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Monday, May 1, 2017

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: America already has and always had universal healthcare and it failed

That's right folks! The caterwauling liberals who have been whining for more of our hard earned taxpayer dollars to pay for state run health care are either too stupid to know or don't want you to know that we have in many parts of America, universal health care. Not only that, just like the ones in Canada, Britain and elsewhere, it is cumbersome, costly and a failure.

I decided to take a break from my series on Vladamir Lenin and the United States to write about this after receiving several nagging emails from those who read my articles here and on other websites. Not only that, people I know personally are curious as well. After all, Im from Maine, one of these communist sewer pits that has free health care.

As I said, America HAS Free Health care. Several states including Maine, Massachusetts, California and Iowa have free health care. In Addition, Many states have free health care for children such as Mississippi's CHIP program.

SO how does it stack up? Liberals will have us to believe that the BIG government wants whats in our best interests, that health care will work, it will be effective in cost, care and efficiency, that those big insurance companies won't work and that the public sector is the way to go. (I wish I had a dollar every time I heard that remark) Not only that, Foreign representatives from Canada and Europe have touted their own National Health care such as the NHS in Britain for example, made famous by Michael Moore.

But the sad truth is that national health care both here and abroad have failed miserably.

A good example of this can be found in Massachusetts and Maine which has Universal health care coverage, former not only has Universal Health care but mandatory health care for those who are NOT too poor to receive. In Massachusetts, the cost of health care is extraordinary in terms of taxes and wait times. The average wait time for a patient to see a doctor is 60 days as opposed to a week in private clinics. The cost of health care is 800 dollars per person. In Georgia, it is 300 dollars. Also the doctors are notorious for making mistakes and malpractice.

For those NOT so fortunate to be poor enough to receive free health care, they are required by law to have corrupt inefficient health insurance policies. Mass Citizens pay 15% more in insurance costs on average than the average American elsewhere. Many must pay up to a third of their income for insurance plans that usually fail.

The signing of mandatory insurance by the traitor Mitt Romney lead to catastrophe for Massachusetts. The state was the only state to suffer a population decline in 2006, small businesses, forced to pay for expensive insurance policies that didn't work were forced out of business causing thousands to lose their jobs and become homeless. Others saw their quality of life drop like a rock. Many couldn't afford it and left the state for greener pastures. Mostly in low tax low government states such as New Hampshire that didn't oppress its own people the way liberals do when they are in control.

The Mandate also lead to higher taxes which also proved disastrous and if that weren't bad enough, while employers, students and others left for greener pastures, welfare bums, criminals, illegal aliens, drug addicts, lazy vagrants and other excrement who did not want to work flooded the state causing even higher taxes and higher crime rates and a deterioration of the economy.

The economy in Massachusetts had been stagnant. Now under the Democrat recession started by Nancy Pelosi and Obama, Massachusetts suffers even more.

California and Maine also have health care. Medical in Cali, Maine care for Maine. Both states suffer massive budget deficits, high unemployment and economic collapse. Maine especially. Not only this, Governor Baldacci wants to force small business in Maine which makes up 60% to 80% of the economy to have mandatory health insurance. It would again plunge the state into chaos.

And what about these new health care subsidies? How are they working out you ask? Miserably.

The liberals have made up phony statistics and downplayed the effects of the NHS in Britain to tout their health care. In reality, Prescription and treatment costs have tripled. The same here in the states. While patients in republican states enjoy cheaper more efficient health care, patients in states and countries with public health care endure higher costs, higher wait times and a shortage of Doctors. Many die before seeing a doctor.

The doctors themselves suffer as well. They must cope with bureaucratic demands instead of deciding what is best for patients. There is massive paperwork and other problems.

The creator of MASH was killed by State Health care

Richard Hornberger AKA Richard Hooker was the creator of the series MASH. In addition to being there during the Korean war, he was a doctor in Waterville Maine and a local celebrity. In the early days before political correctness and other problems, Hornberger enjoyed a carefree life as a surgeon and GP. Many who knew him told wild stories of how he was just like the characters in MASH. Every Morning Hornberger would race the state troopers from his home in Rockland Maine to the hospital in Waterville. If he could make it to the operating room on time he wouldn't get a ticket. Its something that couldn't be done today.

Horberger was also a prankster and a comedian. A devout Roman Catholic, he had 3 children and adopted 7 children and was celebrity not only for his comic genius but for his medical skills as well. But the growing infringement of government coupled with the unchecked power of the insurance companies took a toll on him. In the 80s Hornberger became and alcoholic and drank heavily. Although he is said to have officially died of Leukemia in 1997, those close to him say that it was his drinking that lead to his death.

For patients the toll is obviously worse. We can see this from Canadians coming to America for better cheaper treatment to higher taxes and a battered economy. We also see it from patients dying while waiting for needed care and malpractice mistakes. Many times patients have their appointments moved or cancelled for no reason at all, other cases, there is no treatment or unnecessary treatment. One only needs to Google NHS horror stories malpractice ETC to see what we can expect.

What to do about health care

Health care needs reform make no mistake about that. But the last thing we need is government control. Government has always failed at everything it has done. Those of you who read my articles know this to be true. The last thing we need now is to worsen health care. Furthermore, the only people who will even benefit will be the lazy bums who get billions in handouts through welfare and illegal aliens.

The answer is simple: Clamp down on insurance companies that deny health care and clamp off of the private sector. Make sure that insurance companies provide the right coverage and do it right. In addition, foster competition to keep costs low.

TO be continued

In the future I will be telling more about what to expect from Universal health care. I will tell you of horror stories of our Britain's NHS including how a woman was mistaken for a dangerous mental patient and forcibly incarcerated and drugged, how a sick dying child was turned away from life saving treatment by cold doctors and euthanasia of weak sick newborns. In addition similar stories in the US like how a Massachusetts woman was prevented from leaving the state so doctors could keep taking her money and a man in LA who almost died waiting in the ER while doctors were treating illegal aliens.

Not only that you will learn the agenda behind Universal Health care that Hillary Clinton and Senator Edwards are setting up to use universal health care to establish an Orwellian dictatorship in America.

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