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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Stewart Zuckerberg Freed from California illegal guardianship and free of SSI!

Awhile back I did an article about the failure of SSI. SSI is a program that ruins the lives of innocent people. One of these people who's life was ruined by SSI and by liberal parents was Stewart Zuckerberg of California.

Stewart was accused by parents of having a disability called Asperger's syndrome. Its a form of autism and mental illness much like Schizophrenia and Bipolar. According to experts, people with Asperger's are mentally challenged, unable to take care of themselves and live normal adult lives. This despite liberal myths that they are high functioning.

Liberals say things about Asperger's to sugar coat it and to lure hapless victims into a trap of misery hopelessness and despair. Liberals in reality do not want them to function normally and to steal any assets they have.

I've seen it happen many times and I have documented it heavily on my blog. The reason I am a conservative today is because of SSI and the evils it has committed.

One case that deserves mention, The case of Roger Bauer who was abused by parents and doctors including a communist doctor Gabor Keitner in Providence Rhode Island. Roger escaped. Very few victims of SSI have another chance at a normal life like Roger did.

Despite becoming independent and employed as well as marrying and starting a family, Roger Bauer's parents responded with abuse and continued to claim that he was too stupid to be independent and work at a job. They were joined by one of Roger's therapists, Jeff Gilman who also claimed that it was Roger's fault that he could not find work in Rhode Island, despite the state's high unemployment and poverty levels.

The post featured negative comments by Roger's abusive family and therapist as well as off the wall remarks by liberals that Roger could not be employed because he was too stupid with Asperger's syndrome.

Well we got another for you here. Its very likely well have the same thing happen. I've received numerous emails from Stewart's family including his parents, his brothers and sisters, his uncles and aunts as well as his older brother James. According to Stu, after his parents, James is the most abusive. He blames his brother for being bullied and molested. He is also a registered Democrat and a believer in the infallibility of government.

So, brace yourselves for another round of knockdown drop down arguing by liberals. on this post in the comment section of mainestategop. Judging from the emails I've gotten from these psychotic pinkos, its gonna be very interesting indeed.

Here to tell his story is Stewart Zuckerberg, now working and on his way to being independent and living a normal life:

My name is Stewart Zuckerberg I am 20 years old and live in Merrimack New Hampshire just outside Nashua. I was born in San Luis Obispo California and was raised in Canoga Park in the LA area. I was bullied and picked on starting when I was in 5th grade. 

For awhile everything went well but then these kids who didn't like me began spreading rumors about me that I did all these things of a sexual nature I don't want to talk about. They also said other mean things about me too. I tried ignoring it at first but everyone believed them for some reason. All the friends I had either moved out of left me in the dirt.

I had only one friend from 6th grade till 8th grade, He and his family moved away to Texas. From that time till I left school, I was a loner. My parents of course said it was all my fault for some reason or another. They never said why they just said I was stupid. That's all. 

The bullying got very very bad when I went to High school. I was left back in 9th grade because I couldn't focus and study. I was terrorized daily and none of the teachers or faculty or my mom and dad would to anything about it.

 The It reached its crescendo on my 2nd year as a Freshman. I was molested in the butt by another student. When I told my mom and dad they flipped out at me and told me that if I ever went to an attorney they'd take away my video games and make me stay in my room after school everyday for nothing to do until I was 18. My brother James accused me of lying and told me to shut up.

A week later I was forced to go to a psychiatrist. I didn't tell him I was molested but I dropped hints. He didn't care anyway. All he did was take notes and then proscribe a bottle of pills that made me sick and fat. I became obese and my grades plummeted and I was scared I'd get let back again.

 I got molested again that year and again as a Junior and Again as a senior. After that I got fed up and ran away from home. I couldn't finish school because of what happened.

I wanted to run away to New Hampshire because I had a couple of friends I met on the internet there who was sympathetic. Also because they economy was better, there was more freedom than in California and there was a program where I could get my GED and a job. I knew my parents wouldn't want me to go. I had to run.

I also ran because of windfall that was taken away from me. I had worked part time in the summer and inherited money. A total of $6000 that I had and that was taken away from me. My parents did not want me to be independent. They forced me on SSI well at the time they tried to. I found out that all I'd get was a couple hundred bucks. Nothing else.

When I ran away I used emergency funds I had stored away to get a greyhound ticket to New Hampshire. Unfortunately, I got stuck in New York because my ticket was either lost or stolen. They wouldn't refund it or give me one to continue my journey. Now I know, they aren't really obliged but I think in light of things happening they should've cut me some slack I mean I'm just trying to get to New Hamsphire.

Anyway, I got stuck there. I ended up in the homeless shelters there which was nasty. I had to sleep sitting in chairs because there weren't enough beds then I went to a nasty shelter near Bellevue Hospital. In the mean time I got work at Labor Ready and did chores for people for money. I didn't leave right away because I wanted to save up for a place to stay for awhile.

I was in New York from March 2016 till around September. In August I went to Albany for awhile to live in a transitional housing shelter for homeless people. I thought it was just gonna be a break from the streets and craziness of New York City but I was wrong. One of the guys there was an alcoholic who was giving everyone a hard time. He showed up drunk often even though it was not allowed.

 One day I got into a fight with him and we both went to jail. I was there for three days but charges were dropped before arraignment. It was scary and I thought I would be raped or killed but I got out okay. I went back to NYC and back to the shelter and Labor ready to work. I had planned to leave 3 days later when I was arrested again this time because my parents found me and wanted to bring me back to California.

I found out that Mom and Dad put out an APB and missing report on me and even had a judge in New York  put me under emergency guardianship. I was taken to Bellevue where the doctor informed me that under New York's communist mental hygiene law, I needed a guardian. It was all based on their word against mine. There was little recourse, they only listened to my family.

I was forced against my will to fly back to LAX and then my parents brought me home. They yelled  at me for awhile told me I was irresponsible and stupid and this and that. So did James. Then I was told that they were going to put me in a group home and that I had to go back to High school to get my Diploma. I said I couldn't. It was too hard and they were mean there. I threatened to get myself expelled. They then put me in a homeless shelter in Skid Row LA. The Union rescue mission it was I think.

So I was brought back just to be made homeless again. I stayed at the wintershelters as well. The one in West LA in the armory and the other at the Catholic church in Glendora and near the Puente Hills Mall. It was very hard. A lot of bad people there, the people who ran the place could be worse at times. I was not allowed under guardianship to leave California, I was forced on SSI and all I got was $10 a week in allowance. Not enough for anything.

I spent my time seeing lawyers trying to get rid of the guardianship I also went around recycling cans and bottles. In March just before they shut down the winter shelters I was forced into a group home near Pomona. The place was awful. The food sucked, worse than the shelter and even the food at the Albany Lock up, the staff were mean and controlling, I was not allowed to go outside unsupervised, I was not allowed to go to appointments with lawyers, they just worked me over to stop me from getting off guardianship.

My parents of course were smug and arrogant. They didn't care about my sudden loss of privilege and my problems.

The worst part of all were the meds. I gained weight, I got fatter and fatter, I also became diabetic and even had low libido. I might be impotent for life as a result. I am also worried about other major life long health problems I picked up from all that drugging.

I still cringe remembering it. Not being able to move or speak, fainting, slouching, the staff and my doctors didn't care. They got kickbacks for drugging me into oblivion. I couldn't function well. I functioned less. I had headaches, amnesia memory loss and so on.

This went on till around April when we had a hearing to remove the guardianship. My family was there on the opposing side and I had no one on my team except my attorney. The evidence we had was of my pay stubs from Labor Ready and one of my case workers from NewYork city and reports of how I deteriorated on meds in the group home.

The parents and a couple of so called experts claimed that I'm really better off drugged and sluggish and that I would function even less without my meds. A farce. The experts were these two women, one Hispanic the other Chinese who claimed that when I was found in New York I was spiraling downward out of control. 

But the judge wasn't convinced by their word. The evidence of my being sickened and functioning less from the meds was enough to compel the judge to dismiss my guardianship and free me from the shackles of mental health and socialism my mom and dad put me in.

Unfortunately they remained my rep payee and still had my nest egg. They blackmailed me and told me I had to go back to the doctors and either live in a group home or an institution. I told them no. They have to be kind to me and give me my money. They refused. My brother did most of the talking for me, actually more like shouting. He said that I was a retard, I was mentally ill, I was this and that and this and that.

I was able to get a Greyhound ticket. I got out of the group home and told the staff to shove it. I went to the bus stop in Claremont and took the bus from there. I made stops in LA, San Bernardino, Vegas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana New York then finally Manchester airport. I was relieved to be in New Hampshire at long last!

I have gotten better over time. I have to stay at a homeless shelter in Merrimack but I am getting my GED, I am working at a job, I no longer get SSI, I am on my way to being independent! I do get food stamps and some EBT cash Assistance but I use it well. I am hoping to be in my own place sometime before autumn.

I thank God, Brian Ball and all the other people who helped! I want to also thank everyone else who prayed for me and helped me out in getting out of this crap hole. I hope never to go back to California ever again! Its hell on earth! A literal hell on earth! Thank you all, God bless!

That was Stewart Zuckerberg. Score another point for capitalism and freedom of socialism and liberalism.

And by the way, I have received emails from The Zuckerbergs including several from his A hole of a brother James. This post will possibly very well become another drama worthy of an episode of Donahue or Steve Wilkos. Just like the one about Roger Bauer.

In fact His brother James wanted to respond to Stewart's letter, I told him wait for this article and he can post in the comment section whatever he felt like. Yes. I am in a generous mood today.

Enjoy the fun.

UPDATE: Stu Forgot to add the following:

Hey Brian! I forgot to mention something else! After I came back and was in the homeless system in California for a month my parents put me in a run down boarding care house in Long Beach that was terrible, they took my entire SSI check for the month and fed us sparingly and the place smelled bad. There were roaches, ants, a scorpion, the rug was we and moldy, i couldn't breathe and the people who ran it and who I lived with were just as bad. They didn't care what happened to us.

At night one of the bunk mates played music real loud and I couldn't sleep, He said if I turned it off he'd break my leg. He was an ex-convict. The staff did nothing about it. I ran away after a week and tried to get Social security to give me back my money but they refused. I was also told that I was not allowed there without my guardian. (my a hole parents or brother.) I told my parents but they didn't care. Dad said I should deal with it. I said "NO I WONT!" So I was back in the homeless system.

Another thing, I didnt' get to celebrate Christmas. My parents told me they saw no reason to give me presents or money or anything because I already got money from the government and should ask them. When I went to the payee services they said no. I only got like ten or twenty dollars a week in allowance btw. Not enough for anything. I had no Christmas.

Also, My parents were my payees for awhile then I tried an agency but they only gave me thirty dollars and were stingy. The lady in charge was this Chinese woman who was snobish and glossy. She was, OH BUT YOU GET thirty dollars! Like its enough! NO IT WASN'T

Also, I had my backpack stolen from me by a Mexican who ran away with it and I chased him to a bus but it drove away. THe police couldn't find the perpatrator. They probably didn't care. My payee refused to forward funds for new clothing or anything so I had to wait for my $30 weekly allowance and all I could get was 2 shirts 2 pairs of socks and a pair of boxers that was it. I had to carry my other things in a garbage bag. The LA mission Downtown and Catholic charities and St Vinney in Hacienda Heights helped me get a pair of pants, another shirt and another underwear and two more pairs of socks along with a hygene kit but that's all. I had to panhandle and recycle cans and bottles for my bus money and my family didn't care. My brother James blamed it on me and said I was a racist for identifying the perp as a Mexican. What?

Also the Money they told me was in another acount. The money they stole from me.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy! Goodie Goodie! I'll get the buttery popcorn and watch the fun roll out! I hope Stu's relatives and parents are bigger liberal fascists than the Bauers are. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

Everytime these left wing twits come out of the woodwork and do this, they help ensure Trump wins another term!

I wonder if James is a smug uppercrust liberal like Martin Bauer is? Will he be joining in? Will Jeff Gilman also start up trouble? I can't wait!

mainestategop said...

I emailed James and his parents after I posted it. They'll show up eventually. I can only imagine how far its gonna go judging from what I've read.

mainestategop said...

By the way, Its his brother James, his Parents, his Aunt, Uncle, a few other relatives, they were very vocal. His brother is the most vocal I think.

They basically have emailed me the same thing... Stu is a retard, He can't take care off himself, He's stupid, its all his fault, he needs to be forced back into California or at least forced to be medicated and lose his freedom and be medicated.

They do not love him at all. they show that like all liberals, they hate their children if they are not perfect like they think they are.

The family are communist. They are even worse than the Bauers. At least the parents have expressed guilt and admit its all their fault but the Zuckerbergs are in their eyes doing everything the right way, its all Stu's fault that he's got this problem and that he's unemployed.

They're loose cannons. Especially James. Stu told me all about James and his relatives, they definitely are. Tey are psychotics yet its only Stu who's psychotic. Lets tear him down, keep him down, keep him from being an adult.

Stewart Zuckerberg said...

Hey Brian! I forgot to mention something else! After I came back and was in the homeless system in California for a month my parents put me in a run down boarding care house in Long Beach that was terrible, they took my entire SSI check for the month and fed us sparingly and the place smelled bad. There were roaches, ants, a scorpion, the rug was we and moldy, i couldn't breathe and the people who ran it and who I lived with were just as bad. They didn't care what happened to us.

At night one of the bunk mates played music real loud and I couldn't sleep, He said if I turned it off he'd break my leg. He was an ex-convict. The staff did nothing about it. I ran away after a week and tried to get Social security to give me back my money but they refused. I was also told that I was not allowed there without my guardian. (my a hole parents or brother.) I told my parents but they didn't care. Dad said I should deal with it. I said "NO I WONT!" So I was back in the homeless system.

Another thing, I didnt' get to celebrate Christmas. My parents told me they saw no reason to give me presents or money or anything because I already got money from the government and should ask them. When I went to the payee services they said no. I only got like ten or twenty dollars a week in allowance btw. Not enough for anything. I had no Christmas.

Also, My parents were my payees for awhile then I tried an agency but they only gave me thirty dollars and were stingy. The lady in charge was this Chinese woman who was snobish and glossy. She was, OH BUT YOU GET thirty dollars! Like its enough! NO IT WASN'T

Also, I had my backpack stolen from me by a Mexican who ran away with it and I chased him to a bus but it drove away. THe police couldn't find the perpatrator. They probably didn't care. My payee refused to forward funds for new clothing or anything so I had to wait for my $30 weekly allowance and all I could get was 2 shirts 2 pairs of socks and a pair of boxers that was it. I had to carry my other things in a garbage bag. The LA mission Downtown and Catholic charities and St Vinney in Hacienda Heights helped me get a pair of pants, another shirt and another underwear and two more pairs of socks along with a hygene kit but that's all. I had to panhandle and recycle cans and bottles for my bus money and my family didn't care. My brother James blamed it on me and said I was a racist for identifying the perp as a Mexican. What?

Also the Money they told me was in another acount. The money they stole from me.

mainestategop said...

Okay! I gotcha covered!

Stewart Zuckerberg said...

Thanks Brian!

Jack L said...

You didn't say anything about being in jail or dropping out of high school!!

And now you're homeless again! In New Hampshire! Do you still get SSI? Food stamps?

mainestategop said...

Oh no! here we go again. HEY JACKASS! His whole family robbed him of his money! He was under an illegal guardianship! He was bullied and even sexually abused in school! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?! HE'LL GET BETTER, JUST STOP BLAMING HIM FOR BEING THE VICTIM AND STOP SAYING HE DID IT TO HIMSELF! HE'LL BE FINE!

Jack L said...

I'm not saying that you have me wrong. Look, I think both parties are wrong. The parents let this situation get out of hand and the boy he shouldn't have dropped out. I know I know, he got molested and was abused but he should've stuck in there. He also needs to get his diploma instead of his GED.

And why did you really leave the group home? Was it that bad?

I got nothing else to say except good luck to Stu. I wont bother anymore.

Michael O'sullivan said...

So when is Stu's stupid parents going to show up? I can't wait. This is better than Dynasty and Falcon's crest what you got going on your blog Brian. This should be better than the one with the Bauers and Bowlers I hope.

James Zuckerberg said...

I am James Zuckerberg, Stewart Zuckerberg's Oldest Brother, I want to speak up on behalf of my parents and relatives concerning Stewart's condition and his history and refute allegations made by the owners of this site and my brother that we are abusive, unkind and not kind towards him.

Stewart was born when I was 7 and my sister was 9. We are a family of 5, Stewart is the third eldest. I also Have another brother and sister who are younger than Stu is.

As a baby and as a toddler we noticed he was unusual as a child. We noticed several behavioral problems he developed. We were concerned that it might be a serious condition. Stu would spin around, he would spend too much time in front of the television, he wouldn't socialize, he would push people out of his life, his behavior was uncouth and anti social. He would do inappropriate things like undress at the diner table when supper was being served, he would toe walk, sing out loud in public for no reason, he would just act strange. Mom and Dad would put him in Time out all the time for his behavior and then he'd go back to doing it. Often times they would coddle him and not keep him in time out long enough.

When he started going into kindergarten, he would do strange bizarre things. During a story time for instance he started getting up and waving his hands and scream and sing and jump around, and act insane, all the kids thought it was funny but we didn't. Everytime he acted out in school, Mom and Dad would send him to his room or time out, it was when he almost got killed playing in traffic and playing collision dodge with the cars on the road that we had enough.

I was there when it happened, I was going to take him home from Kindergarten with my sister when he and another boy ran into the road and said "WERE GONNA PLAY TRUCK DODGE!" Stu ran into the road into busy traffic, would run in front of oncoming cars and trucks and nearly get hit. Everyone was laughing, he was laughing, he would try and doge the cars and trucks, he went across the street, I yelled at him to get back here now, he said "OKAY!" HE then stood in the lane in front of a big rig that went by and it just narowly hit him. He jumped out of the way just in time and he swerved in time I don't remember exactly just that we were scared stiff and he almost was hit! All the kids were cheering thinking it was fun, it wasn't.

James Zuckerberg said...

The teachers, myself and three people who watched ran across the street waving at everyone to stop, one of the teachers had a drawing of a stop sign, we ran over, Stu was dancing and jumping, I grabbed stu by the arm and we all dragged him back to our side of the street.

I was livid. I just, I couldn't believe what happened. We all yelled at him, told him he was really stupid and almost could've been killed. He just smiled and said, "Yeah but so what? Maybe well come back as our favorite animals or something! That's hot!" The teachers then began to yell at the kids saying you should never do that.

My sister and I grabbed stu by the arm and took him home. Along the way my sister got mad and hit him in the head and told him he was stupid and that he was gonna get himself killed one of these days and that he would not come back as his favorite animal, he would die, everything would go black and that would be it. He began to cry and then said we were mean. I then grabbed him by the arm and yelled at him and told him that we were gonna tell mom and dad what happened. He then began to jump and yell "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" We had to drag him home and then we told him to sit in time out until mom and dad came back.

We told them, they already knew. The kindergarten teachers told them about it and said he was banned for a week because of what happened. Mom and dad told Stu he had to sit in Time out for the rest of the day because of what he did. They then began talking about going to a psychiatrist. The first two we sent him to believed he might have childhood schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. We were very worried. Then a third doctor said he might have Asperger's syndrome. We had only barely heard about it.

Unfortunately the insurance companies wouldn't pay for further sessions. It wasn't until he was in public school that we had access to a school psychiatrist who diagnosed him with Asperger's syndrome. Good news, by the time he was in 1st grade, he wasn't hyper and he was calmer wasn't doing stupid things like jumping up and down and running into traffic. Bad news, he had no friends, he was picked on a lot and was a loner. he cried a lot in class, he had lots of issues.

Our school psychiatrist met with him bi-weekly and confirmed Asperger's syndrome as well as ADHD. With help from the government we got him to a psychiatrist and they proscribed him medication. the problem is it knocked him out. It made him sluggish and to make things worse he got fat.

Unfortunately the school didn't see what was going on and didn't do anything to accommodate him. To make even worse still, because of his poor grades, the teacher forced him to stay in class during recess to make up for lost work. Because of his learning disabilities, because He rarely ever got to go outside and exercise and it made his weight soar. In third grade we had Stewart put in special ed classes with more mentally challenged students. He resented it greatly and didn't like it.

Stewart Zuckerberg said...

Unfortunately we couldn't keep him in special ed. We lost that and we couldn't have him go to a psychiatrist anymore because of funding cuts to children's health. At sixth grade, he had one friend.

In high school Stewart misbehaved even more. Even though we moved since then, He got out of control even more. I even made bets with my oldest sister and parents on how that Stewart was going to turn off everyone in the school from him with his behavior.

I bet that in 2 weeks he'd be a loner. My sister bet one week my dad bet one week my mom bet three days.

Mom won.

3 days after starting freshman year for the first time I might add, he got into a fight. Someone from school had gone to the school he went to and they went at it in no time at all. Later on people from school began to turn on him because of his behavior and he was an easy target.

Rather than going into the details, his behavior, his grades, they were repulsive. he just couldn't handle it. He got left back in 9th grade and when he heard he was going to be left back in 12th grade again, he ran away.

James Zuckerberg said...

Sorry, I was distracted, someone was at my door, it was a friend, anyway, Stu ran away and we couldn't do anything since he was 18.

We found out a few months afterward that he was staying at a homeless shelter in New York and we later heard he was in jail in Albany. My parents were extremely worried and devastated, mom cried a lot and dad was really angry. We tried all we could to get him to come back home. It was difficult but our psychiatrist put us in with some attorney friends of his in Boston and they got around to arranging a hearing in New York to have Stewart declared incompetent and forced into guardianship.

Before New York could do that however we had to do that in California. we went to Los Angeles Superior court, Dad used most of Stew's nest egg and some of their retirement savings to get the ball rolling and apply to have Stu declared incompetent in California.

Its not easy. California is pretty good about those things but there was a lot of work we had to put in. We showed the judge his psychiatric history, his school transcripts, a few of his old teachers and his guidance counselor from middle school came and gave testimony to the judge. We convinced him that if they did not do this he would deteriorate. The judge ruled that Stu is in a state of deterioration and decline and that he was spiraling out of control and in need of guardianship so we got it!

We then went to the New York courts, the attorney did the rest for us and got Stu placed under emergency guardianship under the mental health law of New York. Stu was arrested and detained in Bellevue pending travel arrangements. His doctors and our family got in touch with travel assistance and we were able to send Stu home to California after a week in the hospital.

James Zuckerberg said...

Yes I see I was distracted again, I said I was stewart Zuckerberg instead of James. Anyway. When Stu got back to LAX he was really bitter. We were concerned he'd run away so we had TSA help us in making sure he was home again. The first thing we did when we got home was to inform him that he was to be put in outpatient treatment and in a group home so he could learn to deal with his situation and learn to manage his emotions and his illness.

He was also to apply for SSI. We did that after he ran away so we had the ball rolling there. Stu was able to get SSI easily because of the courts. Unfortunately there were no openings available for stu to go into. Mom and dad did not want Stewart living with them since he was a slob who made messes he couldn't pick up after and constantly made problems that caused stress. Mom at the time was sick too. So we were advised to put him in a homeless shelter as it might speed things up with housing and group home admission. However, we did not want to put him in a skid row shelter or someplace like that. It was November and winter shelters weren't open yet. However, we found a boarding care home in Long beach that was willing to take him for one monnths worth of SSI. Mom and dad and I were joint payees.

Stu didn't like it there, we told him he had to suck it in, its his fault because he ran away and because he ran instead of letting us put him in a nice place.

Stu ran away after 2 weeks and was homeless on the streets, he was in Union rescue mission and another shelter in Oxnard. We wanted to put him in a mental hospital but we could only do so for a week. He went back to the shelter in Oxnard. The Ventura rescue mission. It was a nice place, it was religious but they did fine with him. I stayed in touch with the pastor and the staff and he was allowed to stay there till winter shelters opened up in LA county.

James Zuckerberg said...

Stu stayed at the winter shelter and constantly complained about how we treated him and being homeless. He kept making harassing phone calls demanding a bigger allowance and that his nest egg be given back to him. His parents blocked the phone number and he went and got another payee who paid him just a tiny bit more. Since he's homeless and has not living expenses we saw it as unnecesary.

Hold on, I'll be back I got another visitor at my door.

James Zuckerberg said...

Okay I'm back. Anyway Stu didn't appreciate the help that he was getting, he was always complaining about his situation, he was a big complainer. He always has been like this. According to staff at the shelters he stayed at, he was always complaining, always making demands, always misbehaving, he didn't get along with all the people at the shelters, all he did was talk about his money and talk about how we were treating him like crap. He was just feeling butt hurt over being on these programs. He lies all the time. he lies. He lies.

Later we found a group home to put him in. It wasn't the best but they gave him a roof over this head and 3 hots and a cot so nothing to complain about. Stu was worked about it saying that he didn't want to be grouped with retards and that he didn't have as much freedom.

The group home did not allow its residents including more functioning individuals like Stu to go outside and go places without being accompanied by staff. For Stu this was unfair and he hated that but we told him look were sorry but you gotta do this. You need a roof over your head, the winter shelters are gonna close soon.

Stu was very upset. We got calls by the staff that he was always complaining, always making a fuss, he didn't want to participate in the group home activities and he did not want to have anything to do with

James Zuckerberg said...

Stu was nothing but a handful, then we heard he went online and went to this blog and claimed we were persecuting him. We decided not to respond but then Stu got off guardianship with help from the people on the blog I assume. He went to court, got off the guardianship. Unfortunately we could only do an emergency guardianship and a limited guardianship. We tried to get him Plenary guardianship so we wouldn't have to worry about this but it was too difficult and because our state had some problems with this thanks in part I might add to nutty libertarians who believe in live and let live even for the mentally ill, the court and the public became sympathetic.

One of the things that unfortunately made things worse, was my parents reacation to Stu and his complaining and rebelling. I told them that you need to be pragmatic instead of antagonistic like i am to Stu. Stu brought up that he didn't receive gifts from anyone at Christmas and claimed that we were keeping him down and all these things made them sympathetic despite his mental state.

We tried to show the court that guardianship and some kind of structure was necessary for Stu and that despite times we've let him down he needed help. The judge didn't listen. Instead he ordered that the guardianship be lifted. The main reason aside from mom and dad's antagnonisms was that there wasn't enough documentation from New York as to why this was warranted. Also the manner it was used was not appropriate either.

I emailed the judge after the court trial and long after Stu took off again and asked what happened and if maybe people like Brian Ball or Fox News or Alex Jones had a role.

James Zuckerberg said...

He told me that his decision was based first because of the original motion filed for guaridanship. The petition was filed in a california court and that Stu was in abstentia I believe. Now its still possible but there has to be other things that need to happen that didn't. We moved too far quickly and too far rapidly in the process. That and he felt that New York went overboard and was too reactive. He said that in addition we did not present enough documented evidence by qualified professionals such as a neuropsyciatrist, a neruologist, police reports and so on.

He told us that we should keep tabs on Stu of he leaves again and make sure we know he's okay and that if he hits rock bottom while in New Hampshire and demonstrates bad judgement and bad choice making then we may have a case against him for either emergency guardianship or limited guardainship. Pleneary guardianship is more difficult but we would need enough documentation.

Problem is NH is a free state, they don't have many mechinisms for that neither do some of the surrounding areas. If he were homeless in say Vermont or Massachusetts and slipped up there we may have a ray of hope otherwise no.

It doesn't look good. Also mom and dad are furious with how they've been made to look. They told Stu if ever ran away again to never come back again. I hope they don't mean that. Dad probably got angry and lost his temper. Its very hard dealing with adult children who have mental illness like Stu and who deny and wont get treatment.

James Zuckerberg said...

Anyway, Stu Left after the trial. He demanded we give him his money, he had saved about $3000 from working part time as a teenager doing chores but we used it up to petition guardianship. He says we owe him. We don't we had every right to take it from him so he can get help and get SSI. Even the court agreed. Stu was able to get a ticket out of California and went back to New Hampshire, I was praying he'd get stuck somewhere again so he could learn why he needs help no. he made it and now homeless again in a state with no programs, no help, no insurance, he's on a limb. He needs help.

I want to discuss Stu's behavior right now while there's time. I have to be off and about but Let me explain aspects of Stu's behavior that are odd.

First of all, he was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome and ADHD, a mental illness and a learning disability. Both these are related If I recall. the diagnosis was made by professional doctors. Several. One by his school psychiatrist, another by a child psychiatrist we saw, another by another psychiatrist in LA, another in New York and a therapist. These were all qualified and licensed professionals with strong credentials, positive customer feedback, they are not going to lie about Stu's condition and also we are witnesses.

First, Stu would always push people out of his life and behave anti-social. His interests were very fixated and narrow and restrictive. He only was interested in watching TV, playing video games, thats it. He pushed people out of his life including people who want to help him and be his friend he was very very anti-social.

I swear, it took him about 5 or 10 minutes tops to turn off an entire room of people. He is so anti-social the things had to like suck his fingers and twirl his hair around sometimes pick his ears nose mouth nails, his genitals and twirl his hair, dad got so angry at him when he was 8 that he took him to a barber to get a buzz cut and he screamed the whole time he was there. He said he was scared of the buzz cutter. Serves him right the nerd.

James Zuckerberg said...

Stu is also hyper, he can't take care of himself, he's a slob, we have to remind him to change his clothes, make his bed, take a shower and so on. At first starting when he was 10 till around 13, we'd punish him if he didn't remember to do something. If he forgot to make his bed when he got up or did it in a manner that was sloppy and like he didn't care which he did often he was banned from playing video games. the same for not showering everyday, changing clothes and remember to bringing home his homework.

Second offense, banned from watching TV for the day. Third offense, Small portions of supper, fourth offense, No supper, fifth offense No lunch money.

We counted the offenses off by the week. One time he did forget 5 times, On monday he made his bed badly and dad screamed at him over it. Told him to get up here and make it again and watched then he flipped out aggain and told him he diidn't care and that he wasn't playing games today. He flipped out and told dad he tried but had trouble and dad said YOU DIDN'T TRY!! YOU'RE LAZY! ANYONE CAN MAKE A BED! NO VIDEO GAMES! He began crying and weeping. At Breakfaast he rocked his head back and forth, mom told him to stop it or he'd be punished a second time. He said he could'nt help it that he always forgets even though he tries not to and that the meds were making him forgetful along with stress from school. Dad screamed that that was no excuse and that if he did not pull himself together in time for school he'd be grounded for a week with no TV or games.

He tried to stuff his emotions in but coudn't after school we found out that he blew up in class because of what happened and because another kid bullied him, the teacher sent him to the guidance office and they called dad and asked what was happening at home. I answered at first and told him what had happened that he had problems and was clumsy and that dad might have over reacted.

I agree by the way. Dad did over react. He's autistic and mentally ill. He can't help it. He's not good with making things anyway.

Well dad didn't think so. I guess he was desperate to get his son straightened out so when he got home he had him come into the kitchen and demanded to know what happened at school. He said that everyone was being mean to him and the teacher refused to punish them and sent him to guidance instead. Dad told him to ignore it and get his act together and stop letting people get him riled up or he'd be punished again. He then demanded he open his bag and look over his folder. A piece of his English assignment was missing from the bag. He immediately went to tears and began tearing his bag apart looking for the missing piece. He couldn't find it and was punished again, no video games or TV today or the next day, He cried out, "OH NO! NOT AGAIN! I CAN'T HELP IT! I HATE YOU GOD!! YOU MADE ME THIS WAY I HATE YOU!!"

He threw his fists in the air as he screamed, dad pounded the table and yelled at Stu to shut up. "STOP BLAMING GOD! ITS YOUR OWN DOING! YOU FORGOT YOUR HOMEWORK SO YOU GET DOUBLE PUNISHMENT!!! GO TO YOUR ROOM AND CALM DOWN AND ACT LIKE AN ADULT!!"

He then went to his room weeping. At supper he rocked his head back and forth, he was pouting and was miserable looking, mom told him it was all his fault he's this way and that he needs to remember better.

The next day

James Zuckerberg said...

the next day, Stewart got up and went to school in yesterday's clothes. He didn't take a shower last night either. He came home and mom asked why he was wearing yesterday's clothes and why he didn't shower last night. Stu immediately began making faces and I knew he was going to look for excuses and he said that he did shower last night but that yesterday's clothes were fine and that he was too depressed from what happened. he said that he has more trouble concentrating just because he couldn't make his bed right even though he tried so hard and just because his piece of homework slipped out. He said he found it in his locker and got it turned in on time.

Mom said she didn't care. You need to be keeping your bag organized. She then ordered that stu take his bag apart and organize it in front of her. By the way, he never did that. He always puts things someplace, crumples it folds it stuffs it without a care. He was very disorganized. Stu did this with his book bag, his burrow, it would make his parents furious and sometimes warrant punishment. After he organized his bag mom went into one of his folders and took out a crumpled piece of paper and demanded to know what it was, he said it was an assignment given to him last week and due tomorrow. It was two pages long, the hand writing was faded and messy. Mom flipped out and told him it was sloppy and unacceptable. He said that his teacher didn't mind because it was an accident as long as he turned it.

Mom then berratted him, told him to do it over and he began crying. He whined "WHY DOES EVERYTHING BAD IN THE WORLD ALWAYS ONLY HAPPEN TO MEEEEEEEEEE..." Mom then turned on him, yelled at him to grow up and not whine or he'd be punished. She ordered him to do it over in front of him. Since he was already banned from playing games and TV watching, there was nothing to do anyway. He did his assignment over again it took him an hour, he was weeping the whole time, chewing his shirt I watched him whine over and over, after he was done mom was angry at his hand writing.

She gave me his assingment and asked me to read it. I couldn't She then ripped it up in front of him and said DO IT AGAIN! STOP BEING LAZY!!

It wasn't laziness, it was developmental disability accompanied by mental illness. But Mom and dad told me that they were very worried since these were symptoms. They admited they went hard it was wrong. I agree.

It took him 3 tries in 4 to 5 hours just to get it. Dad came home and they decided to punish him again and again. One for making excuses about dressing, the other for lying about it. He got half portions and was sent to his room after.

James Zuckerberg said...

The next punishment came when he got up and went to the bathroom and didn't make his bed. Dad screamed at him over it. He said he was just in the bathroom and swore that he would make it when he got back. Dad said "okay but why is your room a mess?" He was punished again this time no supper and no lunch money.

He blew up again at school and it escalated into a fight and the police were called. the social worker then tasked our parents and was upset at how it was handled.

Thereafter the sanctions were lifted but Stu had to go to the psychiatric ward for 2 days.

From then on, Stu only got his few restricted privileges taken when he forgot a homework assignment or was insubordinate. Or if he got into a fight.

That was going way too far. I know stuff like that happened to him in school as well and it happened to me too when I was younger. It must be very hard to have a learning disabiloty and then to have that happen. No wonder Stu couldn't finish school

James Zuckerberg said...

Okay, I need to be going. But let me just say, that Stu has serious mental problems and has serious occupational and vocational problems that would make it unlikely for him to be gainfuly employed. I don't know what he's doing for work now but it can't be very productive and its probly dead end. I don't know. But I do know he needs serious help He is anti-social, mentally ill, developmentally disabled, he can't make it on his own.

Michael O'sullivan said...

Well that just about sums it up.

Liberal family

Blames the kid instead of the school,

Uses time out instead of spanking.

It would probably have been more merciful it he were hit by a car instead of forced to be agonized by liberals.

Michael O'sullivan said...

hey! Maybe your dumb parents should have put stu in Time out instead of taking his money and blaming him and doing all that crap to him!

James Zuckerberg said...

Look, we did our best and we tried to help him but he was resistant, he complained too much, before he ran away we had a plan to put him in a nice group home in a town that was safe and where he could come and go as he pleased til a certain time, we also would've kept his money held on for him while he gets SSI.

Instead he had to run away from home and we had to use his money to pay for guardianship to get him on the right path which by now was more difficult.

%95 is his fault The other 5 is because of us and society.

Now, I'm not liberal or far left neither are my folks but we believe that its the job of society to take care of the weak. I mean look were not helping matters by cutting taxes and cutting mental health services and housing and other essential services like that.

I think also the way we treat people and I think we need to outlaw bullying, we need to enforce our civil rights laws and make it so that businesses cannot discriminate in hiring people like Stu who need a job and would benefit.

Say what you want but we need to be governed and we need to be governed better.

mainestategop said...

Okay, so just because as a little kid he was wild and crazy ran into cars, twirled around, now he is an Asperger retard who must be deprived of his life rights and everything.

Anonymous said...

Just as I thought. Reds. God save America! Send us a Pinochet to kill all these leftists!

Anonymous said...

No. America doesn't need a man like Pinochet. Chile Did but we don't.

Anonymous said...

It looks to me that judging just from what I was told by the parents, he really is messed up in the head with some kind of disorder.

Anonymous said...

Wait.. So were going all the way back to when he was 4 or 5 just to stick him with some kind of disorder? That's fucked up. Why go back so far? He's working now isn't he? He has a work history YES?

James Zuckerberg said...

Yes. We are going to go all the way back. Now I didn't think we had to myself at first but Stu's Doctor told us that episodes and behavior all the way back in early childhood are flags and signs of mental illness and disorders.

The behavior Stu exhibited suggests Asperger's syndrome and possibly bipolar disorder and ADHD. Stu also couldn't socialize with other kids in school so that's another and his messy handwriting, his failure to form relations, his failure to work out his problems just to name some of the many behavioral problems he had.

This goes as far back as when he was 3 and 4 and as late as when he was 16.

Oh! I need to add, he's really 19 not 20. I think. I don't know why he said that.

So yeah, we can go back there to find out he has problems.

Anonymous said...

BULLSHIT!! We all did stupid things when we were children. When I was 5 ran into traffic across the street too! And when I was 6 I took a screw driver and smashed the family car up with it along with the engine. I couldn't sit down for a week afterwards btw.

And there's the time when I was 13 and set off an m-80 in the school bathroom. I got suspended for 2 weeks, mom and dad were pissed!

But you know what? I turned out alright! I'm 27, I have a good job, a wife and a kid, I am doing fine on my own.

But you wont let it down. You just want to dig up some old long buried bone to beat up your brother and keep him down. You don't want him to be independent.

The only reason he's homeless is because you robbed him and abused him and did nothing about the problems in school!

He's working now, he's getting his GED but you want to beat him!

James Zuckerberg said...

Well, that depends but doing very very unusual things like spinning, toe walking, dancing in the street while there's traffic moving and a lot of these other things I mentioned are warning signs of a developing problem with the brain.

Now Stu was diagnosed by qualified professionals who know what they are doing. They have noted that these events in his life are warning signs. Add to this the stuff that happened recently, the severe bullying, the fact that he couldn't do his work, his sloppy handwriting, his naivete with regards to socializing and hygene and his deficits in his grads all point to Asperger's syndrome. Its a high functioning form of autism its also a mental illness.

Stu quit school and ran rather than pulling himself together, getting thick skin and learning to deal with things he perceived weren't fair. He also planned to live in one of the worst places in America for someone in his condition, a state that has no programs, no safety nets, a state with no prospects for hiring a high school dropout.

Stu also screamed, yelled, had tantrums and was stubborn, and he denies his condition despite the obvious symptoms and despite being diagnosed by 8 qualified professionals from the school psychiatrist on up to professionals in Bellevue Hospital, one of the top hospitals in the country!

There are so many things wrong with him. What we saw back then is the beginning of a developing and progressing deteriorating condition that should have been nicked in the bud when it started.

Sadly, we don't want to have social responsibility, we want civilization and development and other things without having to contribute our fair shares and make sacrifices and to learn to accept one another so... We couldn't get Stu to a doctor.

The money we seized from him, it could've been used to get him help right away but no. We couldn't.

Thanks to intolerance and this obsession with property rights and puritan ethics and a stubborn clinging to old fashioned traditions, we can't raise taxes to fund a comprahensive universal health care system to benefit people like Stu like they have in Europe and we wont pass hate speech laws to punish hateful remarks towards victims of bullying like Stu. Bullying is protected under the first amendment.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right. So well just punish this kid for life because he was bullied. None of the bullys are retarded with Aspergers, just the victim

And just because he walked on his toes as a kid, hes a retard a screw up, insane, we need to take his rights from him and make sure he doesn't become and adult.

You sir, are a disgrace to every living human being in this country. So are your parents.

Anonymous said...

You know why Stewart was a handful growing up? All you did was put him in time out.

My kids never had that problem. If they did stuff like deliberately play in the street and dance in front of a vehicle, I'd whoop their asses.

He wasn't insane, he was untrained and undisciplined. A good old spanking will stop that flat out.

Too much television? So why don't you turn it off and have him go outside!!? Why didn't you do that? Is it now Stu's fault and everyone else's fault but yours as well as the fact he was bullied?

Parents are idiots! Its the parents fault! I would never take money away from my children! I only had them store the money they got from summer jobs towards college and rent.

Parents are to blame! They did this to them!

James Zuckerberg said...

Well look, he was irresponsible, he wasn't doing what he needed to do, stay in school, deal with his emotions, go to his psychiatrist, take his meds.

I know mom and dad could've done more but its His fault. He's an adult now. He's gotta take responsibility and stop screwing around. I don't know what's really going on with Stu but he's worse off than ever.

Stewart Zuckerberg said...

Everything said about me against me is a lie.

First of all my handwriting. I'm sorry if my handwriting isn't perfect but god made everyone different and unique with different skills. My hadnwriting is bad because of stress.

My parents punished me only to beat me up for why everyone was mean to me. The punishments were cruel and excessive. Dad could've helped me make my bed and he could've been nicer to me. So could mom. That wasn't the case.

As a toddler I do remember misbehaving but I did that largely because there were few consequences and my privileges were few and restricted. Time out was nothing to me. I just wanted to have fun and I didn't like being a kid. But all the rest of that I was just a dumb kid We all grow up eventually but you wont let me.

All you want to do is beat the daylights out of me over something long, long, long, long, long, long, long,long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, ago.

Based on this, I have to go to a school full of bullies, I get blamed on for what they do, I'm not allowed to leave that situation, I'm not allowed to be in control, yet its still my fault.

We never ever blame the parents, we never ever blame the school, we never ever blame the government, we never ever blame the illegal aliens, we never ever blame the bullies or the teachers, or society or the judge, all we want to do is knock down the victim. Blme the victim, hurt the victim

Then you wonder why I'm homeless

Fuck you James Wherever you are. You're as much an ass hole as you were when I was a kid. Fuck you and the family. I have a right to be independent and work. I have a right to be in control. Let me be in control damnit! You've had your chance and you failed!

Stewart Zuckerberg said...

Nothing about the bullying

Nothing about the molestation

Nothing about the abuse

Nothing about the injustice and the control and that bad decisions made by the parents and the group home I was forced into.

Fuck you family.

Michael O'sullivan said...

Its alwyas the victim's fault.

When are you liberal pissants going to blame Commiefornia government and schools for what happened to Stu? Liberal bitches.

James Zuckerberg said...

Stu, I know you're angry with us but we did all we could. You wouldn't let these people help you. You still push people out of your life, you ran away instead of letting us find a place for you. Mom and dad were gonna have a group home for you near Pasadena where you could be allowed to go out when you wanted to. But you ran and got yourself stuck.

When you got back the place was full. They said "Oh! Sorry! Were full we no longer have an opening." There no openings anywhere. We had to put you in a homeless shelter in the mean time.

You got $20 dollars a week because social security said you had no living expenses and were being fed so that was the recomended amount. You didn't need all that money anyway. You needed to be in shelter, seeing case workers, seeing about housing and seeing to your needs. Now I know its not much but there were free services available and you even got bus tokens.

That other home you were in in Long Beach, we were informed you were the one causing trouble. You failed to appreciate the help you were given. I know there were problems there and I know they could've done better but you exaggerated. I went there I didn't see things were as bad. They might not have been nice to you but anyway, you left you were gone and back in the shelter.

Now your parents decided you didn't need luxuries while homeless. When you're homeless that's not the time to be spoiled and living a pampered life that's the time to be responsible for yourself. Mom and Dad said they would start giving you money when you got into a place of your own or a group home and when you started being responsible and behaved yourself.

The group home we put you in was the only stable place there was. I know you resent not going out where you wanted when you wanted, that you had to obey what the staff said and you couldn't go out without permission or accompanied but that's how it went for the time being.

We tried our best but your republican friends are largely to blame for why you and others of your kind are poor and you also caused this by resisting and misbehaving.

Stop all this nonsense Stu! You have a condition you have a disability! You can't always have everything your way! You need to get responsible and you need to get back into treatment.

You're not welcomed back by the way. Don't ask to come back. I doubt you will though given your pride.

Trumpforthewin said...

Yeah right. Were not to blame you are. Liberal facist scum. Taking his money and making him go to a dangerous school, When are you going to give him back his money?

Kyle p said...

There's no such thing as Asperger's syndrome. Its Just an invention by liberals and socialists to target victims and protect bullies. That, and to bypass Constitutional rights and civil liberties. So is mental illness.

The real reason Stu was diagnosed is because the government failed to protect him and failed to educated him. The parents also failed to raise him right and failed to protect him so in order to cover up for the big government which all liberals worship as being infallible, they make up some disorder to blame the victim.

You did nothing but beat him up and failed to teach him to be a man. He had to learn everything on his own on the streets of New York.

The state also beat him up because they also failed so they blame the victim to cover up their failure and inadequecy.

Stu is now doing better in New Hampshire all thanks to people like us and not thanks to liberals like you.

Anonymous said...

Everyone don't listen to those comments made by Stewart. That's his mental illness talking not him. He's angry, he's frustrated he's not himself. He's just lashing out. I wonder sometimes if he really does have a job? Maybe he's stuck and he doesn't want to admit his faults!

Anonymous said...

This whole family is trash.

Instead of spanking him they put him in time out. So he keeps misbehaving even getting himself nearly killed in traffic!

They put him in a government school who's sole objective is to make money off our taxes and indoctrinate the kid into being a fool, an illiterate and a failure

Things get out of hand, instead of suing the school and the state, they force him to stay there.

They blame him

THey bring him all the way back from a homeless situation that was at least stable and where he was slowly but gradually improving to being brought back into a corrupt and evil state and then putting him back on the streets again when they should've kept him in New York and let him go to New Hampshire if he wanted

They make him live in a filthy winter shelter, they give him only $20 a week then they put him in a group home meant for retards and lump him together with a group that is unpopular thereby making him an unemployable social pariah and keeping down!

Then they get the state involved and block him from getting his money and leaving the state!

In spite of all this, they think he's better off getting nothing but measly $20 a week and being poor and miserable in California, one of the worst states in the country!

Its all the parents fault! That and the left and California! But most of all the parents!

Anonymous said...

All this time he had signs of a learning disability and was in an unstable and dysfunctional environment and the state DID NOTHING?!

But then when he gets the money then they do something! TAKE HIS RIGHTS AND MONEY AND DUMP HIM ON THE STREETS!!

Hey James! You want to tell us all why its good for your brother to be getting $20 a month? I was homeless in Santa Barbara for 2 months and I got $239 a month. How the hell is he supposed to take care of himself on that?

Being homeless doesn't mean you don't have expenses, often times I'm not able to find a bed and its raining cats & dogs out and I need a motel to stay at for 50 or 60 a night, sometimes I can't be at the soup kitchen on time so I need a place to eat, I need clothing, II need this I need lots of things and charity doesn't always do that for me. I gotta spend money!

Laundry also costs a ton! How the hell is he gonna handle that on $20 a month! And YOU DIDN'T EVEN GIVE HIM MONEY FOR CHRISTMAS! SHAME ON YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Well how do you do a lot of things? Those are the things that workers and homeless bums need to be thinking of. But Stewart is the only one responsible for his condition! $20 does do enough. He doesn't need all that money neither do any of the other bums in California or anywhere. The money he got for the week is for his needs. There's no reason for him to have more. Even his payee told us that it was adequete and that he had enough. Laundry basically costs about $5, an all day bus pass costs $6, by the way he gets free bus tokens. Stu would rather blow all that money on games, electric toys or on junk food like most homeless do. Either that or cigarettes or beer or some other luxery. The homeless should not have luxery. They need to wait till they're in a home of their own or a group home.

After Stu got into group housing he got $50 a week and at the group home they fed him well and took care of him. Stu just doesn't want to be thankful for what he has an count his blessings.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! Fifty a week! Lah dee F'ing dah!

And he was unemployed, living in a house for retards and crazies, lumped together with them, not allowed to go out, not allowed to do anything. Yet this is progress!

Progressive liberals really are about progress aren't they?! They believe in robbing the poor and that's progress!

George Orwell's dystopic government was also progressive. chocolate K rations were cut from 3000 to 2000 then up to 2500. That's progress.

Progressives are orwellian socialists. To them what they call progress is really regress and then one step up but less than what it was.

Stu is taken from a situation where though he's homeless, he's working, making slow but steady progress to being independent, he has shelter, he has income, he has some means of independence and caring for himself, then the ass hole parents take him out of that, put him in a place where he is homeless yet unemployed, has less money then goes to a house for retards which is really more like an insitution where he has no freedom and no money, he's miserable, he's abused


Now we know. Progressive liberals like the Zuckerbergs, the Bauers, the bowlers ETC. are all orwelian socialists and jack booted tyrants. They don't care and don't give a feather or a fig! What they want is progress. PROGRESS FOR TYRANNY AND THE STATE, Nothing for us sheep!

Anonymous said...

Yeah that makes a lot of sense

He's homeless but employed in New York, California, New York and these bastard parents use MY TAXES to force him to go back to California to be homeless and UNEMPLOYED AND HAVE HIS CIVIL RIGHTS TAKEN.

One step forward, 10 steps back.

I live in Cali near Santa Ana. I know how bad it is. Way to go numnuts!

Anonymous said...

Hitler, Marx, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Goebels, ETC all styled themselves off as progressives.

Progressivism is nothing but failed ideas from the 19th and 20th centuries. That's all.