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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Email response to Coffee interviews With Antifa muslims and Communists

I got a ton of email lately. There's been tons of hate mail from Antifa that has spammed my email box. Then there are some emails in response to My interviews with Communists and Muslims in Antifa In Chicago and Denver.

The first one you may remember, I interviewed 2 members of one of the most lethal if not the most lethal of Antifa branches. Anti racist action Chicago South Side. I met two of the members in a Chicago mall food court. Both of these men were communists, they had participated in the notorious Ashford house incident in Tinley park in 2012, they had murdered veterans and supported the killing of Americans

The second one was done last April by my friend and associate, eminent historian Kyle Weissman in Denver Colorado. The subject he interviewed was a 30 year old man from Connecticut who was a communist and a member of Antifa. Not only that, he was a Muslim convert and a homegrown terrorist.

This particular one was a subject of fanfare since many of the emails were from people who claimed to have known him or seen him in Denver.

In addition to those of you in Antifa and other liberal trolls from DU, DailyKos, Huffpo and elsewhere who like to monitor my blog for so called hate speech we have law enforcement operatives who have also emailed telling their story of meeting the people in these interviews.

I have also received a large quantity of hate mail from Antifa that I will share tomorrow or Monday when I get around to it. I also was given a response by two branches of Antifa, One from Northern New Hampshire, the other from Portland Maine. The responses of course denied everything that these people didn't represent their views That they were well and that they didn't care about whether you were white or not. HA! Yeah right.

Well here we have for your viewing pleasure the responses to the articles.

First up from John Farley, a cold warrior and vet.

My name is John Farley, I am a cold warrior. I am from California I now live in Colorado. I have been fighting against the communists since I was 13. I remember Dad and I picketing against communists whenever they had their rallies against the war and whatever else they cried about and often times it would turn into full scale rioting. The media always made us out to be the cause of the riots. 

My older brother went to Nam and I wanted to as well but I was too young. By the time I turned 18 I had other responsibilities at home since my dad had died and couldn't go yet. The war ended before I was ready. 

The first time I went picketing against the reds was 13 it was 1966 it was in UCLA the hippies and students were there, hair all down long they hadn't shaved you can even smell them it was horrible. They never bathed either. They called us fascists, they called us war mongers what the history books and media films didn't show was the commie flags they had, they had the soviet flag, the North Vietnamese flag, they had Che Guevera and Stalin banners, eventually they'd come and attack us and the police sometimes didn't do much about it when they did. Just like now. Of course back then they sometimes beat the daylights out of them when they went too far and no one made a fuss over it.

The worst was in Berkeley. Aside from being more openly violent and hostile to Americans and capitalist not to mention violent, there was the fact that George Lincoln Rockwell was there. He was the founder of the National Socialist Party. I remember meeting him and he shook my hand and my father's hand and told us all about how he was running for president how he wanted to make America great again that old slogan he used that Trump used. Well I don't like Trump. He's still a New Yorker at heart but I pray for him and hope he does okay. 

Dad later told me all about how the National socialists were just as much our enemy as the commies and that someday we may have to fight them too. He coached me about that like you do Brian. I agree that one day we will be going to war with the NeoNazis like we did the Communists. I thank you for that.

When I got older I went into the navy for about four years then went to University, then started a  business in California, started my own life and family, came over to Colorado when the rabble Daddy and I fought grew up and took over California. I still went after these commie protesters and still do. They haven't changed a bit you know.

The interview you did about the two boys in Chicago made me get the chills. These boys were just like the boys I picketed and went to University with. I remember they had a Marxist study group and they said the same things that these two hoodlums said, that communism is going to be the future system of government, the vets were criminals, the Jews, Christians, ETC. "To the fire with them!" That sort of thing. I remember one man there actually said that there should be another holocaust in America against the capitalists and the God mongerers. That's what he called Christians and Jews. God mongerers. Another Holocaust.

We didn't know too much about the holocaust at that time. Later when they came out with the TV series with Meryl Streep and that British actor who was in Tron I don't remember who he was I learned a lot. It gave me the chills. I told my wife who then was my girlfriend that the Marxists wanted to bring that back.

Communism is a disease. For most of these punks a bullet is the only cure. That interview was long and it made me sick. But Its worth it. I'm glad what I did. I'm ready for retirement but I'll never retire from fighting these punks.

As for the other punk the deformed Muslim whatever the hell he is, I have never seen him around Denver area neither have my associates. We have a lot of bums and shiftless including a few crazies and other misfits but nothing like this.

Thank you Brian for what you did and letting this get out.God bless you. I hope you keep up the good work.

That was John Farley of Colorado. Cold Warrior.

Next, an email from a former communist who goes by the name Natalie.

My name is Natalie. Not my real name but my nick name. I am from New York city and Greenwich village, I studied at NYU and I am a former communist. I was not a registered member but I considered my self one as well as a militant feminist. I now live in Alexandria Virginia with my husband. We have 6 children and 2 grandchildren. My family background is Italian and Polish.

As a teenager I grew up in a privileged I would say affluent household. We were spoiled sort of. When I got older I began to look at things around me and believed that something was wrong. 
 At that age and because of my upbringing, I believed that we were all entitled to something and that the system we had and that our founders gave us was antiquated and benefited only a few people instead of the needs of the many. 

I believed that the needs of the majority mattered more than a few people and that it was possible to give ourselves a better world, a more equal world, a free world, a world where we didn't have to be responsible. It was a utopia where everyone was equal, everyone had it good and that everyone was united and no one suffered at all. We were told that the way to get that was through a communist revolution and that we should reject God, reject capitalism and all this other fluff.

My upbringing, we were hardly taught personal responsibility, we were never taught any kind of work ethic or anything like that, we were Catholic, we did go to mass every other week but we didn't understand it or why. Dad told me that all we have to do is be good and kind to one another, there was nothing about catechism, or why we had the mass and so on, I was baptized, confirmed I went to Sunday school but I didn't really see anything else about it.

So, as a teenager, seeing all the problems in the turbulent sixties era and seeing all the unfairness and problems that were happening I became rebellious and whatever group there was that was leftish or liberal, anything that made me feel like I was being enabled, I followed it. I went to meetings and gatherings, I took part in protests, I hated my country and culture and was ashamed of it, I believed every little lie the devil put into me.

But I turned from that when it started to get violent. I remember we had people from more violent and militant groups like the Democratic liberation front, the Black Panthers, they all began to make speeches that were just violent and repulsive. Just like the kind of speeches made in your interviews with Koba, Jack Rabbit and Ali baba or whoever he was in Colorado that Kyle interviewed. They sounded just like it.

I got real confused and messed up. On one hand, were gonna have peace, were gonna have equality, no one is going to be bullied, tortured, maimed murdered, discriminated or lynched, no wars, no problems, then along come these different people who start saying that rich people are going to be taken and killed, sent to death camps, their money and possessions shared out to the poor, their women shared out to the men, the white people are gonna be gassed and killed, the whites are devils, America is this evil country, the Christian faith is an evil faith that must be wiped out, ETC ETC ETC

They either were militant communist fanatics hell bent on making all of America and the entire planet like North Korea Literally, or they were Muslims who wanted to make America a Caliphate and make everyone Muslim and make women slaves.

I'm all, "wait a minute! I'm white, I'm rich, I'm a female, I'm a Christian, I'm an American, I'm all these people, so are a lot of the people who are working on their behalf yet were the ones who should die? Why should everything I own be taken from me and given away to people I've never met? I mean I'm all for giving but not everything but the clothes I wear!"

I was confused, I didn't know what to think, I did keep going to meetings and rallies but I did so less and less. Then I later after University I married and stopped. I just veered away from politics. Then we became Yuppies. I guess it was around that time when my husband got into business and got into other things and we became responsible adults, there was no grown up to pamper us we were on our own we had to work hard and it was hard in those days and we realized that we were changing. It was gradual. 

We voted for Anderson in 1980, we thought Reagan and Carter were too far gone the other directions, then we voted for reagan in 84, we voted for Pat Robertson in 88 then Bush and Bush again in 92. I guess we didn't become full blooded conservatives until around the nineties. That was when we registered as GOP voters. We were at first independent but in 96 we registered as GOPers.

It took time but we learned from it. I think the reason people become conservative is they realize that they are responsible for themselves no matter what the system is, Communism, they will never look after our interests, they never did in the USSR or China and aside from growing up and learning responsibility, not wanting to pay for other people's failure while we struggled, I think it was the violence and the failure I saw in communism and these groups. 

I looked at the interview and I see what I saw then as now. These boys are in their late twenties or thirties I guess, they haven't grown up one bit. They are expecting a handout and instead of mom and dad its the welfare state. They feel let down and instead of picking themselves up and taking care of themselves they want others to take care of them.

I see this also at Peacenik rallies 10 years ago or at the OWS camp or recently the Antifa riots. These are people who are the bottom feeders of society, the flotsam and jetsam, the burnouts, the people who can't make it who came from bad upbringings. Its not that they don't want to work, its just that they are not able to work. My husband and I would never dream of hiring these kinds of people even if they weren't involved in these groups.

They are still boys they are not men some of them behave like girls and the girls are not feminine either. They are uh... I don't even want to say it but they are either butch or they are not appropriate I wouldn't want my sons to bring them home for the weekend. The two boys for instance had bad upbringings, one had a father who was mentally ill, teaching his child to be a criminal and beating him the other a spoiled rich kid with serious mental issues and perversions. 

Now the other boy in the second interview, despite a traumatic and problematic birth he had a nice stable upbringing a Christian Jewish household, everything was fine, suddenly that collapsed, the parents  divorce because of financial stress which is a stupid excuse, mom becomes a lesbian, dad hangs out with a hippie, he goes to a public school run by teachers who indoctrinate children including this boy to be communists!


I just think were in big big trouble. Our kids are growing up to become monsters. They don't have both parents teaching them to be proper, boys to be masculine, girls to be feminine, often times they end up the opposite!! Add to this our own schools are turning our youth against us and their own country!

I think its real sad how far we've gone as a country that its happened this far. I'm worried that it might be too late to set things right. I mean I remember a pastor at our church saying America was not in biblical prophecy, I think he's right after reading all those interviews.

Well Thank you for bringing up the interviews. I'm glad you did those. That was very brave.

That was Natalie. Former Communist

Next up, David Bosko from Monroe Wisconsin

Hi Brian.

Let just say first, thanks for letting us know what's in store for us if Bernie Sanders gets elected in 2020 and what's in store if congress is allowed to impeach Trump for doing the job we elected him for. Also, I want to say, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!? YOU WANNA GET KILLED!? I MEAN YOU WALK INTO A CHICAGO FOOD COURT WITH TWO OF THESE PSYCHO GANGSTER COMMUNISTS WHO HAVE ALREADY MURDERED PEOPLE AND MIGHT DO YOU IN?! HOLY COW!!

That was brave man! Very brave!

Anyway, I also wanted to say that I too was sort of a communist when I was young and naive, more of a fellow traveler actually. This is what they all think by the way. You're right. Its not a hoax because I know people just like those two punks and that Muslim guy, I saw people like him too.

Thank God for people like you and Donald Trump man. Thank you for what you've done you've done America a great service. Thank you again and God Bless you.

Next up is A policeman from Davenport Iowa who has some 411 on Koba and JackRabbit

My name is officer Jordon, I work with the Davenport Police Department and I wanted to have a word with you about the two men you interviewed in Chicago a year back. I've had run ins with these two punks many times before, all of them went by the same nicknames, Jack Rabbit and Koba. Koba sometimes goes by the name Steel. That's Stalin's name in English.

Often I have to send them to jail and they are currently guests of the Scott County jail and will continue to be until this summer. I'd imagine they'll be spending summer vacation or longer in prison as well if they get extradited. They're in for assault. Your buddy Koba, the drunken one who I think wants to kill Alex Jones, he's a suspect in two homocides in Illinois. One in Champagne and another in Bloomington. 

I'm also told the FBI wants to ask him questions about a cold case involving a double homocide in Kansas. He also has a warrant for his arrest in Washington state.

Now your other buddy, Jack Rabbit the pervert who likes Asian boys, he's a real scumbag. He's got 8 states with warrants for his arrest on Statutory rape charges involving boys and girls ages twelve to sixteen and another warrant for weapons violations that one is in Albany New York.

I asked him about the twelve year old, he told me he "thought she was twenty one because she looked like a grown up." The officer in that case in Titusville Florida emailed me, she was overdeveloped and passed herself on as a grown up. He got her drunk and high and took her and another girl this one fourteen to his motel room which he didn't pay for by the way for I wont even say it. Motel owner found them together intoxicated, thought they were vagrants and prostitutes and threw them off the premises. The girl was picked up on the freeway at dawn staggering around drunk wearing her underwear and a shift. By the time they knew who did it, Jackrabbit left.

I read the interviews during my coffee break. It was long and racked my nerves. I couldn't finish the whole thing till I got home the next morning after my shift. I stopped over the jail and asked Koba about it, he said yes and that you owe him and his buddy royalties.

What the hell possessed you in your mind to interview two of these terrorists? What are you gonna do next? Go to Syria and interview Isis? That was brave of you but I want to say stupid too. I know more about Koba and Jackrabbit than you know and what they told you. They are the worst pieces of drek I have ever come across in all my years on the force and that's only after one or two other bastards.

Craig Winn By the way hoaxed those interviews he did in the west bank in his book Tea with terrorists. You do know that right? Mossad says he'd been killed. You're lucky you weren't killed. They are the lowest denominators I've ever seen. I pray for your sake they don't start looking for you to demand royalties.

Anyway, good job. That other interview you did was just stupid though. This guy may be a threat but he sounds stupid. I'm surprised they allowed him to become a Muslim. They must be desperate for converts to want a loser like that. I mean is that true that he fantasizes about cartoons? That is gross.

That's all I have to say. You be careful. Thanks again.

That was Officer Jordan of the Davenport PD

Next another cop from Sacramento

My name is Sergeant Bartlett, SACPD, One of the officers showed me your interview with the Muslim guy in Colorado, said he might have been here and may have recognized him. Yes. We all know about mr Ali or whatever he calls himself. I remember he was arrested at the church for trying to burn it down and I almost had to arrest him for inappropriate behavior at Muir children's park.

I was still a patrol officer then, we got a call about a disturbance about something going on at one of the Portable johns they had at the park. It was rocking around and they thought someone was either having a seizure or doing bad things in there. We got there saw the potty the honey bucket rocking and shacking there was grunting too, a woman with her kids saw it and got worried that someone was having a seizure or something, I walked around it I peeked through the grates and saw the suspect mr Ali reading pictures and well... being inappropriate. 

I knocked on the door and yelled "SACPD, come out of there now!" He said he couldn't that he felt sick I told him, "I know what your doing in there, get out right now I want to talk to you! He came out, pretended to be sick, my partner grabbed his hand and noticed it was sticky, there was seaman on it and in his pocket was pornographic drawings and photos. 

He got caught red handed so I cuffed him in the back took him to the cruiser and demanded to know what he was doing in there, he claimed he was sick and accused us of violating his rights and that under the ADA he would sue us for false arrest and defamation, Since people in this area tend to side with people like this I called my sergeant over he looked inside we concluded that while this guy was a pervert, we didn't have enough to substantiate arrest and he was disabled so we were forced to let him go but we told him never to come back.

That was about a month before he blew up at the church and threatened everyone there and got sent to the hospital if I'm not mistaken. It wouldn't have made a difference anyway. People like this moron have more rights then the rest of us do and get special treatment. If I had known now what I know about him, I'd have taken him in, let him sue me. I'd then blown his top off and expose him to the world.

Anyway that's a very interesting interview. I don't think I've ever met Koba or Jack Rabbit before. I'll keep my eyes peeled for them if they start trouble.

Next on the list is Claire Jacobi from Denver

Hi Brian, I'm from Littleton Colorado, I read your interview your friend did with Ali the Deformed Muslim and I thought it was really scary! To think that there are homegrown terrorists living in our community or nearby. I think its a shame that this guy is allowed to walk around freely believing that Americans are all evil and that its okay to kill Christians and Jews and I think this is largely thanks to our educational system. 

My husband and I home school our kids, They're 10, 8, and 5, Our oldest son who's 10 goes to a private Christian school. Muslims should not be allowed to live here in America and I think with few exceptions that includes people who claimed to have renounced Islam because they often lie or still have that warped mindset. I also think people who are disabled or mentally ill like Ali should not be allowed outside without supervision unless a judge or doctors can approve of it and need to be required to be in therapy or treatment

I think I saw Ali or Saghir Mizzal or whatever he calls himself last weekend while my children and I were in Denver. He looked a lot like the person in the picture, he was very very fat, he had a big head, a big overbite, big glasses, he waddled around like a duck, he walked real funny looked a lot like the picture Kyle drew of him. 

I saw him walking towards us and my maternal instincts just kicked in and I told my kids, "Hurry Hurry we gotta cross, Hurry Hurry Hurry!" My son was all, "mom! Why are we crossing here, the place we have to go is that way!" My daughter was upset I told them "No questions! Go!" The crossing light had begun to blink, My son told me we were jaywalking and I told him to be quiet and run fast and we got across. 

I'm all like, "Get away from me and my children you sicko! Get away you Muslim you freak! You're not having your way with my children!" I didn't say that out loud but I was thinking that in my head and I wanted to get my children far away from him.

We got across, My five year old daughter was upset I told her we had to and then I told my son I would why I did what i did and explain later but it was important. I watched Ali or whoever it was across the street, he kept walking without noticing us, well he was doing his duck walk or whatever he kept going.

I don't know if it was him or not but I remember feeling guilty later on and feeling bad because it was probably another person or if it was Ali, he was just minding his business and you know its sad reading the bad time he had growing up, born with all those disabilities and his parents breaking up and the school and the community not accepting him. It was really sad. Anyway he only wants to have sex with girls who aren't real. But my maternal instincts they just kicked into overdrive when I saw him and when I remembered all the stories of Muslims preying on innocent women especially little girls and little boys. 

I think Kyle did a very Good job interviewing him. I want to thank you for arranging that and putting it online. I have a big challenge as a mom and as a Christian trying to bring my kids up the right way, I have to filter the internet, I have to monitor TV programing, books, what they see in the world and teach them right and wrong. I also have to be careful with school.

I mean knowing that my kids could be forced to go to a school where they will be taught to hate their country and become Muslims is frightening, that some Catholic priest is gonna tell them that 9/11 was the result of "Christian militias" that all religions are equal, after reading that I will never ever allow my kids to go to a public school. Over my dead body is the state going to brainwash my kids to be reds or to be Muslims or both.

That was Claire Jacobi Of Littleton Colorado.

Next we have Brian Hodges

Hi Brian

Looking at the interviews I read, I can only conclude that these are some sick people. I remember after 9/11 these peaceniks and weirdos came out of the woodwork like termites and they spouted all this anti-american nonsense. They were also communists.

Yes they admited it. I'm not saying they're communists and anti-American because they say things I don't agree with, I'm saying they are because they say they are. They spouted all kinds of junk I mean I thought I was in a time warp and it was the sixties!

Now these animals you interviewed. They are in every way like the ones I saw at the peacenik rallies they held when Bush was president. They were crazy, they were violent, I remember there were counter-protesters at one and they threatened to kill them, sometimes the police got involved sometimes they have signs saying, "I'm with fascists" that sort of thing.

After watching these rallies and later on with Occupy Wallstreet and Antifa and the Anti-Trumpsters, I am more proud of America than ever and I hate liberals even more. The interviews you posted make me hate liberals even more. If they impeach trump over this nonsense about Russia I swear I'm gonna get even with liberals in my town. Trump didn't get elected because of Putin, he got elected because were sick of being wronged by our government and being leeched off of by refugees and illegal aliens that's why!

Next up, Stanley from Effingham Illinois

Hey Brian! Great job with those interviews.

I'm a nam Veteran, I also served in Desert Storm. I also carry a gun. I'm not afraid at all of these two wackos who talk all big like there gonna take us out. I don't even believe that they did kill vets. They're compensating for something lacking. I know That Jackrabbit fellow the queer one is despite his claims of being all Casanova. What a disgusting POS. Even without my guns I'm still strong for an old timer.

What really frightens me is that we have a culture and a system that creates more of these scum. Now I used to live in Mizzou and we never had people walk around saying God spoke to them and that God is punishing America with AIDS. We got only two people I know of who are like that, one is that Westboro Baptist preacher in Topeka who picketed the funerals who died and went to hell, nobody liked him and the other is some old Christian Identity racist twit I heard about around Springfield with a few followers, nobody liked him either.

Koba's dad to me is a godless drunken SOB. The reason he and his son heard voices is because of all that drinking they did I bet. I've seen it happen to some friends of mine I served with who came home from the war and crawled into a bottle. Almost happened to me too. This other guy he sounds like a real hoot. Ungodly upbringing, spoiled, pampered, not taught to appreciate being born in this country, he goes to University becomes a sodomite and a red.

They didn't have a good upbringing. This other guy from Colorado, his whole family is a mess that and the schools are doing it too!

We got a long road to pave son. We got to stand up and fight back against these depraved communists!

Next up, Issaiah Watson

Hi Brian God bless! I'm pastor Issaiah Watson I'm a former communist I am now a born again Christian and a baptist minister. I teach sunday school in Harlem and the Bronx, I'm originally from Oakland California.

I grew up a red and everything these interviews say is very very powerful and accurate about what these people are going to do to America if they take over. We need to pray for Donald Trump, pray against the Democrats and against Bernie Sanders and pray for a revival to hit America like bolt. I hope we can do it, I hope we can make it. But I feel in my spirit that this is a sign of the last days and that the rapture is gonna hit us real soon.

The thing I wanted to bring up is what you mentioned in the interview with Ali. The school he went to taught him religion and taught him that all religions are equal. This is nothing new. For decades in a lot of these schools, they have these liberal clergy and preachers they come in and tell the students it doesn't matter what you believe in were all going to heaven as long as your good. NO! ITS NOT THAT WAY!

Look, when I was growing up I was a monster. I was angry, there were all kinds of rumblings going on back in the sixties and seventies, I wanted to kill all the white people, I wanted to kill all kinds of people, it took prison, being homeless, alcoholism, mama dying and my brother getting killed in a gangwar and getting fired from 10 jobs in one month to wake my ass up. I couldn't make it my way I couldn't get into heaven by being Good, I gotta get saved, I gotta get into a relationship with God.

And you can't get into heaven except through Jesus. He's the way and the truth man! All these being good and it doesn't matter what faith you follow, NO! NO! NO! NO!

You know what gets me into trouble with other Christians? I'm against prayer in school. Why? The exact reason you brought up in the interview. You put religion in our schools, its gonna get corrupt like everything else. You're gonna have, female ministers, limp wristed sissy ministers, preists, nuns, rabbis and others who don't know a gosh darn thing about what faith they belong to, members of the clergy who are liberal, they're gonna say the same thing, just be good and it don't matter what faith you is.

Oh it is! Trust me, put religion back into schools, they're gonna be just like Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, Mike Pfleger, Joyce Meyer, all these other limp weak shepards, they're gonna ruin everything. It'll make everything worse.

Public schools are part of communism. You do not have a right to a free taxpayer sponsored education and for good reason. The state just wants to indoctrinate you to be a statist and a leftist. Schools should be run by the churches like back in the day, no one else.

I should know, I was a communist. Oh! Religion and gubmint! Yeah man! That's right! Your kids already being brainwashed into being politically correct, to be queers, to be lazy lets also make sure they learn a screwed up messed up view of religion!!

Back in my day when I was the devils comrade, I'd have loved it! I should know, When I went to school they had prayers then, I went to church every sunday, it didn't stop me from being what I was, It took prayers and Christ to make me what I am now!

Now I'm sorry if I am preaching a sermon to you I don't mean to I just want you to hear me out.

These other two are just a sorry bunch of heathens as well. Koba, he went to church just like me. That didn't stop him from becoming a murdering communist thug!

God bless you Brian, You, Kyle and the rest are gonna be in my prayers. Keep up the Good work!

Next an email from Leslie

Hi Brian, I'm Leslie I'm from Shreveport Louisiana. I read your interviews, the one with the two communists from Chicago and the Muslim from Denver, I think both of these people are just terrible. I think they shouldn't be allowed to live and breath amongst us.

People  with disabilities and mental illness in particular should be restricted and supervised. When I was growing up, we used to take people like Ali and put them in institutions where they were fed well and looked after. Then, people began claiming that it was mean and that we couldn't afford it, Louisiana recently put a stop to locking up the mentally ill and keeping them safe and now they are out making trouble and homeless on the streets. Louisiana is very poor and we can't afford  it anyway and civil rights and civil libertarian and Disability rights groups will just come in and shut them down anyway because they are people and need to have the same rights.

No, they do not. I'm not saying this to be mean, I am not saying this because I hate people who are different but they aren't as well balanced as we are and aren't able to function. They are vulnerable to being taken advantage of and being indoctrinated so the need to be placed in special homes where they can be safe.

People with mental illness are vulnerable especially. I know this because My sister has worked in mental health in Texas. I think if you have someone like Ali, they need to be kept from going outside without supervision, they need to be forced to be into treatment and given help. It doesn't matter how much it costs, pay for it, raise taxes, it doesn't matter.

I know as a civil libertarian Brian you are afraid of abuse or innocent people like a friend you had losing his or her rights but this is for their own good. If you have someone who's disabled, have a couple of doctors and judges determine the extent of it then if its something that keeps them from being a fully developed adult, put them in residential care, supervise them and treat them.

There goes the next DNC chairman

Next we have an email from a man with a grudge.

My name is Alan Buxtons, I am from Centralia Washington. I read your interview, I can tell you right now your interview underscores how dangerous and how evil these maggots are. I think know about Jack Rabbit. He impregnated my sister's daughter while she is 15!

JackRabbit came into our lives and destroyed it all. From what I'm told, he went to her school in Seattle, pretending to be another boy, he went out with her and everyone thought he was a nice high school boy. Turns out, he was an adult who went to school pretending to be a boy. No one noticed. We didn't know the truth till she became pregnant. 

My sister and her husband called the police to find him and learn about him and maybe get him to pay for an abortion, we tried to get information and we found out from files they had that he was a drifter, he was wanted in Washington and a few other places for statutory rape, he was a pervert and his nick name was jackrabbit.

I am just disgusted! How dare he do that! he just wanted to get inside her just because she was a teenager!? GROSS!! Its the same person as the interview no doubt about it. I am certain! She [his sister]said he was into communism and was a member of Antifa and even took her to a meeting they had for Emerald city Antifa. Its the same person! I know it is! She wanted to keep the baby but the parents insisted no. The pregnancy was terminated last year. They are still looking for Jackrabbit for what he did to her and the family. I don't agree with aborting it but its their child.

WHAT THE HELL!! I HOPE THEY FIND HIM AND KILL HIM! OH MY GOD! I mean I gotta tell you I got three daughters the eldest is 14, I cringe thinking about that and what these people might do to them! I mean that is sick! You don't go around doing that to underage girls you F***king freak! I'll kill them! I just hope they find and kill that bastard! If they can register him as a sex offender and keep him somewhere long enough, I'll go there with my shotgun and maybe with a ginsu and take care of that bastard once and for all.

Nice interview by the way. You keep up the good work.

I'm with you. I got 3 kids too.

Next another member of the Law Enforcement community

I'm Detective Anthony Gagnon, Chicago Police department, I read your interview, it was terrific. Just so you know I don't normally condone the idea of vigilant citizens getting themselves mixed up in something like this but you did fine.

I just want to say first that most people I know in CPD who have read the interview think you're crazy for what you did but we agree that you did well. I want to also say that Koba and Jackrabbit are very familiar characters. Koba is a suspect in the Ashford house riot and other riots. We don't have enough evidence to substantiate arrest.

I want to say this, CPD doesn't torture suspects. We did have incidents of torture but we are against that now. Nonetheless, I will say this, if I had my way with these little worms I'd torture them so bad it would make Torquemada revulse. I'd like to know about their secrets and what sort of stuff they did and what their friends did. Little bastards.

JackRabbit, yeah he's got a lot of paper on him. Official parchment paper, warrants for rape of minors. He could be doing life if he's caught. If I arrest him, I'll make sure they extradite his ass and offer to pay for the shipping if necessary.

Please don't do that ever again Brian. These antifa punks are worse than you think. Even some of the hardcore neo-nazis are scared of these people. They will do things to you you don't even want to know about. Find someone else to interview these punks.


Anonymous said...

Interviews? What the hell? Did I miss something? Who is Koba and Jackrabbit? I gotta click the link and see this.

Anonymous said...

You should read both of them. All of them in one sitting if possible, its long, its difficult not to go off and fly out of your chair and want to punch the computer monitor but its worth it.

America is in a lot of trouble if we don't stop being politically correct and either deport or kill these scum.

Anonymous said...

Now your other buddy, Jack Rabbit the pervert who likes Asian boys, he's a real scumbag. He's got 8 states with warrants for his arrest on Statutory rape charges involving boys and girls ages twelve to sixteen and another warrant for weapons violations that one is in Albany New York.

When I read that i laughed out loud and everyone in the library looked at me. I had to apologize to the librarian.

Man, I'd hate to be that faggot right now. If they extradite him he's dead. The aryan brotherhood and all the rest are gonna skin that commie mother F'er alive!

Anonymous said...

Very good! Had to stop at the part about Jack Rabbit being wanted in 8 states for sexing up little boys and girls! Does this faggot have a lolita complex or something?

I just had to stop and laugh my ass of at that! I was doing that for 5 minutes and again for 10 minutes when the other guy talked about how Jackrabbit impregnated his 14 year old niece.

I'd really hate to be that animal right now. Iowa should extradite his nasty perverted ass preferably to Florida. I know for a fact that they know how to deal with animals like that there.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't that long. But I had to stop for five or 10 minutes and laugh my ass off when I got to the part about Jack Rabbit probably getting extradited to some other state like Florida. I used to live there, I know they'll rip his head off if he goes to prison there. I mean you have sex with a 12 year old, your dead. I read that a guy got killed in the prison up there because he had sex with a 16 year old. Just think of what they'll do to him if they get a hold of him! HA! HA! HA! HA!

Yeah that's sick. I liked the one about the retarded Muslim. He looks like he's retarded. Looks like a bit Jewish too.

Yeah, I mean I laughed my a-- off at that. His teachers tell him 9/11 was done by Christian militias, he says all this other stuff. Big fan of the SLA, his family is even more messed up.

Anonymous said...

I know the guy you're talking about. I mean the retarded Muslim. Yeah, he is retarded, and a pervert to boot! I was homeless in San Francisco and Sacramento back in the day before I finally grew up and took responsibility and stopped bumming on SSI. I now work and live in Modesto.

Anyway, this guy is a retarded Muslim and pervert. I just feel so sorry for the 72 virgins who will have to deal with this prick for all eternity. I wonder if any of them are Furrys LOL!!

I remember he used to masturbate in the bathroom all the time. You could tell because he was grunting and moving around and you could hear it. Sick.

I remember there was a parade downtwon and porta potties all lined up. He was in one all day and I was in one three down trying to go number 2, I could hear him banging up against the stall and it shook all the portapoties. He stopped only when I yelled, "HEY! STOP HAVING SEX IN THERE! GET A MOTEL ROOOM!" He stopped. He then went back at it 20 minutes later. I really had to go and I wanted to wait and see if he'd start it up again. HA! HA! HA!

Anonymous said...

I saw both of them. They were long and made my stomach turn but it was worth it. America is in serious trouble. If they take away the guns, were doomed.

Its up to the Amerian people. WE THE PEOPLE To take a stand and defend our family and homeland. The cops wont, they don't give a shit. Neither does our government. Donald Trump and the rest who mean well, they're trying their best but their hands are tied.

ITS UP TO WE THE PEOPLE! Trump can't help us. The left wont let him. its up to us. Don't surrender your rights or guns. They will kill us.

Anonymous said...

Okay first of all after reading this article and after reading the two interviews I have completely lost faith in humanity for the umteenth time in a row.

I also know Ali when I lived in Denver. He is a full blown retard. the picture doesn't convey how hideous he is. Remember that black kid who was retarded that Shaq made fun of on Twitter? He looks like that only white and his head is bigger. He's also extremely fat and unkempt and he has this big effing mole on the back of his neck!

He also does a duck waddle when he walks. HE CAN'T WALK! HE WADDLES!!

Anonymous said...

Dude, when I read that they wanted to send Jackrabbit to Florida to face charges and that she was 12 and what happened, I just totally blew up laughing at the public library. I had to leave for the day because I couldn't control my laughter. OMFG LMAO.

They'll probably feed him to the gators when he gets there. AHHHHH HA! HA! HA! HA! Florida they murder people like that.