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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Back by popular demand: Government causes flus and epidemic

The flu epidemic has finally reached America and already we have our first casualty, a toddler in Texas. The flu epidemic will no doubt have an effect on these and other vulnerable groups with weak immune systems including the elderly and Aids patients. I decided to write about this after listening to Michael Savage discuss it. His take was as you can very well imagine controversial as is some of his other remarks.

Savage noted also that the government has done nothing useful to prevent the spread of this new influenza strain despite the fact that it may have as much an impact as it did during the 1918 epidemic. It has gene segments never seen before. In fact there are those in the medical community that say that it will have an even greater impact than at first imagined.

Janet Napolitano, Barack Obama's communist homeland security tsar has done nothing about this at all. You would think that with illegal aliens from Canada and Mexico swarming in with this and other diseases they would finally shut down our borders. Instead the bottom line is more important. The needs of the multinational corporations to get a hold of cheap labor is more important. The drug lanes, the lanes for smuggling must remain open.

This shows just how corrupt our government is.

Biological weapon?

Michael Savage has pointed out that there is another possibility that this virus did not just come from some sewer pit in China or Mexico. Savage pointed out that the genetic traits points to a possibility that it was manufactured and that Islamic terrorists had been trying to make a new form of influenza virus to attack America. Though it might have come from a pig farm in Vera Cruz, it is still a possibility to consider.

Savage also pointed out that government scientists and officials have been inefficient in responding and educating the public. The Centers for Disease control, a trillion dollar tax funded organization had only this to say, wash your hands.

That's right! Just wash your hands! Nothing else! Michael Savage, a doctor with a PhD in epidemiology has pointed out the real threat to this infection is worse than we may think.

He also points out real solutions that must be done such as not patronize restaurants and businesses that hire or cater to illegal aliens and consume plenty of vitamin C.

Where is Homeland Security?

Savage in pointing out that this could be an attack points out once more the incompetence of liberals such as Janet Napolitano. Napolitano as you may know drafted a report stating that defenders of the constitution against the government and UN, opponents to socialism and the New world order and even veterans are a threat. Not illegal aliens, not radical islamists, right wing Christians are a threat to her. Face it folks, government doesn't care, government never will care about your needs and safety. This proves it.

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