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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Back by popular Demand: Liberal email attacks anti-communism

This is from an email a colleague of mine received years ago when he wrote an article in the Boston Phoenix, an old liberal newspaper against People who supported Fidel Castro. Here is what the liberal said:

I assume you live in the U.S. That explains your arrogance in assuming that you and the U.S. (which often means planes and bombs) have a right to encourage intervention in the internal affairs to correct "errors" perceived or real of other countries. Has it ever occurred to you that so-called human rights campaigns that are crafted and whipped up by the ruling classes in this country and widely covered and encouraged by the media are selectively chosen to advance the global interests of U.S. capitalism and imperialism? That they are not really about "human rights" at all? It is certainly possible to go into many examples - just one is how reporting in the release of Betanourt in Colombia was used politically to attack and slander FARC and did not mention at all the murders of union and Indigenous organizers at the hands of the paramilitaries backed by Uribe and U.S. military and financial involvement. Even if it were true - and I certainly will not accede that it is - do you think that one instance you allege to have happened in Cuba outweighs that Cuba has the most educated population in all of Latin America and the Caribbean and I dare say than the U.S.; that they have managed under extreme difficulty to provide the sustenance of life and health care for the people of Cuba that has a lower infant mortality and higher life expectancy than the U.S.; that youth from around the world and also the U.S. are afforded FREE education - including room and board - to become doctors. How did that happen? Do you think results like that can come from oppression? They can't. And do you think that we, based in the U.S., should join in on "criticism" of Cuba or slanderous speculation? Our responsibility - and your responsibility - is to get the U.S. off the backs of Cuba and the rest of the world. It is an example, warts and all, that the future of humanity depends on developing human potential fully instead of exploiting its labor we are confident that if the intervention and domination of U.S. imperialism is removed and the profit motive no taints human relations the working class of those countries can handle their own affairs. Because we and you live here, that is our first responsibility - not chiming in a way that helps continue imperialist global domination. There is a lot more that can be said - including the right of oppressed nations to self-determination. But we can leave that to another time. If you are sincerely concerned about the issues you raise you will help defeat the U.S. of era endless war and domination

This stupid commie denies any existence of oppresion in China and Cuba or any other marxist country. It's only capitalist free democratic societies they go after. 

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