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Friday, March 24, 2017

Socialist Europe is nothing but a big Potemkin village

In 1787, Russian Empress Catherine Romanov the Great visited Crimea. Her tour guide was her lover Prince Grigory Potemkin. The Prince's estates in Crimea were shoddy and run down. To give her majesty the impression that all was well and that Crimea was pristine and beautiful, he erected portable settlements and facades along the river that her boat would be travelling.

The deception worked, The middle aged aristocrat impressed the Middle aged Empress and Prince Grigory curried favor with the empress.

In reality, behind the facade, Grigory's subjects lived in abject poverty and misery. An Austrian delegation toured Potemkin's estates and noted on their return to Vienna the deception of Prince Potemkin.

This deceptive tactic known as erecting a Potemkin Village became a byword for facade, deception and corruption. The tactic was widely used in Russia a century and a half later by Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev and by North Korea, China, Venezuela and Nazi Germany.

More modern examples of Potemkin villages would be Theresienstadt Concentration camp, a paradise ghetto toured by the Nazis to Red cross delegates in a futile attempt to hide their atrocities against Jews. Theresienstadt in reality was a death camp that murdered Jewish elderly and children and was also a whistle stop on the way to Auschwitz.

In North Korea, The communists erected Kij┼Ćngdong, A PHONEY city on the border with South Korea to attract defectors and as a way of propaganda. A speaker and radio station also broadcasted to South Korea communist anti-american propaganda. The city is considered an example to the west and South Korea of the success of Communism.

In reality the city of Kijondong was nothing but hollow concrete and wooden structures. The city is also a military base. No one believes the lies of Kijondong.

Stalin also attempted to hide his errors when delegates from the west came to visit and conceal famine and poverty widespread in the USSR. No one believed it. Several delegates including members of the British royal family discovered hunger and poverty. Only one person, Left wing author and socialist George Bernard Shaw believed it. Shaw is known as the original fellow traveler for which the phrase was coined. He also supported Adolf Hitler.

Today's biggest Potemkin facade is the European Union and Scandinavia. The continent of Europe is hailed as a paradise by liberals. According to liberals everywhere especially on the internet, the country is more developed, more educated, more enlightened and enjoys a better quality of life than the United states.

Also according to the left and its media, Europeans do not work as hard and enjoy a socialist welfare system that gives out free food, free housing, free healthcare and well... free everything.


I get this and other comments all over the internet especially on Youtube. Every time the EuroPEON Union is brought up, I hear liberals gush about how wonderful it is over there and how they wish they were there instead of here. EuroPEON liberals who troll my channel often brag about how better they are than we are and how stupid Americans are.

Theresa Heinz Kerry, wife of Senator John Kerry is one such mouth piece. She has often referred to Europe as a paradise and brags about how stupid the US is. She brags how in Europe they all view "America as being stupid! America is a stupid country and Americans are Stupid!"

Hey Terry! Why don't you move back to the EUSSR and take your communist husband with you!!

When I tell them to leave America and move there, I am told often that they do want to move there. Just a couple months ago, one such liberal twit told me how he had gotten his passport and planned to move to Europe using his SSI check.

GOOD! I wish more liberals would use all that welfare to get out!!

And I wish them well on their journey and hope they enjoy better than they deserve!!

They'll be in for a surprise! I've been to Europe folks! And I want to assure you all, that despite what the left wing press here and in Europe have said, despite what all the ditto heads on Youtube Say, Europe is not better off than we are, Europe is hell on earth...

The European Union in reality is a poverty stricken sewer. A Human Waste dump. The cities of Europe are far from being the socialist paradise Liberals claim they are. They bear more of a resemblance to African slum dwellings and Liberal urban centers in America. The first thing that greeted me on my European tour in Berlin Germany were beggars. Swarms of them asking me for change and for money in German.

Berlin, London, Paris and Hamburg and other cities in Europe bear a striking resemblance to Downtown Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, the Bronx, San Francisco, Boston, Oakland and Calcutta India. Beggars, criminals, young men in hoodies some white some arabic shouting ebonic hip hop gibberish and yelling slurs and rapping.

The only truthful accounts I found were that the roads in in good repair better repair than in American cities, there wasn't a whole lot of garbage on the sidewalk, the sidewalks were not cracked and broken but there were a lot of broken people and human garbage to be found. East London is another example of this.

East London bore quite a resemblance to Manhattan. There were men, mostly Arab and Afro-Caribbean  harassing white people on the street as while as white men who imitated them, on one street corner I saw two drunken english "blokes" ask me for some change to get another beer. I told them no, they should work for it. They then began to curse at me and follow me up the street for awhile before turning back to harass more passerbys, begging from them, harassing them, cussing at them if they refused or claimed no change.

Birmingham England is another waste dump. So is Walpole in Suffolk. The rural parts of England are nightmare. The majority of rural dwellers are welfare recipients, unemployed, mostly by choice, others by no choice since no one wants to much less can afford to do business in these areas of England.

There also are no dentists in England I guess.

The countryside of England is terrorized daily by drunks, hooligans and looters who can't work or don't want to work. The first thing tourists will find in a place like this, drunken fights, trashy streets and pubs than churches.

By the way the churches in England are almost completely deserted. Many of them boarded up. In more urban areas, the churches are derelict and abandoned, home for homeless bums and others have been converted to mosques.

In France, the eldest daugher of Christianity, you don't find any of that liberty equality and brotherhood promised by the revolutionaries who sentenced poor Louis to the national razor. You find beggars. Kyle Weissman,  historian notes that since the middle ages, Paris has been the capitol of beggars. There were at times upwards of hundreds of thousands of them on Paris' streets.

Despite the creation of welare and socialist security, there still were many beggars. Mostly elderly, lame, immigrant or just lazy.

They mostly hang out near Notre Dame Cathedral. The Catholic church is the only private charity left in the city. Most people get their handouts from tourists, liberals who want to feel good, concerned parishoners, (there weren't very many attending mass these days)  and others.

We also noted that there were many street vendors, mostly immigrants, many Arabic or African.

Germany and scandanavia was also the same. However in Norway and other parts of scandanavia, homelessness is illegal since the brutal winters tend to kill homeless people. It is illegal for cities to have homeless people, it is however unofficially illegal to be homeless.

When a Norweigan becomes homeless, (this is very common since most services and public housing go to immigrants and refugees and citizens often are alienated and evicted from public housing)They are usutally housed in crowded shelters or are declared mentally unfit simply because they are unemployed and homeless and locked away and isolated in Mental hospitals.

In Italy they often do this as well even though the climate is warmer and pleasant. They will often give homeless derelicts tickets to other countries.

The continent of Europe is a living breathing hell. Europeans pay more, work two jobs, get to keep little and at a whim can lose it all if the government decides its in its best interest to confiscate property.

Crime is also problematic. We remember reading of Dickens and Oliver Twist and Tale of Two cities and the novels of Bernard Cornwell particular of the exploits of criminal mastermind turned British war hero Richard Sharpe describing urban blight and poverty in the streets of London. Of pickpockets and brigands robbing and picking clean hapless victims.

In Cities throughout Europe as it was in the 18th and 19th centuries, the cities are even more so full of crime.

The underworld in London is stronger and more violent than ever, as is in Paris, Neo-nazism, anarchism and Islamic Jihad are also strong and a contributing factor to violence and brutality in Europe's urban centers.

Which brings me to the other sign  of socialism's failure and the failure of multi-culturalism that makes Europe a gutter. Islamic immigration.

The Europeans cannot afford to have large families because of high taxes government laws and regulations and due to a lack of employment. Because of this they must bring in cheap labor from other countries. Mostly from the Middle East and North Africa.

Since welfare is more generous for immigrants than Europeans who are often alienated socially and economically, it is easy for Muslims to come in with their wives and harems and breed more.

Even though polygamy is not allowed in Europe, there are loopholes the Muslims can get around to bring in with them their many wives and children.

With this comes constant rioting looting and pillaging that accompanies crime in Europe.

The criminals and hooligans of old Europe would indeed be envious of these newly arrived criminals who savage cities with riots and looting under the banner of racism and discrimination.

The European media is not allowed to report this and at any rate often portray the rioting raping and pillaging Muslim as a society victim .They blame the riots not on the Koran's call to kill and steal and enslave the infidel but on inequality, racism, social injustice and low taxes!!

And often this is accompanied by even more laws and fees and taxes and such. More out of the mouths of Europe's hungry children and onto their necks.

The future of Europe is bleak thanks to socialism. The future of Europe unless there is a revival of Christianity and western values will either be slavery under a despotic communist government or a Caliphate and a brutal merciless rule under sharia. Europe, once the colonizer of Africa Asia will find itself under colonization by the third world. A nation wiped clean of western culture, western virtues and white western civilization and heritage replaced by either nomadic barbarism or Eastern brutality.

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