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Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Police are made up of Communist bums, Muslims and freeloaders

This is probably one of the most controversial articles I've done. I'd wanted to do it for at least a couple of years, but postponed out of respect for fallen officers who actually did care about their jobs and the communities they've protected. Fallen officers killed by Marxist thugs in the so called Black lives matter movement (Only black marxist lives matter to them I guess)as well as Antifa and leftist terrorist thugs.

For this reason I withheld the writing of this article. I put it off, put it off, again and again as the numbers of dead cops increased. Cops who actually  are not like the crooked bums I'm writing about. It was for respect.

Then I forgot about it until last week when news broke of a Muslim police officer who intentionally shot an Australian woman.

Now, so far so good, we don't know if he did it because of reasons pertaining to Sharia law or what else. All that is certain, the left wing media for whatever reason has tried to cover up the incident ever since it was revealed that the cop was a Muslim.

Not only that, they covered up new info that Officer Mohammed of Somalia was a hot tempered misogynist who bragged about wanting to kill white women.

Had this been a reversed situation,  it would be front page in every newspaper, and all the leftists would be demanding blood of this officer no matter what the circumstances, even if she's been armed and caught red handed in the crime!

Washington Post, New York times, La Times, ETC. all the leftist rags are instead worked up because Muslims are fearing a backlash in their community. Headlines: Muslims Fear Backlash, Fears of Islamophobia. There are even fake news stories in European presses that there are riots and the leftist governments in Europe have done nothing to silence them for lying or for "inciteful speech." Go figure.

But unlike The weak socialist limp wristed EU, The United States does not pander to criminals regardless of race religion or creed, has not become PC enough yet and allows its citizens to carry guns in self defense. The Muslims in America have every reason to and should be afraid of backlash. What they should also be doing is stop whining about Islamophobia and instead worry more about their religion's followers here and elsewhere imposing Sharia and killing innocent people for not being Muslims.

The far left really has gone far now that its given the ok for Muslims to practice police brutality.

More later but back on track, the police force. If you've watched my YT channel and read my blog for the last decade or so since I've been posting, you'll note that I have a serious problem with government in all facets. Including the police force.

We even had a blog years ago called NYPD Red which chronicled communism in the NYPD. It got banned by New York's finest with clout from Mayor Quimby I mean Mayor Bloomberg.

Now I am not against all police, But I am against policemen who are stuck up, arrogant, marxist, leftist, racist, above the law, above accountability and in opposition to accountability in government and law enforcement. PAGING MR BRATON OVER HERE!

The job of police is to act as auxiliary to the people's vigilance. To a vigilant armed and alert public. The founding fathers never expected us to fully depend on cops or a standing army. But today we now have a standing army of cops, detectives, youth workers, lickspittlers and nearly all of them would rather be at Dunkin then on duty. Either that or bashing the head in of some poor minority member.

My house for instance, was broken into by a burglar one night, Tried to get in through the Basement window. Made so much noise trying to we were woken up, my wife dialed 911, I ran downstairs with my gun and saw this punk outside dressed in black trying to crawl into the basement window in the front of the house through the window.

He got up and ran away down the street. We called police, it took 2 hours for a cop to show up. The dispatcher meanwhile told my wife to tell me to put the gun down and wait for police. We waited 2 hours. The cop and his partner rather than take information first off, wanted to know where my gun was. I gave it to him. I told him that it was licensed and that I had a right to carry a gun.

He then unloaded the weapon and told me to store it someplace secure. I gave it to my wife who had come downstairs. I told the cop we were responsible citizens with no records, we pay taxes, we had a right to carry arms, he then lectured me about how we were instructed to wait and how we disobeyed the order to wait. I got no order, it was my wife on the phone. The cop BTW was almost in my face and too close to me for comfort. I told him I did nothing wrong, I was told nothing of the sort at the time.

He then continued to lecture me how guns were dangerous and that his partner were concerned that I might go off and fire and people without probable cause. PROBABLE CAUSE?! Hello! This idiot tried to break in, he could've done what ever he wanted to me and wife and kid if he wanted too! That's proabable cause! I should've shot him through my window!

I didn't. The cop said, "if you had, I would've taken you to jail for assault with a deadly weapon. You had no right to shoot people who aren't threatening you. He ran."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. He wasted 2 hours eating donuts and then decides to show up and instead is all, aw... the poor criminal, we let him down, he just wanted to help himself with other people's belongings that they worked hard for, he's probably malnurshed and can't find a job because of George Bush. Awwww...

I asked about why he took two hours to get here, he said because there were other calls in the areas they were busy responding too.

He then took down the info, he, his partner and another donut munching red looked around the area, they then gave me a card and left.

After this I was trembling. I was shaking. I went from fear to anger. I couldn't believe these pig cops acted so lackadaisacal and uncaring! NO WONDER CRIME IS SO HIGH IN PARTS OF AMERICA!

I resolved from this moment on, were going to go after the police.

With regards to high crime this is what we ought to be doing, drug testing bums on welfare, restoring the 2nd amendment, security cameras on the streets, Its a start but not enough. LETS TARGET THE COPS...

Its time we take the cops to task especially in places like New York and Los Angeles which are very very liberal.

These guys get paid six digits for doing bascially nothing except harassing and intimidating people.

And you can thank them for the existence of Black Lives matter among other groups.

One aspect of a communist society the police have promoted most is gun grabbing.

The NYPD for instance, are anti-gun fanatics. They even have Anti-NRA posters all over their offices. They are even more anti-gun than Mao and Hitler. They are more worried about law abiding citizens owning a firearm then they are of muggers, rapists and serial killers.

And before you email stating that Things are better after Dinkins & Giuliani beefed up the cops, lets get the facts straight. First of all, The Big apple, is still dangerous. A lot of those statistics are fudged. And some crimes aren't reported. Second, broken windows and littering is not as high a priority as murderers and rapist. Third, you cannot regulate and criminalize every aspect of a person's behavior no matter how offensive or disorderly. If they aren't attacking innocent bystanders or causing property damage, leave them be!

Street preaching, burping in a restaurant, walking funny, mumbling to yourself, wearing funky cologne, wearing a t-shirt someone finds offensive IE: American flag shirts, breaking wind ETC. are not criminal acts! Criminalizing people for normal behavior or slightly abnormal behavior (In New York its commonplace)only makes more criminals and creates more disorder! And it violates the 8th amendment!


But the majority of cops are for banning guns. Especially in big cities. Even in middle America, you find hostility against gun owners. Look it up on youtube, constantly you got piggies harassing law abiding men and women who own firearms. EVEN PEPPER SPRAY!

Its a war against the American people not a war on crime.

If they were serious about stopping crime, they'd leave the gun owners alone, leave the camera crew at cop block alone and they'd stop pushing around people who are only out of place.

Time to fight real crime.

And most policemen don't really care. They want the uniform so they can get the benefits and salary.

Most cops, discriminate and don't care. Especially where Democrats rule. You suffer, they don't care.

Consider for instance one Officer Bryan David Kerr of Santa Barbara Police Department. Officer Kerr has been in trouble several times for discrimination and inappropriate conduct. SBPD is governed not by a civilian review board as in other cities but by a peer reviewed board, meaning that the defendants are tried by themselves.

Alexander Gregory, a former blogger and activist like myself and a former resident of SB was sentenced to 3 years in prison for false charges after Officer Kerr molested his son and he video taped Kerr violating his rights. This came after 2 years of harassment by the government for homeschooling his kids and because of their beliefs. This lead to the death of his son in an institution.

We have learned that Kerr has routinely discriminated against innocent people in law enforcement including a homeless woman who was raped.

the New England Alliance for Liberty and Free markets helped the Gregory family to relocate to New Hampshire after Alexander completed his parole. During a meeting Last week we made official in association with The Gregory's former neighbor Mr Dicavlio a reward is posted and issued for information leading to the prosecution of Officer Bryan David Kerr of the SBPD for corruption, obstructing justice and child molestation.

Well explain more on this and what became of the Gregory family in another article.

But in short, the police force cannot be relied upon or trusted. It is made up of too many commies and fellow travelers, too many bums, too many Muslims and they are overpaid and lazy.

The solution is public vigilance through neighborhood watches along with restoring the 2nd amendment and gun rights. Not to mention religion and morality. It does not come from government, or coddling and broken windows theories.

The police need to obey the same rules we do.

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