its time attacking white people in light of Donald Trump's election.

You may recall last year I did an interview with two of them in a Chicago Mall. Coffee With Communists: Who they are and Why They Kill received thousands of hits, it was read by David Horowitz, Joseph Farah and a few others, Horowitz Emailed me a month later congratulating me and chiding me for being crazy and foolish for risking my life. One of the boys was an admirer of Stalin and a criminal, the other openly gay and hostile to the rich. Both hated the USA both hated whites and Both wanted Alex Jones killed. The Chicago Police Department also chided me as being crazy, citing that I could've been killed at any time by these dangerous thugs.

Now, Emerald city Antifa ARA are denying it thanks to exposure on Alt-right media. According to their facebook website, ARA/Antifa denies handing out the posters claiming that it is a conspiracy to smear them. On their website they said you can date whoever  you want.

But the truth is that Anti Racist Action is very very hostile towards white people in general. When I sat down and interviewed two of them in Chicago, they made it clear  that they are not only anti-american and anti-capitalist, they are anti-white and will do anything they can to wipe out and exterminate white people and stop white people from breeding.

That's not all, Kyle Weissman, eminent historian and contributor to Mainestategop and the New England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets did an interview with one of these antifa racist hoodlums in Denver Colorado Rocky Mountain Antifa. This after I received numerous threats over my interviews  exposing antifa ARA for the hypocrites and monsters that they are. The threats came from Three particular chapters of ARA/Antiifa, one was in Boston, another in Manchester and another in Berlin New Hampshire. These same hoodlums attacked our meeting in Southern New Hempshire at a hotel conference room years back and caused it to be shut down along with other attacks in Portsmouth when we had meetings there

Many threats I got came from Rocky mountain Antifa. They were also the only ones willing to talk. Kyle Weissman met with one of their members who was very very interesting. The man let it be known in the interview that white people had to die yet himself was white. He stated that whites must become extinct either through murders and terrorism or race mixing. This man again was white but like the rest of ARA/Antifa which is also mostly made up of whites, they detested themselves.

He was also a communist and he was a Muslim.

We'll share you this amazing story later on. Kyle did the interview with him in Downtown Denver at a small restaurant about a week ago. Stay tuned will tell you more about it.

But back on track, this is just disturbing and the only thing more disturbing is the fact that not one media outlet is covering this story. The liberal media I swear would be doing cartwheels and backflips had this been an incident telling hispanics or blacks or even gays not to marry or propogate. Imagine posters saying "WERE WARNING YOU! GAY MARRIAGE  IS EVIL AND DONT DATE!!"

Guarantee you, the media would have a field day and the posters would be wall paper on all the networks.

But posters threatening whites they've been warned not to breed or date? They wont touch it.

Even Fox News wont touch it. Just ask poor Bill O'reilly. No pun intended.

But all is fair against white people. Kill white people and the media will leave you alone. Tell whites to stop breeding and no one will say your bad or evil or racist because only whites can be racist in liberal land.

Anti-racist Action antifa are guilty of promoting the exact same fascism and ideology that they claim to want to fiight. They are not anti-fascist, they are anti-American and anti-humanity. meanwhile, real fascists and Neo-Nazis get their kicks and are aided and comforted by this hypocrisy and these evil doers.


Friday, April 21, 2017

JTF This Week: Trump's base turns on him; tens of thousands view new JTF...

Back by popular demand: Freedom leads to prosperity, control leads to poverty

The following was published back in 2009. It also had some accompanying videos which sadly do not exist. Possibly because the channels associated were terminated by liberal fascists.


There is a reason why America and the Roman Empire became the greatest superpowers of their times and why its people became wealthy... Freedom. The American people, much like those of Early Rome had the freedom to innovate, go about their business and earn an honest living with extremely little government intervention. In Early days we did not have to worry about Communist government controls or regulations telling us how to run our lives. Because we had a freedom to run our businesses and our lives the way WE felt was best, our economy flourished.

The people had a right to free speech, freedom to publish, freedom to assemble or protest. They could speak their minds and spread new ideas which not only promoted and protected freedom, but also lead to more profitable business ventures. Many of the worlds greatest inventions came from America, they came about because the men and women who invented them had the freedom to do so and to share their ideas.

Not only do we have a freedom to innovate and use our talents in the way we see fit without infringing the rights of others, we also enjoy the freedom to worship God in the way we see fit and we have not sacrificed our pillars of morality and religion to enjoy a rising standard of living. It is in fact because of those two pillars that we do enjoy them.

The Roman Empire too enjoyed these same freedoms and helped it to become the great empire it was. But Rome much like what is happening now before our eyes faced the loss of this freedom and went from freedom and autonomy, to dependence and bondage.

Rome like all other great nations went through a cycle that the writer Alexander Tyler discussed in Cycle of Democracy and which was brought up again by Edward Gibbon in the rise and fall of Rome:

"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising them the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over a louse fiscal responsibility, always followed by a dictatorship. The average of the world's great civilizations before they decline has been 200 years. These nations have progressed in this sequence:"

From bondage to spiritual faith;

from spiritual faith to great courage;

from courage to liberty;

from liberty to abundance;

from abundance to selfishness;

from selfishness to complacency;

from complacency to apathy;

from apathy to dependency;

from dependency back again to bondage.

As Rome grew the people became complacent and selfish. They began to infringe on each other's liberty and in addition to threats from invading nations and from civil war, Rome declined from a Republic to an imperial monarchy ruled by the Caesars. These men were Mainly ruthless and greedy and ruled with despotic power. Soon the people began to depend more on government to rule their lives and in turn they depended on other nations surrounding them for protection.

It was a recipe for disaster.

As Rome depended on surrounding barbarian tribes for protection, it all fell back on and their former subjects rose up and turned on them. It lead to the loss of culture and knowledge and to the Dark Ages and delayed the advancement of the industrial revolution for over a thousand years.

America is racing down that same path that Rome did. Rome lasted about a thousand years but in the two centuries since America's founding, we have already begun to cut our own throats. America started with Bondage under European imperial Power and religious persecution. Among their ranks were men fleeing to find freedom to worship God according to their own conscience. America was under the influence of the Scotch covenant reformists and the great awakening. The spiritual faith of America gave her great courage and initiative to form revolution against her Imperial masters.

The result of their new liberty lead obviously to great prosperity. The people were moral, religious, adventurous and brilliant. This combination with the liberty they experienced lead to the 13 colonies becoming a great nation. But unfortunately their new abundance made them selfish. They became xenophobic and covetous. They became fearful of outside influence which in turn buffeted their freedom. Racial minorities especially freed slaves and indigenous people were the biggest victims along with new arrivals from other nations.

America expanded into Mexico, the Pacific coast and into parts of Canada. It then expanded to Hawaii, the Philippines, several Pacific islands and into the Caribbean. America betrayed the warnings of her founders not to be entangled in international intrigue or alliances. Soon America went to Europe, became involved in other alliances in the name of security.

Also in the name of national security, our freedoms became eroded and our taxes increased dramatically. It all came to a head during and after the second world war. The cold war lead to national fears of communist infiltrators and how we could have our prosperity and freedoms destroyed. Yet they already were being undermined by our own government.

This intervention and meddling into individual liberty went beyond our shores into Asia, Africa and Latin America. In order to prevent the totalitarian system of Marxism from spreading world wide, we demolished developing democratic nations and replaced them with our own totalitarian governments. This in turn lead to world wide resentment against America and in the nations that suffered under the clash between American interests and soviet aggression, there was civil unrest and carnage.

America was founded under the principles of individual liberty and autonomy and of Representative government yet we denied that to other nations. Meanwhile, our own government was at work denying those freedoms to ourselves yet we did not notice it.

Despite the best efforts to destroy Marxist influence, Marxism already came to America and exploded on stage during the nineteen sixties and came to greater fruition in the following decades. The soviet Union did collapse but the damage was done.

Today America is under greater control of the heavy foot of government than ever before. Government now controls more of how we are to live. We now have government ruling our very lives and lively hoods. We can't start a business without approval from the government. Even if we do get it off the ground, it is burdened down by heavy regulations and taxes. This means loss of tax revenue and loss of employment. The economy and the flow of jobs is in the hands of a privileged few now thanks to government.

Government tell us how to believe, how to think, where to go, we can't home school our children or take them to a church run school, we have to take them to schools that are inadequate and where they are brainwashed and conditioned into believing humanism and socialism. Religious observance and freedom of information are also suppressed.

We WILL see even more of this with the new Democrat government and more into being coerced into dependency with it. From dependency we will no doubt slip back into bondage far worse than what we have experienced under Britain. This time we face submission and oppression under a brutal and merciless socialist regime.