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Monday, May 1, 2017


The new Baccus health care Bill which mimics the failed policy of Massachusetts health care has finally vindicated what opponents have said all along. Liberals have accused opponents of universal health care of racism of being against the poor and have painted them as psychotics and foaming at the mouth bigots being on the side of rich ceos in charge of insurance companies. The new baccus bill however proves that this is not the case and even the most liberal politicians admit that this bill would be a disaster for health care and America's middle class.

The Baccus bill draws parallels to the health care bill in Massachusetts. It requires businesses to insure their employees, provides free health care to those in poverty while forcing those not poor enough to purchase health care. The bill in Massachusetts was a disaster from the beginning. Passed with help from the traitor Mitt Romney, it destroyed the middle class and caused health insurance to skyrocket.

The state of Massachusetts was the only state in the country to go into population decline. the economy became stagnant as new jobs went away since businesses couldn't afford to pay health care costs to new employees. Many smaller businesses closed their doors permanently.

For the poor and for those getting health care, their experience was unpleasant. Doctors and staff were incompetent and wait times increased. In addition, malpractice and wrong treatment became commonplace. Doctors themselves were at the mercy of politicians and bureaucrats who dictated to them how to treat their patients in Their interests rather the interests of the patients and what doctors thought was best.

To better grasp the severity of the Massachusetts health care system, consider a study that compared health care in the state of Georgia. In Atlanta Georgia the average cost was 200$. Average wait time for an appointment, 11 days. In Boston, the cost was an average of 800$, and wait times could be up to 60 days or longer! Just think about how bad it would be if the patient had a life threatening condition!

For the middle class, the burdens are worse. Many residents relocated to Rhode Island and Many fled to New Hampshire. Those who stayed behind to weather the storm found themselves paying over one third of what they earned. Many of them simply could not keep up maintaining the lifestyle they were accustomed to.

Now like a dagger looming overhead, the same failed health care policy that broke the back of Massachusetts hangs over the head of the nation. A policy that even liberal elites like Senator Rockefeller called, "a big big tax on the middle class." But it is more than just a big tax, it is a death blow toward middle class prosperity. The bill would create swaths of poverty and keep those in poverty from rising up.

Just like in Massachusetts, failure to buy these useless old insurance policies would incur a 950$ fine for the first year, and 2500$ after that. Hillary Clinton has also proposed tapping wages to pay for plans that they would have no say in owning.

The Boston Globe reports that it would lead to a 10% hike in insurance rates. This is because there are few options for customers and since they have no choice to not buy, the companies can raise their rates. This is very similar to what happened with mandatory auto insurance. Many drivers still don't have insurance or are under insured. Eventually only the very wealthy will have insurance.

Eventually the very poor will be the real victims. They will be given free health care, but it will be substandard care for which they will wait long periods. As for getting out of their poverty, it will be prevented. Leaving poverty means paying for unaffordable insurance which not being able to afford is a crime, thereby removing all incentives to get education or find better jobs. For those caught between middle and lower class, they will be plunged into lower class thanks to this policy.

Former Liberty Task Force analyst Barbara Warick who is also a former resident of Boston has also estimated the cost in civil liberties as well as economic liberties. In Massachusetts, those too poor to qualify for insurance are often encouraged or intimidated into quiting their jobs or quitting adult education. attempts to break out of poverty are at times thwarted. In one instance, a man was forced to remain in Massachusetts under a court order brought on by a psychiatrist. Although it was thrown out after help from attorneys, the victim lost almost all his assets and is now a welfare recipient living in another state. More on this in a future article.

In conclusion, those such as Jimmy Carter who play the race card and others such as the Young Turk Traitors who portray protesters as being used by ceos might want to take another look at the consequences of mandatory health care towards minorities and the poor, the very people they claim to support. One should also examine how these CEOS along with government employees will benefit as well. Perhaps an examination of where their donations have gone are in order...

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