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Friday, March 24, 2017

Email From A French Catholic Priest

In a previous installment I mentioned France's recent war on blogs and the internet. France along with Germany are demanding that American based ISP and Blog services censor content that might be deemed offensive to Muslims. They threatened crackdowns if it was not complied.

Since last summer we have received record viewership from France.  We did not know whether to attribute it to French Catholic viewership for our posts of videos and articles by Michael Voris Of Church Militant TV and other Catholic channels or if it was warning of an impending attack by the French Government and or perhaps french leftists on our blog and activities.

We learned it was perhaps a combination of both

Fr. Pierre Chartier from Bergues in Northern France emailed us recently on how the Catholic faith has thrived in France and perhaps maybe even will experience revival, how French Catholics are flocking to American Catholic media and blogs like my own containing it and efforts by The leftist government in France to persecute Catholics there and here as well as promote nazi style censorship.

Here is Father Pierre and the email he left us. Its very interesting you should read it. By the way, we invited him to our convention in America.

Greetings and blessings in the name of our lady and our Lord Jesus Christ unto you Brian Ball!

I am glad to see things are well in America. I have been to your country my friend when I studied there. I love it there. The people are wonderful and I am glad to see that while things aren't going well in some areas, there are still good young Christian men and women taking a stand for what is right.

I discovered your blog from an acquaintance of mine from Paris who went to seminary with me. I do enjoy Churchmilitanttv and Michael Voris. He and his channel have become quite popular here in France. There has been an increasing interest and curiosity in the Catholic faith in the past several years.

The thirst for things spiritual in France is remarkable and almost seems unquenchable. As a young man people seemed curious about Islam or the new age movement but now more and more people including the young are coming to mass and are how you say it in America, making the journey home.

Youtube channels and media has been most useful in satiating this thirst for knowledge of Mother church and France's Catholic Heritage. Churchmilitant, EWTN, even some of the more radical groups from the sedevacant churches are popular!

Unfortunately the far left has taken notice of this too. You mentioned in an article that France and Germany want to censor the media. I'm afraid its worse than you think. They actually want to impose censorship like they have here in France all over the world and pressure other countries to follow their example!

They want to do this to promote their twisted views and vain attempts at promoting multi-cultural co-existence. The French Government is particularly worried about media coming from America and Russia that refute many of the evils promoted by the left in Paris. They are also concerned about Muslims being offended and causing riots because of statements made by American politicians and doctrines they find offensive even though they loot and riot anyway all the time!

But I believe the biggest reason of all is because they are afraid of a revival of the Catholic faith of old France. They know that France has a rich Catholic heritage going back centuries and that Islam and godless liberalism will never be able to be compatible with such views. This is why they are desperate to censor the American blogs and American internet sites like yours.

The French government and the Muslims know that if France returns to her Catholic faith, it will be the end of godlessness and the end of Islam. It will lead to a crusade against Islam and the overthrow of the established paradigms that have been in our nation since 1789.

Not only that, it would spread like a virus! France would become a beacon of light for all of Europe! It would lead to a revival of the one true faith and one true holy Catholic church! A miraculous and wonderful event not known since the days of Constantine and Clovis! Even better than I dare say Fatima?

So its no wonder that France and Germany would want to censor American internet.

I believe that the increase in viewership you experience is a legitimate viewership of French who are tired of the same old secular trash. Most of the statistics you showed me from the company your blog is on says that the biggest viewership is your catholic videos from Michael Voris. I would however be careful nonetheless. The French government probably would not be too happy.

The censorship we have so far is deplorable. Many of my older colleagues compare it to the Nazi occupation, others particularly people who have been in the Soviet union compared it to what they did there. We have to be careful about what we read, write or say. Even viewing a website or blog that isn't how you say politically correct could warrant criminal prosecution.

The Muslims and the Homosexuals are particularly militant and vocal. The Muslims have more rights than we do and are given special treatment always. They are even immune from arrestand prosecution in certain circumstances. The police can't even go into their neighborhoods! These people aren't even born here and yet they are free to have their own fortified ghettos where they can run free and cause trouble!

No matter how much we appease them or are silent they still cause trouble! They riot, they rob, vandalize, attack women, Dieu. It is horrible how they treat French women. They harass them, fondle them, abuse them and the media rarely reports it if they do, they are not allowed to mention their race or religion.

We are in dark times. France has never experienced so much in centuries and if you know our history you know we've been through it all. The devil is against France. The devil hates France for what France is, eldest daughter of the church and has always been a beacon of light to Europe.

I thank you for your invitation. I have not been to your country in many years and look forward to visiting you at your convention. I also thank you for your blog and your email responses. I will pray for you, your family and enterprise and I ask that you also urge people in your country to pray for the revival of France!

Thank you for all you've done.

Yours, Fr Pierre

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John Smith said...

An old book, Catholic Prophecy by Yves DuPont, I think, records private prophecy that when the Muslim tide has overflowed the banks, the leader who overcomes them is of an obscure branch of a royal house, walks with a limp, is named Charles. We used to think the child we yet unborn. Now, he must be a young man.