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Friday, April 7, 2017

America, as Rome, Babylon, Castile, and 3 Kingdoms China

Historian Kyle Weissman presents an American tale of well... how America may be perceived in a few hundred years. Of an American legacy not of freedom, liberty, a shining city on a hill or of religion and Christian faith and morals but of America as an empire studied and compared to others.

This is not intended to be a sermon. It is also not intended to be anti-american. Anyone who knows me, knows I grew up under an iron curtain and fought for my country all I could. Many of my veteran pals in fact think I go overboard. The prophet Jeremiah wasn't an anti-semite or an anti-Israel but they said he was even though he was a great prophet.

The real purpose of this is a dire warning to future generations of the consequences of sin and reaping and sowing. It is not pleasant for me to write this as anyone is to read it. especially for those who possess a love for this great nation who's greatness is fading.

Last weekend I had a vivid dream about my descendants. It took place centuries in the future. They were studying Americanology, whiich at that time was fast becoming a popular subject much as many would consider the study of Ancient Rome, Egypt, The Aztecss and Mayans, Babylon or Ancient China.

In the classes they took, America was seen in the same light we would see these ancient empires of antiquity. At first, they started out as weak tribes that survived and kept together through spiritual faith, a culture that would be considered warrior like or even Spartan and through great courage enforced by such a  culture achieve great feats that would lead to economic and territorial expansion and revolutionary and effective governing which in turn lead to liberty and in turn prosperity.

Over time these empires enjoyed great ease  great abundance and was pampered in excess. in turn became apathetic, selfish, dependent and lackadaisical. Education, masculinity, common sense, religion, morals and responsibility would be shelved in exchange for easy living, convenience, security, self gratification and egotism. This lead to corruption and injustice within and invasions from barbarians and foreign enemies without which would lead to the empire collapsing or becoming subjects of foreign powers or cease to be relevant.

Often times it was the enemies within that proved the greater threat. No wonder our founding fathers recognized the government as a dangerous force to be reckoned...

The greatest enemy of empire, of world dominance is not the foreign enemies of vast content whether it was the Huns, the Mongols, Macedonians, Parthinians, Saracens or Spanish, Et Al, but itself. Themself was usually their own worst enemy. In every collapse of every great empire, it all starts from within. The loss of virtue, principal, integrity, trust, worth and then in turn, instability, division, internal strife, rebellion, invasion, all sorts of calamity that originates from rulers, generals, senators and magistrates.

In Rome, Princess Justa Grata Honoria, Brother of Emperor Valentinian made a proposal of marriage to Attila the Hun. Her Dowry, the western half of Europe. It saved Byzantium, the eastern half of the Roman Empire from conquest for another millennia but brought upon her own people the wrath of the Huns and the collapseof Rome. A collapse that would've been made worse had it not been for brave men such as Pope Leo and General Flavius.

Eastern Rome, in spite of Christianity and its virtues of discipline and temperance also began to slide into decadence and decline, a decline made all the more worse with the rise of Islamic conquest. Mohamed before he died urged his people on to conquer Byzantium. He predicted in the Koran that it would be conquered and that the one who did it would be blessed.

One does not need to be considered a prophet or sage or even a historian at that time to see that it was inevitable. Even in the time of Justinian and Constantine the warning signs were abundant. Conversion to Christianity did not make the Romans any less corrupt, debauched or decadent anymore than the Christianization of Scandinavia made them less bloodthirsty vikings.

Denmark and Norway held claim over much territory in Northern France and in England and this legal claim the church could not dispute and wasn't able to do much to stifle wars. In fact many of the bloodiest and cruelest of Norseman and Danes were baptized converts. They merely substituted the cross for thor's hammer, the blessed virgin in place of Frig and Eostere and heaven for Valhalla. At least one could be assured paradise whether or not they died sword in hand.

China under the Han Emperors also suffered a similar dark ages plight in the 3rd century Common era. The Han empire was rife with corruption and bribery, its emperors weak and frail, many of them only children and infants and governed on a leash by corrupt evil politicians and civil servants. Chief among them, the court Eunuchs who held the Han emperors in their grasp.

The story of the end of the Han Dynasty and the rise of many centuries long strife that followed is chronicled in the epic history saga, THE ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS but it was hardly Romantic. China became divided for over several centuries by 3 great warring nations each ruled by an emperor. It was China's bloodiest era in history. Only, the invading onslaught of the Japanese during World War 2 proved more bloody and violent.

Victorian England, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Imperial Russia, Soviet Russia, Imperial Germany under the Kaisers, Socialist Germany under Hitler,  France under the Bourbon kings and the Bonaparte Emperors all had their time and had their day. They choked on their own bile and their own self gratifications and went downhill.

America in the future. What will our descendants say of this once great nation? In my dream my great to the nth grandchildren studied American culture and history and found it wanting. Why had the nation floundered? Why had the country faded out? What happened?

At the time the dream took place America ceased to exist as we know it. The country was under a world government. Its relevance  and status could be similar to that of France, England or Germany as members of the European Union. America's eminence and position of power was no more.

The American empire's collapse was brought on by a combination of crushing debts to China and Russia, multi-culturalism and mass immigration particularly Latino, Muslim and Asian immigration and a dechristianization that came about from the influx of Muslim refugees and a growing irrelevance of the church. Religion becomes taboo in  much of the nation those who embrace it are stigmatized and suffer discrimination and indignity as well as violence.

The two most dominant religions remaining in North America at this time are Roman Catholicism and Sunni Islam. The Catholic church exists only because of immigration from catholic countries and because of its mandates against birth control and Islam because of polygamy and immigration. Most of the country is secular however and members of these religions and others are merely observant.

Protestant churches meanwhile bear a resemblance to liberal churches  that a prevalent today in New England and the Pacific Northwest, the pastor is usually a middle aged woman, the church liberal and pro-gay while urban churches tend to be similar to those in Chicago's St Sabina Parish or Jeremiah Wright's Tri County church.

The people are also highly dependent on the state. This is perhaps the most disturbing aspect of all as far as America's decline is concerned. The united states has become a nation of self gratification and dependence, its economy dismal and often times there are riots and disturbances.

Americanoligists agree that the collapse of America is the same as Rome's as forertold by Lord Alexander Tytler and Tyler Gibson, from bondage, to faith, to liberty, to abundance, to selfishness, to apathy, to dependence, back into Bondage. The Bondage America will suffer in the future will be even greater than what she suffered as a colony under the Crown of Great Britain.

What dooms America is the jetisoning of her Christian roots and worse still the loss of constitutional freedoms and liberty which were made possible by checks and balances against government. All limits against the government are discarded and the sky becomes  the limit. As Washington cautioned, the state is a great force like fire. Powerful and devastating. In the future, the flames are not only fueled  and stocked, the fire department and fire brigades are disbanded and the fire is left to blaze without hinder or let.

This is ultimately what dooms America, not foreign conquest and subjugation but tyranny corruption and control under Washington DC and the states. States rights doesn't cut it either since municipal and state legislatures are more often than not dominated by tyrants.

This tyranny is further enforced by apathy and a twisted and socialist view that politicians and servants of the state like police or bureaucrats are infallible and are always honest. The few left who oppose such tyrants and who are critical of the police, city hall, and elected leaders are branded as mentally ill and disturbed or as seditionists and anarchists.

In future America, the state always has the last word. Professionals and politicians and others who are in league with government are always right. The people are bullied, intimidated and coerced to reduce their needs, give up their rights and allow the state to take things away for the greater good and be willing to sacrifice all they have even their lives for said good.

The state never fails. If after following the rules making all sacrifices the state is unable to fix a problem or create prosperity and fulfill needs it is never the state's fault it is usually the victim's fault and/or some persecuted pariah group's fault as well.

There are no pastors or parishes on the watch tower to condemn such evils because they either no longer exist or have been cast down from their towers through persecution or malicious prosecution. At any rate, churches and even mosques exist only for self gratification and smug self righteousness.

In the future America will be remembered as the greatest nation that ever existed, the richest and most powerful that ever existed and will also be known as the most selfish, most decadent and most foolish that ever existed. A nation of great wealth and great  power that was conquered  from within and without, despite its military might and despite its vast wealth.

The only difference between America and Rome is that America did not have gladiatorial spectacles and was more politically correct.

That was my dream. America in the future. It all seems very very likely especially in light of current events and in light of how so numb and dumb so many Americans have become. I would hope that such as scenario does not play itself out.

My hope is that of my good friend Brian Ball Mainestategop and what he said about America's future in his article where he interviewed Chicago communists in a Marxist street gang: 

Now what of America in 100 years? If we remember the lessons from this interview and take them to heart, it wont need to be that way. In 100 Years America will hopefully still exist as the free nation it was meant to be. It will be known not remembered, known, as a strong bulwark against tyrants that may have crumbled a bit in the last century but remains strong and will continue to be so till the end of time.

We can Only Hope Brian.... We can only Hope. But more than hope we can start now and make our voices heard, make efforts to educate ourselves and loved ones. Do not underestimate strong public will and determination. The road ahead is long and hard but we can keep the bulwark in repair if we all at least make full use of our abilities.

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