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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Back by popular Demand, Boy with Asperger's syndrome forcibly sterilized by California Democrats kills himself

In 2015, we told the story of Jesse Kaplan, a boy with Asperger's syndrome who was forcibly sterilized by school faculty in San Jose California for the crime of being a victim of bullying and abuse. He was falsely diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism and mental retardation. Asperger's syndrome is not a real disorder. It is a fake disorder invented by the government to take away people's rights and blame victims for the failure of Democrats. Kaplan was wrongfully targeted and abused and because of the sterilization and because of the bullying he was unable to finish school and later commited suicide.

The following is the testimony of Rita Kaplan, mother of the deceased Jesse Kaplan who took his own life in 2000 after he was forcibly neutered and sterilized by the state of California after being classified as a social undesirable with severe Asperger's syndrome. Asperger's syndrome is not a real mental illness. It is an invention by Dr. Hans Asperger, a medical doctor and child psychiatrist who worked for the German SS during world war II and fought in Yugoslavia. Asperger was believed to have been involved in T4 and various war crimes in Serbia during the war and was involved in studying autism during and after the war. No investigation of war crimes against Hans Asperger has ever been undertaken. He continued to write and publish articles about Autism with a socialistic bent and died in 1980. His works are still used by psychiatrists around the world. Asperger's syndrome was classified as a disease by the World Health Organization in 1980 and was approved of as a diagnosis by the American Psychiatric Association in 1994.
Jesse Kaplan and countless other innocent lives have been ruined or lost as a result of Hans Asperger's work and the work of the Democrats and their socialist supporters. His mother spoke with Mainestategop several months ago by an Email correspondence about Jesse and what happened to him. The Kaplans live in San Jose. Rita still lives there. Her husband now divorced lives in Eugene. Jesse is survived by An older brother who lives in Las Vegas and Younger sister who lives in Visalia.
My Name is Rita Kaplan. I want to share with you all the story of my son Jesse and how the state of California murdered him. Officially my son commit suicide but it was the state that did it. They ruined him, ruined his life and ruined his manhood. He couldn't take the pain and he ended it all. The state made him do it and it is they have never been punished for what they put him through and put our family through.
My son Jesse was born in 1979 in Pomona California. He is the Third eldest of 4 children. We were the average family. My husband Jacob worked in LA and I was a stay at home mom. We lived a life of a Yuppie family. His other siblings were Oldest brother James, second oldest brother Tom and a younger sister Jill who was born in 1981. Jesse was a normal child, rambunctious, curious, energetic just like his older brothers. He looked up most to Tom who would later protect him when he started school in San Jose when the bullying began.
Jesse's entry into school was normal. He had many friends in school but that changed when he was 9. In 1988 my husband's job moved us to San Jose. Jesse began going to school there in the fall. I thought it would be alright nothing seemed to happen. Then about a month or two into it we noticed there were problems. Jesse didn't get along very well with the other children. He no longer had any friends and no longer was as happy as he used to be. We all thought it was a childhood phase and I spoke to the principal who assured me that they would watch over him.
Then in April of 89 we were summoned to a parent teacher conference. His teacher informed us that Jesse didn't get along with anyone in his class and that his only friend was another boy from Special Ed. He had been getting into fights and arguments and on some occasions would cry in class after recess. She suggested that Jesse go see a psychiatrist and be proscribed anti-depressants. I objected to it as did my husband at the time pointing out that it was the school's fault he couldn't get along. I was concerned about health problems that would arise with my son.
But things got worse when he entered 4th grade that year and Just before Spring break the following year there was another conference with his teacher with a social worker in attendance. Jesse hit another boy at the school cafeteria who was teasing him and getting other students to egg him on when he hit him. Jesse and the boy both got detention and we were told that our boy had mental problems because of the bullying. The teacher with the social worker insisted he be taken to a psychiatrist and proscribed medication and we were informed by the social worker that action could be taken against us in the interest of Jesse's personal welfare if we refused.
And so we did take him to a psychiatrist who diagnosed Jesse as being clinically depressed. He was proscribed ant-depressants which made him tired and gave him ticks. We then had Jesse take meds for his ticks and for being tired and then when those 3 meds made him moody we had another medication for him. I don't recall all the meds he took at the time but they made him sleepy and cranky. At school Jesse's grades suffered not only because of the bullying but because of the meds he was taking. We received complaints by his teachers that he was falling asleep in class and that his grades suffered. Jesse's grades got worse and so did Jesse over the years. The other kids just left him alone and Jesse was left to himself. In 8th Grade Jesse was almost left back and he had to attend summer school. He missed out on most of summer because of it and that made him worse. He was also suspended for 4 days for a fight that started up in the lockers.
It was also around this time that Jesse began seeing a new psychiatrist who told me that he may have a disorder that had begun to gain a foothold in the medical community called Asperger's syndrome. We were told that it was related to autism and mental illness. I balked at it thinking that there is no way Jesse was autistic. he was a normal boy who was going through a difficult time made worse by meds that hardly did anything good for him and just made him worse. My husband and I argued over it and I wanted to take him away from this place and move him to a charter school or to another state where he wouldn't be medicated into oblivion. My husband did not agree. At the time he refused to accept that the government was wrong and that ordinary people like us were wiser. He believed as I pretty much did in the infallible wisdom of the government. I wanted to send Jesse to live with my sister and her Husband in Montana hoping that he would be in a better place where doctors couldn't get to him but I didn't my husband didn't like the idea and to this day I wonder if Jesse would still be alive and normal had I done that.
Well in 1994 Jesse began going to Independence High school in San Jose. It started out as a nightmare from the beginning. Jesse was the victim of a terrible prank on his first day and on his second day he got suspended for 3 days for a fight with one of the boys who was involved. The boys who did the prank were given a detention but my son and the other boy got worse. Thereafter the school did little or nothing to stop the bullying and whenever my son acted up and retaliated he was treated much worse than the bullies who instigated it.
Jesse suffered terribly during his first year. My husband and I got into a shouting argument with the vice principle that was so bad the police were called to break it up. The faculty agreed to do more but their actions were not as great as their words. Jesse was forced to repeat the 9th grade due to failing at his classes. He even skipped classes because he suffered so much. Thereafter Jesse was reclusive and hid indoors. He only went outside when either I or his father compelled him to. In his second year as a 9th grader Jesse was hospitalized after being thrown down a staircase. The boy who did it was expelled but only after I threatened a lawsuit. While hospitalized he was over medicated with different meds then what his psychiatrist was giving him. When Jesse was in 10th grade he ran away from home for almost a week. We found out he had been hiding out in Pomona and Los Angeles and was picked up by police who found him in Hollywood.
It was In 1996 time when Jesse was 16 about to go on 17 and in 10th grade that his psychiatrist began to proscribe a potent drug called Risperdal. We did not know anything about the drug only that it was an anti-psychotic. It would replace all the other meds he had been on. By this time Jesse had been proscribed a large variety of meds such as Ritalin and Prozac and had been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, ADHD and Major Depression. Risperdal we were told should take care of it. He was also given Alegra, an anti-histamine for his anxiety and ticks that came from it. I studied it and was highly concern about its alleged lobotomizing affect and that it had a negative impact of sexual organs including a one in 10,000 chance of developing erectile dysfunction We were told by the doctor that the side effects were temporary and that impotence was highly rare. My husband insisted that we go with it. Jesse at the time had begun being fascinated with sex and women and masturbated a lot and since it was not likely he would ever get any dates while in school we didn't mind.
The Risperdal made very little impact. His ticks were worse his behavior got worse and he began to cry a lot. We didn't tell him about the Risperdal side effects and he didn't think that it was the reason why he could not experience erections which concerned him. After 2 years The doctor continued to proscribe him Risperdal along with zyprex and a few other drugs. The meds did little to help.
The meds we discovered had another effect. They had lobotomized him. he wasn't as emotional as he was but he misbehaved even worse and he continued to be depressed and anxious. Worse still he had been castrated. My husband and I discovered from reading medial journals that many boys who had been given Risperdal became impotent and unable to procreate. We also discovered that Risperdal was used by the criminal justice system to castrate sex offenders. Our son is sex offender? Our son is a pervert? No way! He is a victim not a criminal! Why aren't the bullies suffering? We also noticed that Risperdal causes weight gain diabetes and brain damage. Jesse got very fat and despite being put on a strict diet he still didn't lose an ounce. Worse his grades sank again and it looked like he was going to be left back again.
The troubles reached its crescendo when Jesse began to have seizures in school and when he began to call 911 for help when he was bullied. The school forbade him to call 911 after he was hit by another student. The bully was not charged but the principle forbade him to call on penalty of being suspended. Further the state threatned to take our son away and put him in an institution. In 1998 When Jesse was 18 he ran away from home again. This time he was gone for over a year. He ran away because he didn't want to be medicated and he didn't want to be bullied. We found out that he had gone to Seattle for a month and then from there moved on to New York City. While he was in NYC he was able to get his GED and almost got housing but he was required to go back to medication. He refused and remained homeless and went to live in Los Angeles until we coaxed him into coming home on the agreement he would not be medicated.
After he got home in February of 2000 Jesse tried to find work in the bay area. Since he was disabled from being injured from all the meds and from the mental anguish he suffered in school he had trouble. He was fired from working at McDonalds and the only job he could hold on to was Labor Ready. My husband wanted him to go back on medication and go back to school to get a diploma but he didn't want to. I stood by him. It would lead to arguments and a deteriorating relationship with my husband that would end in divorce.
The state of California ruined my son for good. He went from being the smiling happy energetic child I remembered to becoming a sad brain damaged impotent adult. I filed suit against the state for what the Risperdal did to him but all we got out of it was fifty thousand dollars. That is not money we could have Jesse live on and it was poor compensation for the fact that Jesse was chemically neutered. He had wanted to marry and have children but to his lasting regret could not procreate and could not have sex. He was always ashamed of it being impotent and remaining a virgin. He told me before he died that he could not feel love he could not feel happiness or anything but sadness and emptiness. The meds had removed that too.
On November 15th 2000 about a week before thanksgiving Jesse slit his wrists in his apartment his Brother and I got for him. He left a note saying that he did not want to live alone anymore. The state of California and the meds took away everything from him. His future, his happiness, his manhood, his virility, his looks and his health. The meds only made him suicidal and depressed. It made him steady enough to end his miserable life. He described himself as an empty shell and said that he would be alright because he had found Jesus while he had Ran away. I hope it is true. I looked in my bible and I find nothing that says that people who kill themselves go to hell. Jesse couldn't help it anyway.
My husband and I divorced two months later. It would not be the last time tragedy struck. My son Tom was training to fly in the Air Force and died in a training accident. Tom protected his brother from bullies, the job California and the Democrats were supposed to do but didn't want to do. Tom could not protect his brother from the crippling side effects of the meds especially the Risperdal. California failed to protect my son and no one protected my son from the state.
Today I work to spread awareness of the dangers of psychiatry and the dangers of meds. I work for the Citizens Commission of human rights and for other groups to protect human rights. I also changed my affiliation from Democrat to Republican. The Democrats and the liberals who champion the little guy were no champion for my son. The republicans aren't always right but they are right that the government is the enemy and that the government does not stand up for the people. To quote Reagan government is not the solution to the problem it is the problem. The doctors who were in charge cared only about profiting from taxes and drug companies while my son suffered life long mental and physical injuries. Its time we removed the government from our lives and took control of our own lives and families and our communities.
I am grateful to men like Brian Ball AKA Mainestategop for standing up for the little ones like my son and for those who suffer because of the government. I thank God for men like Ron Paul his son Rand Paul and others like him in the government who go toe to toe against Democrats to defend our liberty from government control. I am also thankful for people all over America who stand up for what is right and speak out. I wish the internet was there and that people like this were there to help my son. At least I know I can help others like him who shouldn't have to go through what he went through.
Ladies and Gentlemen, you have read the testimony of one Rita Kaplan. Once a California Democrat now an American after experiencing first hand the horror and trauma of liberalism. Asprger's syndrome is not a real disorder. It is a falsehood invented by the left to deprive us of our freedom and liberty. At the same time to target innocent people and to help government employees, enemies of our republic to profit at the expense of others. Asperger's syndrome is not real. If your child is diagnosed with Asperger's or any other disorder remove him or her from public school immediately and if necessary leave your state. You will be doing your child a favor perhaps even saving his or her life. Even if your child is not diagnosed, if your children goes to public school you should take them out. Consider homeschooling, a loving and merciful alternative. Either that or Charter school. But whatever you do never trust the government and never let your child be subdued by the state. They are  your children not the government's children

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