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Thursday, April 27, 2017

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Healthcare epic fail in Maine and California

Government healthcare fails again in Maine and California

An update on the health care debacle in America. As I mentioned before, America already does have universal health care in states such as Massachusetts, California and Maine and that just like its overseas counterparts, was a failure.

Another example of this failure was brought to my attention recently.

A friend of mine from Portland Maine told me of how a homeless man with Maine care was denied payment of medical bills. Turns out this was because the bills were made very early on. Matter of fact he did not know he had those bills until recently. They were supposed to have already been paid for by Signa health insurance. (Note to readers, don't get signa unless you want to pay more for getting screwed.) His credit report however told a different story.

Well, he's in a homeless situation now and qualifies for all these useless programs that liberals say is good for America. Apparently I was right all along as Maine care wont do a thing about it.

He has attempted to get a lawyer involved but can only get help from Pine Tree legal aid. they are booked solid and even they might not be able to help. Neither will the MCLU or Cumberland legal aid.

Reminiscent of an older article I did on how Liberals oppose legal aid. In red states such as Texas, Nebraska and elsewhere legal aid is more efficient and helpful. Even the poor get equal justice. Not so in Democrat Fiefdoms such as Maine: the way Communism should be. Again, I was right.

In light of this it would probably not be wise to screw the American taxpayers with Obamacare. It wont even pay most bills and wont even provide proper treatment. We must reform health care the right way. Punish companies that renege on paying bills offering more choices for consumers so insurance companies compete and lower prices and most of all, support private charities run by our churches, synagogues and mosques to pay medical bills to the very poor.

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Anonymous said...

I used to think life in California was very hard. Whoa.