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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Today is 4/20 2017: Lets talk about Weed In New England

Today is April 20th 2017, its 4/20. As in 4:20. Weed, Cush, pot, Marijuana hemp, Canibis, whatever you want to call it. I didn't want to write an article today since I personally am against recreational marijuana usage though I believe it should be up to states on whether or not to allow it. Today I thought, why not talk about it since its now legal in most of New England? Soon to be legal everywhere in New England I am also certain...

Three states have legalized marijuna for recreational useage: Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont. Well its not quite that legal in Vermont but they are turning a blind eye and no doubt by the end of this year it will be legal.

Connecticut and Rhode Island Vie for recreational pot use so they can cash in on the green, Marijuana usage has spilled over into the states and many residents particularly Rhode Islanders are getting high as a kite. Police have caught dozens of people using weed in those states and can't cope with the increase.

New York also wants to legalize pot but they have resisted in the past and will continue to do so for awhile. Still its likely that next year or after they will have pot legalized but the NYPD, the Archdiocese of New York along with the Boston Archdiocese will be fighting it off for awhile.

Only one place in New England is putting up resistance. New Hampshire. The free staters have teamed up with Cardinal Sean O'malley and the Archdiocese of Boston against pot legalization throughout New England. Cardinal O'Malley and the Catholic church are perhaps the only strong force putting up a fight against pot legalization.

O'Malley fears that it will hurt poor neighborhoods and promote the opioid epidemic. He stated in a Boston Globe Interview, "To me, this is greed trumping common sense and also undermining the common good,” he said in an interview after the meeting. “It will change the culture of this state if this legislation is passed."

Well I doubt if its changing culture. In fact culture is the problem. Last year, O'malley set up a interfaith taskforce tasked with fighting legalized weed and email over 40,000 parents of Catholic school children. The church defeated it in 2012 but not last year.

And it seems that his eminence has every reason to be fearful....

Ever since marijuana has been legalized, it has lead to higher crime and social problems in Boston. Which I gotta say is almost not surprising especially if you've been to south side of town where the f-word, n-word and other words are used often in conversation.

Boston and many of its coastal towns tourist towns from Gloucester to Chatham has also seen an uptick in tweekers and freaks along with hippie bums who now have a new place to crash other than Venice or Santa Monica.

The two biggest pot hot spots where the drug is consumed and where pot related offenses has spiked are Salem, Lynn, Lawrence and Plymouth. New Bedford and Springfield have also seen a surge in Pot related offenses. Salem and Lynn are the biggest pot consumers outside of Boston.

Meanwhile In Maine, the way communism should be, Pot usage has surged in Bangor, Portland and Augusta and the police have had their hands full. Washington county Maine also experiences heavy pot usages but Crystal Meth and other drugs tend to remain the drug of choice in that region. Bangor, the place I was born is the capitol of Weed in that state. Last time I was there, you could see the results. Transients, bums and pot heads all over the place especially at the bus depot. Red eyed, lazy and anti-social.

Of course this was always the case, very little has changed other than making pot legal.

So there you have it. New England Leftists finally get what they always wanted for the last 30 or 40 years, pot legalization! Now New England has even more in  common in California and Seattle than ever. The only difference is that we aren't inundated with Mexicans and we speak mostly French and swahili than Spanish.


Armigerous said...

Ah,fair "planta genista"....I am enamored of thy well as being a lifelong Goldwater conservative Republican

Anonymous said...

Aw dude! You are awesome!!

D Palmer said...

What? OH NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NOOOO!! That's not true at all! This article is filled with bogus information!! Most cities in Maine have a Moritorium on Pot dispensing! Maine is going to renew its Moritoirum for another six months!! Massachusetts also restricts pot sales and usage! I live in Upton and travel a lot to Boston and I was in Portland 2 weeks ago. We have none of that going on! I didn't see any pot heads! This information is misleading and wrong! Its anti pot hysteria!

mainestategop said...

well I live in New Hampshire and still travel around New England including back to Maine, I saw plenty of pot heads in congress street near the square in Portland. And I saw a couple in Boston. I also spoke to law enforcement and they confirm that there are many problems erupting from pot use. Although pot dispensries have been on hold, they still have back doors they can get it from. Its just the beginning. New England is gonna look more like California than ever!