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Thursday, August 31, 2017

letters to mainestategop from victims of government and liberalism

This is an update by the former members of the former NEALFM New England Alliance for liberty and Free Markets.

Off and on we will bring you updates of Brian Ball's condition and other information about what's going on up here in New England and going on with us.

Brian continues to believe that progressivism is the way to go. He continues to support the liberals and liberal government and buys the lie that if we only get the right people in charge things will be better.

Never has that been true.

It seems that Brian has been living insulated in New Hampshire lately oblivious to the chaos of living in poverty in places like Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, California ETC. Forgets that liberals are the problem not conservatives.

To aid in Brian's recovery from the liberal disease we brought three letters to his attention.

They are letters from people in crisis. People who learned the hard way, government is your enemy not your friend.

They all were ripped by SSI and/or legal guardianship and have had their lives ruined thanks to the government.

Here is the first one. This comes from Crystal Silberstein from New York:

My name is Crystal Silberstein I am from Newburgh New York. I am half Jewish by my father, my mother is half Puerto Rican and Half white, Irish, Polish and Hungarian. I have two older brothers.

My family moved to Newburgh from New York city when I was 9. I was ridiculed and bullied because of my racial background. It got so bad that I later got into a fight with two black girls in the bathroom who were calling me racist names. The fight escalated and I was pushed into the mens room. That was when the principal came and took us away to the office.

It was a bad fight, police were called to investigate. We were not charged but we got expelled. I called one of the bitches who hit me the n-word during the fight and that was one of the motivating factors behind my expulsion.  The board members were mostly black one of them was active in the local NAACP and I could tell they hated me because I was racially mixed. It was very formal. We all were expelled but I could tell they were against me the most.

One of the reasons I got expelled aside from defending myself was because I was in the mens room. This was before the whole gender bathroom thing by Obama by the way.

Anyway, after this  I was required by the government to go into counseling services and take medication. I already did anyway. The meds ruined my body and made me fat fat fat. I also had to go to an alternative school where I couldn't keep up. Later Dad put me in a catholic school. That didn't help. I still got attacked.

When I was 16 I ran away. I didn't want to be doped up and picked on anymore and I wanted to lose weight and start over. I wasn't allowed to. I got as far Port Authority when police picked me up. They said that they did not want me to leave New York because I was a minor and because they wanted me back on the meds. I said no! Its not my fault everyone is mean to me! The officers then said it was because I must've done something to provoke them.

I was put in a foster group home in Rochester NY where I was raped by staff. When I tried to prosecute him the entire community turned on me. I was beaten, attacked harassed and told I was a slut and other racially insensitive things not worth mentioning. I pushed and Pushed and the police, though unsympathetic agreed to prosecute but the rapist ran away to Canada long before anything could be done.

Everyone knew I was raped against my will, that I'm still a minor. But though I was too young to vote and just barely old enough to drive, I'm now somehow to blame for being raped.

I was forced out of the community. The state put me in a home for backward people who as you can imagine weren't even people. Its a nightmare from Bedlam. I don't remember the name of the place but It was outside of Buffalo and it was horrible. I was then put in Broome developmental center near Binghampton.

I stayed there till it closed in 2015. While I was there the state got legal guardianship over me. I was able to get off it just last year but I'm still on an involuntary commitment and forced to remain in New York state. I live in a group home in Catskill now. I learned that while under guardianship I was forced on SSI, I am forbidden to receive any money from parents and relatives (now and again my dad sneaks some to me.) I was going to inherit money but the guardian wanted it. Dad had to place it in another account by my brother to keep the state from stealing it.

Every day I cry. I'm alone, overweight, fat, lonely, miserable. I have no friends except a stray cat that lives nearby and I have no hope. I don't know if I'll ever be free, if I'll ever find love.

That was Crystal Siblerstein

Next is a letter from Fabiana Perez

I am Fabiana Perez I am 23 years old and I am currently homeless in St Paul Minnesota

I am originally from Springfield Massachusetts. My family forced me to go to mental health when I was 10. The reason is because I became overweight from I guess puberty and everyone started to hate me for being fat and chubby. I lost all my friends and became a loner. My mom blamed me for it and used to call me names like fat piglet and culo manteca' de cerdo. Or Culo Gordo.

I don't want to repeat what they mean. It hurts.

My father also would ridicule me behind me back within earshot and talk about me in both english and Spanish.

The psychiatrist made me take meds that made me even fatter and made my grades plummet. I was scared I would be left back. Later on when I was 15 we moved to New York City after my older brother got into trouble with the police and the school. My mother also told me the reason is because of my being fat and stupid made us target of ridicule.

I went to a catholic school in South Brooklyn. Everyone left me alone. I was a loner again. I never got to go to the prom or dance or date another boy because I was so fat and ugly. the meds they made me take also made me ugly and made me have a very fat face and a  hump on my neck. I also had bad acne too.

The psychiatrists at both Springfield and New York did not like me at all. They treated me like garbage. They hated me very much. I told them that I was not crazy that the problems I had were because my mum and my pa they were mad at me and mean to me. They didn't listen. They just wanted to pump me with drugs.

I was diagnosed with having Asperger's syndrome, Bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder and a think a few other nasty problems. They only labeled me because everyone hated me couldn't be nice to me but they all acted like it was my fault.

4 months before my High school graduation There was a meeting with my guidance counselor and my parents. We discussed my future. We didn't have money for college and it was decided that because I was seeing a psychiatrist, because I was ugly and miserable, because of all the problems I had and because of my diagnosis that I should apply for SSI and Voc Rehab and let the government take care of me from now on.

My guidance counselor told me it was unlikely I could take care of myself. He told me I should live under government care. In other words after all I went through I couldn't get to become an adult. After all this waiting and suffering I was told no. You can't. The government is going to take care of you and do everything for you.

A week later I learned the truth... SSI is a program for retarded people who were too stupid to work. My eldest brother when I asked him about it claimed that in school they called it retard pension. I also heard it was called crazy checks.

I wasn't crazy. I was hated, I was abused, that doesn't make someone mentally ill or crazy or retarded or any of those things.

My doctors accused me of "failing to socialize with my peers." As far as I was concerned I didn't have any peers. I didn't fail. They failed. They couldn't be nice to me. Okay so I was obese and ugly but they could at least treat me with respect. WHY WEREN'T THEY EVER DRUGGED UP? WHY WERE THEY NOT CONTROLLED AND ABUSED!?

And what was all that school for????????

I also learned that my parents wanted to put me in an institution!

two days later, I ran away from home. Only 4 months to graduation. I had to. I did not want to be a slave to the state.

I ran away first to Boston where I could apply for government assistance. I heard about the city's Transient assistance program and they were sympathetic at first when I told them I was fleeing domestic abuse and so on. I had to exaggerate however to make sure I got on the program and got the assistance I required.

It was hard but I couldn't. There were policies that required penalties. See, I had dropped out of school to escape so that was a problem. I had to attend a hearing and wait 2 weeks just to get the help. In the mean time all I got was food stamps.

I got the assistance but I had trouble while I was in Boston. I couldn't get a good job because I learned later that employers discriminate against people because of weight and add to this I had no education.

So I had to lie. I also had to starve myself. I was buleemic and after large meals would make myself puke.

I also drank lots of water. Lots of it.

The only jobs I could get were labor ready or at Wendys and burger king. I got fired from both however because I wasn't fast enough

I was in Boston for two months trying to figure out where to go next when I was found by my family. I was staying at a women's shelter for victims of domestic violence when they found me. A social worker sat down to talk to me and demanded to know why I ran away and why I was not in treatment any longer. I told her everything and she got pushy about not being in treatment.

I told her I would agree to go back but only if I could live somewhere other than New York. She agreed. Only in the meantime....

So I was back in the outpatient clinics again, this time with more of these quacks who I sat down with every week and pretended to give a darn about me and my problems. I was proscribed strong meds. I would always throw it out. But then it was discovered I had thrown it out when they did a urine test and a blood test on me. The social worker came back again and got all pushy at me.

She accused me of being a psychotic and that I was crazy. I told her no. That's not true. I had problems but I'm not mentally ill. I'm not a psychotic.

She pushed more. She claimed that I wanted to hurt people and hurt myself. This she got from my abusive family. NO! I said! That's not true! I never did those things! I might have told people at school to stay away and leave me alone or I might hurt them but I never ever would do that to innocent people! If that were so I would've done it already!

But she wouldn't relent and I had to agree to go back on my meds and submit to a urine sample every week to make sure or I would face a 72 hour hold.

The problem is though, I never told them I was buleemic. So that diminished the meds.

The third time I took a urine test it came back negative. The doctor pushed me about it, I told him I had thrown up a lot the past week and that's probably why and that there were witnesses to my taking the meds like supposed to.

I was still put on 72 hours hold. While at the hospital the doctors demanded that they be allowed to speak to my parents. I refused saying I had been abused. The doctors continued to demand that they be allowed to speak and I said no. They abused me. They didn't care. They still wanted to call them.

I called the mental health advocated and they put a stop to it. THey tried to stop me from calling all there was was a pay phone and I had no money. The pay phone did not allow access to mental health advocates. They would not let me make the call. Finally I was able to get through when a nurse who was sympathetic put money in the phone so I could call. The doctors backed down.

 When I left the hospital I got my things and moved out. I bought a greyhound ticket to go to California. I didn't know where to go at the time, I was increasingly worried my parents would come and get me. So I headed out. But when I got to Buffalo New York station terminal I was arrested. I was going to get food at a snack bar when this woman attacked me and accused me of cutting in front of her in line. She also threw soup at me and we fought. Security detained us. 

I was taken in a back room and told them I was only defending myself. She was the aggressor. The police came and I was told that while charges were not filed I was banned from the station. But how would I make my trip? I had nowhere else to go! The cops took me to a women's shelter in downtown buffalo. I tried to get a refund for my ticket but they refused no one could help me.

Its very nasty there up in Buffalo. Very dangerous. I was worried about being killed or raped. My remaining money I used to buy a train ticket out. The furthest I could get to however was Syracuse. I was stuck there where I was found by my family at the shelter there.

I was detained at a psychiatric hospital by unsypathetic police then taken home in shame. My brother drove me back and when we got back to the apartment my parents just looked at me and dad asked, "how was your trip? Did you have a nice fall? what were you thinking dropping out and running away like that!? We take good care of you and this is how you treat us? Your mama and I!?" I told them I didn't want to go to an institution and didn't want to go to doctors and be on SSI because it was for retards who couldn't work.

Mom gave me a cold look. Dad then told me that it was for my own good to be on those programs. I didn't want to be on them but he didn't care. He told me it was for my own good. I was told that I was grounded for an indefinite undetermined period till they found out what to do with me. I was confined to the apartment and forced back to the mental health clinic every week. We applied for SSI benefits and because of my dad's lawyers and recommendations by physicians in Buffalo, Syracuse and Boston I got on. He told me that because of my behavior and unwillingness and my "ingratitude" I was to stay at a homeless shelter. He then had me taken to a homeless shelter in Manhattan. My father was my payee. I only received an allowance of $30 a week. Not enough for anything.

I couldn't by nice clothes, I couldn't buy make up or better food than they had at the shelter (it was inedible and made me sick) I couldn't buy hygene, do laundry, I COULDN'T DO ANYTHING WITH THAT!

I was miserable again. Then I remembered I still had my old EBT card from Boston. It still had money on it which I used to buy another bus ticket from Port Authority Greyhound and run away again. there was enough to go to California and I had decided again to go to California but I got stuck in Denver after I lost my ticket. I wintered over there. Not Pleasant. But there were nice people there who treated me like a person. I was there for about 2 years but because of SSI I couldn't get an apartment or a job since they discriminated against people on SSI.

I was unable to get housing there however and jobs were scarce or paid little and I ran into the same problem in California after being there for a year. The only way I could work there was to work under the table like an illegal immigrant and get paid less. Now I am in St Paul.

Its a lot better here. I was able to get a job in housekeeping I also lost weight and have kept it off. Its also easier to get housing there and I expect to be in my own place hopefully by the end of the year.  But I have a long way to go. I still need to get off SSI. Its keeping me from getting a decent place to live. I have to share rent with 2 other women at an apartment and SSI wont pay enough. My new Payee is also a cheapskate though not as much as my father.

Government programs have never ever done a thing for me and never ever will. My parents are the reason I suffered. As I said its not a mental illness to be an outcast. I have friends now so no its not my fault. I don't have those problems.

Next letter is from a man named AJ

My name is AJ, I am from Vermont. My parents and my government took away my home and my job and my money there. They also tried to take my manhood. That's when I put my foot down and said no.

As a child I was picked on a lot. I went to school in Connecticut. That's where I was born. We later moved to Burlington when I was in Highschool. They didn't pick on me as much.

At Burlington I was sexually molested and I was abused by teachers and students. The parents didn't believe me and threatened to punish me if I didn't shut up and stop. Well that's life my mom my smothering mother would say.

After high school I was forced into programs and made to go on SSI. I had actually been on SSI since High school. I didn't know it at the time that it was a program for retards. It kept me from getting housing and a job. Employers were able to find out sometimes if I had it and landlords didn't like renting to people on SSI because they tended to be trashy and crazy. To make matters worse, housing in Vermont is very expensive I'm told even worse than most parts of New England and New York.

I tried to get off and get out but my parents wouldn't let me. I was not allowed to move out of filthy nasty Vermont. Boy was it filthy. The people there were drug addicts and communists. I'd been a conservative already if it weren't for them and SSI. But it was the failure of government and the crap they gave me that did it in for me.

Hate him love him, I'm glad Trump is our president instead of Bernie or Hillary. Hard to tell which of those two is worse.

I'm not allowed to manage money more than $10. This is because my parents are obsessed with keeping me here in Vermont and don't want me to better myself.

I ran away 3 times. The first time I stole from my mother and father and took a bus to Boston. I stayed at a shelter in Gloucester but I was arrested there and given a choice to face criminal charges for stealing or go home and volunteer to be committed to mental health. I accepted. When I got back I was punished. Not allowed to have cash at all for a year. I was only allowed to have gift cards. The sanctions were lifted about 10 months later.

The second time I was able to sneak money from my EBT and run away. This happened a month after I got back. The commitment rules didn't stipulate that I had to be confined to a geographic area. I just had to be medicated and see a psychiatrist which I did when I ran. I went to Indianapolis and then hitchhiked to Des Moines Iowa. I enrolled in mental health, I enrolled in all this other stuff like I was supposed to I even got a steady though menial job there.

But unfortunately the homeless shelter wouldn't let me stay there for the remainder of winter and when my parents found me they had me forced back. The way they did this was by threatening me with a hearing in Iowa. I was advised by my attorney to accept since people there weren't all sympathetic to the disabled and mentally ill and that it would likely result in commitment to an institution.

I had to accept so I went back home again in shame.

While there my parents agreed to let me live outside of Vermont but on condition that I continue to be doped up and see a psych shrink. I could only live in Upstate new York or Massachusetts. It was terrible! I hated those places too! I was told that I could get housing in Massachusetts if I were homeless or in a mental hospital. I was told that I had to stay in an institution for up to a year. I balked at it. I didn't want to live in any of those places any way.

I was stuck in Vermont for a year and the following winter I ran away by riding rails and hitchhiking to Pittsburgh. I then hitchhiked as far as Omaha Nebraska, stayed there for 2 months then rode rails to Albiqurque New Mexico where I was for another month. Then I went to Phoenix.

While there however I got into a fight with a drunk Mexican who was giving everyone there a hard time. We got into a really nasty fight involving knives.

I learned how to knife fight on the internet but he was better. We cut each other up really really bad and he cut my hamstrings on my left leg. It was so bad that I can't walk without limping and its hard to stand on it. He also almost cut out my left eye. Meanwhile I made him bleed real badly and hacked his cheeks open.

The fight stopped because we wore out. The police came and took us all away in ambulances. We were both charged with assault even though none of us wanted to press charges but there was a plea deal. I pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct weapons possession in exchange to 2 month in jail and one year unsupervised probation. The other guy was extradited to Texas on a bench warrant.

When I got out of Jail I limped. I couldn't work anymore because of it except the most menial of jobs. I hitchhiked to LA and was there until my sister and her husband along with a social worker found me at a shelter up in Ventura. They told me that because of my physical disability I now qualified for housing and that there was an apartment waiting for me in Shelbourne south of Burlington. They agreed to let me be my own payee as well if I came back. I had no choice and was desperate by now.

Well I got back and they made arrangements for me to get my own money myself from SSI. I also began to receive my own food stamps but I'm stuck in Vermont. I'm really sad.

This all happened because I was not allowed to live where I wanted and make my own decisions. It happened because I was not allowed to live. Illegal aliens and criminals are treated like royalty while people like me are sidelined and thrown under the bus. It happens EVERYDAY!

The government is the enemy not our friend. I learned that the hard way.

Well, I don't know what to do now. I have a place so I don't have much excuse to run away again even if it is crappy and They charge half of what little the government gives me. I can't work doctors say my limp probably wont get better so I'm stuck here thanks to government. They didn't help me. Not one bit.


AutismawarenessBangor said...

Well... I see despite the wake up jolt given to Brian he's still as hostile to mental health as ever before.

Don't you realize that mental health serves a benefit, a purpose to those who suffer from intellectual disabilities and mental health disorders? There are millions of Americans who need these services in order to live normal lives or at least somewhat normal lives!

Its not about hurting people, its about helping people!

YES! Mental illness is real! Yes! Autism and Asperger's syndrome PDD and ASD DO EXIST! ADHD BIPOLAR SCHIZOPRHENIA ALL EXIST!!!

All your doing is cherry picking unfortunate incidents that took place and creating these phantoms of a communist totalitarians stealing from everone and using abusive family members to promote that.

mainestategop said...

Rest assured, we the American people are vigilant against mental health and all the gloriuous filth it stood for.

Brian, despite his shall we say, fall back is also as much against you as ever before.

Before the New England Alliance for Liberty and Free markets collapsed we were the main catylist along with many victims of mental health the reason why your budgets got slashed.

Among our accomplishments,

Responsible for causing at least half of all cuts to mental health phoney services to oppress and promote communism

Responsible for the closures of at least 7 institutions including Sonama Developmental center where a woman with severe MR was raped and impregnated by staff (police did nothing BTW) and where physical and sexual abuse was rampant!

Responsible for freeing thousands of innocent people from control of the government. Nearly all of them are now employed and housed independently and living on their own. Free of government enslavement and shackles!

That is our lasting legacy and our gift to the human race.

We will not go beneath the feet of liberals ever again


So take your false diagnosis and your government and your marxism and go move to China if you hate it here so much.

Anonymous said...

There isn't any such thing.

The problem is either they suffer from excessive stress (mainly thanks to government and the filthy supporters of government in the projects) they suffer from persecution, some people have organic brain damage, there are those who also have other problems as well.

The purpose of mental health is to bypass the constitution and basic human rights and remove human freedom and dignity. At the same time, vilification of the individual as inferior as a burden on society, as a cancer on society and as a danger to society.

I can't tell you how many innocent people i've seen ruined all because some quack with a certificate, a lousy piece of paper with a gold star from a government bureaucrat had a negative opinion

Anonymous said...

Also the govenrment is not always right. There is no such thing as a benevolent bureacracy. All you have are these parasites who hid behind and scratch each other's backs while they proceed to farm the american people like livestock of the fruits of their labor. America only became the greatest nation in the world because we were independent and determined. We were also vigilant. As that has gone in decline, so has morals, so has freedom and liberty and so have our rights.

You are not always right. Neither are these God damn doctors. They are nothing but paid mouthpieces working for the govenrment to strip innocent people of their diginty, their worth, their property and their rights and make them slaves.

AutismawarenessBangor said...

What! No! No one said government isn't always right! And nobody in mental health is out to get these people! We are trying to help them live dignified productive normal lives as possible but cuts to mental health prevent that from happening!

Responsible for causing at least half of all cuts to mental health phoney services to oppress and promote communism

Responsible for the closures of at least 7 institutions including Sonama Developmental center where a woman with severe MR was raped and impregnated by staff (police did nothing BTW) and where physical and sexual abuse was rampant!

Responsible for freeing thousands of innocent people from control of the government. Nearly all of them are now employed and housed independently and living on their own. Free of government enslavement and shackles!

That is our lasting legacy and our gift to the human race.

Okay... That is just insane.

First there is nothing about government control and collectivism involved

Second, we don't lock up innocent people anymore like what used to happen. Its the opposite. Its tragic that a few of them had abuse but developmental centers like the one in Sonoma and the one in Fairview served a purpose... to train them to be independent! By closing them your taking away the ability to train them to be normal adults!

Then you have those with so so severe problems that they can't take care of themselves, by closing those places down, you've condemned them to either wind up homeless on the streets or prison!

Third, those thousands of people you mention you claim to free, assuming they are employed and independent they are only marginally so. Without subsidies for them like SSI, like training services and programs to teach new skills for better jobs, they are stuck in menial labor and low income housing rut.

In most cases, they are homeless and destitute or on the verge of homeless and destitution.

This lasting legacy you leave is heartless, misguided and evil.

It is just tragic that the first thing republicans would cut is those services for our most vulnerable and needy.

Mental health services provide more than just meds and restraint they work to getting them housed and indepednent. And you've taken that away from them.

Most of these people you helped probably exaggerate their problems and if they did have the problems like verbal abusive relatives and so on, running away to another state isn't always the answer. I believe that most of the people you claim to help just went from one bad situation to another. YOu made things worse for them

mainestategop said...

Oh there's no exaggeration. Oh no. I can assure you of that. It is you who exaggerates....

You exaggerate how badly these people are functioning, knock them down, treat them like garbage and they become garbage as a result.

They lose their job, home friends everything.

All thanks to scum like you.

If I had to choose between being homeless and being in an institution or being lumped with people who are considered walking cancers, I'll take homelessness. Be prepared to survive under those conditions and then climb back up the ladder. UP UP UP. Rebuild.

But under mental health under government. No one is ever rebuilt. They're just torn down. And they stay that way. Torn down in shambles.

Ah but you always claim that you're helping them and that we need to be hurt to be healed torn down to be rebuilt.

WHY?! What's the point of being healed and being hurt? If your not well and need all this retard treatment why do you need to be hurt to get better? Why do that?

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, you are a worker for ELAN I bet.

Donald McPhail said...

Does Brian Ball or anyone here still give out bus tickets for people to get out? I need one really really bad!

See, I live in Seattle, my parents think I'm retarded just because of some "expert working for the government saying I have asperger's syndrome and that its my fault I was molested and picked on.

They are also attacking me even more because I became a born again Christian. Mostly because of all the stuff they and the government are doing to me.

They are obsessed with it. And They are obsessing about making me as miserable and as downtrodden as possible.

I lost everything I had. My money that I inherited, gone. My dignity, my rights, I have no friends now, self esteem is gone, freedom gone, dignity gone everything.

I need to get outta here. Can you arrange for me to travel by Greyhound or Amtrak or whatever? The place I need to get to has a working shelter and good christian programs to help me get on my feet and back to work. PLEASE! HELP ME!

autismawarenessbangor said...

Please don't leave your living situation to be homeless! If its really that bad at least go somewhere with programs!

Listen! These people are getting you to go against your best interests! You need programs! It doesn't matter whether or not your disabled! You wont do well on your own without it. Especially if you go somewhere like in middle America!

Listen! We all need help! Its okay! unless your being assaulted or somthing like that there shouldnt' be any reason to run all the way across country! I know for a fact that Seattle has lots of good programs and a good economy! Just stay there!
If you really feel you have to leave Go somewhere closer like Calfornia or Oregon or Maybe Colorado! Don't run all the way away and get yourself in a worse situation!

Look, I know you're stressed out, I know you're going through a hard tinme but you need to worry about your immediate needs first.

autismawarenessbangor said...

@anonymous. No. I don't. That place was closed down nearly 20 years ago! It was a bad place for juvenile delinquents that made them worse!

I don't belive in breaking people down ever! Most of the people I have worked with are already broken down! And by slashing mental health you make them worse!

Maine used to have some very good programs and now we have to send our hardship cases away to Boston and New York! Its real sad!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we know all about your shit programs sir or ma'am whoever you are.

Maine was the 3rd worst state in the country. Worst state in the Northeast. Highest tax burden, biggest government, biggest fraud and corruption. Still is.

Mississippi of New England. That's what everone calls you in Boston and New York.

When I was there I would've rather loved to go to those places or better still I wanted to move to Florida.

I was forbidden to. Even the bitch case worker I worked with said no.

Stay with the abusive family. Stay right there. Don't go anywhere.

I lost everything I ever owned and had to flee with only a small backpack with underwear and a few clothes. All thanks to you filthy animals.

Some I hear have it worse. They flee with only the clothes on their back. Some are even intercepetd or arrested at their destination and dragged back to Maine in chains to be poor and miserable forever and ever.

That is mental health.


And Brian, He doesn't know shit. Just because people in Gloucester threw up their hands now we have to be merry and sorry and think government is good.

I would rather live in the gilded age than live in Maine now.

You bastards are to blame.

autismawarenessbangor said...

I am aware of the problems afflicting my state sir. I am aware of it. But things haven't gotten better under Lepaige. Things are worse. Even tea party conservative nuts admit it. It hasn't worked at all.

We try our best with what we have. If someone like you is so miserable here we try to help them get to someplace say Boston. But our resources are small. The most we can do is send them there or to New York.

We had one boy who was in foster care, he was homeless in Bangor we sent him to Portland. Another one we sent to Boston. This was last month.

Our state has problems I know. And what happened to a lot of these people is wrong but mental health services are supposed to stop that not promote that.

By cutting these services you are making things worse not better. And these people who you claim to help, your either going to lead them into a worse situation or cause them to stay in a bad situation. At best they're stuck in menial labor they're in low income homes or something else like that. Others are homeless for long long periods. NO! They dont' bounce up they stay down. You're making things worse for them!

Please! Stop portraying us as monsters. We are trying to help.

Anonymous said...

You ARE Monsters! You've never ever helped us!

Most of us who frequent this blog became conservative and libertarian after having gone through the system.

You liberals, you do nothing but cater to trouble making minorities who are given special treatment just because they are a minority gay black mexican whatever (I'm BLACK BTW) I went in and came out worse!

I remember this one black woman who worked there, she was sass mouted, rude, always angry, yelling at everyone there for no reason.

It gave me thick skin and I hated my government even more so.

I lost my job and became homeless because of you M fers. I don't need you I don't want you.

For 2 years I was homeless. I got back on my feet by my bootstraps and with help from Christian ministries that help people like me. They did better than you did. All they did was offer support and a little bit. That's all that's needed. I don't need to hold your dick or uncle sam's dick all my life.

You leftists are to blame for all the poverty in America

The only time government should give people money for doing no work is if their crippled or out of their mind. That's it.

But you do worse than ever!

Anonymous said...

Oh goodie! More drama! The only thing that would be better is if the abusive liberal parents show up!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking at this I'm looking at similar articles on this blog and this comment left by this Mcphail (PFFT! No wonder he's upset having a last name like that. I can imagine what his parents must be like) I'm looking at that and I'm thinking you know, these people have problems and while the parensts were harsh maybe they could use some help.

Anonymous said...

Lets see here where do I start.

Crystal: The only innocent person in this thing. She's been abused, forced to go to an F'ed up school, raped and abused as a minor, the people in charge failed to punish the people who did this so they keep doing it and they abuse and punish the victim instead.

All I have to say is, loose the weight get up on your feet loose weight by exercising try and get some money from your payee or whoever manages your money and use that to better yourself. Finish school get your GED or Diploma and learn a skill. Nothing good is going to happen to you if you sit in the group home crying about what happened. Think about tommorow

Fabiana: You should've waited till you graduated before running away. I think there's more to the story than your telling me. YOur parents shouldn't treat you that way, they certainly shouldn't lock you away in an institution just because they can't respect you or accept you. It certainly isn't your fault everyone is mean to you but to DOR just at the cusp of graduation is sad.

I would've held on and after that run if necessary.

Also, that incident at Buffalo, police and security unfortunately are not sympathetic if you fight back. I've been in that situation before when I was at the bus station in Chicago going to visit relatives in Ohio. A psycho woman threw her breakfast plate at me. I'm certainly not going to hit a woman so I yelled. "hey security over here!" The guards came grabbed her, escorted her out. One black guy told me I was a faggot because I didn't fight back. I told him. "listen. I don't want to get thrown out of the terminal and I'm not gonna hit a woman." He told me that since she was mentally ill it would be better if I slapped her. I said no. "Let the CPD handle it, let the cops handle it. Send her to a psych ward maybe get help." He then told me that in his neighborhood in Compton that people who go to the police were sissies and probably snitches. I told him I don't live in Compton I live in a nice suburb in a nice town in South Dakota. In another place and time and if she were a man I probably would have slapped her but I don't hit women and I don't need to get kicked out of the terminal."

That shut him up.

That's where you really blew it.

Also, California is not easy as it seems. I know people who did what you did. They have their hands full over there and its unlikely you'd get on GR or cash assistance or Food stamps as easy as you did in Boston. California has its hands full with so many run aways, mentally ill, illegal aliens, teeming masses. It takes an average of 2 to 3 months to get GR in some cases unless you've got a psychiatric history.

And St Paul with winter closing in isn't the best place. Housing is easy to get if your on SSI but they have their hands full up in Minnesota.

What are you doing now? What are your plans? Are you going to move forward in your life?

AJ: Your the messiest one. You made some really awful choices to get yourself messed up. Yeah your parents probably help you along the way to Holy shit but you did most of it.

First of all stealing from your parents only gave them leverage against you. I'd have recycled bottles or cans or pan handled or used a litle of the money from EBT

Second Iowa and Indiana are not very good places to be homeless especially near winter time. I know because I lived in Indiana when I was growing up.

Third you go to New MExico instead of moving on to better places like Cali and get into a knife fight with a drunk. No you didn't know how to if you did the drunk wouldn't stand a chance. No you both got your self cut so bad now your crippled.

*SIGH* Terrible.

Well good luck you guys.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they just let them go. I mean I don't want right wing crazies living in my state anyway. If their so miserable LET THEM LEAVE! I'll BUY THEM THE TICKETS! GET THEM OUT!

Anonymous said...

Donald McPhail. LOL! No wonder he's crazy! With a name like that! Looks like there's a lotta McPhails in America.

Hmmmm.... What's wrong with Seattle? I mean its loaded with Crazies and they have lots of jobs and people moving there including people chasing the Canabis dream like in California!

I don't see what's wrong!

Anonymous said...

Well looks like everyone except Crystal and Fabiana has issues.

The parents are to blame most of all.

But the rest have got some serious issues. ANd made bad decisions that made things worse.

Unless there's physical and sexual abuse going on and unless they live in I mean a really nasty nasty state with No jobs whatsoever like Mississippi or Nevada or Maine. There's no reason to flee like a bat outta hell like that just be homeless.

But yeah, the mental health workers are bastards. They got what they have coming with cuts to mentalt health. That'll teach em.

Also the blogger and the people who support this blog come across as slightly insane. There is such a thing as MH there is such a thing as Aspergers. Of course we all have to accept labels

Anonymous said...

WTF? You want to cut mental health services???

Dude! No one in mental health is going to take anything away from you! The problem is the parents are ass holes and bigots who cant' accept their children as human beings just because they have a problem!

By cutting mental health services your making it more and more difficult for people with mental problems to be employed, live independently and stay out of homelessness or prison and county lockup.

I've seen it! I volunteer at a shelter for people wth mental health and addiction issues. Most have dual diagnosis meaining they're mentally ill and addicts! Even worse! ANd they suffer even more and are more often in jail or on the streets or in the ER because of what you're doing!

mainestategop said...

@Donald McPhail DOn't worry! Well get you help! If Brian isn't able or willing to get you a bus pass or airfare outta Seattle one of us here maintaining his site for him will.

DOn't worry kid! YOu'll be home free! Hang in there. Meantime get involved with attornies ministries helping those persecuted anything you can grab hold of.

mainestategop said...

Now for the rest of you.

First to the autistic advocate from Bangor Maine, Maine is a crap state thanks to taxes, socialism ETC. Maine is proof the system failed failed failed big time!

To the last comenter, mental health services never does anything useful except ruing innocent lives and keep them perpetually dependend on the governmetn so they can pocket more taxes and more of our money and get fat off our backs while making people like Donald Crystal, Fabia Aj et al enslaved.

Its more profitable for government to have dependent welfare recipients constantly getting a hand out living in misery rather than be independent and living o ntheir own.

Anonymous said...

Completely ridiculous and absurd! The government messing up evrything? What about private parties involved? The parents?

THis is mostly the fault of the parents. Not the government.

Cutting mental health services just makes it worse

Anonymous said...

Mental health services are a waste of money. All they help are the government employees and bureaucrats. All of them lazy stupid POS who only do what they do for the money.

Donald said...

OH! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! Should I email you? I have the emial I believe its is it still good? Can you access it? I'll email right now to give you details on where I can go and How we can get a hold of a greyhound ticket so I can go and blow this leftist sewer! Hopefully my parents wont find out till I'm long gone!

mainestategop said...

Yeah! No problem! We got the email. Email us, tell us your situation hopefully we can get you out. Oh! BTW are you under involuntary commitment or guardianship? If so, then you may have trouble.

I gotta know these things. Please.

Anonymous said...



Michael O'sullivan said...

no... Not really. Its our website. Its been ours for a decade give or take.

We just don't want Brian to destroy years of knowledge all because of a fit he had.

Also, deleting blogs like the left does is worse than burning books! Its shameful!

Brian already deleted several of our articles but luckily other sites like Freerepublic saved them

Anonymous said...

In the soviet union they used psychiatry alot to ruin innocent lives. That is the whole point. Ruining lives.

Look a lot of us here were doing just fine, some of us even had jobs and our own pad but then the government along with our ass hole parents liberals to the core decided the government could do better than we were doing and we were compelled through abuse and state tyranny to see psychiatrists.

The result... Loss of job, loss of home, loss of income, loss of dignity, loss of rights, ETC ETC ETC ETC

Everytime the government controls anything it always fails but they'll go as far back in your life as they can to ruin it.

any discrempency any problem Not to big not to great can be used on you against you.

Now its gotten to the point where the government is collecting your mental health file from the office in violation of Hippa to put in a database on whether or not you can own a gun.

If you've so much as seen a psychiatrist, your rights to carry a gun are GONE

ANd thats just for starts, they can share it with employers, they can use that against you to destroy your life.

The Democratic party and their supporters only want a people who are medicated zombies who will obey the government's will without question, who can be farmed and herded like beasts, who have no freedom or free will.

I mean just look on YT at the people who support Bernie these animals in Antifa, BLM, SJW all these groups ETC. Look at them! I guarentee you aside from being insane they had their brains damaged from medication. That's why they are the way they are. That and conditioning from government schools

Donald said...

All programs have failed miserably! FAILED! FAILED! FAILED!!

Im 27 years old, I had everything taken from me! I'm forced to live in isolation in Seattle at my parent's house! I'm not allowed to work, I'm not even allowed to go look for a job! I'm not allowed to rent an apartment, I'm not allowed to live!


That's what these programs did to me. Now I have nothing! My parents are determined to keep it that way!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I have that at all Brian but I do remember my psychiatrist telling me I'm on a treatnebnt plan so I might be on something similar

Also SPD are very sympathetic to mental helath. They might arrest me at the terminal if my parents find out which is very likely. I've had to communicate on the Central library computer since they have my computer wiretapped to pick up my keystrokes.

THere's little sympathy for me unfortunately. Seattle is very very liberal and communist. They always believe the police and the government and psychiatrists over any innocent victim like me.

An entire community! Against one innocent man who only wants to break out and get a life! THAT'S ALL I WANT!!




SO well have to be discreet if I'm to break out of this pigsty!

Michael O'sullivan said...

Well don't worry about it son. As long as you haven't been to a judge who orders you to an involuntary commitment and that commitment explicitly states you must stay in the Seattle area, you haven't a thing to worry about.

We can arrange for you to get out either via greyhound or plane. I don't know when. Brian says he can help. Don't visit this site on your computer Donald. It'll draw attention. Delete your history and try and see if you can delete your keystrokes so they don't know anything.

They could still try to track you but its unlikely they can do much damage.

What they need is hard proof that your so stupid you can't even feed yourself. And then they need some good incentives to drag you back to washington.

WOrst case scenario, they'll have you committed in whatever state your in.

But you need to get off SSI, get of these failing programs and so on. Employers don't like SSI bums and welfare. I know. The place I used to work at, the employer openly admitted that he would never hire anyone on welfare. Its bad. The case workers and government knows this too so they'll stop you flat out cold from getting a good job and make you their dependents and blame you for it.

All we need is some contact information, email your physical address or a mailing address that's reliable.

WEll email a confirmation number, you give it to the man at the desk and he'll help you out.

Try and see if you can get your mail at a homeless shelter downtown. YOu don't have to stay there to get mail. Just be careful its rough in those areas.

But yeah! You shouldn't have problems if you haven't been court commited by a judge and they didn't demand you stay at a geographic area.

Doctors recommendations and so on aren't enough. Just email that info and well see what we can come up with. Tell us where you want to go and when you can take off and we gotcha all set up.

Joseph Shea said...

You really are so dumb! All you all are really really really dumb!

Aside from the one girl in the story, the first one, all ya'll are stupid and so are the people in charge of this stupid blog!

There is such a thing as Mental illness. I seen this all the time in New York city where I used to live. I live in St Paul now. I also see it everywhere! Even people who aren't homeless!

Also my nephew was schizophrenic and he showed it! He killed himself many years ago. I blame MFers like you for it for cutting mental health. That's what caused it!

This one lady, she runs away from new york gets into a fight, she's crazy fat nasty doesn't respect her parents. She runs away many times and gets stuck in St Paul with winter coming in!!

Then there's this loser from Vermont who gets drunk and fights another drunk in a new mexico shelter and gets maimed!

And then you got this other guy who can't find a job in a state with one of the best growing economies in the country!

There's definitely something not right in the head with these people and the people who run this blog are all crazy too!

You know what I think, I think most of you are lunatics in denial so you make this shit up and exaggerate people's problems to hide it and to avoid getting responsible and getting help.

Its all smoke grenades to hide from yourselves! Meanwhile! MEANWHILE Guys like these rich GOPers who beneift from tax cuts and not paying their sare and these sovereign citizen ass holes who F up everything

And before you put me down as a communist and a liberal beatnik I'm neither of those. I voted for Guilianni and voted for bloomberg, I am against Dblasio and against gun control. Rudy's gun ban was the only thing I was against that he did. That and abortion but he did well otherwise

I also supported Alan Keyes and W Bush and I supported McCain and Romney.

I know you hate the government but there are some things we need and there are times when we cannot abide by civil liberites and forget public safety. Public safety takes precident over civil liberties meaning that the govenrment has to come down on someone who may be a threat then let them worry about whether their feelings were hurt later on.

Anonymous said...

I had a brother who was diagnosed a schizophrenic

Because he didn't fit in...

He was perfectly normal like you and I but my parents didn't like him and no one else did for no reason.

The doctor said he was a schizo and they drugged him up and gave him shock therapy

It ruined him. He could no longer work. he was a braindamaged poor thing

He later became homeless and drifted from town to town. after 6 years of this he killed himself

That's what you get for trusting the government and mental health. Your nephew died because they failed him.

Anonymous said...

@Shea and O'sullivan

Both of you are dumb!

You guys knock everyone down and ignore the real problems going on!!!!

These people are downtrodden and presecuted and they don't have any semblance of a normal life!

They're being stepped on by society and parents and in cases like AJ or Donald they're captivated in very bad places where they are disliked!

You don't treat another human being that way and expect a positive result!!

You guys need to rethink and society needs to rethink how we view our most vulnerable or needy.

AJ and Donald have a right to live whereever they want and knocking them down isn't the solutoion.

The reason your nephew killed himself is because of society attacking them.

Anonymous said...


You know what, Fuck you. Your problem is you can't accept other people who are different as equal human beings. Including your nephew

YOur damn fault he died and society's fault.

You can't expect other people to behave normally and behave like human beings and then simultaniously strip them of rights and dignity.

You keep smashing people down and say oh your nuts your in denial.

Well you know what? Your part of the problem

Your only solution to these social problems that this blog is showing and that is going on is to persecute.

I too have lived in New York and it is very very very hard. The kinds of things that we permit to go on are not good for people's mental thinking and emotions.

You can't just attack like that and expect things to go alright They wont behave. The behavioral problem you see in people, they're under attack. Poverty, abuse, social injustice ETC that's just gonna wind them up even more.

Looking at statistics you see that mental health problems are more and more common in areas with high poverty, high unemployment, crime abuse etc. Rhode Island is number one in the nation for so called mental illness. REASON: Low incomes, high unemployment, brutally cold winters, drug addiction, crime ETC are major major factors.

Anonymous said...

I was just going over some statistics and it looks like Oregon has superceded Rhode Island in Mental health problems. Still you are correct in pointing out that there are issues.

It seems that the statistics for mental illness are highest where you have more healthcare spending and more liberalism. This is because you have all these doctors trying to get kickbacks from big pharma and the government by labeling people for whatever stupid disorder there is.

Rhode Island's numbers are high because of Masshealth and because people ther are leftst. Meaining that people believe everything the government says even if it isn't true.

Liberals have no thinking skills or critical thinking skills whatsoever. So they believe everything they're told by TV, by government and by doctors. That's why.

The high numbers are inflated by over diagnosis by quacks.

Anonymous said...

BINGO! This allegation of a mental illness epidemic is hyped! Its all because of overdiagnosis by quacks who want to get kickbacks by drug companies.

Uncle Eustace said...

DONALD! You know everyone knows about what your up to on this blog. You knew that we recorded the keys on your computer. Infact we could see your computer history on firefox anyway so don't matter.

Your dad wants to have a few words with you tommorow night at your group home when you get back from church. So hopefully your not going in the evening.

You really got into it this time. I mean you ran away before and you haven't learned your lesson?!?!

You need to tell these people to delete your comments. If you don't were gonna lay down everything about you and your history of mental illness

uncle eustace said...

Donald McPhail my nephew has a history of mental illness. Its been confirmed not only by professionals and psyhciatrists and others of the like, we also have recordings of him having tantrums, acting out in public and doing weird even gross things.

To put it bluntly, it only takes 5 minutes to see how anti-social Donald is.

He ran away once before when he refused treatment and after arguing with his dad my brother in law.

Donald got himself stuck in the middle of Kansas and no one wanted to help him because they're all right wing ass holes there

But he's still a conservative and claims to be a bornagain christian!

Its ridiculous! He hasn't learned anything! He still thinks Kansas and these other places are better than Seattle!

I'll let my brother in law give you more info but I will also tell you he is crazy.

uncle eustess said...

Donald I can't believe you! I thought you learned your lesson!

I guess not.

You were stuck in the middel of Colby Kansas with no money and income. No support! NOBODY THERE WANTED TO SUPPORT OR HELP YOU IN ANYWAY! THEY TOLD YOU TO GO DIE! AND YOU ALMOST DID!!

Yet you still think there's nothing wrong.

That the grass is greener in middle effing america

Aftar all this time. All this time you didn't learn your lesson.

We try to show you we showed you everything but you wont listen.

After all this time. After all you been through you still haven't learned your damn lesson!

You're Dad is not too happy with you BTW. But no one is surprised. YOu're a real nut.

This proves it.

uncle eustess said...

One more thing, we know you cancelled your appointment with your psychiatrist and tried to get yourself discharged from the outpatient clinic, it didn't work. Your father scheduled an appointment for all of us to be with you at the clinic next week. You had not right to do that BTW.

You are mentally ill and in need of treatment you have no right to cancel and avoid that. You need to take responsibility for your conditoin and get responsible for your behavior.

YOu have a problem.

Donald said...

So I guess dad is going to scream at me again? Tell me what a loser I am, that I'm worthless and so on?

Im not afraid of him anymore. He stole everything from me and degraded me. Its his fault it all happened. I wont stand for it. He can scream at me in frontn of the staff all he wants. It'll only show what a jerk he is as well as a theif. Taking my money, dumping me in a home full of retards and misfits to make me look retarded and stop me from getting a job.

I don't care.

Yes the grass is greener there. I had trouble because dad took my money and I got stuck. People did help me there. Better than you and dad htat's for certain.

Eustess said...

I don't know but tonight he wants to have a word with you. If you act up and act all sass mouth at him like what your getting to be now, yeah, he probably will scream at you.

You have an appointment with your psychiatrist and your case worker from Voc Rehab and Cheryl at Solid Ground planned for Friday in the morning. Were gonna sit down and talk about whats been going on and what you've been up to and were going to see a progress report about what we can do in the future and what were going to do about this unfortunate brew ha ha that's happening.

Why are you so obsessed with leaving home Donald? YOur doing just fine here there's no reason for you to move out and go east. There's nothing there. Least of all not for you at all. Your having trouble because you hurt yourself and beat yourself up. That's all you do. No you do not have more problems than everyone else, no you do not have it bad here, the problem is you beat yourself up and perform all this toddler bullshit.

See you tonight.

Anonymous said...

For those reading, Donald Is mentally ill. He has been seen by multiple professionals since he was 16 they all concur that he has mental illness and autism Asperger's syndrome type. He is also has a dual diagnosis of Asperger's ADHD possible Biploar and PTSD he is volitale, he is grumpy and moody he has very poor social skills and very poor judgement he is also highly credulous.

Even though he is a highly functioning individual, he is anti-social and gives himself away. He is also very stubborn and rigid. According to a recent evaluation he has the emotional equivilence of a 9 year old boy and the coping skills of a 7 year old. That's not good at all.

Mentally he is is a 14 year old.

All these are not allegations they are actual documentations from several psychiatrists and professionals who have seen Donald and they all concur that he lacks the maturity and responsibility as well as the emotional composure to handle a normal adult life and that it was their recommendation that he be kept under supervision by his family and government workers.

The source of the problem is that he can't take criticism, he wants everything to go exactly the way he wants to all the time, its gotta be his way and the other problem is he's rebellious to authority. Also he's easily wound up over everything. That's just scratching the surface, therer are so many other things wrong with this kid. I mean this is not a normal adult. Let me tell you.

Anonymous said...

Also he tried to run away before when his dad made him give up his nest egg to be eligible for programs and SSI. He did not want to go so he ran away and got stranded in Kansas after he had a seizure on the bus. The driver rather than call an ambulance had him chucked off the bus in Colby Kansas. No one there wanted to help him out at all. These redneck hicks basically left him there to suffer and die. He had no money. We learned he hitchiked to some other town where they arrested him for wandering around outside at night with no money or place to go and carted him off to wichita where he stayed a shelter until he got kicked out for fighting with another guest there. They took him to the hospital and they had him sent to Kansas City which is where he was found arrested and sent back to Seattle by airplane.

He still hasn't learned his lesson! He believs in all this right wing Christian drek and still ownt get it!

Eustess said...

Okay, Last night we were at Donald's group home. Staff were there, Donald was in the living room waiting for us. Again, as we could see he didn't learn his lesson. He continued with the bullshit and said he wasn't going to go to the psyhciatrist ever again because "he was not a retard and psychiatrists are for retards. DERP!" His dad got pissed off and told him he was going whether or not he liked it. Staff assured us he would go and that he would be back on his medication.

There wasn't a whole lot of yelling and screaming. Donald just sat there with his arms crossed saying he wasn't good for nothing and that he didn't need "help for retards." He also demanded we refund his bank account and let him leave Seattle or he would never participate in programs ever again.

We then told him that he didn't have a choice. We would drag him there if we had to and he would get no more allowance or tickets for the bus if he DIDN'T GO.

also, staff at the group home agreed to push him into programs and do whatever they could to make sure he made his appointments and did what had to be done.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I do not support what my brother in law did taking away his bank account to make him qualify for SSI and other programs. If it were my kid, I'd kick him out and say, OKAY! If you can do better than get out and don't come back till your ready to accept help!

Well I told my brother in law that I would respect his decision but there would be dire consequences. Donald is going to lapse into a persecution mania, he's gonna go around saying we abused him, that we are mean to him, we don't want him to be independent and working, we want him to be unemployed, we want him to be miserable, we want him to be a failure, were setting him up for failure, he's gonna whine whine whine and complain, he's going to be wound up and emotional and use this as an excuse for everything that he does wrong!

I told them that and sure enough! It happened.

He runs away, gets lost in Kansas, gets beat up at a shelter, gets into fights, disturbs the peace, starts trouble, whines, cries, everything is everyone elses fault but his own ETC ETC.

I warned him. I mean if we had let him go the consequences still would've been bad. But neither one was good.

If we let him go, he would fail and get lost, deplete the money and come home probably with only what he was wearing.

But at least it would be on his head. He'd have no excuse.

Either that or he would be stuck somewhere on the farside of the country but in a shelter and hopefully getting income from either menial work or government assistance or SSI, if he were in say New York or Boston or maybe Philly or Baltimore yeah but if he's in KC or Chicago, or Miami, or Mississippi, then there'd be trouble. But he'd learn his lesson either way.

By brother in law is adamant that he remain on SSI and told him time and time again. Your staying on SSI, you wont get one cent back, your gonna go into treatment, take your meds, accept what they say and do as your told and behave. If you recover and mature, then you can get your remaining money back and go live somewhere else but till then no.

Anonymous said...

You respect the wishes of an abusive parent to steal his son's money, keep it for himself and hold him captive in a bad place he doesn't want to be?

And you really really think that in unrealistic and a bit over the top to expect he behave himself?

Donald said...

Yeah but you respoect my smother and my abusive father's wishes to steal my money and hold me captivity in a shitty town full of junkies hippies bums criminals and insane people.

Yet I'm the only one who's insane. WHY? All because I got picked on by everybody, all because my family wont respect me and all because i want to make my life easy and better.

Yet you thwart me at every turn just to punish me over and over and over and over for being abused as a child and for being mistreated. By mistreating me all over again and agian...

But I'm the insane one not you.


Basically, I have never ever been allowed to make my own decisions. I'm not allowed to change my name. I'm not allowed to work, not allowed to live. EVERYONE HAS TO CONTROL ME AND WHEN THEY FAIL IM ONLY TO BLAME

But Im never in control

Why? because according to some liberal quack and my A-hole family. ITS ALL MY FAULT I WAS PICKED ON AT SCHOOL. ITS ALL MY FAULT FOR BEING MY FAULT FOR ALL MY FAULT

Then, THey put me in a situation where I get picked on even more. AND ITS ALWAYS AGAIN MY FAULT NEVER THE BULLIES OR MY EFFING PARENTS!!!!

But you respect that and join in in condemning and blaming me for what this family did!

Its not my fault! I didn't ask for everyone to pick on me. By labeling me, making me go on retard programs and restricting me, you make it so the bullying continues and the misery continues!


Eustess said...

Okay, Donald, let me try this again. We've tried to get this in your head over and over but you wont listen.

First of all, nobody has blamed you for being bullied and picked on at school. Its not your fault. The school should've paid more attention and stopped it. But because you lacked social skills and because your brain isn't as developed for social interaction, that encouraged bullying and made it so you couldn't socially interact with your peers.

We talked this over at the clinic, the doctors showed you charts. Your brain when you were a child wasn't as fully developed. That's why you couldn't pay attention, that's why you couldn't listen in school and socialize.

Asperger's syndrome is called a developmental disability meaning that your development was stunted and slow. THe connections in your brain didn't meet the standards that it was supposed to.

Now, its true that your family and the people who care for you made mistakes but your lack of experience and maturity in making critical decisions means that you need to be controlled and you need more coaching before your ready to be on your own.

Yes, most of your peers who are in the same straits are let go on their own. And what happens is trial and error situation. They can't fully understand the consequences of their actions and they learn the hard way. Some do make it, other don't.

That's not responsible. We wont do that. You need to be educated. Better trained.

I know your unhappy here in Seattle, I know your miserable, you don't have enough resources and you have no skills. You need to stay here so we can keep an eye on you and so you can get help. We had to make you empty your bank account so you could qualify for programs like SSI. Its a 2k cap and in order to intitially qualify all your assets had to be spent down to nothing. I know its unfair, I know its hard but it was necessary.

By being on SSI, you have a small but constant income to take care of your needs, your payee makes sure that your needs are met and your uncles aunts father and I are your payee.

You need to keep being on these programs so you can mature and learn to be an adult. Hopefully someday hopefully soon, you will be ready. BUt in the meantime you gotta let these people help you.

The more you resist, the more harder it is to help you and the more harder it will be and longer you'll wait.

I respect your father's decisions because he IS your father and there was not right or wrong decision. I didn't agree but there you have it. You need to accept it.

eustess said...

And no, we don't blame you for everything. Yes people in charge made bad decisions sometimes and yes the school didn't do a good job in protecting you but it doesn't change the fact that you need help. Even before you turned 7 and went to school you've been unusual for a child of that age and younger. The problems were apparent. Also, you did not meet all the milestones. You didn't talk or walk till you were two, you had trouble socializing with other kids you age.

Your problem is you can't accept things the way they are. You want everything your way so you go to extremes like running away from home with almost no money in your pocket thinking that the grass is greener.

eustess said...

And no one said professionals were always right. But when 8 of them come together and agree that your developmentally disabled and immature and provide paperwork, documentaton and use video tapes of you acting out of plcae then it becomes clear that there is something wrong and that these guys didn't just blow it off.

And we had tapes of you acting out having tantrums and seizures and doing other things that no responsible grown adult would do. These tapes go back to when you were 12 and the most recent when you were 22. I mean a grown man having a tantrum. Its not pretty and for you to deny that it happened and deny your disability with the obvious showing is also painful. I mean its like hitting your head up against a wall again and again. You chew on your fingers and your shirt collar and sleeves, you rock your head, flap your hands, yell, scream, have tantrums and then deny everything despite professionals and despite mental health agencies and social security coming down and saying you are mentally ill, you are developmentally disabled, you have this problem you still deny it.

I mean that's shocking. Its like banging your head up against the wall till it bleeds.

How any sane rational thinking person can see you and see you do the things you do and not see that there's something wrong with this person.

YOu have no hindsight into your poblems DOnald. That is also a problem and indicates a profund mental illness. That and denial because you don't want to accept responsibility and make the necessary sacrifices you need to get well.

Donald said...

The brain charts were not my brain. I had problems growing up because my family and the school treated me like garbage. So that's what you get.

I had money, I have skills. But you wont let me utilize them. So I'm stuck on the back burner waiting on these lazy workers in Seattle who only care about getting a paycheck from government, from insurance and big drug companies While I'm poor and miserable and hungry.

You can't realistic expect me to behave myself while in the bad bad condition I'm in after all the bad things you did to me.

If you want me to get better, give me back my money, let me leave Seattle, let me live where I want to. I can do it. I have the skills. None of the bullies who hurt me have ever gone through what I'm going through. I know I've seen their facebook pages. Their doing very well and I'm not. That's not right at all!

Also, those 8 professionals failed to understand the problems. ALL THE PROBLEMS. they made biased opinions but mostly to get kick backs from drug companies and tax payers.

They also get paid more by keeping me down!

Those tapes were behavior caused by being medicated, from being abused and most of all the drugs. Those so called seizures came from the meds!

You don't know what its like to bang your head against the wall! EVERYDAY I DO THAT!

Being in treatment tells me and everyone that I'm a worthless piece of shit. I shouldn't be in treatment I need to be outside and working.

I just want an out! ANd I'm stuck!

Dad said...

DONALD!! You shut up and get off this blog this instant! Stop making excuses for yourself and take responsibility for your actions and your behavior! The reason your in the situation your in now is because your mentally ill and autistic and you resist the help were all trying to give you!!



I don't want to see you on this blog making an ass of yourself and making us look bad anymore! Your not leaving the Northwest, your not getting your money back, YOU WILL STAY ON PROGRAMS, YOU WILL OBEY THE PROGRAMS, YOU WILL DO AS THESE PEOPLE TELL YOU, STAY IN YOUR MEDS AND GET TREATMENT!!

We have an appointment with your psychiatrist next monday. Unfortunately we couldn't make it Friday like I hoped since he's busy and your case worker can't make it on Friday. We are all going to get together and were going to talk about your recent outbursts, your recent attempts to push people who are helpful out of your life, this blog, your behavior at the group home last month, your behavior at Bellevue and what happened up in Everett!

The people at your group home have promised that they are going to make sure you make it to that appointment on Monday! Its at around 9 or 10 I believe. I will email the details. AND THEY WILL MAKE SURE YOU DON'T GET A GREYHOUND TICKET OR PLANE TICKET OR ANYTHING TO GET YOU OUT OF SEATTLE! YOU STAY WHERE YOU ARE DAMNIT! YOU UNDERSTAND?!

Donald said...




Anonymous said...

Why are you using caps Donald? What are you trying to get off at?


Yeah we made mistakes in bringing you up. We should have detected your problems early on in childhood and gotten you intervention. But you screwed up donald! You are screwed up!

If you can't succeed its your fault...

Don't give me this same same repetitive excuse that you would do better if you gotr out of Seattle!!! NO DONALD! NO!! ITS YOU FAULT AND ONLY YOUR FAULT!

YOU Don't need to move out of Seattle to get a job! YOu can get one here if you actually tried and put your best foot forward! No one wants to hire a fat lazy slob like you!


You can live anywhere in Seattle or the surrounding area. If your good I'll let you move to Portland or maybe Eugene. But you can't be moving across country.

And stop using all caps! Calm down and get responsible!

Anonymous said...

Oh great! Another abusive parent!

Hey ass hole! Give him his money and let him go! If he doesn't want help you can't help him! LET HIM GO! I don't want right wingers in my city anyway!

Dad said...

You can call me whatever you want but what I am doing is for my son's own good whether or not he can accept it!

We are not coddlers like most parents are. My family has always been strict and has taken a firm hand in dealing with this kind of behavior.

Donald has been a problem child since before he was a teenager. He's only gotten worse.

We have tried coddling before, we have been flexible before but we have to take him down a notch and bring him back down to earth.

You can say that im heartless, abusive whatever. I don't have any political beliefs liberal or conservative. I consider myself a combination of both.

We have to crack down and set Donald straight. He is mentally ill, he is disturbed, he is immature. If you knew him as long as we have, you'd know that.

We are not going to bullshit and we are not going to give in anymore to this crybaby behavior. Donald has to learn to accept things the way they are and learn to manage his stress, his behavior and so on and stop being a baby.

In my household when I was growing up that's how it was. My parents weren't strict but they didn't bullshit and they came down like bricks if I stepped outside of the boundaries and rules that were set by my parents.

Dad said...

Now I've thought long and hard over this and I have made by decision and I am going to stand and abide by it no matter what happens or what Donald does.

As I told you before Donald I'm telling you right now on this blog. You have a serious problem whether or not you know it or choose to acknowledge it!

If you want to have a tantrum, if you want to cry about it you will be screamed at and yelled at.

If you want to be rebellious, if you misbehave, resist treatment, refuse to acknowledge you have a problem, push people out of your life especially people who want to help you, you'll get screamed at and yelled at.

If you refuse to cooperate, if you yell, whine, complain, grumble, pout, give lip, act out, act crazy, act like a toddler ETC you will be screamed at

If you fail to get a job and get rejected in a job interview or job application, if you refuse to go out and look for jobs and if when you're rejected you blame anything or anyone but yourself for why you didn't get the job, or whine about the economy or something else stupid, we will scream at you and yell at you.

If you try to run away, refuse to take your medication, refuse to go to the doctor, miss your appointments whether because you chose not to go or were careless and forget, we will scream and yell at you.

That and we will take away your privileges and your stuff.

But, if you act mature and responsible, if you agree that you have a problem and admit it, if you go to your appointments, cooperate with these nice people and not push people out of your life, if you fail to get a job and acknowledge that you must've done something wrong to turn off the employer or HR manager and that you must've done something wrong and that you didn't put your best foot forward to be rejected, you'll be talked to like a normal person and you can have privileges.

If you take your meds, obey the staff at the group home, remain at the home and act sensible and reasonable, you'll do fine.

The reason Donald has problems is because not only will he not get responsible for his condition, he refuses treatment and is resistant and rebellious. He's basically turned off most of the city to him with his antics and his rebellious behavior and tantrums. He's made himself unemployable and made himself a pariah in our community.

After he came back from running away the first time, he starting demonstrating and protesting in the community. He went to the Catholic church St James Cathedral downtown and started protesting and screaming that the Catholic church supports confiscating bank accounts and that we were catholic and that we persecuted him.

Fortunately he was not charged with a crime, the priest was good enough to stop the protest and resolve the situation without letting it escalate further but we got loads of angry phone calls by parishoners saying we had to give him back his money and demanded that we stop abusing him.

We don't abuse him. Were controlling him and restraining him for his own good. Its our decision as parents and as authority figures to strip him of his bank account so he can apply for SSI and get into these programs. I don't care if people don't like it. TOUGH LUCK! He needs help! Its for his own good!

dad said...

That's how it is at our house. I've made up my mind and I have decided for Donald's own good, he needs to be in treatment and needs to be on SSI and that means he's got to give up his bank account, quit his job (which BTW was a menial dead end job that paid minimum wage) go into treatment, take his meds and cooperate with these nice people who want to help him.

He's not a mature responsible adult! He can't be one in the condition and behavior he has. He's not mature!

He's not allowed to be an adult until he learns to act like one and deals with his condition first!

Some people like the people on this stupid blog believe in live and let live that when your 18 your out the door, sink or swim, good luck and goodbye! NO! we don't do that!

That's not the kind of parent I am. Donald has demonstrated over and over again his immaturity, lack of social skills, lack of social grace, his inability to handle responsibity and handle money and so on.

His psychiatrists, (HE'S SEEN ABOUT six or eight of them BTW) Have all agreed that Donald is very disturbed, very mentally ill and has Asperger's syndrome, borderline personality syndrome, suffers from PTSD and paranoia.

He has two or more co-occuring mental disorders which means he suffers from dual diagnosis which is profoundly terrible. We have him enrolled on SSI, he is enrolled in Voc-rehab, group therapy, Solid Ground, he's enrolled in many other programs.

He also sees a psychiatrist and takes 2 different medications for his mental illness. He also is unemployed unfortunately but its okay since he gets SSI. He gets about $700 a month and I, my wife and his oldest brother are his co-payees. He's learning money management and we are crossing fingers that he'll be able to do that but the condition we have before we let him have money and become his own payee is that he can't run away again and he's got to stay in the area.

I would prefer in fact that he remain under a payee. I don't want him running away again.

We have set boundaries for his own good. He can't go beyond Eugene Oregon and possibly the bay areas of California. He's gotta stay close by for his own good. We do have power of attorney but its not enough. We can't really get guardianship over him because we don't have enough documentation and its so damn difficult.

Anonymous said...

That's just scratching the surface of the situation were dealing with here.

Its a long uphill climb. I mean... I'm just so worried about Donald. I worry about him often. I mean if he gets into trouble I wont be able go sleep at night.

I've made up my mind. I've made my bed, I gotta make Donald sleep in it.

Whether he likes it or not its for his own good and its sticking! I am going to set him on the right path and hopefully he'll be an independent adult.

Anonymous said...

Gee dad. YOu sound courageous to knock your son down like that.

If my old man were as abusive and authoritarian like you were, I'd be mental too.

So... What are your goals for Donald besides enslavement to the welfare state? WHat are you going to do with Donald when the government collapses and there are no longer programs or anything in Seattle?

And how is Donald supposed to get a job in Seattle if nobody likes him?

OH! And I assume you've enrolled him in housing as well. So what's the point of that if he doesn't want to live in Seattle??????? HMMMMM????

You sir, prove again liberalism is a cancer and that government is the enemy.

Yes, you are a communist and a piece of drek. And a abusive parent. Doesn't surprise me that Seattle leftists go for pricks like you.

Dad said...

Well you can say whatever you want about me sir but I am standing with my decision to force my son on SSI and make him live in Washington and go into treatment.

He doesn't get to live anywhere else. He has to accept this.

HE also has to accept and get used to being on meds and that he has a problem.

This is how it goes in or house. Were not strict but my parents when I was growing up laid down the law if I screwed around.

That's what I'm doing for Donald. Its for his own good whether you or he want it or not.

Its for his own good.

Again, you don't know my son Donald and what kind of nut job he is or what he's done. He's been diagnosed by 8 different professionals, SOcial security would not be giving him SSI if there wasn't anything wrong. I know that there are homeless on the streets who are in worse condition than Donald is who can't get on it. Not only that they have no family supports like Donald does. That they would give it to him tells me that they know he's mental.

Anonymous said...

DONALD!! What the hell is wrong with you! YOu need to get back on your medication now! These people are all trying to help you and your spurning them and making up BS about us! Knock it off!!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear.... Donald Duck is still being a nutjob again.

YOu need to stop getting your info from these nazis. They're not looking after your interests just their bosses. You need to remain in Seattle so you can get treatment and enroll in programs that will help you out in getting housing!

I hope your meeting you had went well. I hope maybe you can somehow see you have a problem Donald.

We told you before were telling you again. Whether or not you get it, you are mentally ill.

You need treatment and you need to get your head screwed back on.

STOP THIS SHIT NOW! It doesn't matter if you have to wait 5 years for the government to get you a job or a place! YOU HAVE TO WAIT!!!

Anonymous said...

We had the meeting today with Donald's doctor, case worker and the others at Voc Rehab and Solid ground. The parents were there and so was Donald's lawyer.

Donald's father forbade the lawyer from coming in with them in the meeting but she didn't raise a fuss. She simply told donald to remember and tell her what they said and that everything would be fine. Most of all to keep his emotions from showing.

I gotta tell you. He did a good job of that. He did yell a couple of times but for the most time he kept composure. No tantrums or outbursts.

At the meeting we first set down that the purpose for our gathering was to find ways to help Donald be more independent and learn to deal with things he sees as unfair and unjust like being made to live in Seattle. According to Donald, the whole point of the meeting was to denigrate him and make him look bad. This is what he always says.

In the meeting Donald Griped about how he was being labeled to keep him unemployed and unhoused on purpose and to punish him for why the government failed to protect him from being bullied and why the family failed to protect him.

We talked about things like the big car accident he got into, his griping about certain Groups of people like labor unions, minorities, refugees ETC. he blamed everyone but himself.

He said it was all our fault he was unemployed, we were causing him stress, we were abusing him, we cause anxiety, embarassment, the medication is making him unstable and making him worse (GAFAW!! YOU SHOULD'VE SEEN HIM OFF HIS MEDS! HE WAS EVEN WORSE!) WE talked about his behavior at the mall in Bellevue and what happened at another meeting.

It went on, Donald had an excuse for everything going on, he had an excuse for all the problems he had and he blamed everyone and everything but himself. He can' get a job because the market is terrible in Seattle, he is under experienced because we wont let him work because of special rights for illegal aliens, he says that illegal aliens are to blame.

Dad said...

Yes. We didn't really accomplish anything in the meeting. Donald sat there in denial of all things, telling us these professionals and these other nice people helping him who point out all these issues not entirely on speculation but tape recordings of his outbursts and tantrums and his weird behavior are wrong and that he's always right.

He also Denied having Asperger's blamed everyone but himself for what happened.

He said that everyone who went to a psychiatrist was a retard who never worked in their whole life and that just because he had this pathetic menial job that paid minimum wage for a few months he was better than everyone.

He also claimed that just because he got into all these car accidents, just because he had a history of tantrums, just because he couldn't talk the right way till he was 2 or 3, just because he messed up on all kinds of things and got him self stuck in the middle of Kansas that doesn't mean he's got mental illness and that he's crazy.

I mean we just wanted to face palm simultaniously.

He also said that we were "conspiring against him." To keep him from getting a job ever again and to "keep him downtrodden and miserable by forcing him to live in nasty never be independent Seattle."

The psychiatrist listened to us. The opinions he offered to Donald were slapped down. He claimed the psychiatrist was siding against him with abusive relatives. He said that he was only interested in kick backs and other people's money and that his opinions were worthless and demeaning and that it was a form of psychiatric abuse. He threatened over and over again to sue the clinic and shut everyone down.

It was just painful to listen to him do this. I mean here is a boy who is constantly nuts 24/7 and he even gave himself away by chewing his sleeve and picked his nose at one point.

He claimed his nose was itchy and that he had headaches from the meds and from being abused. He said we were communists, that we don't love him and don't want him to suceed in life, that's why we made him give up his bank account and his stupid job was why he was a hot mess. Not because of his mental condition but because of us and everyone else.

My god he was a hot mess.

After the meeting he called his attorney and said that he did his best to keep composure (that's the only thing true he ever said)and that the whole meeting was about degrading him and putting him down. He said that we used painful insults on him and that the psychiatrist took our side automoaticaly and not once rebuked us for verbally abusing him or stealing his money.