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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Email from Communist I interviewed (KOBA)

From my old interview Coffee with communists comes leftist idiot Koba who says I owe him money.

Hey right winger! YO! You owe me royalties for that interview you did for me. I got outta jail and I noticed you've been using me and my buddy for entertainment purposes. I'm heading up there to New England right now bro! You owe me About a thousand in royalties! If you don't pay I'll beat your a** right winger! YO!

I asked how Jackrabbit was doing and he said:

Jackrabbit's still in jail! They want to extradite his a** to Seattle yo! That was my main man! Its all your fault! You only did it cuz he's gay word up Fascist!  Word up Right wing hater! You gonna owe me! I'm coming up to New Hampshire now! I'm in Omaha right now, Officer Jordon chucked my ass out! I'm comin up there in July! Happy fascist independence day you damn fascist!

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