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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Obama builds wall around his estates to keep everyone out, (guarded by CPD thugs)

Obama and the Democrats oppose building a wall around Mexico and Canada because as we have been told by them time and time again, it is racist, elitist and unfair to poor starving peasants who want to come here and be like those Career bums in the trailer parks and Projects that we see all over Cops and not have to ever work again.

We also hear from the Obamas and Dems all about those racist privileged white crackers who live in there gated community with private security who have it so easy!

The former President, Barack H Obama and his family now live in their mansion in Washington DC which has a large brick wall and iron grate. By law he is allowed secret service for life. All paid for by we the squeezed and hungry taxpayers.

Meanwhile back in Chicago, Obama's other mansion is well outside the danger areas of South side and is not only walled off and gated, its guarded by the Chicago Police department Round the clock!

The Same Chicago police that has a history of using torture, violating constitutional rights, confiscating guns and banning filming of its officers, the same racist legal black murdering thugs, guard his mansion using Illinois Taxpayer dollars!

Oh my! Obama is a sure an over privileged uncle Tom! He be keepin all us out wit his gates and walls and his CPD goons squads! Dat is racist! Dat is classist! Dat be over privileged! He be wacked out on his money and his millions livin it up while we gotta go to work and pay uncle sam on April 15th!

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