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Friday, January 20, 2017


Today will live on as the greatest day of America's short history. Today, January 20th 2017 Donald J Trump will be sworn in as our commander and chief and will take the steps neccesary to make America a Great nation once again by draining the corrupt liberal swamp in Washington DC!

Already, the liberal media has been floundering and going nuts because of the coming end of their reign of terror. The BBC for instance in an artilce had an image of the capitol under  an austere looking environment of dark clouds that resembled a scene from a totalitarian country. Never mind that the Beeb and the rest of the left wing media have advocated totalitarian policies like eminent domain and gun confiscation and support leftists despots like the Clintons, Fidel Castro, Khadafi and Arafat.

They have other resons to worry as I might mention tomorrow or next week. Trump released his budget plan .... HEE! HEE!

Among the usual cutting of fat and tallow from the federal government especially the state department, the justice department and so on, there are two points that the media has been bawling about that I am very happy to announce!!!

First, PBS and NPR will be privatized. No more taxpayer funded liberal excrement, no more tacky radio dramas and poems, no more boring documentary forums that attack America and capitalism and whine about cuts to stupid programs that never got anything done anyway.

They'll be no more Bill Moyers advocating that the first amendment be regulated all while enjoying the same protection with our taxes, no more documentaries that make other cultures look superior to us, no more attacks on Christianity, no more apologizing for the Muslims and Palestinians and their suicide bombing, no more attacks on Israel and no more blaming America for 9/11 and saying that we deserved it.

You want to go blame us for 9/11? You want to say things like, "AMERICA IS A RACIST COUNTRY THAT ISN'T FAAAAIIIIIRRRR AND DOESN'T SHAAAARRREE!! WHAAAAAA!!!" Use your own damn money if you want that! I know you get SSI, GR, GSX, SSDI, SNAP BENEFITS and all these other perks for not doing any work! So use that if you want to spend your life whining about America!

Moving on I saved the best for last.... The National endowment for the humanities will be destroyed, WIPED OUT! FIRED! NO MORE TAXPAYER FUNDED PORNOGRAPHY AND BLASPHEMY MISTER!!

The NEA for decades has used our money to promote so called art. Whether were talking about shapeless sculptures and meaningless poems or perhaps useless, borning, nasty art that no one like such as 40 year old virgins with puppets or blasphemous art such a photograph of a crucifix in a jar of urine or of people in costumes that are made to look like female genitals.

The NEA, for over half a century has wasted our money on stupid, lame, absurd, tasteless and even outright offensive and pornographic art works and poetry. 

The government is not supposed to fund culture and art. I have heard it argued that because of the decline of western civilization and the decline of western values and culture in the face of multi-culturalism that perhaps some program could fund western culture and tastes and imbue them in children but as I have said and as Kyle Weissman pointed out, such a program would no doubt have an opposite effect.

No, its not the government's job. We the westerners, the American people will use our money to fund what we call culture.

Perhaps there is no better reason not to fund art with taxes than the poem by Aram Saroyan entitled light. The poem goes like this


 There, that's the poem. That is what your taxes pay for. They will never fund a poem that glorifies America or the Christian faith, they will however fund smut and blasphemy and stupid absurd poems like the one above.

The government has proven time and time again to be ineffective, unproductive, lackadaisical, corrupt, greedy, manipulative and exploitive. Only social parasites and criminals benefit from its wicked doings. Now that Trump is in control, the left will have to stop promoting smut and tasteless garbage and get a job.

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