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Saturday, April 29, 2017

10 Best things about Trump

John Hawkins of recently wrote a fantastic article about Trump's First 100 days that is excellent and refreshing at the same time. Click here to read it but here are some highlights I think you should hear about.

1) Judge Gorsuch:

2) Hillary Not Being President:

3) A Drop-Off In Illegal Immigration:

4) Approving The Keystone And Dakota Access Pipelines:

5) Deft Foreign Policy Moves:

6) Trump Signing An Executive Order Withdrawing From the Transpacific Partnership Trade Deal:

7) Trump Signing An Executive Order Directing The Justice Department To Cut Funding To Sanctuary Cities:

8) Trump’s Pro-Life Surge:

9) Imposing A Five Year Ban On Lobbying The Government By Former White House Officials And A Lifetime Ban On Lobbying For Foreign Governments By Former White House Officials: 

10) An Economic Confidence Boost:

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