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Friday, June 23, 2017

Rhode Island psychiatrist exposed as an anti-American communist abuser

Meet Dr. Gabor Keitner, Ivy league Graduate of Psychiatry certified from several top universities in Canada and the United States including McMaster University of Canada. Gabor's specialty is Family therapy, clinical depression geriatric psychiatry and Autistic spectrum disorders. He is also a researcher at Brown University in Rhode Island.

Keitner, who immigrated with his family to Montreal from Hungary in 1956, which was then a soviet republic was and still is a committed devotee to Communism and the principal teachings of Karl Marx. Although his family were refugees who fled communism during the rebellion in Budapest, there was enough of the Dogma of the evil empire in Gabor to turn him back to the dark side. This has shown in his practice and in reports we have recieved from former patients of his. He seems particularly fond of the more rigid and authoritarian aspects of Marxism.

In fact, ever since last year when we published articles about Two of his Patients who escaped abuse and SSI, Regina Immersio and Roger Bauer  and how they were abused and badly treated by government workers, family and doctors including Keitner, we received many emails detailing Keitner's further abuse. His subscription to a communist magazine in Hungary A FOIA file from the FBI also details Keitner's troubled youth.

What we do know aside from his family history is that Gabor was a member of The All-Union Leninist Young Communist League usually known as Komsomol, which was a political youth organization in the Soviet Union. Basically the USSR's version of the Hitler Youth. It was mandatory but after the Keitners moved to Canada in the fifties, Keitner remained a devoted communist.

This was easy since Canada at the time was a highly tolerant country that did not stigmatize communism as much as it was in the US. McCarthyism did exist in some light in Canada but it was not as stalwart or powerful as it was in the US. There wasn't anything like HUAC in existence.

I was a patient of Gabor Keitners at Butler hospital in 2011. I had a nervous breakdown stemming from abuse by police officers. I was antagonized and abused by policemen after enemies made false accusations of me. I had a laptop computer with me that cost about $800 and while they were berating me they searched my bag. One of the officers took the laptop out and smashed it on the ground. they then told me that they would have me put in jail and raped if I told anyone what happened. I later had a nervous breakdown when the peer review board cleared the officer of charges. He made up all kinds of lies about me and they believed it even though I've never committed a crime in my entire life! I couldn't sue them and I had to go to the hospital. I was placed in Butler hospital for a week. Keitner was not friendly to me at all. He said if the police were after me, I must've done something wrong. I said "NO! I WASN'T I WASN'T EVEN ARRESTED" Keitner then told me to shut the F*** up and told me he'd have the police take me away if I yelled again. I later learned that he put down on my eval that I was disrespectful to authority figures, that I was a compulsory liar and that I was a narcisist. That really hurt. I actually came out in worse shape than coming in. I was going to sue them for malpractice but RI laws make that difficult to sue doctors. The whole state is rotten and corrupt. As a result I had two more nervous breakdowns in one year while I was in Massachusetts.

During the sixties, Gabor Keitner joined the Young Communist League and took part in protests against the Vietnam war.He was active during the Summer of 67 protests that took place in Montreal and he aided, abetted and helped draft dodgers from America who fled to Canada, helping some of them to move to Sweden and other European countries.

In 1980, Keitner immigrated to the US and worked at Butler memorial Hospital as director of the mood disorders program. He also worked and studied further at Brown University where he is also employed in research. Despite ideological exclusion laws, Keitner slipped through and was able to immigrate and later attain citizenship.

Keitner remained under the radar but in his heart and mind as you can see by reading the emails, he is still and always has been at heart, a committed Marxist.

Psychiatry is of itself socialist mainly of the Marxian school. Its postulations and assertions that he said she said is valid enough evidence, its support for authority no matter how corrupt or backward, its lack of respect for the dignity, rights and property of individuals, clearly indicate the socialist mainly Marxist influence within psychiatry.

We got a hold of some of Keitner's clinical manuals online. Just scraping the surface of the introductions and first chapters tells a lot about Keitner's Marxism.

The books read like curriculim taken straight out of the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism and sociology.

For example, in his book Clinical Manual of Couples and Family Therapy:

One of our goals however, is to reestablish the psychiatrist as a leader of a team of professionals providing mental health care to patients in need.

This is what sums up much of Keitner's other works as well. The Psychiatrist is given leadership in all aspects of treatment and planning. Doesn't matter if its cancer treatment, nutrition, family planning ETC the psychiatrist is the head and his word is the last.

Mental illness, mental health take the helm.

Even in non medical issues like family, career, education, money, economics, ETC. Psychiatry and mental health has the last word...

He further writes...

Psychiatrists are in a unique position in the mental health field to integrate Biological, psychological and social perspectives.

 In other words, mental health and other medical fields socialized and used to socialize everyone. GULAG ANYONE?

Seriously folks, this is exactly what they teach in Marxist countries. Psychiatry is one of the cornerstone's of communism and socialism. 

I was referred to Gabor Keitner by my parents who were very very mean to me. Keitner told me based only on a 20 minute interview with my and my Mom and Dad that I was too stupid to work, too stupid to be independent, too stupid to manage money and that I was an idiot. I lost my rights in an instant all because of a 20 minute window into an entire lifetime. My life would be better had it not been for my parents. So thanks to him I lost my rights. I finished school but I had no rights and it was all for nothing. Mom forced me on SSI and became my Payee along with my Dad and two older brothers. I was forced against my will to see Keitner and another doctor...

When one reads the objectives of psychiatry such as mentioned before in Keitners literature, and when one see's the results of psychiatry, the virtues of communism become apparent. As we read more and more in Keitner's books and literature we see further in innocent lives destroyed and innocent lives ruined even innocents killed.

One way Keitner does this is described in his book, Evaluating and treating families. In the introduction when dealing with adult children of parents who compel them into treatment by force, he goes into detail on how to promote the appearance of mental illness. Keitner describes in vivid detail that patients should have their "illness and disorders made manifest." This is done through a combination of triggering and imposing mental stress. He writes specifically:

 All psychiatrists need to be proficient in assessing a patient's vulnerability especially when the patient is in a state of denial of his or her illness. Probe the wound and show the weakness and show the patient his or her abnormality in mental thought and their disorderly emotions. The psychiatrist demonstrates the patient's illness and lack of insight and is able to assess weaknesses and have better insight in treating disorders manifested.

Probe for weakness exploit the weakness. This is a typical trait of interrogations and torture in totalitarian and authoritarian regimes. Gabor's support for such despotic systems is made manifest as we see later but look at what he says about probing for weakness and "assessing patient vulnerability.

The Patient must learn to make sacrifices and learn to cope with his or her treatment regiment depending on the nature of the mental illness and the severity of the mental illness. The patient while taking medication necessary for treatment will no longer be able to operate a vehicle or hold certain jobs and must surrender assets to qualify for Social security benefits and Healthcare programs in order to improve in treatment. ...There may be hurt feelings, and feelings of injustice but treatment and health and wellness comes before vocation and personal ambition. Its said, A man cannot be revived until he is first killed, a man cannot be healed unless he is first injured, a man cannot be helped until he is placed in a position to need help. Sometimes we have to be cruel in order to be kind and be hurt before we can healed...

So in other words, if your not sick, were gonna make you sick.

How would you like this clown, this red, to decide what's your best interests? How would you like him to manage your money, your home, your finance, career and business. If Universal healthcare treatment becomes mandatory in mental health you will...

Its a trait of liberalism and socialist government to always to create problems when there are no problems. This is because socialist and other despotic and evil governments require a state of constant strife and crisis in order to thrive as well as an exploited oppressed underclass.

Anyone can be diagnosed with a mental illness for any reason from drinking too much coffee to having unpopular beliefs or being unpopular. For any reason, anytime.

Say goodbye to your property rights, your human rights, your rights as an individual, your job, car, home family, dignity, EVERYTHING...

And as we will soon see, Keitner's socialism shows that Psychiatry is rooted in socialism in both fascist and Marxist spectrums.

EMAIL: When I was 16 years old my family moved to Warwick Rhode Island from Gloversville New York. When I was in New York, I had many friends, I had a happy normal childhood. When I started sophmore year in a new school I had no friends and got picked on for no reason. I don't know what happened. Things only got worse from there. Around the end of my school year I got into a fight outside when classes were dismissed and Police were called. I was not charged but I was suspended for 2 days. My parents blamed me for it and I was sent to a psychiatrist named Gabor Keitner. He also blamed me and told me there must be a reason why they picked on you so bad and wanted to hit you. Keitner had me diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome which I learned was a severe mental illness. I was also drugged up so bad I became obese and couldn't keep up at school the following year. I got into another big fight in Junior year and almost got expelled. Instead I was suspended for a week. I did not start it it was started by another student. They went after me real bad. Keitner said I had Bipolar disorder because of what happened and because of arguments I got into with him. I was proscribed more drugs and became even worse. Long story short, I couldn't finish school because the drugs made me flunk, I Now have diabetes and when things couldn't get worse, my parents forced me on SSI and tried to have me put under guardianship. They even took away a trust fund I was supposed to receive. I ran away to avoid guardianship and was homeless for 2 years Before getting a place.

In a book Entitled, BIPOLAR DISORDER, A FAMILY ORIENTED APPROACH TO TREATMENT, Dr Keitner along with Dr David Milkowitz makes the following absurd notion with regards to the nature of mental illness:

For the majority of people, Psychiatric illness evolves in a social context. Understanding social context  of a presenting problem is critical to biopsychosocial treatment planning

DID YOU GET THAT? Psychiatric disorders, mental illness evolves in a social context. It does not evolve on organic or biological problems but... SOCIAL CONTEXT.

What it means is, holding beliefs that are considered taboo, politically incorrect, that go against the grain of the culture and societal norms of the community or just being unpopular is mental illness. Not brain damage, not trauma, not synapses of the brain shorted or misconnected but whatever the community, society of a nation or culture defines it.

This is what Nazi Germany did to those who didn't fit in like the Jews, declare them mentally inferior and backward and then deal with them.

You aren't mentally ill because of your brain, you're mentally ill because you don't fit in and/or your worldview is politically incorrect.

In fact when the American Psychiatric Association meets annually to discuss and update its bible, the Diagnostic and Statistical manual of Mental Disorders, the mental disorders added are placed in there based on a vote. ALL IN FAVOR OF NAMING THIS A MENTAL ILLNESS SAY AYE!

This same ploy is what they held at the USSR. Psychiatrists often targeted dissidents and those fallen out of favor of the party as mentally ill. A common diagnosis for opponents of communism is "Sluggish Schizophrenia." China and the European Union also does the same thing.

If I were to go to France, Germany or England and broadcast to the people there about the evils of abortion and homosexuality for instance, I might not only be prosecuted I could also be involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital and branded mentally ill for my beliefs and expressing them. It has nothing to do with the head,  it has everything to do with paradigm and philosophy.

This is what happened to one schoolgirl in Germany who was detained in a psychiatric hospital. Why? Because she was home schooled, was a Christian and did not agree with the government and believe that the government was always correct. In fact just for disagreeing with Angela Merkel she was branded as being "deeply disturbed." She was also labeled with Schoolphobia just for not attending a failing school.

In Nigeria, another man was detained in a mental hospital and branded mentally ill for the crime of renouncing Islam. He was labled with a personality disorder and drugged almost to death. The story was reported only by a few news groups in Europe. Those that did were threatened with being closed down by the government for promoting "islamophobia" and "promoting mental illness."

Journalists and scholars are a favorite target of mental health professionals like Gabor Keitner. Such as what happened to one journalist in New Zealand who asserted his views that 9/11 was an inside job done by the US government. He was detained in a hospital, branded delusional and given Electro-shock therapy.

Even the United States, once a bastion of freedom isn't safe anymore thanks to the enroachment of Socialism into our daily lives. We reported on two instances in New York city where the NYPD abuse mental hygene laws to target those they don't like especially those who reject socialism.

These are just a taste of what innocent people can expect when they fall victim to the state or abusive relatives. To be branded mentally ill can and will lead to the destruction of your rights and your dignity. AND AS YOU SEE YOU CAN BE BRANDED FOR ANY REASON...

AND NOTE THAT WORD "BIOPSYCHOSOCIAL" It is a term rooted in socialism and the school of Marxism. Integrating psychiatry with socialogy for the purpose of weeding out "undesirables" who are politically incorrect.

EMAIL:I was also forced again to go see another doctor regularly, this time it was Gabor Keitner who was not nice to me at all. After two months of testing I qualified for SSI. In other words, both doctor Hallard and Dr Keitner said I was stupid. I had lied on the tests about where I had been, I also exaggerated here and there, I said I was working at some jobs, I lied through my teeth but even though they believed me, I was still worthless and stupid.According to Gabor Keitner, I had Asperger's syndrome, Bipolar, Panic disorder, Generalized Anxiety disorder, Borderline Personality disorder, Major depression, mood imbalance disorder and possibly a host of other disorders that stupid retards who never get to work get. It shouldn't have happened. Each label put on me felt like a hot serated knife in my guts.

Are you a patriot? Do you love America? Do you oppose the government? Are you a Christian? Do you support the Constitution or American Sovereignty?

According to Doctors like Gabor Keitner you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer mental illness. KISS YOUR RIGHTS, YOUR HOME, CAREER, DIGNITY ETC GOODBYE!

And your likelyhood increases as we reported with the stories of Roger Bauer, Regina Immersio and Stewart Zuckerberg if your family is liberal too. Liberals often rely on psychiatric to destroy your life! As Gabor writes in his handbook:

Families can be helpful in identifying the history... "LIKELY FUTURE PROBLEMS" IN THE 
 ONGOING TREATMENT PROCESS The overall approach is one that facilitates problem solving

The word of abusive family against the victim er.. patient. In solving the problem of how to silence and exploit the patient by turning in their loved ones for political incorrectness
He goes on in Chapter 2 in his book Healthy family functioning

To treat families effectively, Thereapists need to define what falls within normal range of function. ...And define healthy families



It is difficult to define members of a healthy family or normal individual. The variable to consider multiply exponentially. variables include interaction with the family, the surrounding culture, the expectations of the family and the therapist evaluating

Gonna diagnose and brand someone retards because of what the family wants, what the culture says, what the doctor wants. MONEY CONTROL OPPRESSION CONFORMITY

I could go on and on about how evil this SOB is. But There's not enough time. He may have gotten out of the USSR but the USSR has always been in him. Echoes, of Hungary's darkest hours since the invasion of the Ottomans.

This is a case study in the evils of socialism. The evils of government and godlessness. Communists and Socialists need psychiatry because they deny God, relevant morality and absolutes. To solidify and codify these absolutes and explain away the supernatural while putting down dissidents and undesirables who threaten their iron grip is the task of Dr Gabor and others.


Anonymous said...

Damn... I'm Hungarian descent and I'm shocked.

I wont be moving to Rhode Island anytime soon I'll give you that.

Anonymous said...

Damn reds. I thought we were over this Shit back in 1991. When are they ever gonna wake up? THE SYSTEM FAILED! DEAL WITH IT!

steve pickrum said...

If he lied hen send him back to communist loving country.
The Supreme Court on Thursday held that federal law authorizes courts to strip immigrant citizens of their U.S. citizenship if they obtained it as a result of making false statements to the federal government. Federal law found at 18 U.S.C. § 1425(a) makes it a crime to “knowingly procur[e], contrary to law, the naturalization of any person” to become a U.S. citizen. (“Naturalization” is the legal term for becoming a citizen.) Moreover, a second federal statute, 8 U.S.C. § 1451(e) adds that a foreigner who obtains U.S. citizenship through such a violation will lose that newly granted citizenship.

Anonymous said...

I was sent to see Keitner back in 10 or 11 thereabouts. My parents made me go because they thought I was stupid and looney just because kids at school picked on me. he treated me like garbage and he was a dick!

When I turned 18 I stopped seeing him. My parents then kicked me out of the house. Keitner didn't make me better only worse.

Anonymous said...

Why can't they deport this A-hole back to where he belongs?

Oh that's right! That would be racist and xenophobic! We have to be tolerant of different points of view!

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Anonymous said...


It is difficult to define members of a healthy family or normal individual. The variable to consider multiply exponentially. variables include interaction with the family, the surrounding culture, the expectations of the family and the therapist evaluating

So, were not measuring brain wave activity, were going to base a diagnosis on the culture? So if the culture says that government is always right, that whites are devils and that Christians are evil then you're automatically criminally insane all because you're a white man/woman and/or A Christian!

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to email this to Donald Trump. He reads this I guarantee you first thing tomorrow he's denaturalized and on a plane back to Budapest.

Anonymous said...

I emailed this to the white house. Hopefully Trump will have the time to read it. Send this POS back to Hungary or some other country that will take him in.

Then again, Hungary is now right wing so they'll probably have to settle for sending him to France or back to Canada.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Hungary will take him. They're more right wing now. He'll have to either go to France or Germany. They'll love his kind there.

Better still, how about South Africa? What does Gabor think of blacks? THey're marxist like him.

Anonymous said...

Send him to South Africa or Zimbabwe. Either that or North Korea. Fucking reds.