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Monday, May 15, 2017

Liberal fascist on Youtube says, "The holocaust was right"

 The following is an excerpt of YouTube comments I received from a neo Nazi named Grumpier old fart. No relation to the communist oldfartrants who you probably know all about.

Also another youtuber Heineken Fifty Seven

It was from an arguement I had with him and his buddies on three YouTube video channels, one that socialism is better than capitalism, the other claimed that Eisenhower was a Jew and that is why he murdered Germans Also, there was an argument about the Holocaust. That it never happened, that only a few thousand Jews died and that they were treated well despite being deprived of their God given liberty and freedom.

Here are a couple of excerpts from this filthy beast.

OK Trump Junior......the jews ruined their economy, then they only rounded them up for a few years till they recovered their economy. It only took 4 years without the Jews ruining everything. Exactly the same thing is going in the USA with the jews , the big banks and the federal reserve, but people like you, are too blind to understand. When your kids are working for $2 an hour, yo might wake up. Germany was not totalitarian. Hitler was duly elected twice.

Actually they had every right[to lock up the Jews.] The Jews had just destroyed Russia, murdering 60 million in the Bolshevik revolution. (Google it) And they had started the same thing in Germany, and Poland. When Hitler nationalized the banks, Jews organized a massive boycott to cripple the recently recovered economy. Hitler rounded them up and tried to give them to America, England, France and Russia, not one country would take even one of them. They were kept in labor camps to keep them from subverting the war effort. Some camps had theaters, and even sports. They were fed and treated well, until the allied bombings starved everyone. You don't see pictures of German soldiers who were also human skeletons. I have, because my father and 3 of my uncles were there at the time. My father drove Germans and Jews to the rear, and supplies to the front, day and night for months after the war. They said there was no hostility between Germans and Jews at that time, and they all lived together. The gas chambers and crematoriums were a lie. My family was there and never heard them till the 1970's. Hitler could not afford to get rid of the Jews in that matter. If he wanted to kill them cheaply, he'd have dug a big hole, say the size of a foot ball field, 100 foot deep, and just tossed them in it,and covered them with a bulldozer. The Red Cross puts the number of Jews who died in Germany at about 700,000, mostly of Typhus and starvation.

So Don't bull s**t me with your human rights jew! We all know that human rights mean jewish rights to you! And don't bull s**t me about "muh christianity" when you're all k*ke jew in the mind! The Soviet leadership were jews! They murdered 70 million white christians that you don't care about before ww2 ever started! They burned the majority of Christian churches throughout the Russian empire but didn't touch a single synagogue! FACT! Jesus was a Galilean who could not walk in the land of Judah, Because the k*ke jews wanted to kill him and they did! FACT! Yes the k*ke jew is to blame for pretty much everything because they are guilty! On 9/11 dancing Israeli kike jews were arrested with a van full of explosives, They were agents of Mossad.

After pointing out the fallacies of their lies, that it is wrong to lock up people like animals because of their race or creed ETC. The national socialists went full blown tantrum. Proving that liberalism and nazism are the same....

G** d*** you stupid f**king k*ke! F**K OFF WITH YOU BULL S**T ALREADY! We all know you're full of s**t! We all know you are nothing but a compulsive lying scumbag k*ke jew! You're going to be lined up in front of a ditch with the rest of your filthy rat vermin kind and machine gunned Just like you filthy pieces of s**t did to the 70 million in Russia! Your bull s**t lies only piss us off more k**e! Keep it up and we'll go ahead and wast the time torturing you pieces of shit while we're at it! Your choices are simple jew! Shut the f**k up and die quickly, Or keep flapping your wiener schnitzel holster and get the slow death.. One way or another ever last stinking k*ke jew will be eradicated you pieces of s**t OWE US!!! There is nothing to say to you, Your fate is sealed k*ke!

I should Point Out that national socialists like these turds consider Christian and Jew to be the same thing. Hence the anti-semetic slurs used on me. I am an evangelical Christian but since my faith originates from Judaism well...

And As you can see from the barking moonbat comment above, liberalism and nazism are exactly the same.

The same antifa SJW bull queers whining today will one day become the regimented blackshirt nazis of tomorrow. Benito Mussolini was also an SJW.

 I should point out that communists along with national socialists (fascists) hold to this viewpoint too.  There is very little difference between them rest assured.

This again shows why we had to support dictators in South America and Asia who murdered communists. People like Augusto Pinochet rather than being condemned should be praised as heroes. They had to do what they had to do to prevent these beasts from taking over Chile and other countries in the world and instituting their own hellish idea of how things should be run.

After reading these comments and reading other comments by socialists on youtube, I thank God for men like Pinochet. I thank God for men like Reagan and Thatcher. America needs a brave man like Augusto Pinochet especially if someone like Bernie Sanders or David Duke or someone like this jagoff get into office.



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