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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Millennials in the Workforce, A Generation of Weakness - Simon Sinek


Anonymous said...

This is bullshit.

COnservative fuckwads like you are always attacking millenials.

No first of all, I'm a millenial, I never was told to be special or this and that. THAT'S A LIE!!

I was told that its unlikely I would be an astronaut! That only a few special people with physical and mental prowness could do it!!

ANd when I went to school and when I got Ds and Cs and Fs they didnt' complain to the teachers and the teachers had no problem flunking me! My parents flipped out at me told me I was stupid.

This whole video is a lie,

We are not spoiled pampered brats and we are not know it alls!

IN fact I'm not pegged down! I don't know stuff!

I came from a two parent home, I wasn't like that at all!

The reason were the way we are is because 1st, there aren't any jobs

also, we've been told as kids we didn't matter, weere a burden.

ANd, you've got religion, wars and other problems

Also information information information

YOu have more openess and social media so were more open and more educated

So we will be seen and heard and that's why fascists like you are angry.

Anonymous said...

OH! And all the jobs are overseas and our schools are slashed and failing.

My generation is the terminal generation of reaganomics and capitalism.

Were in the situation were in because of capitalism and because of Ronald Regan and Bush.

Cutting schools, sending jobs overseas, that's why. Not because of this imagined indulgence crap.

Anonymous said...

The fault lies with the baby boomers and the lost generation. The so called Greatest generation ever which despite winning world war 2 relapsed into one of our worst.

They grew up in the depression, fought in WW2 suffered through rationing, combat suicidal missions ETC and wanted to raise a generation of kids that would be pampered, privileged and upright that would not have to fight for their country or work for their home or food.

That therein was the problem.

THey raised a generation of spoiled stupid kids who became the hippie generation, later the yuppies raising my generation Generation X the slackers and then in turn came up with you millenials.

The only thing you said that had any truth was public schools but not because of funding, because the teachers don't care and neither do you.

The schools taught you to be anti-american, to hate freedom, hate God and hate everything that made this country great.

You were raised to think that all whites were bad and collectively guilty for slavery and Jim crow, that America is the only bad and racist country and that it was founded by racists and evil white people and you were raised to think that there was no God. That you evolved from chance.

You were raised to be a pampered spoiled kid who's only objective on earth was to have an orgasm, be high, that everyone had to feed you and wipe your ass for you ETC

You were thrust into a changing and evolving world that demanded that you conform to certain standards. It was also at this time that the jobs that dregs and people from more humble settings would've gone to were no longer in existence because they weren't profitable to be made here and because of technology.

You were ill equipped and failed to adjust to this world.

Instead of blaming yourselves and your family for raising you wrong, instead of resorting to pulling yourself up on your bootstraps and rolling up your sleeves and get a job and an education, you demanded that we pay for your families failings. You blamed the capitalist system and resorted to rioting and criminal acts to take hold.

You blamed Bush, Trump and anyone who didn't vote for Obama for why you were out of work and poor or why you were stuck in McDonalds or Walmart instead of being rich like mom and dad were. You blamed AMerica and joined the enemy.

Anonymous said...

You are poor and you are homeless because you were taught no work ethics or responsibility. You still are stuck in a childlike mind believing that someone has to clean up after you, feed you, take care of you ETC.

My Generation, Gen X learned that the hard way. Luckily we weren't as backwards as you are and we had places to go to to get help.

But now, your in trouble.

You need to get a job, get responsible, stop supporting politicians who are corrupt and learn to work. You need to get an education, learn a skill and make your way up the ladder.

And you need to keep your legs closed until you are ready to marry and have children. Don't have kids expecting us to pay for it. Were almost out of money and you'll all be in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Oh, again, blaming the victims.

WHen do you get to blame the rich for the problems they created instead of blaming the poor and the unemployed? When does that end and blaming the capitalist rulers and the people in charge begin?

I guess you also blame rape victims for their rape too!

The fault lies in failed leadership, failed government, failed schools, a lack of education and an apathetic public that is too busy to care about the suffering of other people!

You don't get it at all!

By the way, I do work. I earn 20k a year and proudly pay my taxes at the end of the month. I don't want my money going to corporations and wars for profits.

Some, are not fortunate at all to have boot straps or even boots to hold on to.

They send jobs overseas while at the same time bringing in people with nowhere else to go and working them to death for a couple of tacos a day. Then you wonder why there's poverty?

My parents BTW were baby boomers and Yuppies. THey did not spoil me or my siblings, they were and could be disciplinarians. They weren't right wing nazis like you are but while they were decent they weren't spoiled growing up. They did raise us to do good.

So did other families.

You right wingers, you tend to do a lot of generalizing. You always assume that parents of milleniials are bad that they spoiled them or did this or did that and that they never spanked us. Ours did;

You also assum that were all unemployed moochers. No. But I have ben involved with OWS and antifa, I did not see lazy uncaring bums like you claim to see, I saw people like me who were fed up with corporations getting pampered and getting special treatment while innocent people were run down. I was fed up with the government letting us down and not doing what it had to do.

Antifa did get out of control at times, I don't agree with assaulting nazi protesters, I believe in non-violence but sitting on the sidelines is unacceptable.

Furthermore, you can't expect people to behave when they're being run over, abused, oppressed and being knocked down.

If you want us to work, let us work. Make sure there are jobs.

Don't attack us if you wont attack richy rich.

Anonymous said...

So, you are condemning the government yet want the government to make people like me who earn more pay more just because we work harder and earn more money.

ANd you say you condemn the government yet want the government in our lives you want it in your life and want it to give you what you want?

I don't care if you have a job son. At least that's nice but your not helping matters by aiding and comforting the bums at antifa and OWS.

OWS protested because of class envy. These guys are not struggling young men and women who want jobs, most of them had been homeless since the start of Clinton's Second term. These are moochers and bums who are so uncouth they cannot work. THey are unemployable. They have no skills or work ethic. They protested because they wanted the government to give them more of our money that we worked for.

Antifa which is supposed to stand for anti-fascism are really in fact fascists. Anyone who disagrees with them in any way gets smashed. In Berkeley California, Ann COulter and Milo Yannapolis (Who is gay BTW) wanted to go there and have their voices heard to anyone who wanted to hear them. No one forced them to attend, it was voluntary. They have that right under the first amendment BTW. Its supposed to be open and public

BUt... Antifa doesn't want that. To them Ann and Milo are all fascists because they don't agree with them and resorted to fascism by starting riots all over Berkeley even attacking innocent people!

One of these fascist anti-fascists a woman named emily Rosemela AKA #moldylocks who is a pornstar btw tweeted on her face book page that she wanted to take 100 nazi scalps. In other words she was going to inflict harm on people she perceived as enemies.

She tried to kill "nazis" and she acted like a man and instead she got smashed in by a white guy who probably really was a nazi.

And for the most part, a lot of these lefties are overprivileged kids from rich white folks who do their activism from their parent's mansions so in a way, yes I am attacking the rich. Moldylocks btw also came from a rich family in Thousand Oaks.