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Thursday, May 18, 2017

ANTIFA responds to my interviews with antifa communists and muslims

Well, ANTIFA Anti-racist action has finally responded to my interviews with two marxists in Chicago and a muslim in Denver.

Last month I did an interview with a man from New Jersey in Denver. I mean My friend Kyle Weissman did. He was in Denver and this Muslim Marxist who was part of Antifa and a terrorist was interviewed. This guy was sick.

I got a ton of email in the last month about it. Most of it positive. Meanwhile, Antifa has spanmed my email box with tons of hatemail. Just hatemail hatemail hatemail galore!!

At the same time I got lots of positive reviews from my first interview with Antifa Chiago Southside terrorists in a Chicago mall I did last year.

 Most of the emails were from law enforcement including a Chicago PD detective who may have met the two.

I also got emails from police about Our resident Muslim nut case. Apparently he's been in trouble many many times in California and elsewhere.

The funny thing about communists and neo-nazis like the kind you find in the KKK and antifa and the skinheads and elsewhere, they are made up of the stupid, the gross, the inferior, criminals, the weak, the angry, the manipulated and the ignorant. Especially the communists.

Anyway here is the responses. One from White Mountaiin Antifa based in Berlin and Gorham New Hampshire, the other from Southern Maine Antifa based in Portland.

First, From White Mountain Antifa in Northern New Hampshire

Yeah, this whole blog is so stupid and so are you man. Not just all this crap promoting capitalism and saying things like, Walmart is great, (Yeah! Paying workers almost nothing selling crap made overseas in sweatshops that we could be making for a fair wage here is great!) That America is great, that there's nothing wrong and that you're oh so special America! I mean wtf?! America is a terrorist country that hogs the world's wealth!

 [rants about America killing babies and being selfish]

But I think the worst part of this blog is those two interviews and the one article you did about the racist posters saying whites shouldn't be allowed to work or breed. WTF!? C'mon people! I'm white, I work, I date a white girlfriend, just about all of us are white too! Why would we do that! Its a hoax! And the interviews you did, who are these people!? How did you meet them!? I don't even think they're real. If they are, they're probably bums living on the streets you paid to say a bunch of s**t about Trump and stuff. We don't kill veterans! Some of us are vets! My Brother who is also in Antifa is a vet! This other guy in Denver looks and sounds like a retard! i mean his picture, he looks like he must be retarded even said he was born with problems so what does that tell you man!

Stop making S**t up about us! We don't hate white people! We just don't what idiots like you and Trump giving whites a bad name! Date who you want, work where you want but stop making us look bad! S**T! F***KING RIGHT WING SCUMBAG! F*** TRUMP!!

Well now... He must be feeling better.

Next up a response from Southern Maine antifa based in Portland.

Anti racist action was founded to combat the nazis and right wing hicks like you. We don't want to kill veterans or kill Americans unless they are nazis. I mean this interview you did with this nerd in Denver, either you're making this up or he's just retarded. I mean the drawing you did, if it is a likeness of him then it looks like he is retarded and probably is. The way he talks is retarded and in the interview it even said he was born with problems. 

You see I am a veteran and some of us are vets. We don't want to kill them. I saw crimes being commited in Iraq and Afghanistan! We are against war crimes and want to stop the war and no we don't hate all Americans, we just hate the people in charge and the system running it. Furthermore we don't support 9/11. It was terrible what happened on that day, the guys who did it were right wing pro-life scumbuckets like you!

The only thing I agree with or any of us agree with in those stupid interviews, is that America is hogging up the wealth and that America brought on 9/11 by bombing and exploiting other countries. You need to stop blasting the developing world with capitalism and making everyone's life more difficult! It has to stop! 

And you need to stop posting fake S**t about us. Were not against whites we just don't want F**ckers like you giving us a bad name. And stop these stupid interviews! I bet they're fake!

Yup! Things haven't changed much in my home state!

That was Southern Maine Antifa. And No guys they weren't. Even law enforcement has confirmed this

Tommorow well feature responses on the interviews from people who have known the interviewees and from law enforcement who have had to deal with them. All three of them or people who may have been them.

Most people have responded positively to my interviews. Very good emails! A few are angry but when are they not? Others think I was crazy and that Kyle is Crazy to be talking to these idiots. But Its all good.

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