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Monday, April 24, 2017

Back by popular Demand: mourning the loss of the real yesteryear

This is a reply to an article made by a leftist named Cynthia The article blasts tradition of all kinds as racist. Here's my response...

I got done reading an article of yours in which you claim you do not mourn
the loss of America's traditional values. You then use the liberal tactic
of blasting those such as Ms Fields as racist supporters of Jim Crow and
lynching. Typical and disgusting.

You might mourn the loss of yester year but with the exception of racism, I
do as do most people I know.

50 years ago if you wanted to purchase a firearm to protect your family and
property, you could do it without a waiting period or without being denied.
Criminals back then knew the dangers of facing armed homeowners.

I mourn that loss.

Today, law abiding citizens are considered criminals. We can't buy weapons
but criminals will still have access to guns. Rape, theft, burglary and
murder are skyrocketing as a result. The life of a rapist or a thief is
easier than ever before thanks to people like you.

50 years ago, we had prayer in school and in the home. Most Americans took
seriously God's commandment of thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not kill
and thou shalt not bear false witness. Atheists and those with no moral
absolutes were very minor and kept their evil beliefs hidden. In our
schools the worst things that happened was talking back running in the
halls, ETC. There was a time you could leave your door unlocked and let
your children play alone.

I mourn the loss of that America.

Today it is a crime to mention God or prayer in any school. Atheism is
crammed down the throats of our kids.. When they graduate if they don't
drop out first, they will go around believing, "Hey! No God, No Heaven No
hell, I can do anything if I just get away with it! I'm not accountable!"
Our politicians, judges and legislators make an oath to uphold the
constitution but since they don't acknowledge God, they can just go ahead
and do what they like. Our schools are now war zones. Children can be
expelled simply for the mention of God or for carrying a cell phone. If a
student is picked on or dresses differently, he is profiled even expelled.

Long ago we didn't need welfare. There were more jobs available, employers
didn't have to worry about a lot of the communist policies of government
dictating how to run a business, even the poor managed. Our poor are fat.
Remember the King of the Road? Two hours pushing broom buys a flop house
room? You do that for two hours these days you couldn't even buy a box!
Businesses especially smaller ones are taxed to pay for lazy drug addicts
in housing projects, trailer parks and other places who don't want to work.
We all pay for it. Higher taxes means business must cut back wages and
jobs. I

In Maine where I live we have the third highest tax burden in America and
the largest government. As a result we are the fourth poorest state in the
nation ahead of only Michigan Louisiana and West Virginia and right behind
Rhode Island, Alaska, Mississippi (Yup! That's right!) Tennessee and
Kentucky and California. BTW, The states that made the top ten were almost
all red conservative American states. Virginia ranking Numero Uno, Texas
also ranked high I believe, those low tax small government states you
people all decry. Your own Georgia is among the top ten. That will change
quickly if Obama and his supporters have anything to say about it.

In Maine, we have few jobs, only lazy bums who don't want to do work.
Everything is expensive. A friend of mine in Texas who is a blue collar
worker from Maine now makes far more than he did in Maine. In Maine the
government takes 1/3 of your paycheck to support those who will not work.
In Texas he keeps his money. Laundry costs only a buck fifty to do. In
Maine, six dollars. That is because we are more concerned about
conservation and with fish than the working poor. Just like other liberal
utopias. Food costs more, gas costs more, rent costs more, we have some of
the highest property taxes in the Northeast, ironically the highest rents.
That's because what you liberals don't get is that when you raise taxes,
the rich just force the cost onto us.

Whether Obama wins or loses, the America in which Fields grew up —
preserved as perfect in the amber of her memory — is passing away. The
monochromatic America of Christian prayers before football games and New
Testament scriptures read in fifth-grade classrooms; the America of
constitutional liberties, the America of safety. and safe classrooms; the
America of men who were honorable and American women who were abstinent and
pure, the America of George Washington, John Addams and Thomas Jefferson—
that America recedes before a new tide.

You may not mourn its passing...

But I do and I'm not alone.

She responded in kind as follows:

Long ago we didn't need welfare? Clearly, your parents told you NOTHING
about the Great Depression

To which I responded:

No we did not! Welfare is nothing more than a hand out taken from hard working Americans to subsidize the lazy. The taxes and fees used to collect for it are one of the reason our jobs are going overseas and why more people were out of work, that and because of immigration. Like I said, King of the Road... 2 hours pushing broom for a flop house room. I used to live in one and I had to work two jobs for 55+ hours a week to pay for it along with other comforts because of politicians with your mindset. No one should get a hand out unless they are crippled, retarded or out of their mind. 10 years before the depresion we had a boom. Obviously no need for hand outs then.

I still got a few more responses after this just struggling to defend welfare. After looking through my blog and going over the articles I wrote it is clear, welfare is more of a burden.

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