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Friday, April 21, 2017

Operation Pay Bork a success!!!

The New England Alliance for liberty and free markets today announces Operation Pay Bork is a success! Justice Neil Gorsuch started work recently, replacing Antonin Scalia.

While we have heard reports that Gorsuch is not as conservative as the Late Antonin Scalia and possibly may be pro-choice, we find that he is conservative and in fact holds both pro-life views.

The effort to block left wing justices and bring up conservatives was made thanks to a vigilant public and strong public will. The majority have spoken, they have affirmed that we are all sick and tired of leftist justices legislating from the bench and undermining the US Constitution by interpreting foreign treaties and foreign laws not applicable to the bill of rights.

Operation PayBork made it known to senators and reps that America has zero tolerance for leftist justices and zero tolerance for bench legislation and will unelect any senator who does not pledge under Paybork to Bork any nominee who is liberal and support conservative justices.

Pay Bork was named in honor of Robert Bork, the justice nominee who was the victim of smearing and slander by the left back in the 80s when he was nominated under Reagan. The term Borking Justices became synonymous with what happened. Under Bush Jr. Liberals stepped up the Borking process knocking down Bush nominees. It was not until the GOP took back the senate that Bush elected Roberts and Alito.

NEALFM Thanks the public for its participation. With the exception of Democrats, All GOP senators even those who are leftist such as Susan Collins and Orin Hatch agreed to take the pledge. For this we again thank the American public and our supporters.

May God bless America and President Trump, may America be a blessing to God.

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Anonymous said...

Susan Collins is not a leftist. She's a moderate. Maine may be full of rethuglican A-holes like you and Lepaige but at least most of them are decent human beings unlike you both.