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Saturday, April 15, 2017

the lynching and injustice against Nicholas Minucci (NYPD Defends Criminals from victims)

I want you all to imagine the following scenario:

A group of white hoodlums decide to start trouble in the predominantly black middle class neighborhood of Uniondale and decide to go there to beat up black people and steal cars. While there they come across three black teenagers, attack them and try to rob them. One of the teens fights back and uses the word cracker. The hoodlums are beaten back and scatter like quail away from Uniondale.One of them is seriously injured.

Shortly afterwards, they are picked up by police who take them in and interrogate them. They admit that they were in Uniondale to steal a car. They then describe the attack that took place and the black teens who fought back and yelled, "This is what you get for trying to rob a black man cracker!!"

The police instead of booking the hoodlums for assault, prowling, attempted robebry, conspiracy to commit a carjacking ETC. and instead of praising the victim for fighting back and keeping the neighborhood safe, the police let the hoodlums go and arrest the teenager and charge him with hate crime assault charges!

Not only this, the mayor and local newspapers blare that this boy is anti-white, a criminal, a thug ETC. ETC. use his past sealed juvenile record illegally against him and set him up with phony hate crime charges!!

The new York post, Worldnetdaily, National Review refer to this kid who merely defended himself as a thug, a racist and every other ist instead of examining and reporting the facts like they are supposed to and smear this kid as pure evil and public enemy Number one!

At trial, the innocent young black kid is put before a white judge, a white jury, tainted and incensed by news reports and tirades against him and convict him of "bias crimes and assault." This despite the Plaintiffs admitting they were in Uniondale to steal cars and rob blacks. This despite merely defending himself and witness testimony and that he has white friends who come to his aid. He is sentenced to 7 years in prison where he is beaten by guards. he serves 2 of those years and to this day is branded evil, a racist and is unable to work because he is now a felon.

Imagine.... This happening to a defenseless young black man for the crime of defending himself from punk white kids who want to steal from the hard working middle class affluent blacks of Uniondale!!

That didn't happen but don't relax. Something like this did happen.... To a white man in Howard Beach. His assailants were black and the NYPD, despite a long repeated history of racism defended the black hoodlums despite their admission that they came to Howard Beach to steal a car.

Meet Nicholas Minucci AKA Fat Nick.. He and his buddies were attacked by three angry black men who later admitted that they were  in Howard Beach in New  York city to steal cars. Despite their admission, police arrested Minucci on trumped up charges including hate  crime charges. REASON: During the altercation when they tried to rob Nick, he used the N-word.

So, the NYPD think its  worse  that a mugging victim use the N-word while in a state of turmoil and aggravation rather than hoodlums regardless of race coming into any place to steal a car and rob people.

Everyone from Mayor Bloomberg, to Louis Farrakhan to the New York times and even the New York Post came down on Nick Minucci, branding him a racist and thug. They even used sealed juvenile records against him to charge him and later convict him and send him away to prison for the crime of defending himself and his community from muggers and carjackers.

The news media were the biggest offenders. The New York Times, one of the most Marxist and biased newspapers in the nation, rather than examine and report the facts of what happened launched into racist tirades against Nick Minucci branding him a racist.

Louis Farrakhan of the Nation Of Islam also smeared Minucci and his family in his final call newspaper. they also threatened riots if he was not convicted. Mayor Michael Bloomberg condemned Minucci stating that he had no right to defend himself and to stop the carjacking hoodlums from causing trouble.

To make matters worse, prosecutors used a sealed Juvenile record illegally against Nick Minucci. This included a fight outside a bar when he was 15 and an incident where he pranked a local Sikh Temple after 9/11. While certainly uncouth even for a minor, it is irrelevant to the case and Minucci had already paid his debt to society. There was never a reason to bring it up.

Minucci was sentenced to 15 years in prison. The sentence was suspended and later he was sentenced to serve 2 to 5 years. Minucci was also beaten by black prison guards while incarcerated. The media did not report this.

The Howard Beach neighborhood, an affluent mostly Italian neighborhood near JFK international Airport for decades has been a smoldering cauldron of racism and conflict. In the 80s, hate crimes and racial incidents were common. The reverend Al Sharpton protested in Howard beach where residents threw watermelons at him and other protesters.

While racism has died down in the past decade, racial tension and conflict still exist between affluent black residents in the neighborhood and affluent whites. It is still not uncommon for tension to be at a high and not uncommon for disturbances to take place. Still, there have been improvements.

Unfortunately the NYPD continues to harass and abuse the very people they are supposed to protect. Many years ago, mainestategop and the new England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets started a blog chronicling abuses by the NYPD called NYPD RED. The blog was terminated 4 times by google at the behest of Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD claiming that the videos and articles "compromised security" and even violated copyright!

NYPD in addition is very very leftist. They support asset  confiscation, gun control, emminent domain, warrantless search and seizure and false arrest. Defenders of the NYPD abuse are commonly illegal aliens who are hispanic or Italian. The NYPD is a supporter of illegal immigration and amnesty BTW. So no wonder that most of their cheerleaders on Youtube are hispanic.

The NYPD also has harassed members of our blog and the New England Alliance when they worked and traveled to New York. The NYPD also frowns upon self-defense. A victim of a mugging or assault who fights back is far more likely to be arrested and prosecuted in New York than his or her assailent. Clearly, reform is long overdue.

The Nicholas Minucci debacle shows how far downhill America has gone. From liberty to justice from all to screw the victims and screw the taxpaying society with a third world justice system and a third world mentality. New York is far from the liberty city it claims to be. New York in fact is more like a trip to Beijing.

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