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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Coffee with communists 2: Another story Lunch with a Muslim Marxist

Last year I did an interview with two communist militants in a Chicago Mall Food Court entitled Coffee With Communists, WHO THEY ARE WHY THEY KILL

The two were part of a little known Marxist street gang known as Anti-racist Action or Antifa. These disgusting animals wanted to kill Americans and bragged that they had killed Americans, namely veterans.

Their message to America, revolution was coming and that those who opposed socialism and opposed their agenda would be violently killed.

Anti-racist Action or antifa (which means antifascista) was founded many years ago in the Upper Mid west by Marxist militants to confront neo-nazis. Lately they have been active in attacking republicans and the tea party as well as supporters of Donald Trump.

The group was responsible for triggering massive riots during the 2016 election and is active in harrassing and attacking so called neo-nazis, racists and conservatives.

ARA/Antifa has several brnaches in every major US city and is especially active in Canada, the upper and eastern Midwest, and in California. They are classified as street gangs and terrorists.

The two I interviewed had been involved in a spree of violent crimes in Chicago, Austin Texas and Indianapolis. Among them, They were involved in the notorious attack on a Chicago Restaurant that injured several patrons, the murder of a homeless Vietnam war and an attempt on the life of talk radio shock jock, Alex Jones. They also claimed to have been friends with the man responsible for a murder at a Tinley park Shopping outlet That resulted in 5 deaths.

 The two were homeless. They admitted hatred for America, capitalism, the bill of rights and despite both of them being white, they hated the white race. They also bragged  that revolution was coming, America would lose and that communism would dominate the world.

The interview was very popular particularly on freerepublic, it was read by Joseph Farah, David Horowitz and Jonah Goldberg. The Chicago Police Department says the boys are believed to be wanted fugitives and are dangerous.

ARA Antifa responded in a fit of rage which included death threats for exposing their agenda. Most of the threats came from branches in Boston and Manchester New Hampshire. Members of the Denver branch, Rocky Mountain Antifa demanded that I post a statement refuting their claims. I have yet to receive it.

In the past week Antifa made headlines and is no longer under the radar. In Berkeley and in other cities, Antifa has incited riots against Trump supporters and Trump Rallies. Most of the riots are on the campus Of UC Berkeley in Berkeley California where Trump rallies have been held and where popular columnist Ann Coulter was going to speak. Her speaking engagement was cancelled due to security concerns but mostly due to her conservative views.

While we have gotten no message from either RockyMountain antifa or any other group associated, the message of the rioters and the riots is clear, "We are at war with America and anyone who supports American values." The mainstream media meanwhile tries its darnedest to avoid mentioning these animals and their values.

Even Occupy wall street and The Young Turks are horrified by Antifa's recent hijinks. Then again this is probably because OWS is supported by the Nazi party and the KKK. Nonetheless these beasts are even worse than most liberals themselves can tolerate!!!

One member of the Denver Antifa however wanted his views heard. I received  an email from him after he read the interview. I was not able to go to Denver (And I don't think I could stomach it again)but Kyle Weissman, eminent historian and member of Mainestategop was going to be in the area and was willing to take up the interview.

This interview  BTW was done in Early April I believe, before the riots started in Berkeley. 

 Thanks Kyle. Appreciate it. I don't know how you can stomach it.

I'll let him tell you the interview and share the transcript.

I should tell you that this person is a communist as well as a Muslim. And he is a mess of contradictions. Anyway I'll let Kyle tell you the whole story. ENJOY!

I was speaking to Brian ball many weeks ago about the angry threats and emails he had been getting from Antifa and the ones in particular from Denver Colorado.One of these emails were by a man who wanted his own views to be heard. he too was a member of Antifa in particular the one from Denver. Rocky Mountain ANTIFA/ARA I believe.

The man claimed to be a member of Antifa and was also a communist and a convert to Islam. He had read Brian's interview with the two members of South Side Chicago Marxist Anti Racist Action Antifa Street gang and wanted to share his own views. He claimed he did  not agree with what they all said and that he wanted to share his own view.

Brian could not manage to stomach another interview with these misfits and hoodlums and wasn't able to find time to go to Denver anyway so, he left it up to me as i was going to be in Fort Collins to meet with a friend.I got in touch with this young man who was involved in Antifa. I told  him I was in Ft. Collins and could either meet with him there or go to Denver and see him. (I had to travel through there anyway to get to my next assignment in the east coast and a day there would be nice.)and he agreed to meet me in Denver.

Finding a place to meet with him was the difficult part. I asked to meet in either a mall or a restaurant. Unfortunately that was difficult. The young man (who is nicknamed Ali BTW) objected to eating at or purchasing from corporations and eating meat. He said that  he rarely ate meat and was mostly a vegetarian. He did not do business with malls either. He only shopped at small local businesses mostly the kind that are liberal as you can imagine.

I searched the net for sometime trying to find a place where Ali would be comfortable meeting. I tried one restaurant that looked okay but it turned out they were not vegan and served meat mostly pork which Ali's Islamic faith forbade. I thought what about a coffee place but Ali objected over and over again, he cited that many of them even the small ones dealt with corporate and that coffee  often came from "exploited workers." He was not happy with that.

So, I found a good place, The Corner Beet on OGDEN STREET. It was a small business, a vegan restaurant and cafe, I assured Ali, there was no meat, certainly no pork, the food was local and fresh, no corporate. Ali agreed and One cold April Morn, I met him outside there.

Ali was white, a convert to Islam from Christianity and a communist. He was as I saw heavy set with glasses, big eyes and large splayed ears and was obese. He had a large bald spot on his head which had short brown hair. He also had a voice that was high, nasal, almost sluggish as if he'd been someone on anti-depressant medication. He was about 5 foot 10 or 9. I also noticed he was a bit unkempt  He seemed friendly though and was happy to make my acquaintance.

We went in, settled down and ordered lunch. Ali told me he had never eaten at this place and didn't even notice it. I had some money and told Ali he could have almost anything he wanted but to go easy. Ali had the southwest and I allowed him to add Cheese egg and avacodo. I had the Greek salad with extra olives. (Lots of olives! They went crazy with them! It was good!)And we both ordered water and had the beet juice. It was very very good!

We ate  half way and then it was time for the interview. Ali told me all about himself and where he came from, how he came here to Denver, why he was here and why he was a communist, a Muslim and well... other things.

His real name is  not known. His Muslim name is Saghir Mizzal Al-Faqaeat. He told me he got the name from a website that generated random Muslim names. His friends all called him Ali. This is what I will call him during the interview and how I addressed him. He refused to give me his real name, telling me he was not comfortable and that he thought it was ugly. Fair enough.

He also did not want photos taken. That I didn't do but Brian requested that I draw a picture of him for reference. He didn't say I couldn't draw his picture. I did. Its probably not a great likeness and I am afraid my artistic talent has rusted a bit but I did. Here it is

Saghir Mizzal Al-Faqaeat: The face  of Homegrown Marxism and Islamism

 Again, its not a good likeness of him. He was more heavy set than in the picture and his eyes were larger, his nose was bigger, he had large incisors and an overbite. His head was large and had a large neckbeard. He wore a Denver Broncos Jacket and an orange  shirt underneath. He also wore Blue Jeans and Sneakers. His most striking feature was a lazy eye.

Half way through our meal we started talking. Ali told me about himself and where he was from. He was born in 1985 in Lancaster Pennsylvania. When he was 2, he and his family moved to Tom's river New Jersey where he grew up. He also resided  in Stamford Connecticut and Syracuse New York. When he got older he became homeless and lived in San Francisco, Portland Oregon, Dearborn Michigan, New York city, Rochester Minnesota, finally settling in Denver Colorado.

He says he currently lives in subsidized housing which he pays for with SSI. He is currently unemployed and has never worked in his life. The longest he ever held a job was 2 weeks. Before receiving SSI, he lived by recycling cans and bottles, panhandling, doing chores and receiving government assistance and EBT food stamps.

Ali converted to Islam a year after becoming homeless. He was in this state for about 6 years before getting his own place. His upbringing was Christian, Russian Orthodox. His family was Russian, Romanian, Polish, Jewish, Irish and Italian. They went to Alexander Nevsky Parish church in Lakewood. 

They went to church twice monthly until the family divorced when he was 10. After this the family stopped being Christian. His father lived in a hippie commune in Ithaca for several years before moving to Syracuse and became a Buddhist, his mother dated several men, all of whom were described as liberal and being of different cultures and beliefs. One, an episcopal minister who was bisexual, the other, a liberal preacher, others include, a biker, a Mexican, a veteran, and several other diverse people. She also dated other women and former women. She stopped dating when he was 16.

Ali admits to having several Physical and mental disabilities. He said he was born with Plagiocephaly and a cleft palet. He told me he suffers from Klinefeltner's Syndrome, ADHD, Cranial Gigantism, and Bipolar disorder. He also told me he was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, Forward impulse control disorder and is diabetic.

Here is a transcript of the interview I performed  on Ali.

Comments in Bold are by myself or Brian. I apologize also if there are any grammar and spelling errors. Transcription was as painful as it was to listen to this fat bastard.


KW:Let's start from the beginning... Tell me about your upbringing and childhood. You are originally from New Jersey?

Ali:Yes, but I was born in Lancaster Pennsylvania. When I was about one or two years old, dad took us to live in Tom's River Township. He got a job working as one of the managers of Stern's before they went under and Macy's took over. Mom was a homemaker then when dad divorced she went to work at a temping agency and then the casino.

KW: How long did you live there?

Ali: I moved to live with my dad in Syracuse and my uncle and aunt in Stamford when I was 16 or 17, I came back later for a couple years then moved around here and there before I left Uncle Vern's place to go live in San Francisco.

KW: How old were you when you became homeless.

Ali: about 21? I think.

KW: What about when you were 16. How long did you move around? And what about the other times you moved before  that?

Ali:Well I lived with my uncle and Aunt in Stamford Connecticut for a few months which was really bad and then I moved back, then I moved up to live with dad  in Syracuse New York, that was for a year, then back to Jersey, then a few months in Stamford and then I left  to go to San Francisco when I found that things weren't going right for me at all.

Kw: So you left west when you were 23, you're 31?

Ali: Yes. I mean no... uh... uh.... I don't remember uh... I mean I think I was 20 21, something like that.

KW. You were homeless for how many years? six?

Ali: About a decade maybe 5 or 6 years? Then got a place here in Denver which I stayed at for 2 years.

KW: What made you come to Denver?

Ali: I don't know and stuff. I think because I like it here, its beautiful, the scenery is wonderful, its a lot better than the mid-west and the east coast. People here are very very friendly. I got a lot of friends here. The only two problems I have is one, they got a lot of right wing Christian red necks living here though most are outside of Denver the other, SSI supplements aren't as big as in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts or California.

KW: What about food stamps or charity?

Ali: Yeah, they got  those. Some of them are nice. They got a couple food banks and if money and EBT gets low I can go to a soup kitchen or the rescue mission to get food. Its real nice.

KW: Any work out here? Do you work.

Ali: No, I haven't worked in years. I can't do it. I always mess up.

KW: Have you ever worked?

Ali:No not really. I never held a job longer than a week or two. I'm no good. That's even before I started being medicated. Now that I am I can't work at all. its too hard.

KW: You take medication? Mental illness? Physical disability?

Ali: Yeah. I'm all messed up. I found out I was like that since I was born. I got mental illness from being abused by relatives and beat up at school, I got mental and physical disabilities from when I was born, I almost died. I should've been euthanized or allowed to die right then and there. But my parents were  Christian hypocrites so they let me live and then when I had trouble at school they were mean to me. I hate them so much. Especially my uncle Vern.

KW: So lets get back to childhood. Actually  why don't you tell me about the problems you had when you were born?

Ali: When I was born my head was deformed and I was a hair lip. I had something I think called Plagiocephaly, I had a mishapen head, I also had Cranial Gigantism. Later on I found out when I was grown up that I also had Klienefeltner's syndrome, Asperger's syndrome, I had bipolar, I got  all kinds of  problems, I also have learning disability. I can't learn I have ADHD.

KW: And you almost died?

Ali: Yeah because My head was mishapen and I had a blockage in my throat that made it hard to breath. If I were born in say South America or Africa or somewhere in Asia, I wouldn't be here today. I'd have died! The doctors put me in surgery and all these operations right after I was born. They had to do a cessarian section on my mom. She couldn't have children after  that. They used to joke about that with my relatives. I don't think its funny! I shouldn't be alive!

KW: But you got over  them alright!

Ali: Yeah! The doctors thought I would be alright! Mom told me that there was no sign of permanent damage, They said I might have some mall intellectual problem growing up like a learning disorder which I did and it wasn't small at all but they claimed nothing was wrong I would grow up normal. They were  wrong. They didn't know it at the time that I had Klinefeltners, Asperger's and other stuff.

KW: That was found later?

Ali: Yeah! When I was in high school I found out I had Klinefeltners and Asperger's then they said I was bipolar and had the other problems like forward impulse control and stuff but most of them I didn't know about till I was in California! But they didn't know it  at the time, I might as well as died! I had these problems but they didn't know about it!

KW Okay so lets go to childhood. What was that like?

Ali: Until I started going to middle school it was okay. Then Things got worse right around 4th grade or 5th grade. I almost got left back in 5th grade. I nearly got left back in 8th grade.

KW: Lets stick to around early childhood. What happened in those days. What was family life like?

Ali: Okay I guess.

KW: Did your family hurt you at all? Were there any problems?

Ali: Uh.. not really but mom would yell at me a lot for very little things. I would sometimes get spanked but not often.

KW: Did you have any brother or sisters?

Ali: Yeah, I had an older brother from dad's  first marriage when they got divorced, he was 10 years older than me, I had another older brother by my parents who was 3  years older and that's it.

KW: A half brother, another brother, no sisters or younger siblings?

Ali: No.

KW: What kind of religious upbringing did you have?

Ali: My family was Christian. We were Orthodox. But we didn't go to church often. We went like  twice a month at most. I hated  it. Everything was loud, there was incense in the air that made me sick, the singing was horrible, the chapel was all crowded and sometimes we couldn't sit, it went on for 2 hours. If I cried or fell asleep mom would either hit me or pinch me hard or something.

KW: Which church did you go to?

Ali: We went to Alexander Nevsky's in Lakewood and St Mary's in Jackson. They were all bad.

Kw:When did you stop going?

Ali: The last time we went was... uh... uh...  after Christmas in January or February 1995. In May of that year, mom and dad divorced.

Kw: Is there a reason why?

Ali: Well there was financial stress. Dad got laid off because Stern's was being bought by Macy's. He needed to move to find work, Mom was working as a waitress downtown and didn't want to move out of Jersey, they were also in an uproar about university and college money for my older brothers and me. It was  money trouble. Financial stress. I didn't know what was happening until I came home from school one  day. On the way to school the same morning I saw the luggage in the living room and when I got back I noticed dad packed up all his stuff and left.

KW: How did you feel?

Ali: Kinda sad. I thought I'd never see dad ever again. The next week I got into a fight in school and was suspended for the rest of the school year. There were only 2 weeks left  anyway. Mom was pissed but I was only grounded for the weekend. She blamed everything on dad and yelled at him on the phone.

Kw: What about your relatives?

Ali: I have a lot mostly in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey and I think Boston.

Kw: Which ones did you have most contact  with?

Ali: Well there was  my aunt Clara, my aunt Zelda, Aunt Emilka, Uncle Joey, There was Uncle Vern and Aunt Lynne.

Kw: What about your family ancestry?

Ali: Oh, they were mostly Russian, Jewish, Finnish and Polish on my Dad's side, My mom's was Irish, Italian, Romanian and Polish.

Kw: Did your family ever practice judaism or any Jewish relatives?

Ali: No. Not anymore. My uncle Joe and a couple of my aunts used to do that but they stopped because they didn't like it. Now on my dad's side there used t be a lot of Jews but the Russian Empress I Think it was Catherine made  them become Christian.

KW: Catherine the Great forced them to become Orthodox?

Ali: Yeah, and she or some other Tsar made my Catholic relatives in Poland give up being Catholic.

KW: Did your family ever tell you your history?

Ali: Yeah, there were mostly stories about my Russian Jewish family and Irish family. There were two stories, one they converted to avoid being persecuted and the other they wanted to convert to become nobility.

KW: They wanted to marry into Russian nobility?

Ali: Yeah, Some of my Jewish relatives  were really really rich and they decided to become Orthodox just to be noble so they converted and married their daughters off to some big noble guys. It was a farce. Most of them never really believed any of that Jewish stuff or Christian stuff anyway, neither did the family they married.

KW: Which noble house did  they marry into?

Ali: I don't know. They weren't really big, famous or anything. They lost everything after the soviets took over. They came here.

KW: Did any of your relatives in Russia participate on the side of the reds.

Ali:One did but  he got killed by Stalin for being a traitor.

Kw: And your other Jewish relatives converted because of force?

Ali: Yeah the Russians used to murder my Jewish relatives. I remember when I was a kid we saw this movie American Tale, Aunt Emilka said it was horrible because of what happened in the beginning when fivel and his family had to go to America. Aunt Emilka told us that that's what really happened in Russia during the 19th century and 20th century. She told me that Russia murdered  Jews. I didn't know the mouse Fivel was Jewish.

KW: So they were forced  to become Orthodox did  they ever practice Judaism at all? How did they adapt to their new faith.

Ali: They didn't. They were only observant Jews, they faked conversion. Everyone did. Everyone only went to Orthodox Church because the Tsar ordered them to and if you didn't you'd be punished. They didn't really care. They just went along with it.

KW: Did any of your Jewish relatives suffer or die during the holocaust?

Ali: Uncle Joey told me that we did have a few Jewish relatives who stayed behind who were in Ukraine. He found out 10 years after the end of WW2 that all but one died. They were killed in I don't remember where, they were killed. It was in the woods, they took thousands of Jews and killed them by shooting them.

KW: Was it Babi Yar?

Ali: I think, YEAH! I think so! They had thousands killed there including my relatives. One other person died of typhus in a labor camp, the one that survived joined the partisans and moved to Palestine after the war. It  was a girl, she married one of the men she fought along with in the partisans, but they all died in the Arab wars.

Kw: wow. So they survived the holocaust only to perish in a war was this in 1948?

Ali: I think so.

KW: Any relatives in Israel?

Ali: Palestine.

Liberals and Muslims always refer to Israel as Palestine and Israel as the State of Israel or the racist state

Kw: Any relatives in Palestine or thereabout?

Ali: No. I don't think so.

KW: Any of your relatives still practicing Christianity? Orthodox? protestant? Catholic? Anything?

Ali: Just my Aunt Emilka. She went to Russian Orthodox Church. Everyone else didn't believe in anything pretty much.

KW: What about your parents?

Ali: Dad is a Buddhist, Mom I don't know. Last I heard she was an Episcopalian.

Kw: Your dad became a Buddhist after divorcing?

Ali: Yeah, He got a new job up in Ithaca New York and he met this really hot lady named Starfyre, spelled with a y not an I by the way.


Ali: Yeah! She was gorgeous! They say Ithaca is Gorgeous and it is, and so was Starfyre!

KW: Yeah I remember Ithaca is gorgeous. But I believe Gorgeous is spelled differently there?

Ithaca New York is basically the Berkeley of New York. It has Cornell U and many hippies and gays. People call it the City of Evil.

Ali: Uh huh...

KW: What  kind of work did he do?

Ali: He worked up in the University, he and StarFyre had this hippie shop that they set up downtown. it was real cool but I didn't like the store because the incense was just like in the church I went to.

KW: And he dated her?

Ali: Yeah

KW: How long did they date? Did they marry?

Ali: Dad hung out with StarFyre for a few  years then moved to Syracuse where he got a job working for a big store at the really really big mall they got there. Its like the biggest Mall in the country.

KW: Yeah That would be Destiny?

Ali: Uh huh!

KW: Yes I believe it is the largest mall in the state.

Ali: Yeah! Its huge! I Think there are only 3 or 4 malls bigger than that one. They got a big one in Orange California, another big one in Minnesota and Philly and a couple others.

KW: The biggest  one is in Minneapolis. Mall of Ameriica I think.

Ali: Yeah! That place was awesome!! Have you been there?

Kw: No. The largest mall I've been in was Palisades in New York City and South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa

Ali: YEAHHHH That's the one! Boy was that huge!

KW: No doubt. I might like to check out the One in Minneapolis sometime this year or next if I get the time and money

Ali: You should.

KW: Okay. Back on track, dad dated this hippie girl for awhile, how are they? Do they still date?

Ali: No. Starfyre moved off to California many years ago. Dad dated like all kinds of women.

Kw: like what?

Ali: Well after moving to Syracuse dad dated  some people he met, this woman who worked  at the mall, another woman who he met in the hospital when he was sick.

KW: A nurse.

Ali: Yeah.

Kw: how many different women did he date?

Ali: A lot. They were awesome. One of them had  this hot  daughter. but she was already dating another guy. She didn't like me.

Kw: Oh. And What about your mother? How did she get on after the divorce?

Ali:Not very good. Mom went to different jobs, we moved 3 times but I still went to the same school. She mostly lived off dad's child  support. I stayed with her  and moved  to Dad  off  and  on. But mostly I was with mom.

KW: Did she date other men

Ali: Yeah quite a lot. They were okay. All except one but they were fine.

KW: What kind of men?

Ali: Well the first  was this Episcopal minister who was gay. he was bi and he pastored a church in New York but  we never went there. There was another religious guy, this black guy who was a preacher and who was liberal. he told me all about Jesus, that he was black, that he was a revolutionary, I learned about communism from him. He preached at a church in East Pennsylvania, we only went to one sermon, it was loud and everyone was loud.

KW: And you learned  about communism from this preacher?

Ali: Yeah but most of it I learned while at school maybe? Um.. I don't know. Before mom dated this guy, I was reading communist manifesto at my uncle Joeys place, he said he used to be a communist when he was young but he gave up on it. He said the system will never work anywhere. I didn't agree. I read Marx, Engels at his place, I read a lot about it on the internet. I liked Mao Tse Tung. His red book was a very big inspiration and still is for me. My teacher in high school also taught us about socialism communism and said that it was gonna become the system of practice everywhere like it is in Europe and that capitalism would be obsolete.

Remember hearing how fascism would come to America with a cross and American flag? Yes its true for communism as well as liberal fascism. I bet even Jeremiah Wright would blush.

KW: So you learned about communism mainly from your uncle, this teacher and one of your mom's boyfriends?

Ali:Yeah, My teacher was a big inspiration for me though. He was the one who turned me on into communist thinking.

KW: He taught you communism? Common property ownership, collectivisation, Mao, Stalin

Ali: Yeah! I learned  from him but most of it I got from the internet. I got this book see by Bob Avakian, it explains all we  need  to do and what we'll do.

KW: Okay, But what about the teacher? Who was he?

Ali: Oh... I don't want to tell you he might get in trouble but he's probably retired anyway.

And anyway there were probably many other teachers who taught little Ali to be a red. public school exists just to indoctrinate young boys like Ali to become Muslims and/or communists.

Kw: Okay, what grade  were you in?

Ali: sixth grade. Or no. I think 7th. I don't quite remember.

Kw: Okay. What other boyfriends did your mother have?

Ali: Well there was a Mexican, there was a veteran. there was a biker, some old hippie, there was an English guy, another black guy but the one I despised the most was the retired boxing manager she dated when I was 14.

Kw:Kay? He wasn't nice?

Ali: No! He used  to be a boxer and he was a retired fight promoter. He said I was slow that I was a wimp and soft and he used to run me down. Mom let  him because he wanted him to toughen me up. I think that's the reason she dated.

KW: And that didn't go well.

Ali: no. I gotta tell you the rest of what happened. I got real fat from taking meds after mom began sending me to a psychiatrist.

KW: How many doctors did you see and how old were you when that started?

I went to two of them. One when I was 8 for a few months then I went to see one when I was 11 till I was about 16 I think. Mom and Dad couldn't afford to keep sending me later. We didn't have Obamacare back then and our insurance coverage wouldn't keep paying. Well I got real fat and blew up like a balloon when they started drugging me. I think that's also how I got diabetes later on. I was taking seroquel and later Lexipro, Paxil, Zantax, Depakote uh... Prozac and a few others. I just blew up like a balloon it made me fat.

KW: And kids began to bully you more? Well let me ask Ali about the bullying? When did that start.

Ali Well it got started when I was in 4th or 5th grade before  that people treated me right but then I got teased and made fun of for no reason. When I got fat it didn't do much since most of the kids I went to school with were also fat. But then around 11 or 12 I noticed I got bigger boobs. they were really big and stuck out and were firm like a woman's and I got scared about that. Mom told me not to worry because  men get breasts and that the reason they stick out so much is because I was fat.

KW: But that was the Klienfeltner's syndrome setting in?

If you want to know more look it up. Klienfeltner syndrome is not pleasant. To be blunt, Ali is a Hermaphrodite

Ali: Yeah. I found out about that later on when I was with Uncle Vern. It made by boobs big like a girls. I tried to hide it by bundling up but people found out when I was 14. I got banned from the swimming pool because of it.

KW:You were banned for having large breasts

Ali: Yeah and because of the bullying. Mom made me go to a summer day camp for a month to lose weight. Instead I pigged out and I got bullied a lot at the pool because of my weight and boobs. Everyone spit on me, yelled at  me, this went on for a week then I had enough. I told them I was just overweight relax. But they didn't care. My boobs were probably a B cup? They were bigger than even the really fat people were. I was fattest one of all and had the biggest rack. I fought people and they banned me for fighting and for my boobs. They told mom that they couldn't let me in unless I wore a woman's bathing suit or a t-shirt. Later I got banned from camp.

KW: Didn't people think there was  a problem? I mean you were seeing a doctor so didn't they say that Klienfeltners caused it or that it was caused by medication you were taking? Large male breasts or gynocomastia is caused by some medications I recall like Rispedal.

Ali: No. My psychiatrist said it was just my weight and every other doctor we saw said the same thing. The psychiatrist said the problem was eating too much and that the reason everyone hated me was because I had Asperger's syndrome which meant I was retarded and had no social skills and didn't fit in. Well mom's boyfriend didn't agree he said there's no such thing as Asperger's syndrome, the problem was that I was not assertive enough and that I was a marshmallow. He and mom put me through hell. I had to exercise hard, real hard, I can't even stand thinking of it.

KW: Was he physically abusive.

Ali: Yeah sort of. When we went jogging he'd kick me in the butt if I went too slow or couldn't keep up and call me fatty. He told me I had to keep up and lose the damn weight. He also told me to stand up for myself and said that if I didn't fight back and make the other kid bleed I would be punished.

KW: So, rigorous exercise, mental abuse, did he train you to fight?

Ali: Yeah, he taught me to fight a little. He also made me diet. I had nothing but fake food. Garbage to eat. Worse than what they served at  some of the homeless shelters  I stayed at.

KW: Alright so then what?

Ali: I started getting into fights, I got kicked out of Summer camp, I think got suspended from school a few times. the police came and arrested  me on two occasions. I told the judge they pushed me into it and I had to stand up for myself. At first I got a warning, then the second time I was put on youth probation, after I was told I couldn't fight back even in self defense.

KW: And then what?

Ali: People began hitting me in the halls and spitting on me and the teachers didn't want  to get involved and nobody did anything about it. The principal of the school didn't care neither. I told him I was gonna burn down the school if they didn't make them stop hitting me. I said I was gonna have to go to juvie hall anyway and I'll probably suicide myself because everyone keeps being mean to me because. So I would take down the school.

KW: That doesn't sound smart.

Ali: No it wasn't. He told me to give him the names of the boys who spat on me and hit me in the halls. I did he said they would be disciplined. Then after lunch I got called up to the principal's office and the police were there. They took me to the hospital and kept me there in the place with all the retards and crazies.

Kw: did they press charges?

Ali: No but I got expelled and then mom got pissed off at her boyfriend and sent me off to live with my uncle and aunt in Stamford Connecticut.

KW: How did that go?

Ali: Not good. I got picked on again. It wasn't as bad as it was in Tom's River but people were mean to me for  being fat. They didn't notice my boobs. Just my Weight. The only thing I liked about that place was that was where I learned about Islam and where I learned about other stuff but it was hard. Real hard. My uncle Vern and my Aunt Lynne made it even harder.

KW: What did your aunt and uncle do to you?

Ali: They put me on this really really super duper restrictive diet! It was worse than what mom's boyfriend had me on!  I couldn't eat at all pretty much!

KW: How bad was it?

Ali: Well... It was just bad! In the morning I had nothing but a piece of toast with a little marmalade or butter and that's all. For lunch all I had was an apple and a jelly sandwich. For dinner, I just had a bowl of lettuce and rabbit food. That's all. I was banned from having soda or even juice! All I could have was water! No meat or sugar allowed! I was miserable!

KW:It was starvation?

Ali: Yeah! And add to this I was already hungry from the meds, and I couldn't concentrate at school, I couldn't focus, at gym I was a slug. Always Hungry!

KW: What did you do?

Ali: I ate out of the garbage is what I did. I even raided the dumpsters  at McDonalds I was so hungry.  I didn't care what anyone though I just wanted to eat.

KW: Did the diet have any effect?

Ali: No... At first I lost about 5 pounds but all it was was glucose and water. After that no progress just 2 pounds or one pound. I found out my body retained the fat because it thought there was a famine. I showed uncle Vern all the info I printed at the school library and he said no. Its junk science. I can only lose weight by not eating and walking around but I wasn't! I was miserable. I ate out of garbage cans in Downtown Stamford, in back of dumpster, people in school called me the garbage can man. I didn't care. Just wanted to eat.

KW: How long were you with your uncle and aunt?

Ali: about 2 months. I started garbage picking a month later. I couldn't take it and I wasn't losing weight. People noticed and were concerned. One guy who ran a restaurant and who's garbage can in the front I went through asked me why I was always going there everyday and if my folks fed me, I told him no. They hate me. They only give me a bowl of lettuce for supper. That's all. He called the police and they asked what happened, they took me to McDonalds for a cheeseburger then took me to social services. I ended up in a foster home in Hartford.

KW:How long were you in Hartford.

Ali: The remainder of the school year. That's were  I learned about Islam. At school there they had religious class in history but they mostly talked about the Muslim faith and the Buddhist faith.One day an Imam and a Buddhist monk came and explained their faith to us and even told us where we could get a copy of the Quran mailed for free which I did.

KW: They taught you Islam in public school?

Ali: Yeah! Well they had stuff about Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Wicca but it was mostly about Islam and Buddhism. I liked Islam even more.

Before 9/11 it was not uncommon for many schools including those in Hartford and other major cities to have classes on Islam. These religion classes essentially do not merely teach what Muslims believe but indoctrinates students to become Muslim. The classes will sometimes introduce other religions but Christianity is rarely touched upon if at all. Mostly it's Islam or Eastern Religion that is taught. And it is taught in a manner to indoctrinate students. I too went through this in public school and were it not for 9/11 I too would probably be a Muslim I dare say.

KW: Where there any Muslim students there?

Ali: Yeah they did  mostly black students. I tried to make friends with them but I was the school nerd  and I was fat and also they resented white people which was understandable. But I made fast friends with another Muslim student who's family was from Yemen.

KW: Tell me about your foster Parents?

Ali I had two. One family was white, they were okay, the other family was black, the head of the house was a preacher like my mom's boyfriend.

KW: Both in Hartford?

Ali: Yeah kinda.

KW: How did they react to your finding Islam?

Ali: I wasn't a Muslim yet. I thought All religions were the same. That's what  the teachers told us.

Kw:So wait!  The teachers told you all religions were equal, they worshiped the same God, they are all equal ways of salvation and getting to heaven?

Ali: Yeah,

KW: But when they taught you Islam in School they taught you as though it was the true faith?

Ali: Well no. They just told us  what they believe and they said Mohamed was  a prophet and was a great man like Jesus and Buddha!

 KW: They never taught you or had a speaker from any of these places like an imam or a monk or priest tell you that they were the only way to heaven, that Mohamed was the only way or anything?

Ali: No. We never got taught that. The imam told us that Mohamed was the seal of the prophets and that they didn't believe Jesus Christ was God. But he never said we all had to become muslims or we'd burn in hell.

KW: What about Christians? Did a pastor or parish priest come to your class and teach you anything that Jesus was the way the truth and the light?

Ali:No! uh.. well..  We did have a couple of christian priests come to our class, this woman who was a pastor at the Methodist church and a catholic priest

In New England, Female Clergy are very very common. Churches there, liberal. Just a warning.

Kw:was the priest a guy?

Ali: Yeah.

KW: And did they teach any of you how to get into heaven? Or about Jesus

Ali: well yeah, they told us Jesus came to earth to teach people to be good people.

KW: Did they say you'd burn in hell if you didn't join a certain church or accept Christ as your savior?

Ali: No, not at all. The Methodist, she told us that it doesn't matter what religion you follow anyone can get into heaven just by being good. The catholic priest told us that the way you get  into heaven is by helping people and being good and that it doesn't matter what religion you follow as long as your a good person.

KW: Wait! The preist told you this? That it doesn't matter what religion you follow, was he a catholic priest?

Ali: Yeah! He told us that. So did the Imam, the buddhist monk and the rabbi.

KW: Did you have anyone else tell you about religion?

Ali: Yeah, this guy a pastor who ran a baptist church in East London.

KW: And the baptist minister told you get into heaven your way?

Ali: No he said the way to get  into heaven was just by being good! Anyone can get in!

EPIC FACE PALM!! No wonder the church aint relevant today! And I mean A Catholic priest! HELLOOO!! Does Cardinal Archbishop Dolan Know about these people who run his parishes? Oh wait... never mind. *SIGH*

KW: So how did your family react to wanting to become a muslim?'

Ali: The white family liked my preaching on the Koran. I read the whole thing cover to cover twice in one month! They had a lot of questions and learned a lot. The preacher family, they were very interested. The dad, the preacher, he told me that the Koran was another bible and That Mohamed was like another Jesus. He told me that Mohamed was a great prophet and that Christians should read the Koran and listen to Mohamed. He even preached on a Sunday sermon about how Christians, Jews, Muslims and so on were all children of God who need to unite together and come together. He borrowed my Koran for the sermon he preached  he read  Mohamed's words and told them there can be know doubt of Mohamed's divinity and that he was great prophet.

Lets see the reverend try preaching that in Syria

KW: When did all this happen? Was this before  9/11?

Ali:Yes. This was before it was I think 1999 or 2000 when I was in the foster system in Connecticut.

KW: Do you agree with the pastor  that all religions are equal and that Mohamed is as much a great prophet as say Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Joshua, Obadiah or even on the same footing as Jesus Christ?

Ali: well... I don't know. I mean most religions are the same but Christianity isn't really that great. The preachers I told you about, they weren't real Christians. Real Christians are kinda like Fred Phelps, David Duke and Hitler.

Kw: Is that right?

Ali: Yeah. I grew up Christian. They aren't nice.

KW: Your relatives seemed nice. So did these other people.

Ali: Well that's because they weren't Christian. The only reason my family was Christian is either because they were forced to or the law said to. My relatives used to worship idols or strange gods, then some idiot came along told their king or chieftain here! Read the bible! And they became Christian and forced them to become Christian! In Poland it was the Catholic church. Then The Russians came and said they had to join Their church or die. So now they went from being Catholic Christians to Orthodox Christians. My Jewish relatives, I don't know what they did before that. They probably worshiped baal and molech, they probably prayed to the golden calf and then Aaron and Moses said you gotta stop doing that or we'll kill you! And they killed everyone in the Bible that didn't worship Moses' god. Then Joshua came to Canaan and said, worship our God or die and they killed everyone who didn't like those poor guys in Jericho or AI.

KW: So your Jewish Ancestors were also Canaanites then?

Ali: I don't know. I do remember that in the bible it said that Jesus got real pissed off at them for intermarrying with canaanites and worshiping their gods after Joshua died. I don't really know how my family wound  up in Russia

KW: Perhaps they were Khazars? Ashkhanazi?

Ali: Who?

KW: Ashkhanazi.These tribe of Tartars converted to Judaism because they couldn't agree whether to become Muslims or Christians.

Ali: OH! I remember that! I don't know. I know Aunt Emilka said there  were Sefards and Ashkhanazi in our family but that's it. I don't know anything else.

KW: But you don't think Christianity is as good as Islam or Buddhism or Judaism or do you believe they're all good.

Ali: Well... I used to think... Well...

Kw: Well what?

Ali: Listen... The Koran says that there is only one God and Mohamed is the prophet but Mohamed also said that it doesn't matter. You shall have your religion, I'll have mine.

The koran also says to slay the unbelievers wherever they are found

KW: But do you believe that there are other ways to God other than through Mohamed? Do you believe that there are other Gods or that perhaps Allah is just one of many names used by one God and that it doesn't matter what religion you follow?

Ali: Well hey! Wait a minute!  That's not cool. I mean uh... uh... I said there  is only one God but we shouldn't really care about what other people believe as long as they... uh... well... uh.. uh.. Look. It doesn't matter. We don't care what you believe in, what religion you follow. You can worship whatever you want. We don't kill people or discriminate against people. Islam isn't about that despite what these right wing ditto heads on Fox all say!

KW: Lets talk about something related, 9/11. What are your thoughts on 9/11 and what were you doing when it happened? What did you think then?

Ali: That's a lot. That's a mouthful! I don't know what to start?

KW: How about telling me where you were on 9/11 and what went through your mind.

And here's where things really get hot...

Ali: Oh... I was living with Mom when it happened.

KW: You went back to live with her after you were in foster care?

Ali: Yeah I was there for a year then they sent me to live with my dad in Syracuse then back to Tom's River to my mom. Mom said the school wouldn't take me back so I had to go to Donovan Catholic school and be on my best behavior. Otherwise I would get sent back to live with Uncle Vern and that scared me!

KW: How did that go?

Ali:Bad... I had to wear a uniform and listen to this crap but mom told me to shut up and listen and just ignore whatever they said about religion. It was hard but I wasn't bullied they ignored me.

KW: And what happened on 9/11?

Ali: I was in class and we were told that there had been a terrorist attack in New York city and that we were dismissed from class that day and pray for the victims and their families.

KW: And you went home?

Ali: Not quite. There was a class room where everyone was watching TV and I saw the attack. The world Trade center towers, both of them were on fire and one of them collapsed! Two students were crying and so were one of the nuns. A priest was there, Father O'hara I think and I asked, who did this? What happened, he said "Oh, we don't know lad. It was either Islamic extremists or right wing militiamen?"

There goes the next Archbishop of New York city

KW: The priest thought right wing militias were responsible?

Ali:All this was just happening! We didn't know who did it! We just watched and some of the girls and one of the nuns cried. Some people also had rosaries, I'm all, what the hell? Who would do that? Why?

KW:Is that what you were thinking?

Ali: I was thinking like Father, it was probably Right wing militias like Timothy McVeigh! They're the only ones who could do something like this. As I walked home from school I'm thinking its gotta be right wing terrorists! Please God! Don't let it be Muslims! Only right wingers could do that. I got home watched TV they said it was Muslims and I was just. Aw...

Yeah either that or those darn Amish. Maybe the Hare Krishnas but no. Sorry Ali, It was members of The Religion of PeaceTM

KW: But did you think America deserved this to happen? Did you believe that this was justified?

Ali: Later on I got to thinking yeah, I mean America did this to herself I mean we go around bombing other countries and murdering women and children for oil so it must be.

KW: So 9/11 you would say is a good thing?

Ali: Well not at first but a few days later  when everybody got more and more racist they started getting hateful yeah I really did think that it was good and that America got what it deserved.

KW: Do you believe 9/11 was an inside Job?

Ali: I don't know. It might have been. I think Its possible the State of Israel bombed the Towers just to make Muslims look bad and so the Zionists can keep on supporting the racist state and the racist American government.

KW: So its possible but your not sure?

Ali: I wouldn't be surprised if it was an inside job that Israel did it or America did it but its possible.

KW: But America deserved it.

Ali: Yeah.

KW: What are your thoughts on 9/11 now?

Ali: The same, America had it coming. America is racist, hogging all the world's wealth, promoting racism and Christian hatred, they never did anything good.

KW: What makes you think America would deserve something like 9/11? I mean, what makes you think anyone would deserve something like that? 3000 people who never did anything to anybody! They died, they had relatives, loved ones, children, how can they really deserve that?

Ali: Did the children in Iraq murdered by Bush's war for big oil deserve to die? If so why?

KW: Well no but we were at war.

Ali: Right! We are at war! White Christian America is at war with the world especially the third world! You guys want to rob the developing world and the poor in the name of Jesus and so the rich white people on wall street can get rich! You rob the poor over there as well as here! America is the only country in the first world that targets the homeless and the poor! You persecute your own people for being different, being differently colored, differently abled and for different beliefs. Your the only country that does this! Persecuting people for being different  or handicapped or disabled! Just like Christian white boy Adolf Hitler and the whites in Europe before they made laws to stop it!

KW: Ach! Where to begin. How is it different to deliberately kill civilians working in a skyscraper or on a civilian jetliner as opposed to jet fighters inadvertly missing the target, hitting a civilian dwelling and accidentally killing women and children? In world war 2 we did the same thing fighting nazis.

Ali: It is! Saddam didn't have the weapons of mass destruction, no chemical weapons, they had nothing but oil! Iraq was being crippled by sanctions that killed millions of children! And you killed more children with bombings just so wall street can get a hold of big oil!

KW: Okay, I don't agree with sanctions and now we know that the war in Iraq was premature and a mistake but war had to be waged in light of what happened on 9/11. We should've gone to war with Iran or Syria instead yet the difference between America's war machine and Islamists, we did what we could to avoid civilian casualties, we did what we could to stop that from happening but we had to go to war. We were afraid, we were angry, I am not excusing that but you do not fight evil through peace, you confront and defeat evil through force. Sometimes it is necessary Unfortunate it may be but Islamic jihadists and communists targeted civilians without batting an eye.

Ali: What about Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

KW: What about it?

Ali: You killed civilians there. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not military targets but civilian. You did the same in Germany to Dresden and Hamburg

KW: And there were civilians killed by the Japanese in Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, Pearl Harbor. Again Ali. It sometimes can't be avoided. We had to drop those bombs to force a surrender on Japan. A surrender that had to be forced. If not, millions of civilians would die we would be forced to invade the Japanese Islands. It prevented needless deaths. But there was unfortunately death.

Ali: You dropped the A-bomb on a town full of people.

KW: Regrettable but necessary. Your Muslim friends meanwhile have committed far worse and if they had the bomb they'd do the same thing.

Ali: Yeah, your  robbing raping and plundering the third world! You're bombing other countries for oil and resources, you want to seize the world, pollute the world and destroy all mankind just so the one percent on Wall Street can live it up more and have even more disgusting wealth! I agree! I know what your saying man but try and look at it from their prospective, America is bombing and robbing people for capitalism and Christian world domination, millions of civilians are dying of hunger and disease everyday in the third world, Why? Because of America and the wall street nazis who run America!

KW: They are-

Ali:America is murdering the poor daily! Before this day is over, almost a million children will have died of disease and starvation! Deaths that did  not have to happen but had to happen so wall street and white Christian America can get rich! Before I finished that sentence and before I finish this one, thousands of children in Africa will have died! There! They're dead! WHY? Because of America, Because of Christianity and because of capitalism! I am so sick of everyone crying about 9/11!

Kw: Do you real-

Ali: 9/11 Was Our Hiroshima and Nagasaki! 9/11 was the third world and the Muslim world beating back 1000 years of Right wing Christian terrorism, imperialism and capitalism! 9/11 was our Hiroshima, Our Nagasaki, Our Dresden and our Hamburg for all the pearl Harbors, Coventrys, holocausts and Bataan marches you put us and our comrades in the third world through!

KW: How can you compare that?

Ali: Easy! You say that Hiroshima was to stop world war 2 and because of Pearl Harbor well listen up White American! 9/11 was our Hiroshima to you for 1000 years of enslavement, corporate takeover, colonialism, Christian fascism by missionaries, crusades, inquisitions and racism. How dare you evoke 9/11 and say your better than us. You're not! You got what you deserved! You got better than what you deserved!! America is hogging the wealth, polluting the planet, the earth is getting warmer and warmer and your murdering women and children on purpose! Those deaths could be prevented and you wont prevent it. You wont close wall street, tax the rich and make them pay for what they did to us and to our comrade workers in Latin America and Africa! You wont stop spending the people's money and wealth on wars and on religion instead of using it for education, healthcare and welfare! You want to enslave the world and enslave the planet just so Richie Rich can get even Richer!

Kw: Easy boss. There are people here I don't want to draw attention.

To be Fair there weren't many people. One old man and a woman on the other side and the waitress but I didn't want attention at this point

Ali:Well I need your attention Kyle! Whoever you are! Your just another lemming, another zombie! Another Robot fed to believe the lies of wall street and the fascist government that is privately owned! The matrix has you! You've been blue pilled to believe that you are a free country and the best when in reality you are not free and that you could lose it all in a heartbeat if they wanted to! Your not the best because though you're so powerful, you show your weakness by murdering homeless people and minorities in your own country! The workers are oppressed here and overseas! You also do the same to poor people in other countries! You support dictators like Pinochet and Franco who murdered they're own people and enslaved the rest to wall street!

Kw:And the solution is to hijack a civilian jetliner full of workers and other innocent people and fly it into a building and kill more working class people. Including Muslims.

Ali: Don't gimme that! It would never have happened if you hadn't enslaved the mid-east to get oil for your wall street goons!

Kw:I suppose communists have never killed anyone, I suppose Muslims, that Islam does not proscribe killing opponents, dissenters?

Ali: You don't get it. Do You? You're just an apologist for a violent nation that is not free or just! I know for a fact! I lived through it! I'm disabled and everyone treated me like garbage? Why? Not for communism or Islam but for being disabled, ugly and weak! They went after me for those reasons!

KW: I suppose if you'd lived in Iran or Cuba you'd be better off eh?

Ali:America is different! America has wealth! Power! American wealth and power could feed and clothe the needy of the world 100 times over! And you use that money instead of feeding and healing children to murder millions of children.

KW:But what about Iran and Cuba? Or China? Would you be better off there?

Ali I'd be better off If Jesus hadn't done this to me.

KW: But what if you were born in Iran? Or Cuba? What about the USSR?

Ali: If I had they would have treated me at the very least a lot better.

KW: Really now?

Ali: Islam forbids bullying and abelism! In the quran for instance says that he appointed a man with blindness to be a spiritual leader and Imam! They never do that in Christianity! They treat them like garbage! I've seen it even here in Denver! Jesus made them blind or allowed them to get blinded and Christians want to take away social security and treat them like garbage!

The quran also has Allah refer to the deaf and dumb as beasts Allah turns away

Ali:here! Let me read you this! A woman came once to the Prophet Praise be upon him and said "I suffer from severe epilepsy and parts of my body get exposed. Will you please pray to Allah for me?” He said to her:: “The choice is yours: You may wish to endure it with patience and have admission into heaven as your reward, or you may wish me to pray Allah to cure you.” She said: “I will endure it, but some parts of my body get exposed, so pray Allah for me not to be exposed.” The Prophet Praise be upon him! prayed for her.


Ali: Well this is about epilepsy! What do Christians teach? They teach that epileptics are filthy and unclean that they are all demon possessed! I was just reading about how a pastor beat a woman to death because she was epileptic. They used to lock them away in institutions!  Every pastor I know condemns them and people who are disabled! This proves that islam is superior to Christiantiy

Kw: Then why is Isis murdering children with Down Syndrome In Syria?

Ali: Why do Christians murder people who are disabled in America like Kelly Thomas?

Kw: First, tell me why Isis is murdering children who are mentally disabled in the Mid-east? Why hasn't the Council for Arab Islamic Relations (CAIR) come out and demand justice?

Ali: I don't know! I don't know about that! I do know that America armed Isis so maybe they just did like America wants and this is a con job by Americans. Why was Kelly Thomas murdered and why were the pigs who killed him acquitted by Christians?

KW: Why? I don't know why I don't think the jurors were christian though. What makes you think they are?

Ali: Because All the Christian websites I go to say Kelly had it coming, that he did not respect authority figures and that he was just a mentally ill homeless piece of S**t while Al-Jazeera condemned America

Kw: Why is it all the fault of Christians?

Ali: Easy, because I used to be one that's why! I remember I was homeless going to this baptist run mission, every day we had to listen to a degrading sermon. This fat old guy would tell us that we were ourselves all to blame for why we  were homeless. He said that homeless women who were domestic violence victims, they didn't respect the authority of their husbands when they were beaten, workers being laid off he said that we were all lazy, didn't work hard enough or that we did something to warrant this. Those of us who were abused or disabled, we somehow are to blame. He even said we probably shouldn't feed you because the bible says whosoever does not work shall not eat! He said that people who can't work cause they can't find work or are disabled should die!

Kw: Really? Why did Jesus say to feed the poor then?

Ali: I don't know you tell me? The Koran says The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while the neighbor to his side goes hungry.” It does not say his neighbor has to be a Muslim.

Neither does it say otherwise

Ali: ...He says, if your belly is full and your neighbor is hungry whether or not he's a Muslim or not, You are not a Muslim. But the Bible says let the unemployed and disabled starved to death die painfully in hunger why? Just because some fat white guy in a suit and tie or iin purple robes said it. I never heard God or any bearded white guy come to me and say so, All I know about Jesus didn't come from some holy spook but from some old fat rich white guy who degraded me. This proves again Islam is superior.

Kw: Well I'd hate to be the reverend on the day of judgement

And I'd hate to be one of the 72 virgins in paradise waiting for this nerd

Ali: And I'd hate to be you too Kyle. What will you say to Allah about your support for a nation that has all the worlds wealth and treats the disabled and poor and minorities like garbage? America has the highest crime rate in the 1st world, highest poverty, rape, pornography and instead of providing for all and protecting all you go off and oppress. What will you say to Allah and his Prophet Kyle?

KW: Well... I'd tell him I fought against the government that did those things. I work to promote information and education, let people know about what's going on. I don't have massive powers you see. I'm not all powerful. I'm no Genie in a bottle I can't make everything right on my own but with what I have I did what needs to be done.

Ali: By promoting a nation that kills its poor? The government isn't the problem Kyle, its the people who vote for it. The majority of americans are lazy rednecks and savages who go around praising Jesus and hanging black people on trees and murdering poor people!

KW: If that were true I doubt any of us would be alive. I've been homeless before and I'm always on the razors edge of being homeless again. You've been there why didn't everyone here turn on you and wipe you out then?

Ali: Because I was in a liberal and tolerant area that didn't respect Jesus or people in authority like you and Trump does! If I had been homeless in say Kansas or Nebraska or Texas or Worse Florida, any of these places in Jesus land, they'd kill me. They even tried to.

KW: I see. I used to live in Nebraska. I was homeless there for just 2 months and I had an apartment there for 2 years.  I don't recall that happening often.

Ali: It does! They pray to Jesus and they become racist!

Kw: Uh huh..

This rant goes on for several minutes before I bring it to a halt. I let him vent his liberal tolerance and frustration, he preached blasphemy and anti american slogans about America before getting back on track. Brian doesn't think most of what he also says is worth mentioning. Its all blasphemy and anti-american slogans. He's right. I would hate for this to become flagged after having to endure  it for over an hour.

Kw:Okay Why don't we come back to that later. Lets keep moving on. How did you become homeless? did you graduate from High School?

Ali: Yeah but I had a very hard time. I couldn't find work. I tried working at McDonalds, Walmart, Walgreens, Labor Ready It was just too hard and I got fired. I tried applying for work elsewhere but They wouldn't take me because I didn't have experience. That and I was ugly.

KW: Wait... Wait you got fired from McDonald's Walmart, Walgreens and Labor Ready?

Ali: I didn't get fired from Labor Ready. Its just that they didn't always have work and I was always being yelled at!

Kw: But you got fired from McDs, Wally World and Walgreens? How does that happen? Were you on medication then?

Ali: No but I was still too slow and I was clumsy. The district manager yelled at me all the time, then when he was getting lunch I accidentally put my finger in my ear to pick at it and didn't wash my hands. He and two other customers saw it. He called me into the break room and told me he had it with me and that I was the worst worker he ever had that wasn't mean and had an attitude problem.

KW: Wha??? How does that happen?

Ali: I was too slow

KW: What about Walmart?

Ali: I accidentally broke stuff and When I put away shirts I bunched them all up on counters and wrinkled them and didn't do a good job keeping things tidy. I also was late coming in to work often so they fired me. I got fired from Walgreens because I couldn't count change well even with a register and I always messed up putting away and cleaning things.

KW: I see. So then what?

Ali: Well Mom was angry and so was dad. I got kicked out for being fired and then Dad wanted to kick me out because I couldn't find work. Uncle Vern suggested I join the service. He said I should try that see if I make it and if not He'd take me in.

Kw: So you enlisted in the army or Marines?

Ali: Yeah the army. It was very very hard. It was worse than McDonalds! I couldn't do it. I was in training for a week and I got kicked out of basic. I did a bad job.

Kw: Well how could they have taken you if you had all these problems you mentioned?

Ali: They didn't know about it. I lied. But a week and a half later the Sergeant got my medical and psychiatric records and told me that I was a mess and that because of records I wasn't allowed in the army and he said that I wasn't doing good anyway and that I was the worst recruit they ever had and I should go back home. He said I was doing a bad job in training anyway and wouldn't make it. So I did. I dropped out Ifailed basic. I couldn't go in anyway since I had a psychiatric record.

Kw: Sergeants treat you bad?

Ali: Yeah. They yelled at me and made fun of me for being fat and slow. I also had to diet and they demanded I lose weight. They were also racist.

Kw: Racist?

Ali: They told us that we were going to war in Iraq to promote White supremacy. They said the crusades existed to promote the white race against Muslims and N***ers. That's why we fought the crusades and that's why we were fighting again in Iraq.

KW: I thought the crusades was an attempt to secure the holy land for pilgrims.

Ali: No. the crusades  was about promoting Christianity and with it, white supremacy. That's why King Richard fought Saladin, because they wanted the white race to rule the world with help from Christianity which teaches whites were better

Kw: The sergeants told you that!

Ali: Yeah! Also my uncle Vern told me that too!

KW: Where in Christianity did they teach that whites were better? Where in the bible.

Ali:In the Book of Nehamiah, they said that you had to kneel to a white god and keep the races separate and that non whites were mud and didn't have souls

KW: They taught you this in the army?

Ali: No not that part. They did teach us that whites were better. The parts I learned were from Christian websites and from Catholic school.

KW: What did they teach you at Donavan Catholic?

Ali: They taught us that crusades happened to spread the gospel to heathens and that 9/11 happened because Muslims were savages, one of the nuns there told us that 9/11 was all because America tolerated Islam, they also taught us it was God punishing us for supporting Israel.

KW: The nuns told you God punished America for supporting Israel?

Ali: Well one of them did. The nun said that the jews murdered  Christ and that they were murdering the Palestinians and that our support for Israel provoked it.

Kw: Were you taught this in public school as well?

Ali:Yes. I was taught in 8th grade my teacher Mrs Flannahgan she told us that Israel was a racist state and that the palestinians were freedom fighters who were discriminated by Israelis. She showed us a documentary called people in the land which was very good and another one by Al-Jazeera that was in arabic and had english subtitles that talked about Apartheid and how Arabs were discriminated and that was why they were fighting back because we promoted that garbage. It was America's fault.

KW; People in the land didn't PBS make that?

Ali: yeah!  I got in on my computer at home

KW: Did you ever watch or store on your hardrive any documentary or movie about Israel's um... "crimes" by any churches or mosque or by David Duke.

Ali: Uh... Yeah I got some stuff from Texe Marrs and David Duke. I don't like him but he puts out some good stuff about the nazi state of Israel and Rothschild.

Kw: How about David Icke or Pastor Pete Peters?

Ali: Yeah I got some stuff from Pastor Peters Scriptures for America. I don't like a lot of what they preach but I do like Pastor Peter J Peters. I thought about going up to Fort Collins to hear him preach. But he died. He's the only Christian I like, that and Texe mars.

So he's getting his info about Israel and America from the KKK Christian identity and Nazis? Hmmmm...

 Kw: What do you think of John Hagee

Ali: Hate him.

Kw: Why?

Ali: He's a zionist, a thug, a war criminal, he's racist, he's a homophobe, he wants welfare recipients and people on SSI to starve to death and has the nerve to call Muslims terrorists who should be killed.

Kw: Okay, uh.. Jerry vines

Ali: I don't know who he is.

KW: President of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1989, he called Mohamed a Demon possessed pedophile in 2003 I think it was.

Ali: OH! I know him! he's a racist too! The Southern Baptists they supported slavery and racism!

KW: So you learned  this from the sergeants the catholic school the internet what else?

Ali: I learned from my uncle Vern. He says that all Muslims are terrorists  and  that America and Israel should wipe them out.

After reading Kyle's interview with this nerd, I wonder why

Kw: So you went to live with your uncle how did that go?

Ali: Okay at first. Aunt Lynne and Uncle Vern were nice to me. They were sorry about the starvation diet and didn't do that again. They expected me to apply for at least 5 jobs a day. It didn't work.I was there for about a year then when I turned 21 Uncle Vern told me he was going to have me go to a homeless  shelter in New  York city since they could help me better. Instead I asked him for a greyhound ticket to California.

Kw: Why did  you want to go to California.

Ali: To apply for SSI. and because they have better welfare  for homeless people there. Uncle Vern didn't want to. He would have me go to New York or Boston. But I told him I'd have him in trouble for what he did to me if he didn't I knew He had enough money more than enough to do it. And It would save us trouble. I even showed him a bruise on My shoulder and would tell the police he did it if he didn't get  me the ticket. He was in trouble before so they wont believe him. So he went to his office, told me to get my ID card and get my stuff ready. I did. He dropped me off at the Greyhound station with my printed ticket and told me I couldn't come back ever again. Okay!? Okay! He drove off, left me there and I never saw  him again.

KW: How did the rest of your family react?

Ali: I don't know. I didn't know until years ago when I was in the mental hospital.

Kw: Mental Hospital?

Ali: Yeah, the one in Sacramento. Mercy General and Sierra Vista. I was  there for  two weeks. I had a nervous breakdown because  They messed up on my SSI application. I also went off and said I was gonna kill this pastor who was at the shelter preaching hate.

KW: Oh. Who was it?

Ali: I don't remember right now... Uh.... No... I don't know. Some preacher who said mean things that really hurt me. He said that America shouldn't tolerate people with disabilities and that it was cheaper and better for society to lock up the different or kill them.

Kw: that's not nice.

Ali: No it isn't  I went to his church, flipped out and wanted to sock him in the mouth at his church the deacon stopped me and told them I was gonna kill him and kill myself. The police came and took me to jail, the pastor said he wouldn't file charges but I had to go to the hospital.

Kw: You were there for two weeks?

Ali: Yes

Kw: Did they help you with SSI and housing?

Ali: Yes. I actually got SSI one month after being discharged

Kw: And housing?

Ali: I was in a motel then an apartment. But The apartment got shut down and I wound up homeless again. I went wandering around for a year finding a place to live.

KW: And you came to Denver?

Ali: Yeah. Its beautiful. It took me two more years to get housing however.

Kw: Well I recall you said you were homeless for 6 years?

Ali: Yeah.

Kw:How long and where?

Ali: 2 years in California, a year and a half I think in Denver I was also in Minnesota, Michigan, New  York and Seattle. I've also been to Portland Oregon, Phoenix Arizona, Salt Lake City and uh... I think Idaho.

KW: And you got subsidized housing here?

Ali: Yeah! Section 8 housing! Its good! I don't have to pay much, just 30% of my SSI.

KW: Okay, I'm off track lets get back to your parents. They contacted you in the mental hospital in Sacramento was it?

Ali: Yeah the doctor wanted  to talk to my parents to help me asses my situation and get me my SSI, I told them the phone number for my mom and he called and spoke to my dad, Uncle Vern, Uncle Joe and Aunt Lynne.

KW: And what happened?

Ali My dad answered. Mom died a month earlier from a heart attack, she over worked to death, My grandparents were all dead, Aunt Emilka killed herself after she had a nervous breakdown and was in the mental hospital 3 times, she slit her wrists at home. My other aunts and uncles were dead except Joey, Aunt Esther, Aunt Lynne, Uncle Vern and Aunt Patricia.

Kw: Sorry

Ali: No don't worry. Dad said mom was pissed off and never forgave  Uncle Vern for sending me to live in California or that he wanted to put me in a homeless shelter in New York or Boston. She wanted to bring me home, put me in a group home and apply for SSI.

KW: And your dad

Ali: the same. He offered to let me stay over at his place, he said he got back together with Starfyre and that he lived at her house in Ithaca.

KW: Did you?

Ali: naw. It was winter and too cold and I worried that something would happen.

KW: How long were you homeless when you got SSI

Ali: 2 years.

KW: All this time you were in California?

Ali: Yeah. Mostly in San Francisco and Sacramento. I was also in La, Redding and Santa Barbara


Ali: After I got SSI: I got some retroactive, I had like four thousand dollars in my account, they gave me this card and they told me I had to spend it under two thousand dollars which I did.

Kw: While you were in California, was that when you joined Antifa, the communist party and Islam?

Ali: Yeah. I had been looking up communism ever since I went to live with Uncle Vern, I used to go to some meeting places in New York city and Stamford, we learned stuff, I also got a free copy of Mao's red book which I still have. I love reading it.

KW: Mao is your favorite communist?

Ali: My favorite communist is Either Bob Avakian or Bernie Sanders. I hope he becomes president and takes over.

Kw: I meant in history like say Stalin, Trostky, Che, Ho Chi Minh Trumbo and so on.

Ali: yeah uh.. My favorite communist in history was... uh....

Kw: Okay?

Ali: yeah uh... Heh... Uh... My favorite communist is Field marshall Cinque

KW: Cinque Mtume?

Ali: yeah! he was cool!

KW: Founder of the SLA?

Ali: Hell yeah!

Cinque Mtume, Born Donald DeFreeze was the leader of the Symbianese Liberation Army. A left wing terrorist group steeped in marxism, Black liberation, Islam and far left doctrine. According to Mtume, its name derived from symbiosis. He dreamed in his manifesto for political symbiosis. That is to say the unity of all left-wing struggles, feminist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, and others. DeFreeze wanted all races, genders, and ages to fight together. 

The SLA was run mainly by Black Militant Marxists and Muslims. Although mostly Whites participated more notably Heiress Patty Hearst, the movement was mostly black supremacist and far off to the left as to offend other leftists. the Group was broken up after Cinque commited suicide to avoid capture and after a failed bank robbery. Only one of the SLA are still in prison. The rest are either dead or alive and free including one of the main founders, Russell Little AKA Osi who now lives in Hawaii.

Kw: So what attracts  you to these people? What did they do? What uh.. Tell me about Cinque?

Ali: These guys were heroes! They tried to overthrow the American government single handed  and almost did!

Kw: Really?

Ali: Yeah! Really! they were  awesome! I used to watch all these movies about them!

Kw: What do you like about them aside from their attacking the American government

Ali: I like what they preach! They took all the stuff that they had in the sixties and seventies revolutions and melded  it the right way into one big movement of love, peace, justice and triumph.

Kw: Triumph? But they lost. Cinque was killed in a shootout or I think he commit suicide and the rest either were captured  or went into hiding! How could this have succeeded?

Ali: Well it didn't but they set an example for revolutionaries to follow later on.

KW: Ah... I see. What  example?

Ali: Well ah... ah... they were defeated yes, but they uh.. Well...

Kw: Your telling me that they set an example for everyone by kidnapping killing people, committing terror acts only to be mowed down? And they only had a few people?

Ali: Well hold on. Look. I know uh... Well yeah I know they failed but they went out in glory and if at first you don't succeed  try try again. Ho Chi minh and Nelson Mandela weren't totally successful neither.But they did it in the end and so was Castro. He had to fight an uphill battle but he made it!

KW: They had resources, man power, guns, they didn't fail, they went through a few major set backs to their plans yes but they had support. Your guys didn't. It was just them and the system and they failed miserably while killing innocent people.

Ali: I know but you can't win everything. I know. But one day we'll get even, one day there are some heroes and a few people who will get up stand up and destroy this evil system in America and bring about a better  nation.

KW: I don't think they're gonna do it by going out guns blazing.

Ali: It could work! Mao Zedong used to say that even a tiny movement with enough determination can win. they did it against not only Chai Kan Chek But against the Japanese as well!

KW: But they had support from the USSR and I believe the OSS our boys helped them during world war 2.

Ali: Well yeah but we can do it on our own. I think.Yeah!

KW: Good luck with that one.

Ali: Look, I know what your thinking but its gotta be small steps. Baby steps. One day, they'll be a big revolution in this country.

KW: Okay so what attracts you to the SLA and Cinque?

Ali: they took up arms  and fought back against their enemies against all odds.

KW: Against all odds.

Ali: yeah!

KW: Okay. And what else?

Ali Their ideology and teaching. its beautiful.

KW:  So lets see. You agree with the SLA do you also agree with the organization Vencemeros?

Ali: What?

Kw: Vencemeros, the organization that radicalized Cinque and other SLA members while in prison?

Ali: Oh okay.

KW: You believe for instance that its okay to kill civilians?

Ali: Not on purpose but you do that all the time?

KW: What about to advance the cause like Killing bank customers or bystanders during a shooting.

Ali: Well uh... Unless they're right wing no.

KW: Do you believe that the American prison system is a concentration camp for African Americans?

Ali: Yeah I do.

Kw: Do you believe  that all black inmates in prison are innocent of their crimes and are there for political purposes?

Ali: Yeah Well almost  all of them.

KW: Really?

Ali: Yeah! Look at Hurrican Carter, He was innocent, he even saved those guards from a riot and they still treated him like crap!

KW: Have you ever been in jail or prison Ali?

Ali:yeah I went to jail for urinating in public when I was in St Paul but nothing happened to me.

KW: What jail were you in?

Ali: Uh.. Hennepin county jail? But I was there for a day and it was not in a bad place.

KW: Were you in PC?

Ali: No. Not really.

KW: What did they do to you?

Ali: I got off because the owner of the store who's ally I pee'd in grabbed me and held me down illegally while the police came.

KW: And what other trouble have you been in?

Ali: Aside from school fights I got into real trouble in San Francisco for eating lunch at a restaruant and not having money to pay for it. I don't know what happened. I thought I had 60 dollars I was wrong.

KW: What happened?

Ali: I don't know. I guess I forgot to withdraw it from my EBT card. I was real embarrassed. the police came and gave me a citation. I did pay for it and I apologized to the owner and they said okay but you're not allowed in anymore. I think it was because they knew I was homeless and got welfare. I still had to go to court and I showed I paid for it and said I was really sorry. Case dismissed.

Kw: What else?

Ali: That's all.

KW: Did your Juvinile record ever get sealed?

Ali: Yeah. That's how I was able to get into the army but I guess I was too dumb and too fat for them. It was too hard.

KW: What do you think of Shining Path?

Ali: Yeah! They're okay! More power to them!

Kw:So tell me what else draws you to the SLA.

Ali:They're brave, they're awesome, they almost won.

KW: Almost?

Ali: yeah. They just needed more people to rise up and it would be done!

Kw: What would be done

Ali: Overthrow capitalism and white Christian fascist tyranny and create a new world of peace!

KW: Do you support the murder of Marcus Foster?

Ali: No. that was a big mistake! They should've killed someone right wing.

The SLA had condemned Foster for his plan to introduce identification cards into Oakland schools, calling him a fascist. In reality, Foster had opposed the use of identification cards in his schools, and his plan was a watered-down version of other similar proposals. An African American, Foster was popular with liberals and blacks.

Kw: But any civilian who you consider right wing is up for being killed

Ali: I would say so. They're evil and right wing.

KW: So, who would you say is okay to kill, what kind of criteria is there?

Ali: Well I guess being right wing, being conservative

KW: Who is conservative or right wing?

Ali: You know. Uh... Fascists. Neo Nazis. Klansmen, racists, people who support Donald Trump or support killing children because they're black or not Christian.

KW: what about whites and Christians being killed

Ali:Uh.. Uh.. I guess not.

KW: You guess not?

Ali: To be a real Christian is to be intolerant. You must support killing so called undesirables the poor, minorities and support slavery or  wage systems like capitalism. Not all whites are bad but the overwhelming majority are. And many Christians like some of these people I was in school with they aren't real Christians.

KW: So real Christians are all racist.

Ali: Pretty much.

Kw: Pretty much huh?

Ali: Yup! Either that or they're homophobes, bigots, right wing nazis, anti-semites and so on.

KW: What about people like TD jakes

Ali: Oh he's just an uncle Tom and a Homophobe. He's just trying to exploit his people.

Kw: So all black Christians are all uncle Toms

Ali: Yeah either that or they don't know what they're doing or they aren't really Christian

KW: And these people in school who taught you Christianity like that priest or the Methodist Pastor or your foster dad who was preacher? Or the 2 boyfriends your mom had who was a minister?

Ali: They aren't real Christian. They don't know what its all about. They haven't read the bible cover to cover like I have. Also they just want to fit in culturally because its the culture and because its hard to imagine someone like Jesus being a bad guy who he really was.

KW: Jesus was a bad guy?

Ali: Yeah, He's God so how come he didn't stop the holocaust or the crusades?

KW: I don't know? Maybe your wrong and they weren't real Christians?

Ali: But what about Emmett Till? How come he didn't save him?

KW: I don't know? I mean its like asking why didn't he I mean Jesus save himself?

Ali: Yeah but why?

KW: To free  us of our sins?

Ali: Or maybe he never did. I mean the crucifixion story was mostly fake. It was really the Greek God Dionysius. I mean the two stories are so similar they have to be a coincidence!

KW: Okay? Who was Dionysius

Ali: A Greek God in Greek Mythology, he was the son of Zeus and a virgin. He was crucified on a tree just like in the Gospel story.

KW: I see. And you believe that just because of this story that means Jesus is a lie.

Ali: It must be. That's not all! You ever  hear of the story Nimrod and Semaris? Or Osiris And Isis?

Kw: Yes.

Ali: I read Jack Chick's tracts man. You know those chick tracts?

KW: Yes.

Ali: Well he wrote a bunch of tracts about worshiping the Virgin Mary, the whole thing came from Babylon and from Ancient Egypt. There was this king named Nimrod, He had  a wife named Semaris, she got pregnant by him and what happened was Nimrod got killed  and was reincarnated as Semaris baby Tamuz. Egypt, they had the same thing! Only it was Osiris and Isis and the baby Horus.

KW: Well If I recall Isis found the pieces of her husband, put him together except for his genitalia and he came back

Ali: It was all a farce that Christianity is based on! The Christians, they worship Mary and Jesus who is her son. Jesus died and was buried and resurrected. This is the same as Nimrod, Dionysius, Baby Jesus Etc.! Baby Tamuz!

Kw: What's your point?

Ali: I mean its  all a too good to be a coincidence! In fact I learned that When the egyptians prayed to Ra the sun God they finished saying, Amen. That's his name! Amen-ra!

Kw: No. Amen is Latin for So be it!

Ali: Its also what they call Ra! Jesus and Amen Ra! AMEN!

Kw: I thought you said Jesus was Osiris and Tamuz or Horus?

Ali: You forget the trinity! Jesus is 3 different people at once! Jesus the Son, Jesus God, Jesus the Holy Ghost

Kw: And?

Ali: They had the same thing in Egypt and Babylon man! Nimrod, Baal, Asherath, Jesus Mary Tamuz,

Kw: Ah... I think you're a bit off!

Ali: No! Its the same! Even Jack Chick in his booklets admitted it! That's why the Catholics are hated and why they had the reformation? Becauase Catholicism was too pagan but even the protestants got into it.

Kw: Ah no no no. The Reformation happened for lots of reasons. Corruption in the church most notably  the sale of indulgences, there were a lot of issues going on.

Ali: The issue was that the bible and the Catholic church contradicted but I learned even more from two friends of mine who were atheists, one of whom was an ex-catholic the other an ex-jew.

Kw: And what was that?

Ali: My Jewish Atheist friend told me that in the book of Ezekiel in chapter 8, they had a scene where the priests and rabbis were all worshiping Tamuz and Semaris in Secret just like the Catholics and that is why Jews  reject Christianity because the worship of Mary and Jesus is the same thing. God got mad  at them and punished them for it. So its not right.

Kw: They were worshiping a pagan God. Jesus Hadn't been born yet.

Ali: But the Jesus story is all based on Semaris and Osiris! That's what I'm telling you! Even the Jews know it.

Kw: Oh come on! I hardly think Jack Chick would draw and write about that if that were true!

Ali: That's not all, I learned some other things

Kw: Oh I can hardly wait to hear...

Ali: My other atheist friend, he grew up in a conservative catholic family in Rhode Island, He told me that the protestant reformation was a heresy and that even the Bible condemned Martin Luther and what he did.

Kw: So the bible condemns luther ergo Christianity is a lie.

Ali: yeah because Catholicism is a lie. But the bible says that there has to be one collective church under St Peter. The Bible Luther wrote was full of error and was even re-written. For instance in the book of Hebrews he added faith alone. No! You have to have works! And he even tried to ban Deuteronomy and James.

Kw: Well Martin Luther was one of many reformers. There was John Wycliffe, William Tyndale, John Hus, there were the Waldensians, there were lots of people! But just because Martin... I mean Martin Luther really was  just trying to reform the Catholic church. He did a lot of stupid things  that were wrong.

Ali: They all got it wrong! The Bible itself teaches you can't be saved by grace without works and that there has to be one true universal or Catholic church and since THEY'RE a  mess and because the pope really isn't infallible they can't be right so Christianity is wrong!

Kw: Then why didn't people just throw away the bible and cross and mosy off on their way then?

Ali: Well because its profitable, people are ignorant, they want to keep the masses ignorant so they can promote capitalism and oppress everyone with a capitalist government. The bosses all know this so they try to delude everyone to keep them stupid. America is the most religious country in the world and the most oppressed. We work hard and toil more than the Europeans, the rich get rich, the poor got poor, all we get is beans and rice and Jesus Christ and all the rich people laugh at us because were stupid to believe this junk.

kw: Or maybe because as Jesus says, its easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter heaven.

Ali: They just say that. I mean how come John Hagee and These other people don't preach at  rich people to get off their high horse and repent? Give up their money? Why don't they do that? They always preach against poor people! Us poor people are evil sinners because we get SSI and Section 8. That means according to these nuts Were working the system while rich people get corporate welfare! They get  to fly on their jets  and exploit the workers  while we suffer but were all evil sinners who steal from the rich while rich people are saints!

Kw: *COUGH!* Ahem... MMhmmm.... Excuse me. But John Hagee has scorched rich people in the past. He scorched George Soros, he Scorched Bill Gates

Ali: Has he scorched the Walton Family?

KW: yes. The Waltons supported Obamacare gay marriage and other policies. Hagee's church and other churches boycotted them.


Kw: You know they seem to be going after rich people a lot for tithes and donations. I mean how do you think they prosper? And yes I have heard quite a few men of the cloth give rich folks a scorching but its only because the money they have is funding an immoral lifestyle or funding evil causes.

Ali: Like who?

KW: Well your friend Pastor Peters for starts, he got up and preached brimstone on them I believe. Then there's a few other ministers but I think the main reason some of these people are mum is because they'll lose donations. And Most of these so called evangelicals you mention, they're sell outs who just want to be popular and rich. The Bible says beware when people speak well of you. And  they do speak well of a lot of these people. The Best churches I go to are in poor neighborhoods.

Ali: Are they liberal.

Kw: Hardly. In some of these places like you got in South Central, Skid Row, East side, El Bario, Harlem, Rainier Beach, That's where need to go for the good word. And they don't water it down like Copeland, hagee, Robertson and these others. They aint wealthy neither. Some of them are homeless or on the verge of homelessness.

He didn't believe it. He carried on. More and more he haranged about Christianity and about Jesus. He had been taught in the public education system that all religions were equal and that Islam was the most equal and that they all lead to salvation. Even the Catholics and protestants told him the same thing. Even His Catholic school taught him that and more. And he became a Muslim. Yet Christianity was something to be abhorred and hated. He hated Jesus and Hated the Bible. But what about Islam? And how do you practice Islam and be a communist, follow an ideology founded by godless evildoers?

KW: What do you think of Jeremiah Wright?

Ali: He's okay. He's not a real Christian but he's okay?

Kw: Why is that? What did he do?

Ali:He tells the truth.

KW: You agree with him America's chickens have come home to roost?

Ali: YEAH!

KW: You support him saying GD America? That it was in the bible.

Ali:No, its not in the bible But I support him.

 Kw: Ali Let me ask you this?

Ali: Yes?

Kw: What about Islam?

Ali: what do you want to know?

Kw: Do you believe  that Islam is the only true religion and that Allah is the only God?

Ali: Well uh... I believe its the best religion there is but God can probably reveal himself in other forms. There is one God though.

Oh dear...

Kw: Islam teaches  that all religions are the same thing?

Ali: Well ah... well... well... uh... uh.. well... almost

almost isn't enough

Kw: So... A Buddhist monk... In Tibet, prays to Buddha, does Buddhist ah... stuff... Dies, lives according to the tenets of Buddhism, Allah and Mohamed would welcome him into heaven and say hey! Welcome! You followed  the Buddhist faith righteously now your going to paradise? Well done!

Ali: Yeah, I mean people who don't know God don't know about Mohamed God isn't going to punish them. This Imam  I spoke to in Michigan he said God wouldn't punish someone who died in disbelief if he hadn't known about islam.

Kw:But what if they do? This Buddhist  heard a Muslim preacher in his town, rejected him continued on his way? Then what?

Ali: Well he didn't know any better I guess. I mean he spent his whole life a buddhist suddenly this person came. He didn't get any proof of Islam so he doesn't know. He told me that only if it were presented  by an angel and he didn't believe it  would he be condemned. But that he's not gonna punish the Buddhist unless an angel tells him.

 Oh Dear Dear! Better read the Koran Again.

Ali: Were not like you Christians. We don't think indians or pygmies who don't know Jesus are gonna burn in hell just because they never heard of him or didn't understand what was happening.

KW: But what about the Koran

Ali: Yeah?

KW: Quran 40 verse 12 When the fetters and the chains shall be on their necks; they shall be dragged Into boiling water, then in the fire shall they be burned Sura 22- But as for those who disbelieve, garments of fire will be cut out for them; boiling fluid will be poured down on their heads; Whereby that which is in their bellies, and their skins too, will be melted; And for them are hooked rods of iron

Ali Nah you read it wrong. Its about bad unbelievers like right wing Christians its talking about.

KW: No. Its talking about people who aren't muslims. Including people like that Buddhist  who either never heard of Mohamed or never believed in him.

Ali: And  what do you Christians say,

Kw: Well the bible says that the hidden things are for God to judge. A pygmy indian who died without ever hearing Jesus will not be cast into hell but you my friend, you may find a big surprise in store since you've no doubt heard the gospel while homeless in America.

Ali: No! No! no!  ha! that's not true.

Kw: What does the Koran and the hadith say?

Ali: The Quran is only talking about bad unbelievers! People like you and people like the guy waling down the road, they don't know better! And The Hadith isn't valid its just a commentary

Kw:: Then why is it a crime to not believe in the hadith in some countries like Egypt and Syria?

Ali: I don't know!!! Why? I mean Why do Christians slam Muslims as  evil but why do they ah! Why do Christians oppose abortion yet support killing homosexuals or starting wars?

Kw: You mean the wars like say Ottoman conquest? Or 9/11? Or Lepanto or Poitiers?

Ali: Ah! uh! Er! Uh! Eh! uh! its ah! Its uh.. Uh..! Well look you read  the Koran wrong. What about the bible? I read the bible from cover  to cover and that's one reason I'm not a Christian! I mean where did Cain Get  his wife? What about the genocide of the canaanites? The murder of babies  in the bible by the Israelites or Jesus telling his followers slay them before  me?

Kw: Right now were talking about the Koran.

Ali: Your reading it the wrong way.

Kw: Maybe you read the bible wrong?

Ali: No. I tell you what I'll check with my Imam

Kw: Forget the imam! Read the Quran for yourself! how do you feel?

Ali: I'll do it later. But what about the Bible?

Kw: There is a difference between the old and new testaments

Ali:No there isn't. God's word is unchanging. God doesn't change. He's the same yesterday today and forever.

KW: And allah is the same?

Ali: Yeah but he never told us to kill innocent people just because they aren't Muslims. All this stuff your saying is right wing Christian racist propaganda. Real Muslims don't kill innocent people

KW: What about the 3000 people who died on 9/11? Are saying that every one of them were racists? Every one of them were right wing? Everyone of them got what they deserved?

Ali: 9/11 was probably an inside job by Israel.

Kw: Uh... No that's not what you said earlier. You said they deserved it and That America deserved it.

Ali: Uh well.. Uh...

Kw: Well? America deserved it didn't they?

Ali: Well not all Americans just those who were racist.

KW: That's not you said. You said America was evil, racist, you compared 9/11 to a counter attack like Hiroshima, you said that the third world struck back.

Ali: alright well I didin't mean it I meant.

KW:Ali! You said that 9/11 was self defense! You said America was racist and that America's chickens came home to roost! Don't deny it!

Ali: Well not all Americans deserve it, there may have been innocent people on the plane and in the building but most of them deserved to die.


Ali: Yeah like there were these people on the plane like Todd Beamer who was a redneck and a right wing Christian, there was this Israeli Officer who murdered Palestinians who was on the plane and got killed, they said he was the first one to die, there was also this other guy who worked at WTC who was a real estate businessman and swindler, another guy who was an exploiter for workers, a lot of these guys, were involved in promoting the capitalist system, they were promoting American imperialist expansion and helping the Israeli's murder Palestinians!

Kw: *FACEPALM* So let me get this straight, nearly all of the people who died on 9/11 were guilty of a crime that warranted that kind of death.

Ali: Ah... uh.... Not quite. Some of them did. A lot of them did yeah.

KW: And the ones who were innocent who got killed? Janitor? bystanders, people who never supported Israel, never practiced capitalism, what about them?

Ali: Allah will recompense them. They're in heaven.

KW: They're in heaven?

Ali: Yeah.

Kw: Where in the Koran does it say that?!?

Ali: uh... uh... I don't know. I know its in there. Innocent people killed by jihad will be recompensed  by God. My Imam taught me that.

KW: Does that include non-believers?

Ali: yeah!

KW: Where does that say so in the Koran? I read that unbelievers go straight to hell!

Ali: Its in there I just don't have it.

KW: Maybe it isn't and you want it to be there. But it isn't.

Ali: No its there! And it says that allah is just and merciful

KW: Tell that to the Sudanese who Allah enslaved and genocided or to the families of the 9/11 survivors.

Ali: but Its in there!

KW: Then Why isn't he merciful to the 3000 who died on 9/11?

ali: He was, the ones who were innocent were sent to heaven!

Kw:Who is innocent and was not?

Ali: well... Well... well.. uh... The capitalists, the racists, the Christian right wingers.

KW: So lets evaluate and pad this down... The capitalists. What do you mean?

Ali: These land lords, these business fascists and the people who rob the workers.

Kw: So that would be, anyone who owns a business, invests in stock, has a white collar job, they deserve to die?

Ali: No, its what's in their heart. The business, if they're paying minimum wage and lining their pockets or investing in companies like Walmart that hurt people they deserve to die.

KW: Who else deserves to die.

Ali: Just  those and racists

KW: Who is right wing and racist. What is that exactly?

Ali: They hate people who are different and want to exploit them and get rich off them

Kw: Like your muslim friends in Syria who murder people

Ali: No, they're freedom fighters

KW: Murdering people with disabilities and murdering unbelievers? They're freedom fighters.

Ali: No, that's just a bunch of lies by capitalists and fascists and Islamophobes! The Zionist media  made that up.

At that point it was hopeless to argue. Ali try as he might to soften and white wash his hatred  for America and the capitalists could not hide his hatred. He was murdering and bloodthirsty. 

In the bible it says answer not a fool in his ways unless he becomes more like you. Hopeless... And certainly he was a damn fool. He hated whites but he was white, he hated America but wouldn't leave, he believed in a religion that, like every other religion taught a monopoly on truth but believed in othter truths (except for christianity) and preached a white washed version of Islam but he failed and showed his true colors. He continued to rant about the evils of America and why so many people had to die on 9/11 So I turned to his communism

Kw:  Tell me why communism is better than capitalism.

Ali: Because communism is for taking care of the needs of the public instead of just a small fraction of privileged elitists.

Kw: Then why didn't they do that in Cuba or Russia

Ali: They did

KW: Then why did so many people flee that country on rafts in shark infested waters just to go to America?

Ali: Yeah because they're stupid! The only reason Cuba is poor is because of America sanctions and because Russia is no longer communist and helping them!

KW: Why is Russia no longer communist?

Ali: Because of traitors  I guess

KW: What about famines and lack of personal freedoms

Ali: What personal freedoms? They had freedom there. Those famines happened because of traitors and sabotage

Kw: Not because the system failed?

Ali: No! It can't fail when its done the right way!

KW: where is it done the right way?

Ali: Uh... uh.. I don't know where.

KW: Its never been done right and can't

Ali: No, it can be done right! We just gotta do it right we gotta have the right people in charge

KW: Like who?

Ali: Like Bernie Sanders or Bob Avakian or maybe someone like Hugo Chavez

KW: Hugo Chavez? You'd like him to rule America!

Ali:YEAH! He did good with Venezuela! They didn't have the problems they got now back when he was in charge

Good grief!

Kw: uh... Really now? There were no problems in Venezuela when Hugo Chavez ran the country?

Ali: Yeah! 

I don't know how Kyle kept a straight face. I mean I was just laughing out loud for over five minutes just reading that one part. It made me feel better and made me cheer up after reading the rest of the swill he said.

KYLE: I wasn't laughing... I didn't know Brian whether to weep or cry or scream. I wanted to feel sorry for him also wanted to strangle him. If he weren't retarded I may have.

Kw: So, Caracas the nation's capitol was not one of the most violent crime ridden cities in the world then?

Ali: No! It wasn't it was safe!  The most dangerous city in the world is I think Atlanta or Memphis!

WRONG! For 3 Years straight Caracas has been rated either nmber one, two or three. Only two cities were worse than Caracas. San Pedro Sula in Honduras, Aculpulco in Mexico and Sao Paolo Brazil.

KW: Are you serious?

Ali Yeah!

Kw: What about say, Brazil or South Africa?

Ali: Ah I don't know. They got problems I know but that's because of the Boers and Brazil they got capitalists and American gringos messing things up.

Kw: Oh God...You mean south african Boers are effecting things in Brazil and Venezuela!?
Ali: Well its true! The capitalists are starving everybody and they have to rob to survive! This is proof that capitalism is a failure! They don't do that in Communist countries
Kw: Probably because for the sake of stealing a nut, they'd be shot at dawn.
Ali: NO! Its  because we take care  of everybody!
 Kw: Then why did they fail? Why are all the bad places socialist or have these issues?
Ali: Because they had the wrong people in charge and because Karl Marx Said the revolution needs to be world wide!  South America doesn't have enough money and resources but if all the world became communist at once, we could solve all the world's problems at once! 

Kw: Or all the world could become like South America

Ali: No, it'll all be better!

Kw: So why hasn't it worked? I mean even here in America, Places run by Democrats like California Vermont, Massachusetts, Michigan, they are all cesspits of homelessness, unemployment, crime, mental illness, you don't have it that bad even in some of the poorer red states! They don't have it as bad as a lot of people do in New York or California

Ali: No that's not true.

KW: So why don't you live in Detroit then?

Ali: Because, its not socialist and Democrats they aren't all as good as Bernie Sanders! Also I disagree! Massachusetts and Vermont are enlightened and take care of everybody

KW: Then why isn't everyone lining up to move into Vermont or Massachusetts?

Ali: I don't know. 

Kw: Why don't you move to Boston or Montpillier?

Ali: Ah... Because I live in Denver?

KW: So why didn't you when you were homeless?

Ali: Because its cold, its rural, there's nothing to do there, I mean its good but its boring and there was nothing for me there.
Kw: But Vermont is the most liberal state in the country! they even almost broke off to join Canada! Why didn't you want to move there?

Ali: I don't know. I like it here more!

KW: Well Ali, Suppose things don't work out here in Colorado! Where would you go? Would you like to Go to Vermont or Massachusetts when its warm?

Ali: Ah... I don't know. I'd like to probably go to California or maybe Michigan instead

Kw: What's in Michigan?

Ali: I got a lot of Muslim friends there. I used to be homeless in Dearborn but there wasn't a lot of homeless services available. Also too much crime.

Kw: So what about Vermont? What's keeping you from moving there besides being rural? Why is it Rural? Why so small? Why are so few people flocking to Bernie's Socialist paradise?

Ali: Ah.. I don't know why. I don't know. I just don't feel like going there at all. I was there once it was boring.

KW: So what about Massachusetts

Ali: Oh no. I got family there I can't stand it. Its not that socialist. And its cold. I like California better!

KW: What about Seattle

Ali: Uh... I don't know I guess so. But I like California  better.

Kw: What about the EU? Would you like to live in Europe

Ali: Ah... ah... Maybe. I might like it very much. Maybe France  or Germany or Maybe Sweden. But I heard right wingers were coming in and taking over. They got this b***ch Marine Le Pen and they got neo nazis in Germany and elsewhere

KW: What do you think of America overall?

Ali: I think its evil and hogs up the worlds wealth. America is the cause of all the worlds problems! So is Christianity and Zionism!

KW:America is the great Satan?

Ali: Yeah! White Christian rednecks murdering innocent children

KW: As opposed to... isis?

Ali:no. Isis is a creation of the CIA. No real Muslim would do those things

Kw: What does Islam teach about Gays.

Ali: Ah... I don't know. there are different views. But I think they're okay.

Kw: The Quran it says otherwise

Ali: Well You are reading it wrong.

KW: Am I?

Ali: yeah. 

Kw: What about America? Do you think America has too much freedom

Ali: America doesn't have any freedom except the freedom to be a wife beating racist Christian hillbilly.

KW: So Ali let me ask you. You hate it here so much right?

Ali: Yeah

KW: So why don't you move out to a socialist country or a Muslim Country?

Ali: Ah... Yeah I did think about it. I got my passport for Christmas last year. I want to go on a Hajj with my friends at the mosque and make a pilgrimage.

Kw: But how about moving one way to Europe or some Muslim country?

Ali: Yeah, Yeah, I did think it over. I might do that one day. I don't know where to go though.

Kw: Sweden? Germany? Iran?

Ali: I don't know. I did think about it. I think I should now that Donald Trump is president.

Kw: What do you think of trump

Ali: What do I think? He's a nazi and a fat pig! Of course he is! He wants to rob and kill all the non-christians and the non-whites.

KW: What else?

Ali: He got a son named Barron, I heard he was creepy, he was like a sex deviant and his daughters were prostitutes

KW: Where did you hear that?

Ali: Ah.. uh... I don't remember

Kw: Okay so  You believe because they said it.

Ali: Well its gotta be true since they are republicans I guess

Kw: Right. It must be true because someone on the internet or whatever  said it was

Ali: Yeah! I mean they're racists so it  must be. But who cares. They're republican evil jack offs that need  to die

Kw:uh huh... What are your thoughts on white people?

Ali: I don't like white people very much and I don't like being white neither

Kw: Why not?

Ali: Because whites were responsible  for the vast majority of problems in the world like 95% of them!

Kw: So you don't think white people should propagate

Ali: uh... No. I don't think they should. I think all white people should have their tubes tied.

KW: I see. So whites  should be forcibly sterilized, stopped from breeding or marry into other races?

Ali: Yeah. that would be best

Kw: Ali, do you want to date any women? Do like dating?

Ali: I thought about it but I'm fat and ugly so that's hard. Also I don't like a lot of people.

KW: What would your ideal woman be?

Ali: Uh... I don't know. I usually fantasize about women of other races and species like in cartoons

KW: Okay but what about real life?

Ali: I don't know. Uh.. Black or Mexican maybe Asian if she's communist? I like Thai women, they're awesome

KW: How has that gone

Ali: Bad. I can't date cause I'm ugly and fat and I'm disabled. Most women in my apartment are also ugly and fat. Yuck! Most of them are also white

KW: What kind of apartment do you live in Ali?

Ali: A section 8 apartment. I use to also live in a residential care apartment downtown run by mile high independent but they moved me to the apartment I'm in now.

KW: Where is that?

Ali: Its close to down town. I can see  it from there

KW: What do you do for fun Ali?

Ali: Play video games, go to mosque, go to community center and be with my friends.

Kw: Would you like to get married someday?

Ali: I don't know. I don't think I can. no. I don't want to propagate more white people and my kids might be deformed like I was.

KW: Do you fantasize about women?

Ali: Yeah mostly cartoon women.

Oh Dear God...

KW: I see. Ever had sex before

Ali: Yeah like once or twice, I met a prostitute in Oakland we did it. That was when I lost my virginity

KW: Was  she really a woman? Most of the time in the bay areas they aren't

Ali: Oh she was, I saw it all! Heh! The second time it was in Seattle. It was  this call girl in Aurora.

Kw: But you'd prefer cartoon women.

Ali: Yeah, I fantasize about it a lot. My medication doesn't give me a high libido like I used to but I do get aroused sometimes and fantasize on my computer


KW: Porn?

Ali: Yeah, Mostly cartoon porn.

Kw: What's your favorite

Ali: I like the Simpsons, I like the yellow girls there. They got a great hentai site about them I sometimes like anime and furry stuff.

Kw: Furrys?

Ali: Yeah that's my favorite!

Kw: Oh.. So you're  into Yiffy and that sort of thing

Ali: Yeah!


KW: I remember my clients showed me some of those sites that had that. Any artists you like

Ali: Oh I got no Preference

Kw: Taral Wayne? Have you seen his works?

Ali: Yeah I have. That's pretty good stuff he does. I also paid him for some commisions

Kw: What about Anime

ali: Yeah a few  times but they got too many white women. I don't understand these asians why their cartoons always have white women who are naked and sexy

KW: Do you draw your own porn?

Ali: No. I can't draw. I tried but I'm not good. I pay other people for me or I download porn from other sites and cut and paste them together to make scenes and movies...

KW: Doesn't the Muslim faith conflict with that? I mean fantasizing about things and porn?

Ali: I don't think so. I mean in paradise they got 72 virgins waiting for me there.

KW: Who's your favorite cartoon character?

Ali: You mean for porn?

Kw: Yeah. Whos your favorite

Ali: Oh... uh... I like Marge Simpson and Laura Powers. I also like uh... This one character a friend of mine drew for me named Lexus

KW: Who's Lexus

Ali: She's hot! She's like part cat, part fox

Kw; Uh! Yeah Okay! So how old is she?

Ali: 16?

KW: 16?

Ali: Yeah!

Kw: How old should a woman be to have sex?

Ali: uh... 15 I think

Kw: How old are you?

Ali: About 31.

Kw: You don't think there's anything wrong with 15 year old and maybe a 40 or 50 year old together

Ali: Well no. If they are consenting then yeah! If they wanna be together!

Kw: What are your thoughts on Mohammed and his alleged relations with Aisha? 

Ali: I don't know.

KW: They say she was 9 he was 53.

Ali: Oh that's not true She was 15 or 16.

KW: So, nothing wrong there? 15 year old with a 53 year old?

Ali: No. Why not?

Kw: *SIGH* okay.

Dear God... How did I get into this?
Brian:Easy, I offered to pay you. You want money right? You want to expose these cretins right? How do you think I feel? YEECH! You did great Kyle.
 KYLE: Thanks. I don't know how I kept a straight face either.
Brian: I wont mention the rest like the kind of sick fantasies he has about teenagers and stuff.
Kyle: Yeah that would be best. Google will ban your blog if you show the rest of what kind of porn his pervert likes. YEECH! Now I know why Muslim women wear burkas.
KW: so tell me about your involvement in Antifa.

Ali: I hang out with them. I was with Antifa in San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle, Denver, Detroit, I hung out with them a lot.

KW: What kind of activities did you do?

Ali: We protested a lot. We also tore up stuff! heh! That was my favorite like in Oakland when we rioted and stole stuff. I got 2 new laptops after looting a shop there during the riots

Kw: You weren't caught

Ali: No.

Kw: did you fight anyone

Ali: Yeah but I wasn't good at it. I remember the Northwest Nazi klan was protesteing in 3rd and pike in Seattle years ago. They were angry because of crime and stuff. Well yeah they got problems up there its called the blade I think

Kw: Yes I remember that

Ali: Well they're blaming everything on the blacks there But when I was at McDonalds in 3rd they had white people starting trouble there too! This one white guy wanted a dollar from me or he'd punch me out. I had to give him the dollar. I told him yeah, if you wanted help you could ask.

KW: The Nazis were protesting

Ali: YEah! They wanted to have a white pride rally and we were over there. I came at this one guy with a wiffle bat. This big Skinhead, he ripped it out of my hands and beat the daylights out of me, then two of my comrades had to save me and they gave him the beating of his life! Heh! They even broke one of his arms I think

KW: The police give you trouble

Ali: No, not really! They got me an ambulance but they mostly protected the Nazis an arrested my friends

KW: Well they were getting beat up, you probably did more to promote sympathy for them.

Ali: No that doesn't matter they have no right to live. Darn whites I hate white supremacists

KW: What about black criminals, black supremacists?

Ali: They're terrible too but its usually the whites starting stuff.

KW: So just about all that stuff is because of Whites

Ali: Yeah.

Kw: So Ali, do you support terrorism?

Ali: If its against racists or against nazis or republicans or capitalists yeah!

KW: Capitalists. You mean anyone who owns a house or a car?

Ali: No. Not that. That's alright
KW: Land lords?
Ali: Yeah, I mean they don't do anything but charge money from workers and exploit them!
KW: Stock holders? People who own stock in the stock market?
Ali: Yeah some of them. Most of them yeah. They're collaborating with the enemy
KW: Business owners?
Ali: Yeah
KW: White collar workers?
Ali:Unless they're supporting socialism yeah.
KW: Kill them.
Ali: YEah! Kill them, liquidate them give their stuff to the poor in Africa that'll teach those racists!
KW: Its racist to own stock?
Ali: Yeah! Your investing in a company that exploits people in Africa yeah that's racist!
KW: So anyone who owns stock, bluechips anything for retirement, kill them
Ali: Yeah! If you do that you're the enemy! Sell it off or die!


Ali: Then give most of it to the poor

KW: Give it away. If you were to say liquidate all the GOPers and all the rich where would the money go.

Ali: If it were up to me, all the money in the world should be seized from whites and rich folks and used to buy food for the poor in Africa, to demolish oil nuclear and coal plants and build solar plants and windmills, to build planned parenthood clinics and mosques in every major city and every large city and to kill the pro-lifers who are lying about being pro-life, they're liars they are fascists they must be killed.

KW: What else would you like to see

Ali: Kill and sterilize conservatives, and those who hate, have the republicans reducated or killed and have their children reprogramed from that right wing white supremacist nonsense

KW: Doesn't Islam forbid abortion?

Ali: Uh... I don't know but we should give out birth control and control the population with condoms and stuff we wont have to worry. Anyway anyone who isn't a white or Christian fascist will be able to have a child and have it. They can afford it easily

KW: Can't afford it now?

Ali: No. I remember I was watching a movie by Bill Nye the Science guy and he says that its too expensive that children are like sponges espceially if they are retards.they should be killed before they're born.

KW: People with disabilities should be murdered?

Ali: No but fetuses that might be disabled children should be aborted. No one should suffer like I did. I wish mom aborted me when I was a fetus. Then I wouldn't have been made fun of. Parents who give birth to retards and crippled babies like me should be killed

I don't know. Maybe in your case Ali, The feeling is mutual
KYLE: Brian!
Brian: Just in his case
Kyle: Well I don't think we have to worry about that. This poor sap isn't going to start anything. No one will have him
Brian: Nonetheless I'm emailing this to the FBI Just to be safe
 KW:Doesn't Islam forbid abortion euthanasia and the like?

Ali: Un... No. It might forbid abortion but I think Allah will make an exception.

KW: Why

Ali: because were over populated and there are too many whites!

KW:Okay so  tell me about antifa. What are the goals of antifa?

Ali: Goal? We want to keep the whites from breeding so much, we want to ban capitalism, smash America, Smash nazis and kill republicans

KW: Do you want to kill veterans?

Ali: No. Not unless they committed war crimes. the International courts should decide

KW: But republicans are fair game

Ali: Yeah! I mean they want to outlaw the ADA, they want to promote guns and racism, they oppose hate speech laws, hate crime legislation, gay rights, womens rights, civil rights, they started all our wars, all our problems, they have caused famine disease, they oppose welfare they want all of America to go back to the dark ages. They want America to become a Christian fascist state!

KW: And Antifa wants to do that

Ali: Yeah

KW: And overthrow america

Ali: Yeah!

KW: Would you be willing to commit a violent act against republicans, whites or Christians?

Ali: I don't know. I thought about it. I sometimes want to join a jihad like the SLA had but I'm disabled no one will follow me and I don't know how to do that. But if someone did like a few of my friends said they might one day maybe I might join.

KW: You would declare a jihad and join a jihad against your fellow Americans and against people you don't like

Ali: No not against fellow Americans just capitalists and conservatives. I mean Americans who aren't right wing or nazis they're alright I know not all Americans are bad but most are.

KW: So you'd kill people if you were given the chance

Ali: I don't know. I hope not. I hope Bernie Sanders gets elected in 2020 so we wont have to.

KW:But you would if you had to would you?

Ali: *pauses*

KW: Well? Would you?

Ali: I'm not telling you. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

Kw: What?

Ali: You think I want to tell you so the FBI can come knock at my door and take me to gitmo!

KW: Well the Koran does say that Sura 2:216Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you

Ali:  uh... uh... Well if I have to but Only if I have to.

KW: Right.

Ali: I mean if we have a Christian theocracy and Islam is outlawed then it'll be every man for himself! Those Christians if they take over they'll kill us all!

Kw: Uh.. Right. Uh..

Ali: Yeah you know. Christianity is the evil terrorist religion. Islam is peaceful

KW: Oh. Sure..

Ali: Yeah! I mean they support the 2nd amendment and guns which is racist! They want blacks and hispanics to kill each other! The NRA is proof that all Christians are nazis and racists. They want to kill each other and divide our nation! We need to ban the guns and kill the gun owners!

KW: But Hitler and the Klan supported gun bans! The first gun laws were supprted by the klan to disarm blacks

Ali: That's different! Hitler was right to ban guns! Not only should America ban the guns, they should have the NRA and the gun owners who support the NRA killed or institutionalized!


Ali: Anyway I think I'm through.I'm full that salad was big. I hope you'll join us and find Mohammed as your savior Kyle

KW: Yeah uh... Why doesn't he come show me himself?

Ali: He will. Thank you for buying me lunch! I never been here before. That was nice. I hope this wasn't a big corporation.

KW: No. Its a small business. Very quaint.

Ali: Yeah. Thanks Kyle. Thanks for letting me share with you about communism and Islam, thanks for buying lunch.

KW: You're welcome

Ali got up and walked out. I sat there picking at the remnants of my Greek Salad. I had requested extra olives but this was ridiculous. It was a mess of olives. Greek, Italian and Spanish. I picked and ate them. Trying to soak up what happened trying to come to terms with this agonizing thing. 

There were three other customers at the Beet. A woman, an older man, Another man, the waitress and myself. The waitress came to give me the check, I paid her. She then asked me what that was about? I told her I was here to interview him. "Was he an Islamist?" "I don't know what or who he was. He was a disturbed man." "Oh my God! He was crazy! I hope Islam isn't real! I don't want to be one of his 72 virgins in heaven! EWWW!!" I paid her, She made change and I gave her a tip. The older man and the other man came to me as I finished. 

The old man asked me what his problem was and why he doesn't leave America? I told him I had no idea. He's crazy and he's liberal. He's a communist, a Muslim, a member of Antifa. The other man said that he had a brother who was injured in Iraq and wanted to find him and hit him. I urged him no. It would only make things worse.

Prayer.... That's the only thing that can help screwed up creatures like this.

The waitress came with a jar or glass or whatever it was of Beet Juice. Very good. The old man also bought me Carrot Juice as well. He said that I was very brave to interview him and when I told him I had served he said he was thankful. I thanked him as well.

When I got Back to my hotel room I took a shower for an hour. I still couldn't feel clean after being in the presence of this perverted freak!

 The next day I continued my Journey east. I dwelt on what had happen.

Only one thing was more disturbing, it was the fact that this man had been made what he was by a bad upbringing. A school that promoted hostility and relativistic thinking, a way of pluralism that was extreme and self hatred for his race, country and faith.

How many other people have our schools manufactured? I mean he was taught to be a Muslim, taught to be a jihadist, taught to be a communist by his family and our school system. OUR SCHOOLS! OUR TEACHERS MADE HIM WHAT HE WAS!!!

I also thought of those clergy he was exposed to. A baptist, a Methodist, a couple of Catholic priest, one with this crazy idea that Right wing militias had something to do with 9/11.

I was sickened. I don't know how I did it. It was just one. One deformed mentally ill bum from Denver. Brian had to deal with two of these people who were more sinister.


My response is the same but I am less surprised. I have known for a long time that public schools indoctrinate kids to become muslims to become communists to become barbarians. Theodore Roosevelt was right, you educate a kids in knowledge but not morals, you educate a barbarian.

Our schools don't educate morals. They teach that all religions are equal or the same, that it doesn't matter what you believe or do, do whatever you want as long as your happy!

And our religions! Our parishes! Priests teaching kids that it doesn't matter that the Catholic faith for which millions on battlefields such as Lepanto, Austria, Belgrade, Greece, Damascus, what did they die for????? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FAITH ONCE DELIEVERED UP TO The saints!!!???

Noticed that the man was Jewish. I gave a copy of this to Reuben Ben Abraham. He hasn't made any articles in awhile. He told me he had no ideas right now. But Now he will.

But These are the facts! Ali was manufactured by the Public school system, Hollywood and apostate religion in America. Add to this, bullying, child abuse, divorce, public schooling, relativistic education, a corrupt and evil media and pop culture and priests and pastors who are godless and evil.


Public school educated and indoctrinated
taught all religions were the same and relevant
Whites and Christians a greater threat,
America is worse than Satan
 Islam means peace
Capitalists and property owners deserve to die. 
 All things are relative
But christianity, Israel America, capitalism and the white man are evil 
Terrorists are really freedom fighters
Likes Cartoon characters and furries over real women.



Department of Education promoting Islamic indoctrination program for kids 

Islam taught in public schools in Tennessee 

Catholic Priest says all religions are true! 

Teaching communism in New Jersey schools 

Former President George W Bush praises Islam a religion of peace, same as Christianity 

Pastor Rick Warren: Christians and Muslims worship the same God 

 Antifa: Don't date white its not right!

Communist manifesto third most taught book in schools 

Elite K-8 school: Whites are born racist 

Hanover Schools: America to blame for 9/11 

Newton Schools: Israel a racist state 

Public schools: Terrorism is alll Christianity's fault 


Anonymous said...



I don't think I'm surprised after reading this. I knew it. I said it for years and years. Our schools are nothing but indoctrination centers for communism and evil.

Either he's retarded or he is evil. Or maybe both like that Neo Nazi with down syndrome on family guy.

If I were at that place, I'd beat the daylights out of him anyway. Damn!

Anonymous said...

The picture was okay but I'd imagine in real life he's even more repulsive.

Why are socialists, nazis and communists always people who are ugly or deformed? Are they mad at God and the world? Is this why they do these things?

Anonymous said...

I can't read it. Its too long. Even my Big screen monitor wont let me read the whole thing. I strained my eyes too much.

I got to about the part where he said he supported the SLA.

But damn. that is straight up messed up. I wonder. Can Kyle tell us if that is a good likeness of this guy? I think I seen him before in California I'm not sure. What did he look like? Can you ask kyle?

mainestategop said...

Sure! I'll ask him. Well he told me a lot already. He said that the picture is almost a likeness of him except he had more of a scrotum neck chin and a neck beard and was very fat. Also he had a big head and the bald spot was wider and larger.

Anonymous said...

I read the whole thing on my Iphone. I had to stop for a few minutes since it hurt my eyes and gave me a headache, that and reading this F**kwad attacking america and saying its okay to kill Americans made me sick.

But my God! This guy, he actually became indoctrinated in public schools?

How long has our schools taught Islam to students? I went to school in Rutland Vermont and then we moved to Manchester NH. We never had Islamic clerics at our school or even priests. In all our social studies classes we did talk about world religions but we never got indoctrinated.

our teacher just said well Muslims believe, Christians believe, jews believe, Hindus Believe, on and on. It was just touching up what they thought.

By the way, the teacher got it wrong with Islam and Christinaity. She said that Muslims worship Mohammed, that's false, she also said that Christians believe that if you didn't live a good enough life that St peter would pull a rope and send you to hell and that they pray to Mary. False. You have to know Jesus as your lord and savior and we don't pray to Mary.

But where did this all happen? How many schools do this? I mean I know people who've told me that this happened to them but how long has it happened? What schools still do this? I AM SHOCKED! I thought the courts said it was illegal to talk about religion?

Anonymous said...

Reading this after the terror attack at that concert in England is making me feel really triggered right now. To think we allow this scum to live amongst us.

Anonymous said...

I remember going to school in Minneapolis, we had a social studies class that invited people of other faiths. Mainly a buddhist monk, an imam, a priest and a baptist minister (who was a woman)as well as a rabbi.

The message was the same. All religions are the same it doesn't matter. Even the Catholic priest and minister said the same thing.

According to father whoever, all that matters my sons is that you are good and sincere. Anyone who is good can make it to heaven.

WHAT CRAP!!! I used to support the idea of putting the prayers back in school before I recalled what happened. Oh man, you put prayers in schools its gonna be like having Mike Pfleger and Al Sharpton teach theology class.

Anonymous said...

I had a lot of trouble reading that filth. I wont be the same all morning.

This is just disgusting! This interview isn't so much about a retarded Muslim convert in Denver, its about everything wrong with every facet of America.

Our schools, our families, our communities, our churches, our government, everything about America is rotten and unworkable because of political correctness and liberalism.

This kid goes to a church that failed to teach him godly morals, a family that is unstable and broken, a family who's members are communists, relativists and who pass along rotten morals to junior

He goes to a school that teaches 1 that communism is a better form of governmetn 2 that teaches that all things are relevant, there are no absolutes, 3 that all religions are the same and despite prayer and religion being banend by the leftist courts allows leftist priests and pastors and others to come into the school and push the point home including number 2.

His family divorces, splits, leaving junior to be raised by a single mother who is a dyke and who dates men and women who are leftists including a boxer who is a bully.

He goes to a school that permits violence and injustice. He is bullied and the teachers and principal to nothing, he feels violated alienated and left out and encourages bad behavior in him

Also, when he graduates he is unprepared for the real world, he can't hold a job, instead of teaching him job skills and letting him live where he can get jobs, he is dumped into a homeless shelter in New York city!

He then winds up all alone in California where bad people have a further influence on him, he becomes a radicalized Muslim, hates America, hates christians, hates freedom and hates everyone else!

He is a pervert who likes to fantasize and beat off to cartoon porn especially furry cartoons and Simpsons characters, he goes psycho at a church in Sacramento, winds up in a mental hospital twice.

He goes on SSI, wanders around doing God knows, he then goes to a section 8 apartment in Denver which is essentially a New World Order hub in the west and leeches off the system.

I hate to say it, but I wish more liberals would have abortions. Save themselves trouble. Save us money.

Anonymous said...

Asperger's is not mental retardation, its a developmental disability and a form of cognitive disorder and autism.

Klienfeltners is more of a chromosonal problem. No, he's not a hermaphrodite. He's just physically deformed sort of. They tend to have male breasts gynocomastia they also have feminine traits such as impotence, female pubic hair spread and have psychiatric problems but its not hermaphroditism.

Ali's problem, is that he's evil. He was made evil by evil parents and an evil culture.

Anonymous said...

Sick Sick Sick.

Those parents really messed up.

And why is he attracted to cartoon characters? MARGE SIMPSON?! HOLY CRAP!

Why can't he just settle down with a normal human woman? If he excersised, got some treatment and maybe some surgery to correct that lazy eye and that overbite he could get some real women instead of having to beat off to cartoon porn on his computer in his section 8 apartment! SHEESH!

He needs to get a job clean up, exercise, possibly get some surgery and go to a bible believing church.

I've seen people like that in real life. Its not because of disability, its because their parents raised them the wrong way. Our nephew was just like some of those things, obese, duck walk, slurred speech ETC. His parents coddled him, never once mentioned his posture or weight. Well, We intervened after they messed up and he got in trouble hanging with the wrong crowd. He was lucky he got off since he had "issues", so got him speech therapy, made him go on a diet, exercise and get some other treatment. By the time he graduated College, he was fit and thin, he wasn't duck walking, he wasn't weird anymore, he was perfectly normal.

You don't need a psychiatrist, meds, group therapy or this other crap. You need love, mostly tough love, patience, motivation and faith in God.

This kids parents messed him up. Aunt Emilka, she's supposed to be a nice Orthodox Christian yet she kills herself, Uncle is a self hating Jew and commie who shares literature with him that's communist, Mom and dad split up over money issues instead of sweating it out together like they're supposed to, mom becomes a dyke, Dad hangs with a hippie harvest whore and experiments with sex and drugs, the step dads are either libtards, bullies or queer sissies. And you got public school education too.

On and on. The problems mount up THEN, they decide to dump him in a NEw York Shelter and ends up homeless in California where he becomes a Muslim terrorist and a marxist.

What a terrible miserable childhood. Those parents should be prosecuted.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

We need to stop punishing kids. That gets us nowhere. If they get a criminal record, they're never going to have a future, they wont be able to get a job or an apartment. Besides, they're minds aren't developed, some of these people have minds that are underdeveloped or deformed from bad upbringing and childhood abuse.

Instead, we should punish the parents.

If their kid joins a gang and kills someone, the kid needs to go to Juvie and be institutionalized until he's deemed fit to live in the community and the parents should be tried in their place for murder. Filing Adult charges on people who are not adults does not make sense and is counter productive. We're the only nation that treats juviniles as adults when they commit a crime and we have the worst crime rate in the developed world.

Instead prosecute the parents for murder. They messed up! They're responsible.

Also, these kinds of brats who grow up to hate America and become jihadists, the parents of home grown terrorists like this dork should also pay and be held responsible.

Look at John Lindh Walker, His family was just like Ali's. His Dad was a faggot who dumped the family to marry a guy, his mom was a hippie anarchist and flaming liberal, he has no morals, does not believe in absolutes, The government schools do even worse for him.

Teachers and parents of felons and terrorists who are homegrown need to be punished and held responsible.

Anonymous said...

If Ali or whatever his name is does a terror attack in America, we need to prosecute the parents and teachers. Hold them responsible. They conditioned him to be what he is, I mean look at how he acts! That duck waddle, obesity slurred speech ETC. His nerdy behavior, he wasn't born that way, his parents didn't teach him posture and responsibility and how to behave! THEY MESSED HIM UP!

He has no morals, he gets his worldview from a book written by Muhammed, an epiliptic pedophile butcher, one of the most evil deviants who ever lived and from people who murdered 100 million people and almost ended the world with nuclear holocaust.

These parents need to be punished. The fact that he's dependent on government and can't work is enough to warrant punishment for the parents!

Anonymous said...

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mainestategop said...

uh.... What?

Anonymous said...

I noticed he said to the effect he doesn't like white women. He would rather marry an asian girl or a cartoon character.

My God what a sick pervert.

Oh well.. He's retarded and ugly, no one will have him anyway.

But I can't get over this... He fantasizes about cartoon women like Marge Simpson and Laura Powers?

According to Simpsons Wikia Laura is just a teenager. I think about 14 or 15 maybe at most 16 years old. OMG! So this guy looks up child porn on his computer at his section 8 housing complex ALL PAID FOR USING MY TAXES!

The FBI needs to track down this POS and confiscate his computer. See what he has on his hard drive. Bet its full of underage girls naked and doing nasty things. That alone could send him to prison for 20 years.

It would prevent a possible future terrorist attack.

Anonymous said...

Actually, cartoon porn depicting minors isn't illegal. Well almost.


The legal treatment of simulated child pornography in the United States requires an understanding of the components of that phrase: pornography, child, and simulated. United States law treats these as separate concepts, each worthy of analysis.[citation needed]

In the United States, pornography is considered a form of personal expression, and thus governed by the First Amendment to the Constitution. Pornography is generally protected speech, unless it is obscene, as the Supreme Court of the United States held in 1973 in Miller v. California.[citation needed]

In 2002 the United States Supreme Court ruled in Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition that the Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 (CPPA) was facially invalid in prohibiting virtual or cartoon child pornography. The basis for the ruling was that the CPPA made unlawful some forms of protected First Amendment speech, banning depictions of sex between children even if not obscene and not involving real child victims. Under New York v. Ferber, if the depiction is of real child abuse or a real child victim, as a result of photographing a live performance, for instance, then it is not protected speech. Under Miller v. California, obscene speech is likewise excluded from First Amendment protection. The CPPA made all virtual child sex depictions illegal without regard to whether the speech was protected or not, so that part of the statute was struck down as facially invalid.
In Richmond, Virginia, in December 2005, Dwight Whorley was convicted under 18 U.S.C. 1466A for using a Virginia Employment Commission computer to receive "obscene Japanese anime cartoons that graphically depicted prepubescent female children being forced to engage in genital-genital and oral-genital intercourse with adult males."[74][75][76] On December 18, 2008, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the conviction, consisting of 20 years imprisonment.[77] The court stated:

Thus, regardless of whether §1466A(a)(1) requires an actual minor, it is nonetheless a valid restriction on obscene speech under Miller, not a restriction on non-obscene pornography of the type permitted by Ferber. We thus find Whorley's as-applied constitutional challenge to §1466A(a)(1) to be without merit.[78]

Attorneys for Mr. Whorley have said that they would appeal to the Supreme Court.[79][80] The request for rehearing was denied on June 15, 2009, and the petition for his case to be reviewed by the Supreme Court was denied on January 11, 2010.[81]

Basically If Ali has a cartoon character who's a minor based on a real life minor who is abused by the porn, then its illegal. He can then be thrown in jail.

But Laura Powers isn't a real person and her age is unknown which makes it even more problamatic.

Other popular hentai and anime characters like Kim Possible, Yui Hirasawa, Braces, ETC either do not have their age specified or are fictional. So even if it was known how old they were, nothing could be done about it to Ali.

But you know what, this guy is a sick pig. I've been thinking you know, I'm on the verge of becoming homeless myself, I live in Houston, its not a good place to be homeless at. If I lose my job, I'm thinking I ought to swing over to Denver and blow this sucker's brains out with my sidearm. The fact that he fantasizes about underage girls alone warrants death. If our government doesn't have the guts to do it, I will. He can't be too hard to find.

Anonymous said...

This kid is a sick faggot. And he's deformed and retarded. We used to put idiots like this in institutions and other facilities to keep them safe and protect the public. He should not be allowed on the internet and outside without supervision.

I mean, in America, we allow retarded adults with childlike minds to go outside unsupervised and surf the net unsurpervised. Even with filters its not safe enough.

Mentally ill and retarded shouldn't be allowed to be fully independent. People like Ali who have these problems need to be chaperoned when outside and when they are on the internet. Retards with Asperger's tend to be credulous and believe just about anything and everything! Add to this the resentment he has to the establishment from his ubringing makes him unstable and a danger to himself and others.

Anonymous said...

So this is what my taxes pay for?!

I paid for this F'ing retard to go to a government school only to be taught to be a Muslim and a communist and now I'm paying for it to live in section 8 housing and receive SSI which he uses to buy a computer and internet connection and jack off to cartoon furry porn?! REALLY?!

Now, I'm against T4, eugenics and ableism ETC and against hurting the disabled and I'm all for social security helping them out but this POS should either be castrated or sent to meet Allah in Hell.

Anonymous said...

I keep noticing that the communists are made up not of poor workers not getting their fair share but mostly of the flotsam and jetsam of society. In this case we have a deformed retarded muslim. He converts because he sees america as a mean hateful place.

He's embittered from persecution poverty his lack of success due to his irresponsibility, mental illness and stupidity. This is what the CCCP is made up of. Those who are inferior and weak and want to overthrow the strong.

That basically is the casebook definition of communist revolution. Not neccesarily a collective economic movement but a revolution of the weak and inferior races and classes against the leadership lead by unscrupulous individuals. Usually ambitious oligarchs, Jews, traitors or someone else.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I noticed this with Muslims too. A lot of homegrown Islamists are these nerdy dorky boys (Not men they're still boys.) who can't get a girl because they're either ugly or unpopular or whatever. Many others still are poor, anti white, anti christian, anti american and hate their country and their race even those who are white, they don't like communism but 72 virgins and a chance for payback against their peers for not socializing with them sounds excellent.

I mean listen to this nerd. He says that he hates white people, yet he's white. He hates America but lives there instead of moving to Europe. They would accept him in Europe. He's a double minority. A muslim and a retard. But he stays here

The whole world is going to hell and we can't seem to do anything to stop it!

Anonymous said...

Hey fellow Taxpayer! Don't this make you feel good now?


Commmunist indoctrinatiion

Moral relativism

Anti-white guilt

a shitty education which includes bullying and indoctrination

lazy teachers

lazy parents

free housing and ssi for retarded muslim jihadists who use that money to buy internet and computer and jack off to cartoon porn depiciting minors having sex

not to mention porn of anthromorphic animals as people having sex

our taxes feed and house this sob jihadist who supports terrorism and 9/11

our taxes pay for his education, his obesity, his deformity


Anonymous said...

Animated Child porn is just as illegal. The issue the courts have to go through is whether or not the person depicted is a minor.

For example, these anime cartoons, they always say they're 18 or something.

This one cartoon character who's a popular porn cartoon and depicted as porn, I wont say who she is, but according to wikipedia and disneywiki she's 18 in Season 5 so technically she's 18 in the porn.

The issue is age. These are fictional characters. Its up to the prosecution to prove that they're under age.

Even then, its still a problem because they're not real. They don't exist. The only reason they nailed that one pervert Dwight Whorley in that court trial is because they were clearly minors. NOTE THIS: They were called, prepubescint. In other words, these were clearly young children having sex.

Unfortunately, most of these anime characters are very developed. You can't really tell. Even the ones with small boobs you can't tell.

The only way the fed can nail Ali is if he's using photos that are clearly minors. In other words,,, they're definitely underage.

Not easy but I'm sure the feds have without a doubt bugged his computer by now. I don't even think they need a warrant. Its a section 8 housing, they shouldn't need to. Its our business our taxes are being used by this perv to download smuut and jackoff. WAIT TILL YOUR DEAD AND WITH YOUR 72 FURRY ANIMAL VIRGINS YOU SICK FUCK!!

Anonymous said...


No wonder ISIS is getting owned!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What does Chinese fashion have to do with a retarded muslim communist who jacks off to furry porn?

Are you suggesting that we be more like the Asians? HELL NO!!

Anonymous said...

We've claimed a victory of ISIS in Iraq. Another and another. We've won the battles.

Islam and communism are inferior and don't work because they only appeal to evil and stupid and weak people.

The idea of 72 virgins is a perverts paradise. In Christianity, were told that when we go to paradise, it'll be better than anything earthly and that we can't comprehend it in our material and limited form.

These heathen and false religions and cults OTOH always use material pleasure and lust as a hook and bait to lure new converts.

Communism is just like that only you don't need an afterlife, its all here. They forget that we all die so if there's no God, THEN WHAT?

Communism and Islam appeal only to the inferior, the weak and the immoral. They are revolutions and rebellions of the inferior underlings against the educated and leaders in the elite. That is the real definition of a communist revolution. The weak rising against the strong with help from unscrupulous members of the elite like say Jews for instance.

Anonymous said...

This retard, Ali or whoever he is is a prime example of a communist and a Muslim. He's deformed, inferior, hated, an outcast, mentally ill, he has no morals.

I know I'll sound like a nazi but I don't care. He should've been allowed to die or put out of his misery at birth instead of being forced to live a life of hardship and misery!

Instead, we keep him alive, make him go to a school where he's bullied without mercy, spat on, he goes off and lashes out putting us all in danger, he's then bounced around and made to go to other schools, live with an uncle who starves him and knocks him down, dumps him on the streets, he is indoctrinated into being a communist, a muslim and a pervert and public schools teach him relativism and anti-american hatred.

Then his family disowns his worthless retard ass on the streets, he's angry, he's horny, he's lonely, these people scoop him up and use him for their revolution.

This is typically what you got going for the Isis and CCCP. This is unfortunately for them the reason they have failed everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Communism is more than just collective economics, government control, police state, centralized government & Economy and so on... Its more than that.

Communism... It is the revolution and rebellion of the underclass made up of the have nots, the undesirables, the flotsam and jetsam of society, the poor, inferior, ETC. against the strong, the established leaders of society to overthrow and destroy the strong, intelligent and established rulers and replace them with ruler ship by these wortheless bums.

What Marx refereed to as a dictatorship of the prolitariot.

These revolutions are started usually by Jews or sometimes, rival countries and rival powers that want to weaken their competitors.

Its gotta be despotic and controlling because these idiots they are so stupid so helpless they can't take care of themselves, SOMEBODY'S GOTTA DO IT FOR THEM!!!

They need all this big government to wipe up after them, feed them, they are so stupid and worthless they can't provide for themselves!

Ali for instance, he's retarded, he's deformed, he can't control his impulses and urges, he can't work, he's unempllyable, he needs welfare, he needs a socialist government to stay alive and keep having all these luxuries like a computer and internet and porn and only the state can provide it in the form of section 8 and welfare!

There are so many working americans who have jobs and families who could benefit living in their own apartment but do we give them any? NO! We give it to retards like Ali who dont work!

Anonymous said...

Islam is just like communism in the sense that its embraced by people who are inferior and undisciplined. Mostly its able bodied but men who are either too stupid to rule themselves much less a civilization and made up of men who are evil, sick and violent.

Have any of you reading seen when the Europeans bring in refugees from Asia and Africa? Look it up on YOUTUBE!

What do you see? Any elderly? Any women and children? NO! Most of the refugees coming into Europe are storong men who look like barbarians. just about all of them are young strong men. You can see it in their eyes they want to kill the first white they get a hold of!

But don't say that outloud or you'll be arrested for hate speech!

Ali may not be strong, he's certainly a creampuff by the looks of things, but he's a man in the sense he's got male parts, he's going to want women and stuff so he joins this sick sick cult for the heck of it!

mainestategop said...

No, by your estimate, the Founding fathers were now communists and the Vendee, the royalists who rebelled against the revolutionary governemnt are now communists.

Plenty of strong smartalecs in the CCCP.

Its ignorance and evil that drives communism and Islam.


Anonymous said...

@anonymous Communism has nothing to do with everything you posted just now.

Communism, fascism ETC. is a revolution of workers who want to seize control of the state and the means of production and merge it into one big government that is also a dictatorship of workers.

In Fascism, you have something almost similar but with national and racial identity imbued as well as an illusion of freedom and property ownership.

It has nothing to do with the weak against the strong. If anything its the exact opposite. In communist countries, people with disabilities like Ali were abused horribly and killed. In Fascism, they're usually kileld outright.

If Communism does succeed, he wont have long to enjoy it, he'll be up there with his 72 virgins sooner than you think.

Anonymous said...

I'm not French. I'm Russian! I live in Finland! And Jews have everything to do with it! Jews were responsible for communism. Karl Marx was a Jew, the Frankfurt School was made up almost entirely of Jews, the vast majority of the leaders of the USSR were Jews, JEWS CONTINUE TO PUSH COMMUNISM AND RACE MIXING AND TOLERAING THE EXISTANCE OF RETARDED AND MENTALLY ILL AND UNDESIRABLES!!!

I know that Ali will be killed if a revolution happens in America God forbid!

And yes I'm aware of what communism entails! But you missed the point!

What I am saying, is that communist revolutions are generally made up of the inferior and weak and are stirred up either by unscrupulous individuals or by Jews. Usually its Jews since by nature they are unscrupulous! The purpose is to overthrow the existing strong leadership and replace it.

After the revolution, these weak and inferior are either killed off or put to work in hard labor! This is what will happen to Ali if it does God Forbid!

In the USSR, Ali would either have been killed at birth or sent to work in siberia. No sane country is going to pay for some deformed sexed up retard to have section 8 and free porn.

Anonymous said...

Also, animated porn like you got in these anime websites like he jerks off to is legal but then again isn't.

The crux of the issue, how do you identify the age of the subject? The subjects by and by are fictional.

The supreme court case involving Whorely involved a 50 year old man who looked that shit up on the computer of an unemployment office in Virginia. Anime porn depicting prepubescent females having oral sex with an adult. Prepubescent defined as pre puberty, these were basically girls probably 7 8 9 year old at the most 10 or 11. They haven't hit puberty yet is what it means. SICK!!! He shared them with another email and someone saw him do it. They called the feds who then went into the computer, chekced this guy out then came to his house and sent him up the river for up to 20 years.

BTW, the guy had a previous track record or looking up Child porn.

They convicted him on the basis that the age of these girls was obvious! They weren't legally aged teens, they were probably 7 or 8. The supreme court refused to hear the case because while they usually do stupid shit like outlaw the pledge they fortunately aren't that crazy! The state courts ruled that it was not free speech.

I've seen a lot of these anime porn sites, you can't really tell if the subject in question is 18 or 14. In my opinion they can't really exist in real life without dying! You'd have to get their rib cage taken out, have all this surgery and carry their organs in a separate bag!

Don't worry! When we take over and the time is coming soon BTW, when we take over alll that crap is GONE! HISTORY!! FINISHED!!! OUTLAWED!!

mainestategop said...

When you take over? Riiiiiigggghhhtt. Okay.

National socialism is as much a bogus pipedream as Communism. It'll never work. It never has.

Anyways, we don't need socialism to outlaw internet pron. The supreme court has ruled that commercial speech is not protected as free speech. SO! There you go. You have your precident.

You're Russian? Haven't learned your lesson yet? 83 years of big government and totalitariansm not enough for you?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

HOLD IT! I thought All things were relative but there are not absolutes!

But Its an absolute that captialism, christianity, america and whites are evil!?

Anonymous said...

My younger Brother was just like this nerd. He also had Asperger's, he also converted to Islam or tried to. I don't think it was real though. Anyway, it looks like one of the reasons Islam is popular for people like Ali and my brother is because of this 72 virgins crap. Their horny, their young, vulnerable, angry and so on.

He was just like Ali. he obsessed about sex. He was fat and ugly, he was a geek. He had Asperger's syndrome. At first we thought it was schizophrenia but it was Asperger's. Its not as bad as schizophrenia but if you don't get it under control and intervene there's risk that they'll end up destitute and in a worse state like my brother did and like Ali apparently did.

He converted to Islam while in Freshman year in High school in Biddeford maine. He was being picked on constantly and failing, he went off and threatened jihad on everyone, he even got into a big fight. He was suspended for 2 weeks then he went to the school with a knife and tried to stab another student. He got arrested and expelled. He then ran away and went out on the lamb in New York. He got found there and was brought back and put in Spring Harbor Hospital then Acadia. They both diagnosed him with Asperger's syndrome.

After he got out of the hospital he was put in a group home in Bangor. He was there for 4 years before we got him section 8 housing near Old Orchard Beach. He works part time there in the Summer. Just in time too because he got into trouble looking up porn at the Bangor Public Library, cartoon porn mostly, it wouldn't have been much a fuss if it wasn't suspected that they were minors. Some of the cartoons were Kim Possible, Bonnie Rockwaller, a couple of others I don't remember and Teen Titans. He got into big big trouble. He was arrested and taken to jail. Good news, we substantiated they were at least 18, bad news, not only was he banned from the library there for 10 years, the community found out about it and went nuts. They wanted to beat him up, we got him out of there and put him in a homeless shelter in Lewiston. we got his Section 8 two months later.

He's still looking up porn, we tried to stop it by filtering his computer, making him take strong meds that inhibit his libido. He bypasses it, he throws out the meds he wont take it if we don't play ball with him. He also takes this herb that increases testosterone.

Anonymous said...

These kinds of people are sick. People with Asperger's I think are hyper sexual but his psychiatrist says its lonlyness.

I don't know. But its really sick what you got there.

Anonymous said...

Could people please stop talking about porn? Pron? hentai, Whatever? Its sick. I don't like having to read it. This kid is sick! He needs a kick in the head, better still deport him to Iran.

He's in love with Marge Simpson?! WTF?!

mainestategop said...

Yeah, if you were a deformed hypersexual nerd, you'd love her too.

Lets keep the discussions on pron to a minimum people! Try to anyway.

By the way, I got a few emails from people connected to Ali. His former case worker has emailed some 411 about him and one of his roomates.

Some of what he has alleged is a lie. First, he does not live in a section 8 apartment. He lives in a residential facility for adults with developmental disabilties. He was forced there by a court order after they caught him jacking off to porn on the Denver Central library computers. (he also got banned for 10 years)He also moved out after the court order expired. We don't know where he is. Either Vermont or California.

If I had to wager, he's back in Cali with his antifa buddies, maybe he can make a porn movie with Moldylocks or something?

I'll publishthe emails later this week on Monday at the latest.

I wonder what else Ali has been into.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you can allude us into what kind of sick stuff he likes and the nature of what he was looking up in Denver? only 10 years? Really? A friend of mine got banned for life just for spitting his gum out and leaving it under the desk. But he only got a decade looking up whatever it was.

I want to know only to get an idea of what these marxists and muslims are like. I bet they're degenerate. Just don't get to uh... descriptive...

mainestategop said...

I prefer keeping it on the minimal. Ali and his kind are sick. They have disgusting fetishes about women, mostly animated cartoon women who are just at the legal age, maybe less.

All I will allude is what she[his case worker]told me. Ali was looking up x-rated cartoons on the library computer in Denver who may or may not have been minors, he was masturbating and fondling himself jizzing himself oh did I mention the characters were possibly minors?

SOme of these characters I'm told included Kim Possible, Braces, Wendy from Gravity falls and misty and may from pokemon.

He was given a plea deal due mostly to his mental state, psychiatric probation for 2 to 3 years, he had to stay at a residential care facility outside of Denver at the time and go to counselling. That was it. They couldn't substantiate whether or not the characters were minors but I bet they are. Denver was suprisingly soft on this pervert.

His buddy at the facility also made a few stunning revelations about him too. He's got some connections to IWW, Hamas, Communists, Antifa (Yeah we know that) and he may be a personal accquaintance of Oldfartrants my old buddy from West Hollywood!

That would explain a lot. Kyle might no more but I don't want anymore mention of it. Its sickening and we don't need to learn more details.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... I think you alluuded too much. Kim Possible?! LOL! And Misty from Pokemon!? OMFG!!!!!

I know for a fact that nearly all of them are underage. Kim Possible is around 16, May is only 10 years old. (LOL!!) The Braces character Sharon Spitz is aaroun 14 and Wendy is supposed to be 15 years old.

So yeah, esentiially these are minors he's jacking off to. Its not enough to just throw the book at this fairy ass faggot, he needs to be castrated or locked up till his ass hole is big enough for mack trucks to go into.

I wonder what Oldfartrants has on him.

Anonymous said...

I mean what affiliation does he have with Oldfarts and IWW? I think you said he and his amily were wobelys.

Jeff Gilman said...

Well, he's definitely got some problems. The parents didn't do very good neither.

Did you do this up just because he has Asperger's I wonder?

It looks like he has the symptoms but one thing I should touch on, Klienfeltner's syndrome isn't hermaphroditism. Its something different. Its a chromasomal disorder. The patient is a male but has several feminine characteristics such as large breasts, feminine pubic hair spread and smaller than normal genitals.

And Well.. I think Asperger's is the least of his problems.

Anonymous said...

Communism is really the weak rising up to overthrow the strong and the leadership with help usually from Jews.

Communism does have what the Russian guy was mentioning! But as he said its mainly the very weak lead by usually Jews or others in powerful leadership

Just go look at OWS and Antifa. Look at the Pieces of excrement that attend. These are people who could never survive in the open world without welfare or some other assistance. These are people who cannot be employed, who are worthless, many who are degenerate and just plain nasty.

These are the criminals, the hopeless, now some of these people are just people who've been broken by the system who have potential. Usually hopefully they wake up and find another alternative like Alt-right but most of them are crap.

Google these antifa OWS people google these leftists and what goes on and try telling me with a straight face that everyone is equal. No they are not.

If America had any shred of common sense they'd encourage abortion and tie the tubes of any man susected of being a bad apple and start sending the rest back to other countries.

Anonymous said...

You know what? I hope people don't think I'm a nazi for saying this and for what I have to say, I think T4 and holocaust was bad.

But I think America should euthanize retards like Ali at birth.

It helps prevent them from leading miserable lives of hardship.

And prevents them from becoming like Ali.

If Ali commits a terrorist act, we should blame the pro-life movement and the parents.